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The absolute silence was only punctuated by the slowly swirling snow, until the single digit powder compressed under Jake's snowshoe. He looked up into the encroaching twilight and shook his head to see the sky already blanketed with points of starlight. Jake knew a crystal clear night was just a precursor to a bitterly cold morning. He guessed it would be well below zero if a storm didn't slide in during the night. Jake refocused on the silhouette of the small cabin before him as he steadily snowshoed to it. Just as the metal teeth of his shoes clicked against the porch, a monstrous shape erupted from the tree line and ran at him full bore. The animal leaped from several feet away, hitting Jake full in the chest, knocking his muscular body to the porch.

"Damn it, Kody! Get off me!"

Jake grabbed the huge Husky by the neck ruff and tugged him to the side. Climbing to his feet, he quickly brushed the powder from his clothes. Pulling off a glove, Jake reached above the door, searching for the key he kept there. Eventually his chilling fingertips found the frigid piece of metal and retrieved it from his hiding spot. Quickly slipping his hand back into the warm glove, he spent several minutes fighting the aging lock before it finally gave way. As Jake pushed the door open, Kody rushed past him into the dark room.

"Crazy dog," muttered Jake as he released his snowshoes and cleared them of snow, leaving them propped against the wall as he closed the door.

Jake made his way to the table on the side of the tiny room and wiggled his arms out of the backpack he was wearing. They had been at the cabin for several days now, Jake had to make the several mile hike to his SUV so he could drive to town and restock supplies. Since he was limited to the amount he could carry, Jake tended to go out several times a week. His civilization-weakened body had complained about the new demands, but the soreness was lessening with each trip.

Leaving his pack on the table, Jake moved to the only heat source for the cabin, a small two-burner wood stove. Opening the stove, Jake reached in with the poker and stirred the coals. He smiled as the small red embers came into view, a faint wisp of smoke curled from the ashes. Reaching into the tinderbox, he pulled out a handful of tinder, and laid it gently on the coals. Leaning in close, he gently blew until the small pile burst into flames. Jake spent the next few minutes carefully feeding the flames pine needles, then gradually larger twigs, until he had a small fire going.

As he carefully laid in the first piece of kindling, he couldn't help but think back over the last five years, and the fact that the pain of losing his husband had never really lessened. Each year as the horrific anniversary came again; Jake left his modest home and escaped to the wilderness for a few weeks. As he fed the hungry fire, he recalled the wonderful times he and Scott had over their decade plus relationship. A slight smile crept across his face as he recalled how he teased Scott about his slightly receding hairline, and how valiantly he tried to hide it, until he had gotten tired of the teasing one summer and had cut off all his hair. What Scott hadn't foreseen was how sexy Jake thought he was with buzzed hair.

A sharp crack from the burning wood brought Jake back to the present. Looking around the tiny room, he saw some of the small tokens of Scott he had brought to the cabin over the years since his death. Only happy memories, Jake had no problem bringing up the horror and soul rending sadness of the accident. His only consolation was the knowledge that, according to the investigator, Scott probably never saw the drunk driver who t-boned his car. The trial that followed was a blur to Jake, the pain of his loss put everything in a haze for him.

His colleagues at the university somehow seemed shocked that he grieved like he did, as if it were somehow less painful because their relationship was between two men. Oddly enough the person who was the most support, was a quiet man that Jake had never really gotten to know that well before, but he had lost his wife years before to breast cancer. He seemed to fully understand that love was love and the pain wasn't a contest to see who hurt the most. Jake had spent many hours with Keith talking about their spouses, and the knowledge that someone else understood did help.

But Jake coped most days now. It was just around the anniversary of Scott's death that he needed a break from life. So this tiny cabin he had built after Scott's death had become the place that kept him sane.

Jake shook his head at himself as he lit the small sliver of kindling he was using as a taper. With flame burning brightly from its tip, he quickly lit a small kerosene lamp beside the bed. Checking to make certain everything was in place, he closed the door to the stove. The small space warmed quickly, and Jake was soon stripping off his layers of clothing. Eventually he was down to his union suit, and lay on the bed to enjoy one of his few acknowledgments to the digital age, his eBook reader. Jake had finally relented and purchased it, not to be one of the in crowd, but because of the weight it saved in his backpack. It could store a week of reading material with very little weight. That, combined with Kody's warm body across his feet, soon had Jake feeling very warm and relaxed.

