tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSome Forgotten Episodes 04

Some Forgotten Episodes 04


OK, so I keep remembering other adventures.

If you read my first adventure "01. First Experience", you know that my parents had a summer place in a seashore resort area in the northeast. As they got older and I got older, I made it a point to try to visit them every so often.

My family weekends were mostly tied up with going to our lake house, but a couple of times a year I would bring my whole tribe to see my parents at the seashore.

Mostly though, I made solo visits during the week. I would leave work and make the hour and a half trip to see them. This was always during the warmer weather because they went south for the winter. I did this every month or so.

I began to realize that during the spring and fall the beaches were not crowded. So, I could kill two birds with one stone - visit with them for a short time and do a little beach time.

I wasn't t able to do this every time I went, but a few times I was able to leave my parents in time to drive to my favorite nearby beach before it got really dark, go onto the beach from the far end of the parking lot, strip naked and romp in the surf for 10 or 15 minutes until I lost most of the daylight. In the Spring the water was a bit chilly, but in the Fall it was still warm.

Sadly, my parents passed away and I no longer had reason to visit the area.

About 15 later, I had retired, but my wife was still working. I was recalling these adventures in late May and decided to do a day trip to the old seashore area. I arrived at this beach at about 1:00 PM so that any people who went there for lunch would be gone leaving only a few people for the afternoon. However, I was surprised at how many people were there.

I decided to go to the opposite side of the beach from years earlier and walked a good distance from the parking lot along a path behind the beach. I eventually turned onto another path that went through some sand dunes and onto the beach. By the way this beach was located near the island where I had had my adventure described in "03. Continuing to Grow" years earlier where I almost lost my boat.

Anyway, I was well away from people. So, I spread my towel on the sand and stripped and put on my pouch bathing suit. I went into the surf which was a bit rough and a bit chilly but fun and refreshing. I noticed that the pouch was sheer in the water. So, decided to take it off and just held it in my hand while I swam around.

After being in the water for a while, I came out and laid naked to dry off and enjoy the sun. I heard people walking down the beach and not knowing who they were - young, old, etc. - and if hey would be upset with an older naked man on the each, I covered my dick area with my undershirt. It was probably obvious to them what I was doing when they walked by, but nothing was said and they continued down the beach toward the parking area.

I resumed my naked sunbathing and almost drifted off to sleep when I heard more noise. This time it came from behind me in the sand dunes. I looked over my left shoulder and had a partial view of two people laying on the side of a sand dune also enjoying the late spring sun.

I had no idea how long they had been there, but figured that they already had seen me and nothing was said. So, I just continued laying there naked. I must have been swimming and sunbathing a total of an hour and figured I had better start heading toward home. It was probably going to take me about two hours with traffic.

I got dressed and walked along the beach back to the parking lot. About half way there, I passed a guy older than me sitting on a beach chair with an umbrella attached to it. He was naked. He started to cover up and then stopped when I guess he assumed I was no threat because I stopped and talked to him in a friendly voice. I asked him if anyone ever bothered him.. He told me not this time of year, but he was always watchful for people who may be upset or may be employees of the town.

When I reached my car an older lady asked me if the water was ok. I guess I looked like I had been swimming. I told her that it was a bit chilly, but I had a spectacular day. Little did she know that I meant it for an entirely different reason than she was thinking.

My wife soon retired and I had little free time to do this sort of thing again.

That's it; another mild story, but one that added a bit more naked fun to my life.

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