tagLoving WivesStacey's Daydreams Ch. 01

Stacey's Daydreams Ch. 01


Stacey got home after another day of exhausting work, typical of her life, and started to prepare a TV dinner, lacking the energy at the moment to do anything else. She would have to feed the baby, and wait for her husband to get home from another night out drinking after work. Honestly, she thought, is he ever going to care more about me than about his precious vodka?

Just the week before, Stacey had the flu, but did her husband try to be there for her during her illness- hell no! Whatever happened to "in sickness and health"? Walter Pryce had vowed to "love and honor" her, but he thought of her as little more than the mother of his child and the source of the household's second income. She was a roommate and business partner, for all practical purposes, not a companion, mate, or lover. His great passion was booze.

Just now, he came in the door. He didn't even notice her, but took off his jacket, headed to the kitchen, and got out a bottle of rum, another of his favorite drinks. Pouring himself a shot, he drank it up, and then headed to the bedroom, undressed, and jumped into bed, without saying "hello, honey" or anything else that night. Admittedly, not all evenings were this bad, but they had been getting worse every week. Walt had not even bothered to put the bottle back into the fridge. He left that for her to do, like everything else in the house. He did not live in this house, he just spent his nights there.

Stacey knew better than to disturb him, as he would be angrier drunk than sober. Clearly, Walt had a growing drinking problem, and it was taking over his life. He had even almost gotten in trouble a couple of mornings for drinking with his breakfast (or without it), and then going to work half-sauced.

Stacey was crying now, silently, as she reflected that Walt did not want or need her for anything now. She had tried to seduce him, and keep him home more on weekends, to no avail. Some of her female co-workers complained of their husbands wanting "too much" sex, but she secretly sympathized with the men. She wished that her husband would still want her, like he once did, before liquor became his favorite pastime.

One of those husbands in particular intrigued her, one of those whose wife was among the complainers. Stacey felt at times like putting her in her place, and saying "Would you like some cheese with that wine?" Here was a strong, virile man, whose wife resented his advances! Stacey could not help thinking "If Leo's wife doesn't want him, I'll take him."

Stacey had once tried to open up her marriage, but now she admitted that she was married to a drunken prude. She was fantasizing that Leo would initiate her, and introduce both of their spouses to kinky sex, threesomes, and swapping, all of which Walt considered wrong. Anal would be a nice touch, too, but again, Walter vetoed the idea of "going into that dirty hole". She was lucky if she ever got laid again.

Stacey stopped wearing her ring, in the hopes that Leo would stop thinking of her as Walt's wife, and more as a woman, one worth pursuing perhaps. She knew that if he did, he would catch her easily. She tried to send a subtle message that she would be game for an affair, but so far, he had not moved on her. Perhaps he was still holding out hope for his marriage, as well as being unaware that hers was basically ruined.

"Leo, do you not want me, either? What's wrong with me?" Stacey thought out loud, certain that Walt was too drunk and asleep to hear her.

Stacey was just wrapping up work the next day, and getting ready to go home for more neglect at the hands of her husband, when Leo suddenly walked by, talking to his wife, Suzanne. Suzanne was a prudish bitch for sure, so why did Leo still try to preserve his marriage to her? She was rolling her eyes even as he spoke. It was like nothing that he said even had merit.

"Hi, Stacey." Leo said as he passed by. Suzanne gave him a dirty look, as if she were saying "Don't dare touch her. You're mine."

Stacey decided that she should take a chance, while he was angry at his wife, and she winked at him. Leo caught it, but said absolutely nothing. She had to wonder if that meant that he was just being careful, or he wasn't interested.

She found out as he returned 15 minutes later, winking back at her on his way to the car. Her throat suddenly had lumps. What had she done? Was this a mistake? Was she able to have an affair, and actually handle it? What would happen if or when they got caught? Oh, well, she thought, it couldn't get worse.

Leo gestured at Stacey to follow him.

"We are going to shock my wife and your hubby out of their minds. Just wait until they see that they can't take us for granted anymore."

He took her over into the conference room, which had clear, see-through glass windows.

"Is this real, or another daydream?", Stacey asked herself, as she found her skirt being lifted above her waist, and her panties dropped to the floor. Leo's hands were massaging her pussy and ass. His fingers began to probe her holes. This felt too good to be real, but it also felt too real to be a dream.

"Stacey, Stacey!" she suddenly heard Leo's voice.

Stacey startled. She had been daydreaming. She was not with Leo, preparing for a risky sex act in plain view of others, but still at her desk, with Leo staring at her like something was wrong. Had she really invented it all in her own brain?

"Stacey, you're drooling. Are you okay?"

"Yes, Leo, sorry. I was just daydreaming."

(Note: this is just the introductory part of the story.)

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