He watched the screen intently, anxiously awaiting his plan to fall into place. He had been plotting for several weeks now, slowly gaining the courage to put everything into practice. Would it come to fruition? Would they suspect anything?

His groin flinched in nervous excitement as he watched the images play out upon the computer, his hidden camera surveying the empty hotel room where he had organised the rendezvous. His live feed buzzed away, uninterrupted.

He was a recluse. At times, voluntarily so. He had much more success handling computers than he did handling women, the years of rejection only adding to his disdain. Did he love women? Did he hate them? Sometimes he wasn't sure. What he did know is that either way, he'd enjoy the show tonight.

They couldn't say no to him tonight. They couldn't sneer at him or roll up their nose tonight. Couldn't roll their eyes and walk away from his advances.

He reclined back in his chair, nervously breathing in the darkness that surrounded him, safe at home yet there every step of the way. He glanced at the bottom of the screen, where the clock ticked over to 8.00pm. It was time.

On cue, the doorknob twisted and opened. He watched as a young lady walked through the door, key card in hand, and into the empty room. As instructed, she left the door slightly ajar. It had begun.

He watched as she checked out the room, a large single bedroom apartment he had booked for the night. Well, "book" wasn't entirely correct. After all, he knew his way around computers and a legitimate booking would require giving his authentic name. No, he'd stay anonymous for this one. However, his online skills were sufficient enough that his little show would be uninterrupted. The hotel room would not be available to hire tonight.

He watched as she surveyed the room. Satisfied with what she saw, she took off her coat and laid it on the bed. Even though the tiny lens, he could clearly see her body and the lingerie she had opted for, sheer and black. He sighed in eager anticipation.

He was surprised that she looked just like her online profile had suggested. He had expected the photo to be cropped or altered but there she was. He had spent hours searching through various profiles before he had settled on her. She was expensive, and her body showed why she demanded such a lofty figure. She was fit, toned and curvy with an ample chest that momentarily took one's attention away from her flawless face. Her lingerie underwear revealed half of both cheeks, skin firm and pert. She was breathtaking and for now, she sat cross-legged on the bed, wiping long pale blonde hair from her face, waiting.

The anticipation coursed through him. The second girl would arrive at five minutes past the hour. It all hinged on their ability to play to his instructions. If either questioned the other, his fantasy would be over before it began.

He wanted this. Needed this. It had been some time since he had released and he was so sick of the rejections.

As his loneliness had grown and his desire to be touched enhanced, he had spent countless hours looking online for prostitutes. He had even called one once but when she appeared, dirty and deranged he had simply walked away. Disgusted at the thought of anyone beneath him, he had turned his searches towards high priced escorts, the elegant type that offered it all for a price. The type he craved. The type that never noticed him in a bar or club. The type that always said no. The type he felt he deserved.

Throughout his search, he kept coming back to the same girl. The platinum-blonde he now watched fidget on the bed. Her profile read like a wet dream with offers of raw lust, desire and sensual fulfilment. However, her $1000 per hour price tag stopped him short. Both the girl and the expense were well out of his league.

The other girl that kept catching his eye was a young brunette with a tanned body that she was happy to all but reveal on her profile. Her busty figure supplementing her toned body and at 5 foot eight, she had long legs that urged the eye to follow until they met at her tight behind. Again, she was easy on the eye and hard on the wallet. $850 per hour.

Both girls advertised being single, under twenty-five, lovers of sexy lingerie, completely shaven, clean and up for an adventure. His desire grew with every profile update.

His plan had been hatched when he noticed that both girls were happy to play out a customer's fantasy. No questions asked.

He had emailed the blonde, suggesting he was, in fact, a young brunette girl looking to play out her lesbian fantasy. It read;

"I'm a young single brunette girl who has often thought of being involved with another woman. However, I've always been a little too shy in acting out my fantasy. I'd like to book a hotel room and leave the key card in the door, I want you to be within my room when I happen to walk-in. I want you to be semi-naked and welcoming. Don't waste any time in seducing me. I need to be surprised and then tantalised. I want to be touched everywhere and it's important that the night appear real and not arranged. I want to believe I've walked into my own room only to be confronted by a stranger. I want you to lead the way and show me a women's touch. I can have the $1000 cash on me for when the hour has concluded, but I want the hour to be as real as possible. I don't want it to feel like I purchased this."

He had only to wait a few hours before his email received a reply. The blonde had said she looked forward to the meeting but required a picture and drivers' licence to continue. A short online search and a bit of semi-legal hacking and he had both items retaining to the brunette. His plan was half-way ready.

