tagErotic CouplingsA First Night Ch. 1

A First Night Ch. 1


We had spent months writing each other. Our emails started through a chat room where we talked about everything. Our subsequent emails went into greater detail and we each learned a great deal about the other. What we like, disliked, what we ate, who we slept with. We learned about our spouses. We discussed our children. Finally, our emails turned to sex. We discussed the things that turned us on. We talked about our fantasies. Soon, our notes turned to plans of meeting. We spoke of details and of what we should do until we ached for each other.

Finally, it happened. I had a business trip that would take me through Chicago and you agreed to travel there to meet me. We would spend the evening in one of the airport hotels. I could only stay one night, but we decided that it would be enough, for awhile.

I make the reservation. We email each other daily, sometimes more often, just to assure ourselves that this will actually happen. We speak of daily events and the weather, nervous and unsure. We cannot wait for the night, but we do not really know what to expect. I have made lots of plans, some that you know and some that will be a surprise.

Finally, the day arrives. I leave the house and drive to the airport. The drive is a long one, this time and seems to take forever. The plane departs from the airport on time, but from the takeoff to the landing I feel as though everything is moving in slow motion.

The plane arrives. You are at the gate. I recognize you from pictures that you have sent and am pleased. You are more beautiful in person than you were in the pictures. Your slim body and long blond hair frames a lovely rounded face, blue eyes and full lips. You are obviously excited and your nipples poke through the fabric of your blouse. I walk up to you and put my arms around you. We kiss, nervously and quickly, guilty in our pleasure and in our meeting. All we can manage in the way of conversation is a quiet "hello". Nothing else is said.

We turn to walk back to the hotel. My bag is in one hand and the other arm is around your waist as we walk through the airport. The walk is long and we keep glancing at each other assuring ourselves that this is real. It is happening.

Finally, we reach the hotel lobby. Our reservations are ready and we check in. I pay for the room and we go to the elevator. The moment of truth. We turn to each other and ask, with our eyes, if we are ready for this. We each see confirmation and anticipation in the other. The ride up is fast.

The lights in the room are on and I have order a bottle of wine, which is there waiting for us. A light snack is also there and all is ready. I smile. Slowly, we disrobe. We know that we only have a few hours and we have waited for a long time. My hairy chest is exposed and you smile. You have told me that you wanted to see it, that you ached to see it. Now you can. You stop and stare.

Once I am naked, I go to you and slowly undress you. I take you by the hand and lead you to the bathroom. We turn the shower on and step in to the hot water. It cascades around us as we take the soap to wash each other. I rub the soap over your body, touching all of you, washing and rinsing as I go. I want to feel all of you and am hard as I rub your soft skin.

You stand in the shower and rinse off as you take the soap from my hand. You begin to wash me, starting with my head and then moving down to my chest. You rub a lather into my chest, watching the bubbles form and then break as they are hit by water. The soap runs down me and your hands follow it down, first washing my hard cock and then reaching behind me to run the soap into my ass. Your hands travel down my legs, washing and rubbing. I lean against the wall as you do. Finally, you are on your knees and you finish washing me. You look at me. Your hands run the length of my cock and you slowly take it into your mouth. Your tongue circles the tip and then rubs around the head. Your teeth rub against it and you take it completely into your mouth.

Your hands travel around my hips, holding me against you. My cock is deep inside your mouth and you move me back and forth. Your fingers travel around my buttocks and find my ass. One nailed finger travels inside the hole. As it pushes in, you begin to move your head back and forth, faster, holding onto my cock with your mouth. I squeeze my buttocks as you probe deeper inside me with one finger. My hands are on your head, running through your hair as you move faster and faster. I feel myself giving in to a climax and a loud moan escapes my lips. Suddenly, my thighs tense and I explode into your mouth. My hips buck, again and again as I come, holding onto your head. You hold all of me, take my juices into your soft mouth.

I lean back against the wall as you let my cock drop from your mouth. Your hands reach up to my arms and you pull yourself off. You are smiling, having made the first part of our fantasy a reality. It is only the beginning, but it is a wonderful one. My knees are weak, but the nervous energy that has built up keeps me upright as we finish showering.

Finally, we turn off the water and I dry you completely. Every square inch is patted and rubbed with the big soft bath towel. You smell great, totally clean and fresh, completely naked. You dry me, too and I am hard again. I will not be able to get enough of you. Looking at you makes me hard. It makes me want to make love with you for hours. Your body is perfect. I look for little imperfections, things you have not told me about, but you are perfect.