Kody perked up suddenly, staring in the direction of the door. Jake listened carefully, trying to see or hear what had the dog's attention. Just as he was about to settle back to read, thinking a passing owl or other small animal must have caught Kody's attention, a frantic pounding erupted from his door.

"Oh god! Please! I'm freezing, please let me in."

"Hang on! Hang on! I'm comin'," yelled Jake.

Grabbing his pants he quickly pulled them on and then shuffled across the few feet of floor to reach the door. Yanking it open he found a tall young man standing at his door, shivering and covered with snow. As Jake tried to work out how this youngster had managed to find him, he realized the kid was standing in the driving snow in only a t-shirt, jeans and athletic shoes.

"Come on! Get in here!" said Jake as he frantically beckoned him into the cabin.

Jake tugged the young man into the cabin when he didn't move. Slamming the door shut, he turned to see that the kid had slumped onto the bed. His body was wracked with shivers as he sat on the bed, his lips blue from the cold. Jake grabbed his hands and started rubbing them, realizing that they are almost frostbitten. The young man was incoherent except for the whimpers of pain as feeling returned to his hands. Jake pressed a hand against his chest and laid him on the bed.

Jake cracked the ice from the kid's shoes, finally getting them off. Minutes crept by as he fought to get the socks off his wet, frozen feet. Finally managing to peel them away, he saw gray-white flesh, a sure sign of frostbite. Jake was becoming frantic as he realized the severity of the exposure. Even in what felt like a warm room to Jake, the kid was shivering violently, his speech incoherent. Jake only knew one way to get his body temperature back to normal, but he wasn't really sure he could handle that kind of intimate contact with another man. Letting out a long sigh, he decided there wasn't really a choice, if he didn't warm this young man up he wasn't going to survive.

Lifting the kid's slender frame, Jake quickly undressed him, trying to be as clinical and quick as he could. Soon his ice-coated clothing was draped around the room. As the kid lay curled on the bed, his slender body and pale, smooth skin made him look even younger than Jake's initial impression. Putting his misgivings behind him, Jake banked the stove then tugged the blankets over the kid. But watching for a few moments Jake could see he was still shivering violently. With a deep sigh, Jake stripped quickly and crawled into the bed behind the freezing young man. Quickly pulling the multiple layers of blankets and quilts over them, Jake braced himself and spooned his naked body against the nude kid now sharing his bed.

Raising his head, he saw Kody watching them closely with an inquisitive look on his face. "Come on, Kody. Climb on top and help me get him warm." The large Husky moved to the side of the bed, looked to Jake for confirmation, then climbed on their feet and lay down.

A gasp slipped between Jake's lips as he enfolded the freezing stranger. The icy cold of his skin shocked Jake's body, sending the message that it desperately wanted away from the frigid boy, but Jake held the kid tightly while his system valiantly tried to warm them both. The minutes seemed to creep by, while the increases in temperature seemed tiny. But after long minutes of worry, Jake felt his charge relax beside him and a few minutes later slip into the deep breathing of normal slumber.

Finally able to relax, Jake stayed spooned against him to make sure he remained warm. As he drifted off to sleep, he realized distantly that he had missed the smell of a man surrounding him since he'd lost Scott. Lifting himself from the bed for a moment, Jake blew out the lamp then snuggled back against his guest.


Justin woke slowly in luxurious heat, feeling oddly safe and protected. He refused to open his eyes and destroy the feeling of contentment that he hadn't felt in years. He had vague memories of the driving snow and bitter cold last night, and finally seeing a light in the distance. He had almost given up, his feet numb as he struggled for each step as he stumbled to the door of the tiny cabin. After that everything was a blur of white cold, followed by the intense relief of warmth.

Justin moved slightly, and everything came into focus. He could feel the heat of the person behind him and heard a sigh from his feet that he somehow knew was a dog. The warm body spooned behind him was bringing out more feelings of intimacy than Justin could deal with. The prickles of hair against his bare back let him know it was a man, and his body was already beginning to respond to the intimacy. Justin desperately looked around the tiny room, trying to figure out of what he was going to do. As he was working out options, he felt the person behind him stirring.

