My Dear Sweet Master,

Many apologies for being late in answering your very arousing email. I know this mere slave girl will be punished, but she is asking mercy. My Master is so good to punish me for my neglect and so good to this naughty slave when he uses her body for his pleasure. She lives for him and loves to feel his body on hers, his hard and throbbing cock inside her, using it like a weapon to show her he is her master. Oh, yes, she longs for his magnificent cock! She longs for his hands to use and abuse her body as he sees fit. She longs for his voice telling her what a slut slave cunt she is. She knows he must punish her for her willfulness and her disobedience and she is so fortunate to have a master who loves her and keeps her inline. Her breasts and clit ache for him.

She is desperate for him to restrain her and make her helpless. She longs for him to pull her head back by her hair and fuck her mouth with his hard cock, emptying his hot cum deep into her throat. She wants to be tied to the slanted spanking table with her ankles shackled to the spreading bar and feel the strikes to her ample bottom as her master turns her cheeks red with the riding crop. She will scream and cry and wiggle her bottom trying to get away from the blows and beg him to stop, but he will not stop until he is satisfied she has learned her lesson. When he is finished, her pussy will be wet, her juices running down the inside of her thighs. She will beg him to fuck her!

I am closing my eyes now, Master, and remembering the last, delicious time you punished this insolent slave girl.

"Please Master, I am so hot, PLEASE FUCK my unworthy cunt! Please," she pleaded.

His cock was hard again but he will NOT fuck her love hole. He didn't tell her she could speak. She needs more punishment for being insolent. He obtains two long pieces of duct tape and puts one end on each reddened ass cheek and pulling them tight, attached the other ends to the table, spreading her wide, exposing her puckered hole.

She was fearful, but knew better than to speak.

Her master approaches the head of the table and tangles his hand in her hair pulling her head up HARD so she can see what he is showing her. It was a huge black vibrating dildo. She had never seen one as thick and as long as this one. It will surely kill her! She thought, and begins to cry.

"Do you like this my sweet slave cunt? You may answer me. Stop that crying NOW and answer me!" He demanded.

Choking back sobs she answered, "No, Master, I don't like it. PLEASE don't use that on me."

"Insolent slave! I will not use this on you, he shouted. He picked a different black dildo that was larger than the first one. "I will use 'this' one on you instead. You will learn who is master here!"

She began to sob. "Yes, Master, I am your humble slave girl, please punish me."

"That's better, my little cunt." He kissed her roughly and let go of her hair, her face slamming hard on the table. He stood behind her and turned on the powerful vibrator, then began inserting it dry into her tight asshole. Entry was difficult so he forced it all the way inside, filling her, her asshole tearing and beginning to bleed.

She screamed!

He wasn't finished. He picked up the first black dildo he had shown to her and slammed it into her hot wet cunt and turned the vibrator on.

She screamed again.

"I didn't tell you you could scream, Bitch!" he said. "You need a hard lesson today."

She felt his hands in her hair again.

He jerked her head up saying, "Scream again you worthless whore!"

When she opened her mouth to scream, she felt her mouth being filled with his thick hard cock. It was so engorged with blood it barely fit into her mouth. He shoved it down her throat, and fucked it HARD and FAST!

With her asshole filled and her pussy filled and his cock fucking her throat, she couldn't breath, but came again and again until she was exhausted.

He shot his load deep into her throat and left his cock in her mouth until it softened then let it slide out. She was unconscious by then. He removed the dildos, unshackled her and carried her to bed.

She woke up in his arms. "Master, I hurt." She felt him place clamps on her nipples.

"Yes, sweet slave, I know you hurt. You know I have to punish you for your own good, don't you?"

"Yes, Sir. I was insolent and need to be punished I'll be a good slave girl, Master.

"I know you will, Slave, and as a reminder, I'm going to give you a taste of what will happen if you disobey me again. Now stand up."

She struggled to stand on wobbly legs.

He told her to stand where she was and not move. He placed a clit clamp on her and fastened it to the chain that connects the nipple clamps. He tightened all of the clamps and pulled the chain until her pink nipples were stretched as far as they would stretch and her clit was pulled past her pussy lips.

She obeyed him and stood in place as he pulled and released the chain over and over again. She wanted to scream and complain, but knew better.

He pulled the chain tight and said, "Follow me slave." He pulled her by the chain across the room, out into the hall and down the stairs. He walked her through the house; the chain pulled taunt all the time, and back up the stairs. He then ordered her onto the bed. He attached the ring in the middle of the chain to a hook hanging from the ceiling, her nipples and clit stretched to the limit and red, and engorged with blood. He wrapped restraints around her wrists and secured them to the headboard far above her head. He then put straps around her knees and secured them to either side of the bed rail, spreading her wide. He looked at her pussy and juices were running down her ass onto the sheet.

"I'm going to fuck your cunt now, Slave. With each of my thrusts the clamps will move and pull. I'm going to fuck you nice and slow for a long time, to prolong your agony and to prolong my pleasure. When my cock has had enough of your sweet tight pussy, I will finish fast and furious. If you scream or whimper, we will do this again, over and over, until you know I am MASTER and you are my slave to use and abuse as I see fit."

With that said, he used his finger to furiously rub her sensitive and engorged clit until she came. Then he entered her with one hard push and took his pleasure slowly, staying hard by watching her beautiful face contort in agony.

"Do you like this, my lovely slave? Does it feel good? "Yes, Master," she sobbed. "Does it hurt?" "Yes, Master, it hurts." "Good, I want you to hurt. It gives me pleasure and it gives you pleasure. Can you feel how wet you are? "Yes, Master, I am very wet and your cock feels very good."

"Oh, my little slave whore, you are such a treasure. Your pussy is very hot and wet and tight and my cock can last for a long time buried inside of you so deeply. I love fucking you like this, watching your nipples and clit being pulled by the clamps and chains. Seeing the pain on your face. Knowing you want to moan and whimper and scream, but don't dare for fear of what I might do next, if you make me punish you more. I 'can' last a long time, but I'm not going to. I'm going to punish you while fucking you good."

Holding her ass up with his hands he begans to pick up speed. "I see more tears, Slave. That is good!" He leaned forward and sucked each nipple tip hard and felt her inner muscles tighten around his cock.

She came and came hard! Her whole body shaking.

"That's it, Cunt. I knew you would like this, but not as much as I. I'm going to finish this now, and I don't want to hear a sound out of you. If you understand, nod your head."

She nodded her head yes.

"Good! Here we go! He held her ass high and slammed into her pussy hard and deep, fast and furious, watching her nipples and clit being pulled until they bled. He couldn't believe how hard he was, how tuned on he was.

"Oh, yes," he said, "YES! YES! YES!"

He shot rope after rope of hot cum into her love hole, emptying his balls. He couldn't remember a time when he had come so hard. He caught his breath while his cock went soft and slid out of her. Then he unhooked the clamps from her bleeding nipples and clit. After taking the restraints off her, he gathered her limp body into his arms and told her what a good slave she was, and how much he loved her.

"We will do this again, my sweet slave cunt whore. I have plans for you. You will experience things you can't imagine. Tonight was just a small taste of what is to come."

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