tagFetishSix Tasks of My Humiliation Ch. 06

Six Tasks of My Humiliation Ch. 06


The following day, Wednesday, I managed to last until late morning at work before I just had to ring Steven for permission to pee. This time he directed me to remove my panties at my desk before going to the toilet. Embarrassed, I slowly worked my panties along my thighs before quickly reaching down and slipping them off. He had directed me to drop them in the waste paper basket beside my desk, and I obliged even though I knew there was a possibility them might be spotted by a work colleague.

Steven had requested I phone him back when I was in the toilet, and I obeyed. He told me to masturbate myself, and while I was doing so I had to ring Maria, the dominatrix, and tell her that I needed to be punished again tonight. He instructed me to tell her I had been very naughty and needed a good hard spanking. Even the thought of it made me blush bright red, but I obliged. I tried to control my breathing as I spoke to Maria, who informed me she would be around at our house at 8.00pm, and I was to be naked and kneeling at the front door when she arrived. The thought of it made me masturbate more furiously and I was so close to coming when I heard the noise of someone else entering the washroom. I was brought back to earth with a thump, quickly finishing the phone call and taking my hand away from places it should not be venturing during work hours.

When I arrived home I undressed, and was not surprised to hear voices coming from Henrik's room. When I walked in he had three male friends in there, all of whom were doing a poor job of pretending to study. It was very clear from the look on their faces what the attraction was. What red blooded young male would turn up the opportunity to observe a naked woman walking brazenly around her home?

After some awkward introductions I excused myself and went to the kitchen. I tried to focus but was very apprehensive about my upcoming punishment at the hands of Maria. I was so distracted I barely noticed the four young males coming and going from the kitchen, their eyes soaking up my nakedness.

I was an emotional mess by the time Steven arrived home and I was pleased to have someone to talk with to keep me distracted from Maria. All three of Henrik's friends jumped at the opportunity to stay for dinner when asked by Steven. I groaned in dismay but did not protest.

As the time approached 8.00pm I achingly watched every minute click by. At 7.50pm I decided I had better assume my position in case Maria arrived early. I descended the stairs to the front door and assumed the kneeling position as directed by Maria on the phone.

At 8.00pm exactly she arrived. The front door was ajar and she walked in. I was kneeling submissively on the carpet in front of her, my head bowed. We were alone as the others had not heard her arrive. She said nothing, but began to run her hand through my hair like you would a pet dog.

"Look up at me." As always, her voice had an air of authority.

I obeyed, and looked up at the striking body of the young dominatrix, who was clothed all in black. Just looking at her made me feel submissive. She reached out her hand and held it in front of my face.

"Suck on my fingers."

Without hesitation I obeyed, taking all her four fingers in my mouth and suckling on them like a baby would her mother's breast.

"Good girl. Now play with yourself down below while you suck my fingers."

I don't think I have ever felt so totally submissive as I did at that moment; kneeling naked in front of this powerfully dominant woman, masturbating myself while suckling her fingers. It was very emotionally powerful for the ten minutes it lasted, before Maria directed me to stop masturbating.

I had to continue suckling her fingers while crawling awkwardly behind her as she descended the stairs to our lounge. She led me down the hall and past the open bedroom door of Henrik. The four youths rushed to the door, absolutely disbelieving what they had just witnessed. I blushed bright red, but continued crawling behind the young dominatrix, sucking furiously on her fingers.

Once we were in the lounge she greeted Steven and sat down. I was kneeling beside her like a faithful pet dog, aware that saliva was dribbling from my mouth as I continued sucking. She took hold of my face and turned me so I was looking directly into her eyes.

"You know I am going to punish you hard, don't you, Angela?"

I couldn't speak with her fingers in my mouth, so I just nodded affirmatively. But I was scared. I did not want to be punished, but I also knew I would not object. Maria removed her hand from my mouth, and I went to wipe the saliva off my chin but she smacked my hand away. She reached into her handbag and produced a pink dog collar with a small leading chain attached. Wide-eyed, I watched as she attached the chain around my neck. I was now even more like her pet puppy dog.

Maria looked me over and seemed to like what she saw. "Lovely. Some people are natural submissives, and clearly you are one of them."

I smiled shyly, not sure whether it was a compliment or not.

"Now, before you are punished, does my little puppy need to pee?"

I gazed at Maria blankly. I did need to go to the toilet as I had been so focused on Maria's pending arrival I had not got around to asking Steven earlier. But I was embarrassed to admit it.

"Well?" Maria enquired, an impatient edge to her voice.

"Yes, Ma'am," I mumbled. "Please can I have permission to go to the toilet?"

"Wow, I am impressed Steven," Maria smiled. "You have got your little sex slave well trained."

