tagHumor & SatireSnow White Ch. 02

Snow White Ch. 02


The seven dwarves stood beside the bed in awe of Snow White's beauty, and of her exposed tit... Dopey's hand reached out, he was about to touch her breast when Doc slapped it away, frowning at him.

"Who's the bitch?" asked Grumpy in his usual grouchy way.

"I'm not sure who she might be..." answered Doc, shrugging his shoulders.

Sneezy was rubbing his crotch and starting to drool a little. "I'm horny and didn't even know it till now." he stated before sneezing loudly.

Snow White's eyes fluttered open, then opened wide as she sat up, alarmed at seeing the group of men looking down at her. "Hello." she said, smiling sweetly. Then realizing her breast was showing, she blushed and covered herself. "Oh my." she stammered.

"It's okay girlie, nice tits from what I saw." Sleepy said, then yawned. The others nodded in agreement.

Bashful's cheeks turned bright pink at Sleepy's words and he hid his face behind Doc, peeking around him after a few seconds, to see what the girl was doing. He reached down and felt the hardon he was sporting after seeing her breast and blushed even harder.

Doc cleared his throat and spoke, "Who might you be and what are you doing here miss?" He tried to sound stern but found it difficult to do since he felt the beginning of a woodly in his pants too.

The dwarves had been in the woods without any females around for many long years. Finding one in their bed, half un-dressed had unsettled all of them. Doc listened as Snow White told them her story. "....and so you see, I've no where to go and wondered if you might put me up here for awhile. Of course I'll pay my way with cooking and cleaning if you let me stay."

The dwarves excused themselves to discuss the matter in the other room, leaving Snow White to wait for their answer.

It wasn't long before they returned. Doc spoke up first, sounding a bit like a bargain hunter to the others... "Okay, here's the deal. We can do our own cooking and cleaning, have for years. Granted, we're not exactly the best housekeepers in the forest, but we manage well enough. What we do need, is some pussy... now if your willing to give it up, we might work something out."

Snow White's face showed her shock at the suggestion, but since she had no other options, she decided she might as well go along with their offer... after all, it wouldn't be forever, at least she hoped it wouldn't be. "I suppose that would be okay," she told him.

"Great!" Doc said happily, then continued, saying in a business-like mannor, "We each get to fuck you one night a week. If a dwarf is too tired, then you get the day off and he waits his turn until the next week. Is that agreeable?" he ask, leering at the girl and hoping she'd agree..

"Well" Snow White said slowly, "That's fine. But I don't wish to spend an entire night with any of you. I will do as you wish for one hour after your return from the mines, whoever's turn it be." Everyone agreed and the bargain was struck. Snow White had one more question, "When does this begin and you will use protection, right?"

Obviously it would be that night because the dwarves began to argue who would be first. Snow White smiled as she listened to them bicker over who went first and where they would get protection. She got up and went to get some of the soup she'd made eariler. Two hours later, they still hadn't decided who would go first. In fact, as they left the next morning for the mine, they were still arguing over it. Snow White shrugged her lovely shoulders and went about her business, she would let them work it out amongst themselves.

When the dwarves returned to the cottage that night, Doc approached Snow White and handed her a slip of paper, saying, "Here is the order that we decided on. It will take effect of the first day of the coming week if that's agreeable with you, of course."

Snow White looked at the paper and nodded her head, saying, "This is fine, no problem." Doc looked relieved by her words and went to tell the others, stopping in his tracks when Snow White said, "And you have protection?"

Doc turned back to her and said, "Uh.. well, not yet, but we will by the first of the week." Snow White nodded her head.

Monday night came and so did the first Dwarf. It was Doc himself. He told Snow White to go into the bedroom and get naked, he would join her after a shower. Snow White accepted her fate and went to do as the dwarf had told her, she removed her clothes and lay on the bed waiting for him to come to her. She looked very sexy laying there, her hair spread across the pillows.

