tagSci-Fi & FantasySpy Games Ch. 11

Spy Games Ch. 11

bythe proffesor©

"Shannan," we hear Amber say. You and I look to her. To our surprise, she is standing stark naked. "I never gave you the benefit of the doubt," she continues, "Can I make it up to you?"

She lay on her side next to you, stroking your face. My mouth waters as I watch two women, completely different, touching each other. Amber, with her dark brown hair, leans into kiss you. It's a soft kiss, gentle as your two lips lightly brush each other. You kiss this way again and again, until the fourth time when your delicate lips open, and your tongues move in to explore. Nothing in the world is more beautiful than the sight of two women making love.

I gently rub your thighs as the back of Ambers hand traces your face and neck, down your chest and over your tit, cupping and massaging your ample orb. She deftly lowers her mouth to it. Slowly she sucks your nipple into her mouth. You moan loudly as she leaves it wet, sticky and hard.

I find myself falling to the end of the bed, content to watch you two make love.

Amber rolls onto you, your breasts pressed together, as again, she kisses you deeply. I watch as your hands rub up and down Amber's back, stopping to cup her magnificent ass.

She lifts up on you, offering her smaller tit to your hungry mouth, which you gladly accept.

I find myself content to lazily stroke my cock, wanting so badly to join in, but knowing I shouldn't.

You suckle her as your life depends on it, all the while Amber repositions herself to one side, allowing her hand to trace down to the wet slit between your legs. He red finger nail slowly traces the soft petals of your pussy. I have done this so much before that I know how you have just caught your breath at that very moment.

As she opens you, I stare intently, the glistening lips catching the soft background light. You are so wet.

She moves her finger in and out of you, causing the pleasure to shoot through you. Her finger moves easily, sliding over and around you. As if satisfied with the condition of your privates, she slides down your velvety body, positioning herself before your pussy.

You prop yourself up on your elbows as you open your knees to her. No doubt, you are reveling in the auburn hair that is resting between your legs.

You're eyes remain open as you exhale deeply as Ambers tongue slowly explores your clit. You look at me, sitting on the edge of the bed, stroking my cock with more vigor now. You mouth for me to come to you.

I do, hand never leaving my cock, and sit beside you.

Your breath catches as you talk to me. "She is so soft hun, so gentle. I know what you see in her"

I sit behind her, holding her up, allowing her to relax. "God, Jim, she is so good. She is sucking my clit into her mouth now. Oooooooo."

Amber moves her head to the side, allowing me to see her gorgeous face as she worships your pussy.

I cup your tits and grip them as I watch Amber, in no hurry, pleasure you.

You reach down and grab her hair with one hand, as you dig your nails into my arm with the other as your first orgasm builds within you.

"Ah, ah, ah," you cry out, as your break into a sweat. You are cumming again, right on top of the last. I can hear how wet you are, as Amber laps at you. You collapse into me.

Amber gives your body a break, breaking her mouth from yours and putting her head on your soft mound.

A minute goes by. Or is it ten? Whenever it is, Amber picks her head up and slowly kisses the top of your pussy. She lies back, swinging her feet toward our heads. I catch one of them, slowly rubbing the ball of her foot as she positions the opening of her now wet pussy to yours and slowly begins grinding into you. This awakens you. The emotion of the past weeks has been buried, thanks to Amber.

You rub your pelvis back at her, mixing juices with her.

"On your knees," you say to her, in a soft voice.

She smiles at us as she turns around, showing off her tight rump.

You climb out of my lap and nudge me out of the way. You lay on your back and crawl underneath Amber. She slowly lowers herself to your tongue and begins rubbing her sopping wet cunt and up and down your mouth. You revel in her taste.

I crawl up next to you, and begin rubbing the outside of Amber's ass.

My skin jumps as I feel your hand, freshly wet from Amber's womb, working up and down my shaft furiously. With equal attention, you lick her pussy and jack me off.

I fuck into your hand as I lower my tongue to Amber's asshole, running my tongue around the rim.

It's a massive pile of flesh, Amber's pleasure tearing her apart as you tongue fuck her, finger fuck yourself and jack me off. Moments that are all too fleeting pass as we all three explode, my seed shooting forth from my meat and coating your tits and Ambers ass.

I reluctantly pull my tongue from Amber's ass and fall against the wall.

Amber climbs off of you and moves to join your mouth in another kiss, this one as gentle as the first.

"Shan," she says, "I am so sorry for everything."

"No apologies, lover."

"What now?" I ask.

Amber turns to me, cradling your head in her hand, "we get Shan her life back."

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