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Start the Weekend


After a long week culminating with a longer-than-usual day in the office, I was definitely ready to go home and start the weekend. As I shut down the laptop, an idea came to mind.

I first took a quick stroll around the office to ensure that I was indeed alone. My colleagues had already left for the weekend, and the cleaning staff had already come and gone, so I was indeed truly alone in the office. That was good, because I did not want any of them, especially not my colleagues, to hear the phone call I was about to make.

The Bluetooth earpiece properly in place, I flipped open the cell phone and called home.

"Good evening, Master. Are you still at the office?"

"Yes, but I'm about to leave."

"Okay. I'll have dinner ready when you arrive, Sir."

"Actually, no. Have you begun cooking yet?"

"Not yet, Sir. The steaks should be thawed by now, though."

"Don't worry about dinner. I'll handle that. I have something else in mind for you."

"Very well, Master."

"It begins right now," I informed her as I went back to the break room to take a small bottle of water for the drive home. "It sounds like you're using the cordless phone."

"That's correct, Master."

"Good. Plug in the headset."

There was plenty of noise as my loving slave complied, and I took that opportunity to return to my desk and retrieve my belongings.

"The headset is plugged in, Sir."

"Good. Now, I presume you're wearing nothing but the collar and the earrings?"

"Correct, Master."

"Very good. I want you to go upstairs."

"Yes, Master."

As I listened to my slave move through the house, I locked the office, bid the security guard a good weekend, and left the building, taking the short covered walkway to the parking garage. There were several other cars still parked near my Lexus, but no one else was within earshot.

"Go to the closet and open The Box."

"Yes, Sir."

I opened the trunk and placed my belongings inside, closing the trunk with a sound which reverberated loudly throughout the parking structure as I walked around the car to the driver's door.

"The Box is open, Master."

"Good. Wait a moment." I purposely wanted to be inside the car before giving my slave the next instruction, and it also gave her a few moments to wonder what I had in mind for her by calling off her dinner preparation requirement and making her open The Box.

I waited until the engine had come to life before announcing the next step of my plan. "Take the thick red vibrator and the small lipstick-style vibrator with you to the bed."

"Yes, Master."

As I heard her search for the specific items and move toward the bed, I backed out of my assigned parking space and began the drive home, a drive which promised to be much more interesting than usual for a Friday evening rush hour.

"I'm on the bed now, Master."

"Good. Here's the plan: You will masturbate until you're wet, then you'll slide the thick vibrator inside you, turn it to full power, and close your legs to keep it in place. Then you're to use the lipstick-style vibrator on full power on your clit and keep it there. And you're not to orgasm until I give you permission. Understood?"

Her swallow was loud, and made me smile wickedly as I finally turned onto the street to the east side of the office building. "Yes, Sir."

By the time I reached the first traffic light, my slave's breathing had changed noticeably, taking on an erotic tone and a sensual huskiness which created a stirring within me. By the time I had reached the second traffic light, I sported a strong erection, and while I was parked there watching the cross-traffic fill the intersection and listening to my slave's growing desperation, I reached down and gently stroked at the front of my slacks, sighing happily.

By the time the car ahead began to move, it was difficult to hear the vibrators any longer, for my slave's voice was truly responding to the stimuli.

It was a long drive home, but it was definitely the best rush hour commute I had ever experienced. The desperation and the eventual begging were absolutely genuine, and I thoroughly enjoyed denying her whenever she pleaded for permission to orgasm.

At last, after nearly thirty minutes of enjoying her carnal desperation, I parked in the attached garage, turned off the engine, and pressed the button to close the large door. Only when the garage door had closed and locked did I finally say it:

"Cum for me!"

I abruptly ended the call, but I could still hear my slave's beautiful voice, and it was indeed a wonderful way to end the lengthy, stressful, exhausting work week and start the weekend.

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