tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSplurge Ch. 02: Seduction

Splurge Ch. 02: Seduction


Sicilia tossed her scarlet ringlets and took full appraisal of her 5'8 frame. Her reflection in the wall to wall full length office window stared back at her. She was wearing elegant strappy heals and a matching rich blue chiffon form fitting dress belted at the waist. A petite face to match her body, surrounded by a mane of extraordinary hair complimented her look. She had it all and yet.

Sicilia's position at Splurge paid her well. She had an interesting job. Her role was to teach men what women want. It was a skill that needed to be taught. Too many handsome, fit jocks with cocky user attitudes walked through the door every six months. She was responsible for two groups; a ten o'clock session and one at one o'clock. Engaging and instructing a new recruiting group was always a good challenge, but the day to day grind still left her uninspired.

Sicilia knew she needed to be lifted to a new place. She looked for a long time at the melancholy face in the window that stared back at her and then she asked herself a question.

What do you want?

Silence. It was hard to know.

One thing Sicilia did know was that she needed to mix it up a bit. Life was becoming too mainstream. Still looking in the mirror she undid a button and slid down her left garter so it would be revealed the minute she sat down and crossed her legs.

Seduction was always a lift. It was what she was teaching. Seduction and intimacy. But, Sicilia knew better than to take it too far. Splurge had a strict policy that there would be no fraternizing on the job. It made things messy. Besides, Sicilia had a string of fuck buddies that entertained and splurged on her so she knew not to get involved with the participants. Until today.

On her way into the auditorium a hand reached over her head and opened the door she was approaching. His scent was intoxicating.

"Thank you," Sicilia said without looking.

When she turned around, Sicilia's mouth opened and her lips parted involuntarily. The chiffon didn't hide the effect this Adonis of a man before her had on her libido. He was dressed casually in tight jeans and a black t shirt. His brown hair was long and ruffled. Brad's biceps were bulging. But it was his eyes that riveted her. They were a brilliant blue.

Then Sicilia's eyes shifted downward.

Straighten that bulge, pick me up and ease me down onto your hard meat. Where the hell did that come from? Shit! What the fuck! Why did he have such an effect on her?

Sicilia felt a wetness and an ache develop in her pussy. It was sudden and it was strong. Her nipples were impossibly tight and hard and her mind was suddenly fuzzy.

Damn! How am I supposed to teach like this!

"We'll start in five minutes everyone. Help yourself to coffee and relax. It will be fun. You made the right choice."

Sicilia's eyes couldn't help but go back to the man that had such an overwhelming effect on her. He turned suddenly and caught her eye. She knew she had been caught staring at him and turned away quickly.

Fuck! I need some release.

Sicilia walked briskly past fellow employees towards the one bathroom that was private. Within minutes she felt a pulsing orgasm overtake her. With it every ounce of tension disappeared. Ready for her new recruits, Sicilia hurried back to the conference room.

Sicilia was flushed and gorgeous as she approached the podium. She felt the eyes of more than seventy men take in her beauty and felt the aura of acceptance and appreciation in the room.

"Welcome to Splurge. Please raise your hand if this is your first experience."

Sicilia noticed her Adonis raise his hand.

He looks bored.

"This class runs for two hours, once a week, for four weeks. In our classes we will go over the expectations, the documents, and we'll be completing assignments on the art of seduction on the laptop each of you has in front of you. You're getting paid well to satisfy. We want to make sure you're ready."

Sicilia stole another look. Now her Adonis had a sly smile on his face. He caught her gaze in a room full of men and held it.

Is he laughing at me? Or is he equally attracted?

Sicilia forced herself to concentrate.

Don't look at him. Don't look.

His gaze was piercing. It was calling her like a siren. Her body felt her Adonis's appeal and urged her to gravitate towards him like a magnet.

