tagSci-Fi & FantasySpy Games Ch. 02

Spy Games Ch. 02

bythe proffesor©

Knowing that I am frightful of what she may do next, she takes the advantage. She digs the barrel of the gun into my balls a little further, so that I fully understand that you are not in the mood to be controlled.

You dismount me and get off of the bed with the gun pointed at me the entire time. "Get up" you command. I lay there not knowing what you are thinking, You have betrayed me once, whose to say You would stop there? "GET UP" you demand.

I spring from the bed, gazing at you with a look of disgust filled and desire. You walk in front of me, covered in your blood and my cum. "You think it's nice to make me bleed do you?" you say.

"Lick it off!" You grab me by the hair and bring my mouth to your blood soaked stomach and entice me to lick the blood from your body. As I do, small orgasms explode from inside of you. Despite the obvious perile of my situation, I cannot help but feel aroused at it. Your body is perfect and within me wells the desire to do nothing but lick it. I push the thoughts of romanticized erotica out of my mind. I need out of this situation and I need answers.

You force me against the wall and again put the gun to me balls and tell me that if I cherish my manhood, I will turn around and do as you say.

I slowly turn around, keeping my eyes on you for as long as I can. "Its amazing how simple men can be when they see a piece of ass. How clueless and how stupid they are when they get a whiff of cunt. If you had only kept your sense you wouldn't be in this mess." You come up behind me and cuff one wrist. "Raise your arms up." I hesitate. "Now!" she commands.

I do as you say and you cuff my hands around a bar that is attached to the ceiling. "Now it's your turn my darling, you like the sight and taste of blood? Well so do I and now its my turn to make you bleed."

You take the pistol and strike it across my back. I scream in anguish, "You Bitch!" Again you strike me, this time hitting me in my ass. "So help me, you better fucking stop!"

"Awwww, or what? You gonna fuck me again?" you say with teeth clenched. You continue to pistol whip me until I can hardly stand. Blood pours from my back, giving you an insatiable desire to fuck me. You come up to me and place yourself against my back, allowing my blood to cover your tits. I feel the hot wet tongue of yours running up and down my newly opened wounds. "I love the taste of you, I always have."

You reach up and release me from my restraints. I fall to the floor, turning as I slump down, so that my back is against the wall. My back stings as it is pressed against the cold, painted brick.

You make your way to the bed, watching me over your shoulder, "It's amazing how you are so weak but still have the energy to watch," you think to yourself. You lie on the bed and expose your pussy to me. You begin to glide your fingers over your pussy lips and softly to the opening that hides your secrets. You get your finger wet and then bring it to your mouth, "Mmmm, want some?" I tilt my head back trying not to watch you, but you keep drawing me back. "I do want some, I think to myself." "I want to eat you so badly." You begin to finger fuck yourself self as you caress your injured tit. I can't help but imagine that you finger, as it slides knuckle deep into your womb, is my cock pummeling your soft, pink insides.

You get faster, losing yourself in the moment. You begin to massage your clit with the palm of your hand. You can feel your orgasm welling up inside of you and can begin to hear my whines from the corner of the room. I so badly want inside of you but can't muster the strength. You go faster and scream louder, you are going to cum. You scream as your hand is soaked in your essence.

You open your eyes and arch your back, lifting you off of the bed, expecting to see me withered on the floor.

You turn to look and there I am, standing right next to you full of energy.

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