Doc was very excited, so excited in fact, that while he was washing his manhood, he got carried away and shot his load of creamy cum all over the shower stall! Now let me tell you, Doc sported a tool of exceptional girth, the length wasn't impressive, but the width was amazing to behold! Snow White would have to have used both hands to circle around it! Getting in her pussy would have taken some work too, but for the moment, she didn't have to worry about it.

Now, the problem with dwarves, in those days, could only have one cum per week and Doc had lost his in the shower! Instead of going to tell Snow White, he dressed and stomped out of the cottage in a rage. In fact, he stormed all the way to the nearest pub where he stayed for the remainder of the night, drinking ale. When he met up with the other six dwarves the next morning, he was very much hung over and pissed when they laughed at him.

Meanwhile, Snow White had fallen asleep while waiting for him. She woke to an empty cottage the next morning and wondered what had happened to Doc, but of course, she didn't dwell on it for long as she hummed a song and cleaned the cottage.

On Tuesday evening, it was Dopey's turn to fuck Snow White. The problem with Dopey, was that he really was dopey. If someone didn't tell him what to do, he wandered off and did something else. The other dwarves pointed him in the right direction and off he went, except he remembered something he'd forgotten and got off track. . Dopey ended up outside in a tree, looking at a nest of new baby birds, and that's where he spent the remainder of the night... his dick completely forgotten. Snow White fell asleep, naked and alone once again.

Wenesday rolled around and Snow White was ready when the dwarves arrived home from the mine. She had bathed, put her hair up in a very attractive way and was wearing her petticoat when she answered the door, smelling like roses. The dwarves took one look at the beautiful girl and their jaws dropped open. It was Sneezy's turn to fuck her and they pushed him forward eagerly, making dirty remarks like, "Go get some pussy Sneeze 'ole buddy! Fuck her good!" laughing lewdly. They watched him strut into the bedroom and close the door behind him.

Sneezy boldly entered the bedroom, already sporting a hard cock in his pants, which he quickly let drop to the floor. But when he got up close to Snow White, one sniff of her fragrance sent him into a fit of sneezing that wouldn't stop. He was alergic to roses and her perfume was made from rose petals. Poor Sneezy blew himself out of action quickly. He ran from the room after pulling his trousers up, sneezing, eyes red and runny, his cock limp. The poor thing was a mess for the next few days!

When the boys got home on Thursday night, they heard Snow White singing in the cottage. They peeked through a window and saw her dancing in circles as she sang. It was Bashfull's night, but no matter how much they tried to get him to go inside, he wouldn't enter the cottage to claim his prize. He was just too bashfull to do it. Even Snow White tried to ease his shyness, cooing sweet words to him, exposing herself wickedly, but alas, Bashfull just couldn't do it.

Now on Friday night, it was Grumpy's turn to have the girl and he intended to do just that. But fate stepped in and pissed him off before the dwarves got close to home. A Wood Elf had crossed paths with the dwarves in the woods and started a fight with them. It ended up a fist fight and Grumpy got the worst of it. His temper got the best of him and he fell, head first, down a steep slope. He crashed and thrashed down the hill, banging and pinging off trees, finally ending up, falling down a hole. It took hours to get him out and when they did, he was in no mood for anything, let alone pussy. Snow White bandaged his cuts and bruises and kissed him on the top of his head, but he just mumbled and stalked from the room in a huff.

Saturday night was another dwarf disaster! The whole lot of them had eaten some berries they found in the woods and had the shits! The cottage was filled with the sounds of dwarves moaning and groaning with their stomachs in a bad way. The smell wasn't too pleasant either, even with the windows open it stank terribly. Sex for anyone was out of the question.

Doc called a meeting to discuss the events of the week. The dwarves had decided that Snow White had jinxed them and that was why no one could touch her. "Now don't get me wrong," Doc told them, "But it sure seems the girl isn't meant for us to fuck. No one has been able to get near her without a mishap!" The others nodded in agreement. Doc continued, saying, "We need to get her out of our cottage, but in a nice way."

While this meeting was taking place, something else was happening that concerned Snow White. The Queen had learned of her where-a-bouts and was making plans to do away with the princess once and for all! She was sick of hearing her mirror go on and on about Snow White's beauty!

