tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSpringtime in Pennsylvania

Springtime in Pennsylvania


I remember vividly, one Saturday last year. It started out as a regular, routine springtime Saturday, filled with plans of getting the trimming done up and then mowing the yard. The sky was a deep, rich shade of blue and not a cloud to be seen. A few short weeks from now, a day like this would turn into a scorcher, but today, being early in the summer, it held the promise of being almost perfect weather for me to get everything done.

There was a full case of beer waiting for me in the refrigerator, I had made sure of that! Even though it wasn't going to be really hot, a man can still work up a thirst! Little did I know how much of a thirst I would build before the day was done, nor did I have any hint at this time, the way I would have that thirst created.

Since it was early, I could keep my t-shirt on while I ran the trimmer around all the shrub beds, flower beds, and various other things that dotted the landscape of the place I was staying. As I worked along the driveway, which was about a quarter of a mile long, I glanced up once and saw our neighbor, Mindy, was also working in her yard. "My God!" I exclaimed to myself as I strained to get a better look at her shapely body as she steered the lawn tractor around her yard. "What I wouldn't give..." I mumbled as I went back to trimming, being careful not to trim the growth that had sprouted instantly in my pants.

As I neared Mindy's place, my eyes couldn't stay off her long, shapely legs, exposed from her ankle to her hips. They were not as tan as they would be in a few weeks, but even now they were two things I could almost feel wrap around me as I drew a mental picture of us enjoying the day in the most natural way known.

We waved at each other as we continued to do our individual chores, but I was thinking more about doing her than anything else. I had no idea that she was having the same thoughts about me. She was done mowing by the time I had trimmed the length of the driveway and as I turned around to walk back to the garage, my eyes ran across her yard and devoured her body with a lust for the flesh she so graciously exposed.

"I know it's early, but you want a beer?" she asked as she seemed to stare into my soul. I paused, mostly from surprise because even though we had waved at each other countless times over the years, we had never really socialized.

I grinned uncontrollably as I walked across the yard with the trimmer squarely in front of the rock hard bulge in my pants. Sitting down on the short retaining wall, I was about three feet from her as she handed me a beer. When she leaned forward, I got a nice view of her ample cleavage.

"Thanks!" I said as I took the beer from her hand and my fingers lightly grazing hers.

"You're welcomed," she said as she sat back in her lawn chair and crossed her legs, left over right, exposing the full length of her thigh to my appreciative eyes. The throbbing in my pants became stronger and much more vigilant as my brain fabricated what 'could' happen.

We talked for most of the time I was there, but don't ask me what was said because my focus was not on the words that came to my ears, but more on the alluring sexiness of the body that produced those words. Eventually, I stood up to begin the trek back to my house and I quickly grabbed the trimmer, positioning it in front of the evidence of my arousal. I remember her asking me something about one of the shrubs in our yard, and a bit of the walk down the driveway with her beside me, but my most vivid memories are of what happened after we got to my house.

Giving her a full tour of the property, we some how ended up in the most secluded part of the massive back yard. Over the years I had cleared out more and more of the underbrush, claiming it as an addition to the yard and had quite inadvertently, created a very secluded 'room'. The sun was now a bit higher in the sky and was shining in full force on the grass underneath our feet.

"This would be perfect for my sunbathing," Mindy remarked as she scanned the area, turning suddenly to face me and catching me enjoying the captivating shape of those two shapely mounds of flesh that formed her ass. I looked up into her glistening, dark brown eyes and saw a grin on her lips as she stared at me, waiting for my response.

"Anytime you want to, come on down and have at it," was all I could come up with.

"I love to sunbathe, but I always have to wear a bikini up there," she stated as she nodded in the direction of her house. "There's no privacy at all."

She stepped toward me. "This is VERY private, and I would most likely sunbathe in the nude if I were down here," she continued as she watched me closely. I swear every drop of blood in my body was throbbing in my erection as I instantly fabricated an image of her laying there in the nude.

"Be okay by me, but I don't know if it would be safe," was my semi-unconscious reply. My mind was racing with images of her and I rolling around on the grass, nude and enjoying nature and each other. Her hands were now unclipping the trimmer from the shoulder strap and she set it aside, squatting down as she gently placed it on the ground. Instead of returning to her feet as I expected, she turned and grasped my jeans, quickly unbuttoning them and pulling the zipper down. I instinctively stepped back, not having often experienced this type of aggressiveness from a female. It didn't phase her at all and in a flash my jeans were down around my ankles. As her hands slid up the back of my legs, my eager flesh wildly jumped up and down in the air as it waited impatiently in anticipation. As her mouth stretched around my full thickness, the wet coolness of her tongue sent outrageous pleasure through me.