I pick you up in my arms and carry you out of the bathroom and into the room. We look into each other's eyes and smile. We know that this will be a long, draining night and that we will want even more in the morning. I put you on the bed and go into the bathroom for the bottle of wine. You lie one your side, watching me walk. I come out and spot you looking at me. You glance away shyly. I take in your body again. It is lovely. I poor one glass of wine, which we share, and put the bottle next to the bed. We are ready to explore.

I sit next to you and touch you softly. First on your side, I run my hands gently down over the curves from your neck, down your side and over your butt, down your legs. Your skin is soft and fresh. It tingles with my touch. You have goose bumps from the cool air in the room and from my touch. I can tell that you are still excited, still ready for more. You wonder what we will do. I wonder, too. Can we do everything that we want to do? Will we do all of the things that we have imagined doing? Do we have the strength and the time? I ache to be inside you, but know that I have other things to do. My mind is blank, but I need to know you completely, so I let my body take over.

I can smell you and it is wonderful. The odor of your wetness is mixed with the soap now. We are close and this is a night of romance and sex. I continue to touch you. My eyes cannot memorize you, but my hands will. As my hands slide over your back again, with you on your side, the fingertips hold one buttock and press in, running along the inside. You jump slightly as I press with my palm and with my fingertips. Then you relax again. I continue to move upward and gently roll you onto your back. I push gently on your tummy. My hands move up to your ribs and then to your breasts. The nipples are hard. I touch each one. Lightly at first and then slightly harder. I squeeze first one and then the other between my fingertips. I roll them between my thumb and finger. They are firm and hard and your small breasts are soft around them. My hands continue to explore, up above your breasts, to your shoulders and then to your neck. I rub the muscles on the side of your neck and then move to just below your ears.

I pull gently on the lobes and then run my fingers through your hair, trying to feel each individual hair. Then my fingers trace over the top of your head and down your forehead. They circle your eyes to rest just on either side. I push gently there with my fingers and you relax. I can feel that your jaw is slightly tight, so I rub that lightly, just at the edges near your ears and your mouth relaxes. I bend down and kiss you. Your lips are slightly open and I can feel your teeth and your tongue. We are about to make love. It has started and we are both ready.

I reach under your head and pull you up to me, still kissing you. One arm is supporting you. The other is free to run down your body. I rub your breasts, back down over your ribs and your stomach. You reach down with one hand and push a finger down over the top of your pussy and just inside. You push on your clit with the finger and wet it. Then you bring your hand up and we both lick it. Your taste is there, subtle, mixed with the fragrance of the soap. We kiss more as I lay you down again. I lay on my side, still rubbing your stomach, knowing that you want more. I kiss your neck and then move to your breasts. Again, my hand circles around them first to the sides and then gently over the top. Your nipples are hard and sensitive and I can feel you tighten each time that I brush them.

Our kiss ends. I move down your body. Over your belly button, licking and tasting. Finally, I am at your pussy. Your legs part. I look at you and want to taste you. My tongue finds the top of your pussy and moves down, pushing harder against the opening as I move down. You are wet and your taste is fabulous. I push inside you as far as I can and cup my tongue around your clit. My tongue moves back and forth hard across it as you get wetter.

I lift your legs so that I can lick you more. My hands are braced under your legs and I look up your body and see that you are smiling and that your eyes are closed. I lick back down and ride out of your pussy and down. I reach up and pinch your nipples as I continue to lick down and gently around the edges of your ass. Pushing harder with my tongue, I push deep inside and then pull back out. The juice of your pussy drips down and I push that back inside your ass, tasting you. Back up again. Smelling and tasting you. I know that you are about to come again. Once more I push hard inside your pussy and your legs clench my head. I pull on your clit with my hard tongue and you climax. Your stomach muscles pull and tighten. You moan slightly and I am happy.

Once you have rested, you pull me up to kiss me again. We both enjoy your taste. I am ready to be inside you, but you roll me onto my back. It is my turn to be pleasured again. I want to be inside you. You straddle my legs and lift yourself over me. You gently drop down onto me. I slide in easily and you sit completely down, smiling at me as I look into your eyes. You do not move. I feel your warmth and wetness and am in heaven. Your pussy is wet and squeezes me just enough to keep me hard inside you.

Slowly you lie down on top of me and begin to move just slightly. I can feel your breath on me, feel your breasts pressed against me. I feel your hands next to my head, moving you back and forth and feel your lips as you kiss me. I cannot hold back for long and clench hard as you squeeze my cock. You lean down and kiss me again and I come. Hard. The feeling goes on and on and all of me goes into you. It is as if every nerve is alive and all of you is touching me. I reach around you and hug you close. We drift off to sleep this way. Both of us dream of more. We will have it.

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