Several days later, dressed as an old woman, the Queen knocked on the door of the cottage while the dwarves were off working in the mine. She carried a basket on her arm that had a pretty, red apple laced with poison in it. She knew the girl never could resist a nice apple and would accept it and die when she took a bite. Ah, but she felt like a very clever bitch with a great plan for doing away with the little tart, Snow White.

Snow White opened the door to see who had knocked and was surprised to see an old woman standing there. "Hello," she said sweetly, smiling warmly at the Queen.

"Hello dearie," the Queen said, her voice sounding old and frail. "Might I have a cool drink of of water?" she ask.

"Why yes! Of course, let me get you a cup." Snow White told her and went to fetch the water. She returned with it and handed the cup to old woman, who took a sip and then handed the cup back to Snow White.

"You are so kind, let me repay you with an apple." the Queen said as she uncovered the basket and held the poisoned apple towards Snow White. The light made the apple shine, it was the most beautiful apple Snow White had ever seen and she gladly accepted it from the old woman. Apples were her favorite fruit.

The Queen was thrilled at how easy it was to get Snow White to take the apple, but she wanted to be on her way before the girl ate it. "Thank you dearie, enjoy it. Good-bye." she told her as she walked away and vanished into the trees. She could barely contain the laughter that threatened to explode from her as she hurried away.

Now, unknown to the Queen, one of her maids had witnessed her preparing the apple and overheard the Queen talking to herself about her plan for the fruit. The maid didn't know what to do so she went to someone who knew someone else, that happened to know a woman who had a cousin that claimed to be a 'good witch.' She told the first someone what the Queen was up to and they passed the word down to the good cousin-witch. And because everybody loved Snow White and missed her, the witch decided she should do something to screw up the Queen's plan. She cast a spell that would cause Snow White to sleep instead of die from the poison, the side effect from this spell would cause Snow White to be VERY Horny when she finally awoke after being kissed by a well endowed man... hopefully one would happen along soon after she ate the apple.

Snow White polished the apple, making it gleem even more. She sat on the doorstep, in the warm sunshine and took a bite of the shinning fruit. That's all it took, one bite and over she went, out cold. At that very moment, the sun was hidden behind clouds, casting a dark shadow on everything.

When the Seven Dwarves arrived home that evening, the first thing they saw was Snow White laying on the ground outside the cottage! They rushed to her side and tried to wake the sleeping beauty, but could not rouse her even a little. She was like dead weight as they lifted her from the ground and took her inside.

"Oh the shitty luck of things," Doc said sadly to the others. They were all sitting outside on the steps, heads hanging in saddness over the fate of poor Snow White.

The sound of a horse coming down the path got their attention and everyone looked up to see who was coming towards them.

A big, beautiful white horse stepped from the trees, on it rode a very handsome man. He had dark wavy hair and a chiseled face. He was dressing in splendid clothing and obviously someone of great importance. The dwarves jumped up, staring at the man as he neared.

"Greetings to all," the stranger said with a smile lighting his handsome features. He continued talking as he came closer, "Might I ask if you could give a refreshing drink to me and my steed?"

Grumpy spoke first, "Who the fuck are you mister?" Luckily for him, this made the stranger laugh.

The man dismounted from his horse and stood tall before the dwarves, making them have to look up at him. "I am Prince Charmer...from the neighboring kingdom." he told the group.

Doc stepped forward, "I suppose a drink could be found, care to come inside for it?" he asked. The Prince tied his horse to a tree and followed Doc inside the cottage. Doc got the requested drink and gave it to the Prince, who drank it down quickly. As he turned to leave, his eyes fell on the sleeping Snow White in the next room.

Snow White lay in a deep sleep, no sound woke her from this slumber nor ever would. The Prince looked down at her and thought how very beautiful and sexy she looked laying there. The swell of her breasts would rise and fall with each breath she took. He felt his manhood stir as he stood there. He listened as the dwarves told him how they had found her like this and could not awaken the sleeping beauty.