"Get down, Kody," he heard in a deep bass voice that then with a question directed at Justin. "Morning. How are you feeling?"

Justin shrugged, and then realized he needed to actually speak. Taking a quick inventory of his body he realized, other than a little tenderness in his toes, he was fine. Actually he was more than fine, his erection was rock hard and jutting from his crotch.

"I'm ok, thanks for letting me in. I'm afraid I don't remember much of it," said Justin softly.

A deep rumbling chuckle rose beside his ear, sending a chill down his entire body. "Well, sorry about stripping you down and putting us together in our birthday suits. It was the only way I knew to get you warm. You had a pretty bad case of hypothermia, you might have some frostbite on your toes too."

The blankets behind Justin started to rustle and suddenly a thickly muscled thigh was across his hips. Justin could feel the weight shift as the stranger hoisted himself out of the bed. Justin looked up and almost gasped as a hard-as-rock, bubble butt walked away from him. His eyes were locked on the lightly haired ass cheeks. As the owner's back was turned toward him, a wet lick across his face brought Justin eye to eye with the cabin owner's large, very hairy dog.

Justin reached out and ruffled his fur and smiled. "Hey boy, what's your name? You kept the old toes pretty warm last night."

"His name's Kody, and I'm Jake. What's yours?"

Justin sat up, hoping to hide his rampant erection, pulled the blankets and quilts around him until only his face was showing. As his surroundings began to register, he realized the room was not exactly warm, so he was glad he had stayed burrowed in the covers. As he looked out at Jake, he saw the big man pulling on a set of white thermals that covered him from neck to ankles. There was also a cheery fire going in the small wood-burning heater, Justin could already feel an increase in temperature for the minuscule room. Catching Jake's eye, he realized that he still hadn't given his name.

"I'm Justin. Sorry, I was zoning a little. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you saving me last night."

Jake walked across the room, pulled a 5-gallon bucket from a cabinet, and as Justin watched he fished his thick uncut penis out and proceeded to urinate into the bucket. Justin's mouth fell open as he watched Jake pull back a long foreskin and take care of his morning piss so blatantly. Suddenly he realized that he needed to pee urgently too, looking around he realized the bucket was the bathroom. The turgid state of his cock certainly wasn't going to make this situation any easier. As he was starting to panic about getting out of this without acknowledging his . . . problem, he realized Jake was dressing.

"I'll fix us some breakfast, but since we don't have electricity, I keep the stuff that needs to be frozen in a little box outside. I'll be a few minutes so if you need to take care of your morning . . . ritual. That bucket is my bathroom, just cover up whatever you do with fresh sawdust and put it back in the closet," explained Jake as he want out the door.

Justin breathed a sigh of relief and quickly threw his feet over the side of the bed and onto the wooden floor. As he put weight on them, pain lanced through his feet, confirming a problem with his toes, but his full bladder convinced him to cover the few feet to the bucket, which he did with careful steps. Spreading his legs wide, Justin desperately willed his hard cock to soften enough to urinate. Finally the cold of the room did what he couldn't through resolve alone achieve, and his dick deflated enough to at least point it at the bucket. With a sigh of relief, the thick hard stream of urine burst from his penis and hit the middle of the sawdust filled bucket. He stood there for several minutes as a seemingly never-ending stream continued to surge from him. As the final drops fell into the bucket, he heard a rumbling chuckle behind him.

"Whoever fills the bucket has to take it out and dump it, just thought I'd warn you," said Jake softly.

Justin gave a yip of surprise at not having heard Jake come inside. He realized it must have just happened when the swirl of freezing air hit him and he dove for the bed and it's warm blankets.

Jake chuckled at the young mans antics, grabbed a small bag and poured a good amount of sawdust into the bucket. Putting everything back, he moved to a basin that Justin hadn't noticed before and washed up before starting to put together some breakfast. Justin realized that he was still naked and started looking around the room for his clothes.

"They're still wet. I don't think you want to try to put them back on right now. You're fine as you are as far as I'm concerned, or I can give you something of mine to wear if it would make you feel more comfortable," said Jake.

