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Spank Me Red


We made plans to get together for lunch when she off from work at noon.

Meeting at the local subway shop, we got sub sandwiches and decided to picnic at nature trails.

Starting the conversation I asked." Where's the best place to invest your money, stocks or CD's?"

"I like CDs best because they're safer and easier to cash in." Mikki replied. "What about you?"

"I like collecting wines and cars," I said.

"That s a safe investment in this shifting economy." She agreed.

We decided to walk along the trail at the river walk. "I like you screen name spank-me-red." I said.

She didn't answer but her face turned bright red. We walked on until us standing in front of a willow tree.

I took my pocket knife out of my pocket and cut three branches off of the tree.

Her breath quicken as we walked. "What are you going to do with those sticks? "She asked.

I took her sweaty hand and lead her into a wooded part of the trail. "I know what you like Mikki."

I turned and looked at her and couldn't help but notice a couple hard nipples strained against her silk blouse.

"But we have just met Jack." She protested weakly.

I released her hand and continued into the woods. "Ok Jack, Wait for me."

We stopped in front of a large tree.

I used my knife and trimmed the small branches off the willow switches.

I heard her excited breathing and my cock began to harden. "Which one do you like best?" I inquired.

She selected the medium sized willow branch blushing bright red.

I gave the switch a good swish against the trunk of the tree.

It made a sharp pop. "This will do." I said, "Bend over and lean on the tree."

Mikki hesitated and then obeyed.

I gave her three strokes and hesitated. "Harder...harder whip me harder!" she pleaded.

I gave her two harder smacks with willow branch.

"Would you like some more?"

I asked her as I rubbed her quivering large bottom. I took her hand and walked her back to the car.

"How about a weekend getaway with me?" I suggested.

"Whenever you want to Robbie, you really do know me." "Not as well as I'm going too." I returned.

"I'll pick you up Saturday Morning."

We arrived in Canon City and checked-in to the No-Tell Motel.

I took her for walk along river and cut switches from various trees and bushes. We moved deeper into bushes and set down on the grass.

"Would you like to smoke some pot?" Miki offered. We laid back and got high and discussed our sexual preferences.

Cock sucking, pussy licking butt fucking...?

"Butt Fuckin? I always wanted to be butt..Fucked." She said, "Nobody ever wanted to butt fuck me."

"Isn't kind of dirty?" "Not the way I do it." I assured Mikki.

"Help me carry these switches back to room and try them out on your big butt "

Miki gathered up the rest of switches and carried them to the car with bright red blush on her plump face.

When we got back to motel we undressed and I told Mikki to lay face down on the bed.

I beat her fat cheeks, harder and harder until they glowed red.

"Oh Jack...whip me, whip me..!" Mikki screamed squirming all over the bed.

I stopped the whipping and rubbed soothing oil all over her bottom. "Thank you baby ..!"She said

As the oil oozed down into the crack of her ass, I probe her ass hole with one and then two fingers.

"Are you giving me butt fucking Jack..?" Mikki asked I returned from bathroom with an enema bulb.

"No, but I'm going to give you a good cleaning out for butt fucking."

I said as I pumped bulb-full soapy water up her ass hole.

I clamped her butt cheeks together with my hand.

"Oh.oh...oh I can't hold it in anymore..!"

She waddled to the bathroom holding her cheeks together.

I heard the shower running and waited for Mikki to come to bed.

"That isn't the only enema that I'm going to get is it?" she asked


"Good I kind of liked it."

We took a nap and resumed our enema later.

"Mikki come to the bathroom." I said "I'm going to give you a series of enemas to clean you out."

"Here I am Dr., clean my dirty asshole out."

"Spread your cheeks Mikki and say Ahh.h"

I inserted the well greased douche nozzle deep in her rectum.

I pumped bulb pump on the pink enema bag hanging on the shower curtain rod until she complained.

When her water ran clear , I insert a pink butt up her stretched ass hole.

I sent her to lay on bed and wait for the next spanking

I whipped her very lightly until she begged " Harder..Harder..Harder."

I pulled butt out, squirted bulb full warm oil up her ass, and replaced plug.

I rolled her over on her back and continued sucking her large hard nipples .

She said "let me up, I got to let this oil out..Of my butt..!"

When she returned I had her lie on her tummy and spread big cheeks wide over.

I stuck my rock hard cock slowly her gapping ass_hole.

The olive oil lubed pink brown hole accepted rampant invader.

I finally touched bottom and began a slow in and out.

She moaned with every inch in.. I pushed into her.

I felt the cum rising in my cock and when began shooting my load. I announced "I'm Cumming..!"

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