tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSlaves of the Desert Compound 05

Slaves of the Desert Compound 05


The sky over the compound had turned a deep indigo, lit by bright stars and silhouetting the lush palms that shaded the compound buildings. A young female slave had been purchased that day; the Master had important guests with him, and so it was determined that the evening's entertainment for the visitors would be focused around the introduction of the new slave to the ways of the household and her duties there. Since the new slave was petite, fair of face and complexion, with pale delicate skin and an admirable, albeit slight, figure, her initiation was anticipated to be most diverting to the Master's friends; less entertaining, alas, for the young woman.

In one of the rooms used for this kind of diversion, several older men sat on couches surrounding a small wooden platform on the stone flagged floor. They were tended to by the younger slaves, male as well as female; the most comely of the household. The new slave, Naivia, was brought by two guards onto the stage. She looked fearfully around at the strange faces; one of the guards instructed her to remove her gown, a simple, short, cotton shift-like garment worn by most of the female slaves. Blushing, she demurred; a sharp, painful tug on her silky hair pressed the point, which brought a tear to her large, beautiful eyes. She shyly took off her shift and placed it neatly on the ground. Her breasts were small, perfectly shaped, and tipped with pink; her skin fair and glowing. A plump set of labia were clearly visible through a wisp of soft light hair. Overcome by the attention of all those in the room, she cowered, bent over and attempted to conceal her charming breasts and genitals, then her perfectly rounded, small bottom, with her hands. Her whole body appeared to blush with shame at her nakedness; it created a delightful picture as she clearly yearned to disappear from the appreciative gaze of the audience.

One of the guards grasped her small wrists and held them behind her back; the other bound them together with a strip of supple leather. Locking his fingers in her hair and compelling her to stand upright, her perfect body in full view, he made her turn and expose her bottom to the view of the audience, ignoring her feeble protests. She hung her head and great tears rolled down her cheeks as all her charms were demonstrated to the audience; even her buttocks blushed pink, to the amusement of the Master's guests.

A door in the back room opened to admit two striking young women. Each was of similar height and build, although one was dark and the other light haired; each tanned, dressed in nothing more than a brief dark thong, exposing full firm buttocks. Their bare breasts were full and pierced with rings. One bore a short whip, the other a lithe cane. They stepped to the front of the stage and embraced, each pressing against the other and locking lips; their tongues protruded, licking and dripping wetness, in a remarkable exchange. Each fondled the other girl's bottom, probing without reserve and clearly slipping a digit in their private parts, both front and rear. The audience's attention and excitement increased rapidly; all their attention was on the two new arrivals, whose breasts were heaving at their erotic contact. Now they stepped away, remembering their work.. Together they fixed their gaze on the cowering Naivia, who saw only too clearly that this arrival boded little good for her.

Sure enough, her fears were quickly confirmed. The two new arrivals took hold of the sweet young slave, one gripping her hair tightly and the other driving her forefinger into the unfortunate girl's anus. Naivia squirmed and rose up violently to remove herself from the appalling intrusion; her assailant simply hooked her finger in its entirety inside the young slave, who was compelled to move on tiptoe, still impaled in her rectum, toward the center of the stage. Naivia's expression was something to see, compounded as it was of horror, indignation, shame, yet with a new element of submission and servitude.

The young Amazons conferred briefly, and Naivia's bound hands were quickly fastened to a rope that hung from the ceiling. The rope was drawn up, so that Naivia was bent forward, her arms behind her and her torso obliged to bend over, while her sweet round behind protruded in a most provocative manner. Quickly her ankles were tied, stretched a fair distance apart, to rings in the platform. She was quite helpless; her tender parts were completely exposed, her entrances clearly visible and drawn slightly open by her bonds. She glanced fearfully over her shoulder to observe her two principal captors, who conferred in low voices, interspersed with piercing looks at their helpless victim. Decision was arrived at, and the light haired one stepped forward, paused briefly, and with a swish and a loud crack laid a very hard stroke of her whip at the exact point where Naivia's soft behind joined her shapely thighs.

Naivia felt a pain like a hot iron had touched her tender flesh; and the pain intensified even more as seconds passed. She drew air into her lungs to scream, but another fiery agony struck; the darker Amazon had taken aim with her cane, laughing as she did so, and cut across Naivia's buttocks, causing a pink weal to spring up immediately. Naivia's scream echoed in the room; she attempted to soothe her tormented flesh but her hands were confined, and her attempts to move her bottom out of the range of the implements accomplished very little. Each Amazon delivered another stroke, which – if it were possible – stung even more fiercely, and Naivia's screams choked as the new pain interrupted her cries. Then, mercifully, the two chastisers stepped back and resumed their quiet conference, interspersed with glances at their helpless victim, whose buttocks were bright pink where they did not bear a raised weal, and whose screams gradually subsided to desperate weeping. The two mistresses embraced each other again, mingling tongues and pressing against each other; their nipples were fully erect and they caressed the other's most sensitive areas in full view of the room.

Their discussion evidently concerned which area of their victim might be most sensitive to their ministrations. While the darker girl commenced to stripe the insides of poor Naivia's thighs with her cane, the other struck horizontally across the bound slave's soft globes, creating a lattice effect of pink and red lines and causing the bound one to writhe and howl. Fortunately, the Amazons were inclined to make this treatment brief; as Naivia's sobs gradually subsided, the two laid down their instruments. Approaching the slave, they began to caress her wounded flesh; while one slipped a finger into the helpless one's soft little anus, the other began a skillful stroking of Naivia's clitoris. Stimulated beyond bearing, the slave began a steady moaning and an undulation of her hips; she quickly reached first one, then another shattering climax. Thrusting a tongue into her pink ear, the blonde whispered:

"Now we will take you to enjoy in private. You are going to kiss every part of us, and swallow everything we give you, but you're also going to come quite a lot more, my sweet one."

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