"Men. We are in the business of making money. The better you do, the more chances we'll have that our customers will be repeat customers. They need to be satisfied. You need to try. Bonuses are awarded for outstanding performances. If you can video tape a commitment that the participant wants to do it again, in the next season, you will be guaranteed a bonus whether you participate or not. We have the perks, now you need to get ready to learn to put out. Not in a wham bam style but using the fine art of seduction. Women want to feel appreciated, loved, adored, and to be considered an aphrodisiac. They want attention and careful consideration."

"Can I get a volunteer?"

Mr. Sexy's hand shot up immediately. What was worse, was that his was the only hand up. The rest of the participants looked like scared puppies.

Good. Let them look like scared puppies. It was a good place to begin teaching them.

But now what am I going to do? Be professional! Be professional! Don't give him any control over you.

Without a nod of approval, and unwilling to take no as answer, Brad took the stairs and stood beside her in a flash.

He smells so good. I just want him to rip my clothes off, lick me all over, then fuck me until I can't move.

Sicilia looked at Brad for few seconds too long.

You smell soo good!

The hot, blazing look in her eyes reflected back to her in his. When Sicilia saw Brad's cock was getting bigger and bigger Sicilia walked over to the wall and turned down the dimmer light switch.

Turning to the audience Sicilia said, "I always think it's better to show, not tell."

"The first thing you want to do is show appreciation for her curves. Touch her, really touch her. Take your time. Whistle your appreciation."

Without coaxing Brad started kissing and running his hands slowly up and down Sicilia's curvy figure. He looked into her eyes and slid a knee between her legs as one hand slowly worked its way up her leg to her thigh. He then leaned over and kissed Sicilia deeply and meaningfully.

Silica stumbled over her own feet when Brad pulled his lips slowly away from hers. Her body was pounding with desire again and here she was, in front of seventy five men. None of her previous volunteers had ever possessed the skills her Adonis did. He was intoxicating.

Willing herself to settle, Sicilia walked over to the nearby table and poured herself a glass of water. Seventy five hot, handsome men watched as Sicilia raised her glass and slowly drank the liquid down. A couple of men called out, likely losing it in their pants. It happened often during training and was just part of it all.

"Yeah, just like that," said Sicilia smiling at her sexy new friend as the last drop of water slid down her beautiful throat.

A burst of laughter ensued. The audience could see the couple's attraction was electric.

The two demonstrated a few more techniques on how to get a woman extremely aroused. What Brad was doing was working far too well. Her skin was flushed, and her sexy curves were in motion due to his seductive maneuvers.

Then Brad did something that had never happened in her class before.

"You need to worship her. Compliment her. Tell her how she brings out the animal in you. A dangerous wild animal that craves her," Brad said turning to the audience of attractive men.

"Then take her and show her who is boss."

He placed Sicilia in the chair and spread her legs wide. Her dress rode up high. Before she knew what was happening her panties were around her ankles and Brad's hot breath was scorching her juicy pussy.

Sicilia closed her eyes for a moment.

This can't be happening. There are seventy-five men in the room watching. She had to stop this.

Brad's licks intensified, reeling her senses. She felt Brad's two strong fingers reach deep inside her and paw at her g spot. Involuntarily her hot, sexy body bucked to his skillful pussy licking. Then Sicilia felt Brad's thumb at the entrance to her ass. Suddenly a spasm overtook her and she couldn't stop herself from riding it. Loudly.

Then time seemed to stand still.

What the fuck just happened!

When she came to her senses Brad was standing beside her looking at her admiringly with a satisfied grin. The smell of pussy was in the air.

"Um, that wasn't supposed to happen. I think that will be all for now class," the beautiful Sicilia called out meekly.

The men started to file out of the audience. Wolf whistles and a sense of arousal filled the auditorium.


Fuck, I have to do this. The timing sucks. Damn job. I have to mention it. What just happened? Why did I allow it to happen, and still I crave more. Could this be any more embarrassing?

"Please fill out an evaluation form on your way out," said Sicilia shyly, creating a roar of raucous laughter from the eager men leaving the auditorium.

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