"Oh my God!" I moaned as Mindy slowly moved her mouth and lips over my shaft as she did a perfectly choreographed dance with my throbbing muscle. My hands were gently cupping her head as her hands sent more waves of pleasure through me while they erratically glided over my nakedness. A few moments later, her top was off and she had captured my slippery cock between the firmness of her breasts. I contained myself for several more minutes, but then I couldn't wait any longer and removed my shirt as I squatted down and tugged at her shorts.

Not a word was spoken verbally as she invited me to enjoy the treasure that had been the subject of many dreams of mine. We were soon both in the nude and she laid down on my clothes that I had quickly spread on the ground for her. Her feet were flat on the ground and with her knees in the air, I placed my hands on them and they slowly, invitingly parted for me.

My hands enjoyed the smooth flesh of her legs as my lips steadily kissed their way nearer and nearer her well trimmed and tempting pussy. She gave no resistance as my tongue and mouth was quickly moving toward her warm moistness at the apex of her heavenly shaped legs. My tongue darted out as I savored the first touch of any part of my body against her intimacy.

Resting on my knees and elbows, I was lost in the pleasure of her dark bush as I licked, sucked, and caressed her ever increasing wetness. Her gentle moans filled the air, mixing effortlessly with the song of the birds. Moving my lips up over her navel, then her ribs, my mouth wrapped around her erect left nipple as I positioned myself between her legs. The tip of my pulsating cock brushed against her wet, soft hair and that was one of the most intense sensations of pleasure I had ever experienced. She raised her hips slightly and my thickness slid effortlessly into her tightness. "Oh-h-h-h God!" we moaned in unison as my flesh merged with hers.

Her body gave mine all the pleasures I could have asked for and more as she matched my every movement perfectly. I would have normally thought that I'd not have any endurance with this much stimulation being given to me, but somehow my stamina seemed to be unending as our moans, grunts, and panting filled the air.

I have no idea how long that first encounter went on before I was at the point of no return, but I know that after we had both enjoyed very intense orgasms, we were ready for a drink to give some moisture back to our parched throats. Having such seclusion as my back yard offered, I could go to the house and grab a couple of beers without wasting time putting my clothes on. As I quickly went to retrieve our well deserved refreshments, I soon returned with a beer for each of us in my hand and a thick, king size comforter in my other arm.

Mindy was laying on her belly when I returned. I paused for a moment, enjoying the fabulous sight of her ass exposed to and enticing me.

"I thought this would be nicer for you to lay on if you want to stick around and do some of that sunbathing you mentioned," I said as I sat the beer down and began to unfold the comforter. She turned to look at what I was talking about and quickly got to her feet to help. Her breasts were of good size and surprisingly firm for a woman in her late thirties. Matter of fact, her entire body was like that of a woman in her middle to late twenties. Once we got the comforter spread on the ground, she laid down on her belly again. I could nothing for several seconds except stand there and enjoy her naked sexiness, and my thoughts immediately went to enjoying the soft, sexual pleasure I knew her ass would give me.

"What's wrong?" she asked with a slight giggle in her voice as she looked up at me. She was obviously surprised to see that my cock was quickly gaining rigidity as I enjoyed the visual stimulation of her naked, sexy, and firm body.

"Nothing," I began. "I was just enjoying the view," I confessed as I sat down beside her. She snuggled over against me, resting her head on my lap with her mouth only inches away from my re-energized pole of desire that protruded from my lap.

She took a mouthful of beer and immediately took my cock in her mouth. That was something totally different for me! It was indescribable, the sensation of the cold beer, her soft lips, and warm tongue, all injecting intense pleasure into my body.

I never got the yard work finished that day, but the appreciation I felt for the respect of the Earth my father had instilled upon me was beyond description. After all, if I wouldn't have taken such good care of this little spot of the Earth, this sexual blessing would never have happened.

We had many more encounters over the summer, and yes, Mindy got her all over tan - without tan lines. That was an amazing accomplishment considering how much time she spent in the shadow of my body as we shared all the pleasures that nature holds for those who cherish it as much as we do.

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