His next email had, of course, been to the brunette herself. He had moonlighted as the blonde and suggested her fantasy was to wait inside a hotel room for a mysterious female stranger. It read;

"I'm a blonde girl with a love of women. I have always enjoyed seducing younger girls and have a fantasy I'd like to play out. Basically, I wish to hire a hotel room where I will wait, pretending to be an intruder, waiting for the young female owner to walk in. Once she arrives, I'll waste no time in seducing her and taking control. I require you to play a submissive and innocent girl, new to the lure of other women but keen to explore. It's important to me that this fantasy appear real and not staged. I will have the $850 in cash for when the night reaches its climax, however, it's important that the fantasy play out as if real life. I want to feel empowered and like I truly convinced her. I don't want to feel like I purchased this."

Once again, he had provided a photo and a hacked drivers licence as proof and the brunette was happy to accept. He now had two willing, if not unsuspecting puppets to his parade.

Participants on order, he had then hacked the hotel system, booking out a room on the 15th floor, a room that had spare availability on all sides. No prying neighbours. His computer literacy also allowed him to print and later laminate key cards for the room. He had then gained access and used the afternoon to set up two different cameras, one on the large wooden bed frame and another in the ducted cooling vent that overlooked the whole apartment. Neither would ever be noticed, and both would stream live, continuously for 12 hours. Much more than required.

He had left the key card in the door as he exited. Again, hoping that a lack of neighbours would ensure no one noticed the key card within the doorframe. His last chore had been to email both girls, pretending to be the other, with the hotel room number, details and time.

8.04pm. Assuming she was punctual, his plan would either play out in full or decimate in only a matter of minutes. If both girls were true to their word on obliging their client's fantasy, then neither girl would ask any questions. Both would simply suspect the other was a client and get into character. Neither would suspect a thing. Certainly, neither would believe they were being watched.

It was a little over three minutes before his screen captured the brunette push open the door and do an admirable job of seeming surprised someone was within the room. She carefully closed the door behind her and stood silent, watching the blonde awaken from the bed.

He couldn't help but rise in excitement as the blonde approached her new partner. Silently, she placed a hand upon the brunette's cheek and drew her in for a lusty, passionate kiss. The two locked lips and embraced.

He watched as the blonde allowed her hands to explore, her lips locked in introduction while her hands roved the body before her. She ran fingers down the brunette's spine, reaching her rear and hungrily grasping at her skin, under the skirt that she had entered in.

The sight aroused him plenty as the blonde in her stunning lingerie carefully kissed and fondled the brunette who had arrived in heels and a short black dress. He hit the record button on his computer. This would not be the last time he viewed the pair.

The blonde removed her lips from where they were snared within the brunettes reach. Slowly, she moved her mouth, licking and sucking on her ear and nape of her partner's neck. Her hands wondered and passed over breasts before making their way back towards the rear, firmly grasping both buttocks. She clenched her lovers behind and gently bit her on the neck. The brunette's mouth opened in genuine pleasure.

From the safety of his confined room, he reached into his pants.

The blonde, taking control, grabbed the hands of the brunette and placed them upon her own chest. She then reignited their passionate kiss, taking her deeper into her mouth and flicking her tongue into the brunette's mouth. Their coupling became heightened as they began to explore each other.

Suddenly, the blonde pushed the darker haired girl onto the bed so that she fell with her back to the mattress. Instantly, the blonde moved to crouch on top of her, their eyes interlocked as she knelt over the body before her. Arching back and with a leg either side of her prone friend, she reached behind her and set free the clasp that captured her breasts. Her nipples bounced forward, free of the lace and she lent over so that they hung in front of the brunette's eyes. The brunette accepted the invitation and softly took a nipple between her lips.

Eyes transfixed on what was playing out before him, he withdrew himself from the confines of his underwear. His average sized manhood free of restraint and standing proud.

With her nipples satisfied, the blonde took to task removing the dress of her recipient, effortlessly sliding the black garment down around the ankles. The brunette has neglected to wear a bra and the blonde wasted no time in turning her attention to the two mounds, returning the favour and eagerly bringing her mouth to each nipple. She sucked hungrily and licked each feverishly before enticing a soft groan when she cautiously nibbled at the darkened skin, encompassing each breast.

Kissing her way down the brunette's body, she reached the last remaining piece of clothing, a small black G-string. The blonde, teasing her partner and prolonging the pleasure, kept the garment on as she lapped and twirled her tongue between the legs of the brunette. Her lips tormenting and tongue teasing over the cloth, her saliva only further damping the fabric.

Continuing her tongues torment, she reached with both hands to clasp and kneed at the cheeks beneath. Carefully, she bit into the top of the fabric and using only her teeth, slowly crawled back down the bed, taking the cloth with her and revealing all.

He gasped as he got to view her in full for the first time. She had promised to be clean shaven and bare and was true to her word. Her legs parted slightly, seemingly permitting the blonde access.

