tagHumor & SatireSnow White Ch. 01

Snow White Ch. 01


The Queen stood naked, before her magic mirror and chanted the chant she did every morning... "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the hottest babe of all?"

While she waited for the answer, the Queen stroked her body, admiring the smoothness of her skin and the firmness of her breasts. She pinched a nipple between her thrumb and finger, then rolled the hard little nub between her fingers. She turned to the side to admire her nice, firm ass for a minute, running the palms of her hands over the tight flesh of her buttocks. A smile played at the corners of her red lips as she looked at herself. The Queen's hair was pulled back in a severe twist at the back of her slender neck. Her eyes were cold and hard as steel, hidden by thick lashed which softened them to others. Her lush mouth could quickly become cruel when she didn't get her way. The soft hair covering her womanhood, was trimmed neatly into the shape of a heart.

The mirror answered after a few minutes, "The hottest babe ever seen is, of course, you, my Queen."

A satisfied and vain look settled on the Queen's face. She smiled and smoothed her hair, still looking at her reflection in the magic mirror. She beautiful as I am?" she said with a sniff. She called for her maid to come and fill her bath. It went like this every day until the eighteenth birthday of her husband the King's young daughter, Princess Snow White.

The very morning of Snow White's birthday, the Queen went to her magic mirror as usual, said the same chant as always, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the hottest babe of all?" then waited for the answer she had heard all the days before...but on this day, the mirror had something different to say ....

The mirror spoke it's reply, "The hottest babe in all the land, has a birthday today from what I understand."

"WHAT!" the Queen screamed in surprise and anger.. she calmed herself quickly, thinking she had heard wrong. After taking a deep breath, the Queen repeated her question.. "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the hottest babe of all?" She waited a moment and listened in disbelief as the mirror repeated the same answer as before.

The Queen stood, still as stone for a few minutes while she thought about the mirror's answer. Then turning on her heel, she stormed from the room in a rage. "That little BITCH! No one is more beautiful then I... I'll not have it!" she said this between clenched teeth and called for the palace woodsman. The Queen would take care of this matter quickly, or so she believed.

The woodsman stood and listened to the Queen's instructions with dispair in his heart. Everyone knew and loved the good Princess Snow White and now he was to take her into the forest and kill her or be killed by the Queen if he refused. He had a wife and five children to care for... he had to do as the evil Queen wished or his family would suffer. The poor woodsman told the Queen he would take care of it first thing the following morning and left the Queen's quarters with his head hanging low and a heavy heart.

Snow White was so beautiful it took one's breath away just to look upon her. She was raven haired and fair of skin. Her eyes were the bluest of blues and she had pink rosy cheeks and lips. Her figure made men yearn to touch her, she had perky breasts, a tiny waist and heart shaped ass to tempt and tease. And tease she did. Snow White's biggest downfall was the fact she was a dick tease! She was aware of the effect she had on men and some women... and used it to her advantage. Until her birthday, she had no worry of anyone trying anything out of line, because she was a minor. But now... well, the woodsman was thinking that maybe before he killed her, he should rape her to make it look right.

As they walked deeper and deeper into the forest, the woodsman's lust grew. He would glance at Snow White's ample clevage and feel his cock grow in his pants. Yes, he decided, he would rape the girl first, then do away with her. But with each step, the woodsman's guilt grew larger and finally got the better of him and when they were in the deepest part of the forest, he told her he would be right back and vanished into the trees, leaving the girl alone and lost. The woodsman figured the wild beasts would get her when the night fell and the Queen would never know the difference.

Snow White sat and waited for almost an hour before it dawned on her that the woodsman wasn't coming back. She found a path and uncertain of where it would take her, started following it even further into the darkening woods. She walked all night, unaware of the beasts that watched her pass, and as the sun was coming up, she found herself standing in a clearing, looking at a cottage.

Having walked all night, Snow White was exhausted and hoped whoever lived in the cottage would let her rest inside. She knocked on the door and waited. She knocked again and still no one answered, so she tried the doorknob and found it unlocked. Snow White peeked inside and called loudly, "Hello, anyone here?" The cottage was empty, at least for the moment. Snow White went inside and closed the door behind her.

She looked about the room and saw that it must be the home to a number of persons. The kitchen was a mess, dishes were piled high in the sink and more cluttered the counters and table. Walking to a door at the back of the room, Snow White opened it and found it was a large bedroom, she saw seven beds lined up against one wall. All the beds were pretty small which meant those that used them must be little people. She yawned and decided to sleep until the owners got home. She un-laced her dress and took her stockings and shoes off before laying down.

To be continued...

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