Justin started a little when he realized that Jake knew what he was looking for, but then settled back into the bed when he realized the big man didn't care. He thought for a few minutes and meekly asked, "Maybe a t-shirt would be good. If you've got one."

Jake left his food preparations and stepped over to dig through a small plastic box. After a few moments he straightened up and tossed a bundle of cloth to Justin. He caught it and quickly pulled the grey t-shirt over his head. It was big enough that Justin was swimming inside it, but at least it was long enough that it covered his groin if he had to get up.

Refocusing on his host, he studied Jake while he was busy cooking. Justin knew he was younger than Jake, but he didn't think it was by too much. Jake definitely had the advantage in size; he looked like an ex-college football player who hadn't let himself go to seed. His muscles were large, the biceps stretching the sleeves of his shirt showed that, without being too much. Justin was most entranced by his butt though. It had to be one of the nicest bubble butts he'd seen in a long time. Justin was definitely a butt man too, he loved guys with tight asses. Of course Justin knew Jake had to be straight, so this was all just jack-off material for later, much later.

Jake turned away from the wood stove he'd been cooking on with a steaming plate in each hand. Walking over, he handed one to Justin. Jake perched on the edge of the bed and ate slowly, while Justin practically inhaled the plate of food. With a smile, Jake took the empty plate from Justin's hand and handed him his own.

"Here, eat up. I've had plenty and you are still recovering. Let me take a look at your toes while you are finishing," said Jake.

Justin took the plate without any questions, or hesitation, and started eating his second breakfast. He gradually worked his toes out of the blankets, suddenly concerned that somehow Jake would know just from his toes that he was gay. He knew he couldn't survive the trip back to his vehicle right now, and since his own family had rejected him why would he expect some stranger to be more understanding. Justin flinched as the examination started, but Jake was very gentle. Focusing on the food, he emptied the plate before Jake was finished. Justin was relieved when he stopped since his touch was having the same effect on his dick as waking up next to Jake had earlier. Jake carefully tucked the blankets back around Justin's feet and stepped back.

"You were starting to get frostbite, it wouldn't have taken much more and you would have lost a toe or two. But I think you're going to be fine, you might have some blisters though so you need to stay off your feet for the next few days. You don't want to pop the blisters," explained Jake.

Justin wiggled his toes slowly, feeling a slight stiffness. "Ok, are you a doctor or something?" asked Justin.

Jake chuckled and shook his head. "No, I'm a microbiologist, but my partner was a nurse so I know a thing or two about first aid."

"Oh, well I'm glad she taught you some basic stuff. Otherwise I'll be in trouble," said Justin slowly.

"He," said Jake.

"Excuse me?" said Justin.

"You said 'she', my partner was a man. And he was a damn good nurse."

Justin sat frozen in place for several long minutes, his mind racing to put the pieces together. He finally realized that he'd been quiet an uncomfortably long time and Jake was waiting for his reply. Sudden completely at a loss for words, he blurted out the first thing on his mind.

"I'm gay!" said Justin.

Jake looked at him quietly, seeming to study him closely, shook his head and smiled. "Well, I guess we can stop worrying about offending each other because we're gay."

"You're the first person I've told, well the first gay person, I'm not queer or anything, just gay, no one else knows, well but my family, but that didn't go well, but—"

Jake stopped him by putting his meaty hand over Justin's mouth. "It's ok, Justin. If you want to talk about it that's fine, but let it settle for a while. I'll answer any questions you have, but I haven't been with many men other than Scott. He was kinda the playboy in our relationship. Well before our relationship, otherwise I would have decked him," said Jake with a chuckle.

Justin nodded his agreement and then felt Jake's hand pull away from his face. Jake paused for a minute and then nodded when Justin maintained his silence.

"Ok, then lets talk about last night. What in the world were you doing driving around in that storm, and how did you find this cabin? I'm at least 2 miles from the nearest road, and it's almost impassible," said Jake.

Justin nodded and made an audible gulp. Considering his words carefully, he began to talk. "I ran off the road and the car was stuck in a ditch, and I guess I got lost trying to get into town. The snow was so deep, and I kept falling. I had almost given up when I saw the light in your window and dragged myself toward it."

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