After the dwarves finished telling him what little they knew, he sent them out of the cottage so he could be alone with Snow White. He sat on the edge of the bed and looked closely at her face until he could no longer stop himself from leaning close to plant a kiss on her pretty lips. The moment his mouth touched hers, Snow White began to stir... coming back from the deep sleep that held her. The Prince felt her kissing his back and was overjoyed! Her arms came up and around his neck, pulling him closer.

Without a word, Snow White tugged at the Prince's trousers, trying to release his cock, which she had felt stiffen when her arm brushed against it.

As she woke, she felt desire rush through her body and a demand for someone to fuck her overrode all other thoughts. The Prince groaned when the girl freed his cock and her hand closed around it and started to slowly pump up and down. He broke from the kiss and trailed kissed down her throat until he reached her beautiful breasts. One hand went under her to lift her up so he could work on the laces of her dress and get it off of her.

Willingly, Snow White let the Prince remove her clothing and assisted him in getting his own off... They didn't speak as this was happening, both let their bodies do the talking instead. The Prince lay across her and sucked a sweet nipple into his hot mouth, making Snow White moan with pleasure. She arched her back, lips parted and breath coming faster as he ravished first one, then the other tit, sucking them lustily. She moaned and put her hands on the sides of his head as he moved even lower... kissing her taunt stomach and still moving down her body.

Reaching the center of her lovely body, the Prince let his tongue trace wet lines down one thigh then up the other as the girl began to grind her hips, seeking pleasure for her dampening pussy. He could see the gleam of moistness already building in her snatch. The Prince worked his tongue between her pussy lips to find the sensitive little nub hidden there. He rolled it around in tiny circles before sucking it between his lips. Snow White was crazy with lust by then and pulled the Prince up to her and kissed his mouth before whispering in a husky voice, "Please sir, put your cock in me before I lose it! I need it so badly!"

The Prince didn't want her to lose it and did as she requested. Quite well, I might add. He slid his hard manhood between the lips of her lovely pussy and thrust into it, going in deeply then hold it there a moment, enjoying the feel of her silken hole around his cock. She was very tight and as they began to move together, his excitement matched hers. In and out of Snow White, the Prince's cock moved, sliding across the velvet walls joyfully. As their lust built their hips began to grind against each other. Snow White's legs lifted and wrapped around the Prince's lower back, giving him more entrance to penetrate her deeply. His mouth sucked her nipples as he fucked her and at long last, they both had the most awesome orgasims imagined! Snow White shook as she came hard, her nails raking down the Prince's back leaving long scratches in their wake. She cried out loudly as his cock spurted his creamy cum inside of her and her eye's rolled back for a moment.

The couple came together and fucked like there was no tomorrow! Afterwards, the Prince ask Princess Snow White to marry him, he had always hoped to find a beautiful and very horny woman to be his wife, and of course, Snow White said yes.

Back at the palace, the Queen stood before her mirror, certain her plan for killing off Snow White had worked and that she was once again the most beautiful and hottest in all the land. She spoke to the mirror, saying the usual chant and was horrified by the reply she got!

"Snow White has had some splendid luck, the handsome prince, she is about to fuck. And sorry, but you have to understand, she's still the hottest in the land!"

The Queen screamed in rage and grabbed the mirror from the wall. She'd had enough of it's bullshit and ran to throw it off the balcony. But a funny thing happened, as she ran towards the balcony, she tripped on something and dropped the mirror as she crashed onto the high ledge and fell off the balcony.. Down and down she fell, screaming until she hit the ground below. Of course the fall killed the old bitch. Up in her room, had anyone been there to hear, they would have heard the chuckle that came from the magic mirror and the words it spoke, "Guess your not so pretty after all, after breaking your neck in that nasty fall!" Then it laughed and laughed, glad to be rid of the old bitch at long last.

As for the seven dwarves.. they were glad to see Snow White leave with the Prince, not because they didn't care for her, but because they felt it was for the best and in hopes of their luck getting back to normal. Soon after she was gone, they went to a whore house not far from their cottage and had a hell of a good fucking time! Thus, everything got back to normal... and everyone lived happily ever after.. as should be.

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