SlutWife's Seduction Recorded Ch. 01


"Fellows," said Myron, "there is only one rule tonight -- the girls are in control. They decide what they want to do with you and who they want to do it with. Enjoy!" he said with an evil leer.

The night soon devolved into a wild sexual orgy as the girls removed all cocks from the confines of the men's' jeans and trousers and began to either jack and suck the rock hard bones of all the studs. Through his drug/liquor-induced haze, Melvin looked down to see his own bone being removed by Marie, a beautiful, dark-skinned Nubian princess, with jet-black natural tight curls who looked up at him through feline, heavy-lidded, dark-brown eyes as she handled his swollen bone with hands so soft that Melvin had to see whether she had fur gloves on. Her full-swollen lips reminded him of his erotic BJ fantasy woman, Jill Marie Jones, and she showed him she knew what to do with her full Black lips. Melvin lost all resistance as soon as Marie's warm lips slid down the length of his penis before resting on his crotch, completely deep throating his throbbing cock. His groans of pleasure joined the chorus of lust-filled grunts and groans coming from all the men there as they were all pleasured by the lips of beautiful, talented cocksucking sluts.

"I figured that I'd give you some XXX rated, buckwild nasty sex video while you enjoy some XXX erotic sucking and fucking pleasure," said Myron as he watched his own cock disappearing into the oral cavity of a hot, green-eyed redboned woman, "here's a homemade movie from my boys, a couple of real studs who travel the country seducing wives and capturing it on film! " As Myron's eyes rolled back in his head from the expert skills on the hot Slut on her knees in front of him, he hit a button on the remote and the screen came alive.

As Melvin grasped curly black hair of Marie, the woman on her knees in front of him bobbing energetically on his crotch, her lips caressed the entire length of his big joint. His eyes rolled back into his sockets with lust, as he watched this talented cocksucker swallow his hard bone with passion. For all of Marie's considerable talent, however, his Rhonda was better. But this slut was driving Melvin wild as he closed his eyes and enjoyed a strange woman swallowing his thick cock whole.

Suddenly, Melvin heard Rhonda's voice, "Nooooooo!" His eyes popped wide open; he had been caught with Marie's lips wrapped firmly around his cock! Rapidly scanning the room, Melvin couldn't find his wife. Then he heard her voice again, "Noooooo . . . please stop . . . Ohhhh . . . noooo . . ." Looking in the direction of Rhonda's voice, Melvin realized that it emanated from the TV, but he didn't see her. Suddenly a face came into the screen -- it was Carl!

"Check this out, Big M (Myron)," as Carl swung the camera around to the bed and the title of the film came into view, "Horny Housewife Sluts!" All Melvin saw was a well-muscled brother's back as it was clear that he was fucking some female slut hard, throwing some serious weight between her thick thighs. Every time he thrust downwards, the shapely light-brown legs of the woman beneath him flexed back and forth and there was no question that the female getting pile-driven beneath the stud was his wife!

More to come.

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