Steven beamed with pride. I just blushed with shame.

With that, Maria jerked my lead over to where Steven was sitting. "Take this puppy out on to the lawn where she can relieve herself."

I looked up at both Maria and Steven, mortified. But I could tell by the grins on both of their faces that protesting would be a waste. Steven took hold of my chain and instructed me to crawl behind him as we went through the kitchen and out the back door onto the lawn.

The grass was damp on my knees and hands. I heard a noise at the window and looked up to see the young males peering at me through Henrik's bedroom window. I felt even more humiliated, especially as I knew what was to come.

"Open your legs and pee," Steven instructed, "And hurry as it is cool out here."

Here I was crawling on the grass, naked, and he had the audacity to complain about being cold. I opened my legs and tried to force myself to urinate, but it was such an unnatural position.

"Do it,' Steven directed, impatiently

"I'm trying," I pleaded.

"If you don't, I will tell Maria to come out here and administer your punishment right in the middle of the lawn. I am sure the neighbours would love that."

To my utter relief, in more ways than one, my urine began to trickle out, before turning to a torrent. It began running down my legs so I splayed them wider. I could hear Henrik and his friends snickering at the window. I couldn't believe what a spectacle I was making of myself.

Once I was finished Steven led me back into the lounge. I begged him to take me into the bedroom to allow me to clean up but he refused. He handed my chain back over to Maria. I could see in her other hand she was now griping an ugly, thick leather strap like they used to use in schools. I couldn't help whimpering.

Maria pulled my chain and led me to the corner of the lounge.

"Put you head in the corner."

I obeyed, resting my head against the adjoining walls.

"Arch your back and stick your buttocks out."

I did as instructed.

"Get your arse higher in the air," Maria instructed crudely.

I forced my buttocks higher.

"Now call out to Henrik and his friends and tell them you are about to be punished."

'Henrik," I called out weakly.

Henrik and his three friends were in the room in a flash. There was a stunned silence as they came upon my raised buttocks. I knew they would have a good view of my pussy and anus.

"Yes Mrs. Baker." Henrik sounded remarkably calm, as if he was getting use to my perverse behaviour.

"I am about to be punished," I mumbled, totally humiliated by the admission.

"Oh, good. I like to watch your punishment."

Without warning the strap flashed down across my buttocks. It hurt like nothing I had felt before. Instinctively I tried to move away but was jammed in the corner. I could now see why Maria had wedged me in the corner. The blows kept raining down on my poor buttocks. I screamed and squirmed, but it did not help. Every so often Maria would hesitate and warn me to keep my back arched and buttocks in the air. I forced myself to obey.

I cried out for her to stop, begging her I could take no more. But she knew better. The strap kept coming down across my buttocks.

Finally the spanking stopped. I remained wedged in the corner, sobbing to myself. Maria pulled on my chain and I turned around to face her. I knew I had tears rolling down my cheeks and my nose was running. Maria stuck out her hand, and without hesitation I began suckling on her fingers again. She then led me off along the hallway and down the stairs to the front door. She took off my collar, removed her hanky from her bag and wiped my nose, kissed me on the cheek, then was gone.

For a long moment I remained kneeling at the front door, trying to absorb what was happening to my life. I was being made to submit to perverse behaviour I did not think I would ever be capable of. But I also knew, even if I could not understand why, that my senses felt more alive than I could ever have felt possible.

I was shaken from my reverie by Steven coming down to fetch me. I saw him coming, and without thinking I crawled up the stairs towards him. He smiled at my submissive behaviour towards him. Steven walked into our bedroom and I followed him. He instructed me to stand up at the end of our large wooden framed bed, facing towards the bed.

"Bend over at the waist, and open your legs as wide as you can."

I willingly obeyed. He ran his nails up and down my sensitive buttocks, causing me to whimper in pain and excitement.

"I think my little sex slave has finally earned a good fucking,' he whispered crudely into my ear. "Don't you agree?"

"Yes, Sir," I readily agreed, "Please take me hard."

With that I arched my buttocks out provocatively. Teasingly Steven slowly pressed his penis against my vulva, but left it resting there. I pushed back further, begging him to enter me. Slowly he entered me slightly, before withdrawing. I cursed him for teasing me so. He repeated the act several more times, pushing me right to the edge. I was screaming for satisfaction.

Then, just like the first sudden blow of the strap, he penetrated me vigorously, going deep and hard. I groaned with the ecstasy. Again and again he pummelled into my buttocks, their tenderness only further inflaming my pleasure. We came together in a chorus of unbridled pleasure.


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Sequel please

How does life continue for Angela? What happens when her kids come home from college? Great story.

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