tagExhibitionist & VoyeurStalker and the Stalked Ep. 04

Stalker and the Stalked Ep. 04


It has been almost 4 days since the "Treasure Hunt" that climaxed in the alley. Frankly, I was annoyed. I had not been able to think about much of anything besides her – the way she had taken control of me and still had a tight grip on the virtual leash that she had wrapped around my neck. She certainly must have known how fully consumed I was with her. I had it bad – really bad. My annoyance came from the fact that she held all the cards and was not playing any of them.

I decided that I'd strike out on my own and pursue her – chase her down. After all, she had led me to her apartment flat and even left the door open for me. This was certainly what she wanted – to draw me in, again – to make me work for it. So, at the office one day, I decided I was going on a reconnaissance mission after work. I didn't quite know what to expect from this maneuver, but I was planning on something exciting, surprising, and arousing. I couldn't have imagined what I was to witness that night.

I had taken up my post across the street from her apartment building and was settling in to watch for lights to come on in her downstairs flat. Early evening in this neighborhood was busy, with many people walking here and there, returning home from their workdays. There was a taxi queue across the street – it was a vibrant community and gave off a healthy exciting vibe.

In the fading twilight, my eyes played tricks on me. Her apartment was dark, and her curtains in the living room were mostly drawn, but I thought that I saw someone moving in the darkness inside. The more that I tried to conjure up something along that line, the more that I had become convinced that it was just my imagination "running away with me". Everything in her flat was dark and still. There was no one there and I would simply have to settle in for a while. I was fully prepared for this "stake out". I was very interested in the comings and goings in her busy neighborhood, anyway.

Glancing over at the taxi stand, I watched as several people booked their ride and departed – a steady stream of fares and all sorts of people heading off into the night. I became aware that I had been watching the taxi queue for a while and had not been attending to watching the front door or her apartment windows, so I glanced back over and saw someone walking out of the building in dark clothes and a large brimmed hat. It was her, and she was headed for the first taxi in the queue.

"Damn!" I thought to myself. How could I have spent so much time staked out, here, nearly having missed her departure! I had to really bust a move, now, as her taxi was pulling away from the curb. I sprinted across the street dodging (just!) a vehicle heading the other way and jumped into the next taxi in the queue.

"Where are you headed?" the Cabbie asked. "Follow that cab!" was all I could say. "You've GOT to be kidding me." came the Cabbie's response. I hurriedly replied, "SERIOUSLY, just follow that guy!" and we sped away. I instructed him to not stay so close that they could be alarmed that they were being followed, but not to lose them.

The cab ride was uneventful, but an extremely tense one for me. I had no idea what I was following her for. She might be heading off to night school for all I knew. I was really hoping that I had not been detected, either following them in this bright yellow cab, or maybe even before that on the bench across the street from her flat. The cabbie was good enough to not make small talk about whatever this situation was. "Follow that cab!" I can't even believe I said that.

We were headed for the outskirts of town when they slowed and made a turn into a cemetery gate. We were a couple blocks behind and turned to the shoulder of the road turning off our lights, slowing to a stop. I could just see her leave the cab and walk into the cemetery. Her black trenchcoat and dark wide-brimmed hat made it hard to see her. I was afraid of losing her, so I tossed the cabbie my fare with a healthy tip and walked in the direction of the cemetery. My mind was was torn, as I was not certain if I should hustle after her or give her enough play – I could not lose her at this point.

The chance of losing her in the darkness improved markedly for me, as she suddenly turned on a penlight that she was carrying to light her way. My ability to follow where she went got much better, after that. I also was sure that her night time vision was definitely getting worse as she focused her eyes on the pathway lit by her penlight. If I stayed hidden from view behind trees I was probably safe from being seen by her, as her ability to see into the darkness was probably diminished.

She had walked a while and must have been approaching the middle-back of the cemetery grounds when she made a sharp left turn and soon stopped in front of a gravesite. She had known where she was going – this was not a night time wander through the graveyard. She had been to this site before many times. She stood in front of the headstone for several minutes, her back turned to me. I had settled behind a tree about 60 yards away. I could see her silhouette back-lit by the penlight's glow on the headstone. She had been still and almost reverent, until now, when she started to gesture a bit. I believe she was speaking to herself – or to whomever was interned there.

Then a chill came over me as I watched her form change a bit. She had undone her trenchcoat and had wrapped her arms around herself with her hands down in front of her. I could see her arms working a little and her head began to circle back and around a bit. I could not see the front of her body and I did not think it wise to push my luck by walking around her flank and potentially into her field of vision, just to get a better glimpse of her. Her motions then intensified and she began to jerk a bit. I could hear her now, as her voice carried back to me a bit louder. She was not speaking – she was moaning and gasping. She was masturbating.

She then reached over to the headstone, and gabbing it went do on her knees in front of it. There on her knees, she resumed play with herself and her spasms got more intense still. She leaned way back on her calves and was crying out and gasping. She was undoubtedly orgasming. Over and over she would raise up forward and then lean herself way back – seemingly pumping up and back with her hands busily working in front of her body. She'd shake her head and gasp out cleansing breaths only to bear down again and focus on herself. "Ah. Ah. Ah." she'd say, and then, nearly shouting, "Ohhhh, Bo! Take me down! Right here!"

Watching her writhing, now, I realized that my cock was now rock hard and weeping a bit of precum. This was incredible! I had to stay back and watch this unfold. She was lying on her back now and the glow from the penlight was intermittently obscured by her coat and body. Her hands were stroking her crotch – she was inside her panties and crying. Her image in the faint light was literally flashing off and on as she jerked herself off over and over. Fantastic!

Then she gathered herself, stood up, and tied the belt of her trenchcoat, picked up her pen light and swund around to walk away from the grave – straight towards me!

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