The blonde now stood, her partner's black underwear still between her teeth. She brought her fingers to either side of her own lingerie and lingered for effect, ensuring the brunette's eyes followed her motion. Slowly yet surely, she removed the fabric, eventually standing naked and resulting in both girls being fully unclothed for the first time.

Walking around the edge of the bed, she crawled onto the mattress from the headboard end, crawling on all fours down the length of the bed and over the prone brunette until she reached the dampness between her lovers' legs, she herself, hovering over the body beneath her.

He couldn't help but stroke himself as his secondary camera, from the bedhead, had captured the close-up version of the blonde on all fours, her immaculate region, absent of even one dark hair, almost pushed itself into the lens. He watched in awe as she entered the 69 position and lowered her head between the brunette's legs while pushing her own torso down towards the mouth below.

From the camera, in the ceiling, he had a bird's eye view of the two women, entangled below. The head of the blonde working between the legs of the body below. Meanwhile, the headboard camera showed a close view of the brunette's tongue softly loitering back and forth upon the fragile skin above. Both girls had their hands grasping one another as tongues and lips teased, prodded and probed.

Erection in hand and with the pace of his strokes increasing, he watched the headboard camera intently.

The brunette had reached above her to part the cheeks of the blonde on top, her tongue now flat against the folded skin, lapped back and forth, paying extra attention to the most delicate and sensitive area. Her fingers lingered at the opening before pushing their way inside, first one and then two fingers slid between the passageway as her tongue continued its inquiry.

The overhead camera caught the moment that the blondes head arched back slightly as fingers found their place. Not to be outdone, she positioned two digits at the entrance before her and moved both in a circular pattern, her tongue zoning in on the secretive, hidden mound.

Turning his attention back to the headboard version, he was just able to spy the moment that the brunette withdrew her fingers and moved her head slightly. Using her hands to push the torso closer to her, he watched as her tongue begun to flicker in long strides, her routine beginning at the sensitive button and lapping down almost to touch her puckered rear opening. With every flicker, she brought her tongue closer towards the rear passageway before eventually, her tongue flickered over both openings in several long drawn out laps.

Not to be outdone, the blonde moved her fingers and positioned them in the rear passageway of the brunette, hesitating only slightly before driving first one finger and then two into her rectum. Both girls increased their tempo.

He watched first one camera and then the other, keen to avoid missing out on any interactions as both girls seemingly entered a battle to make the other orgasm first.

The blonde, with two fingers buried to the knuckle inside the rear of the brunette, lavishly ran her tongue forcefully back and forth over the precious button before her. Her fingers worked in and out, penetrating further with every thrust while her tongue tirelessly lapped and sucked. The brunette, worked in the opposite fashion, her tongue focusing on her lover's rear entry while her fingers now rubbed and pressed against the folded delicate skin of the blonde.

Hidden away, he stroked himself harder.

The blonde was the first to succumb to the torment, the fingers on her own button proving too much as her body began to shake and waves of orgasm raced through her. The sensation made her press her body harder upon the face beneath her and in unwitting response, she pushed both fingers in fully to the brunette's rectum and lapped methodically and feverishly at the button between her lips.

The excitement and enforced enthusiasm sent the brunette over the edge only moments later. Her body trembling while being pinned down, the weight of the quivering blonde upon her.

The sound of both girls groaning and moaning compiled with the sight of seeing them eagerly feed upon each other, caused him to spill his seed. Ironically, he clenched his eyes closed and increased the thrust upon his member, his hand stroking along the shaft as his stones swelled. The liquid sent spiralling, landed in sploshes on the keyboard.

Turning his attention away from the computer for the first time in an hour, he reached for the tissues and started to clean up the mess he had made. His body shook and his mind raced, full of images of hungry tongues and sweaty bodies.

He cursed himself for being careless enough to sully his precious equipment. He had never cum so powerfully and felt so accomplished. It had been his first interaction, if you could call it that, with a woman for almost a year. It had certainly been his most memorable.

He smiled at the sight now playing out on camera. The blonde had dressed first and had apparently asked the brunette for her cash. The brunette, in turn, had acted shocked and asked for her payment. Both girls now squabbled over who was to pay who.

Both girls pulled out their mobiles and showed the other the email they had received and apparently written. It took about three minutes for them to release they had been duped. The blonde stormed out in anger while the brunette sat on the bed in contemplation.

He watched her for five minutes before she reluctantly walked out the door, her head down in apparent dejection.

With both girls now gone, he pressed the save button on the screen and ended the recording. Closing the tab on screen, he glanced at the list of escorts that appeared. His previous research. A new face appeared, one that he had not noticed before. He glanced at her profile and noticed her obligation to fulfil the fantasies of both men and women.

He smiled to himself and started writing a new email.

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