tagErotic CouplingsThe Halloween Party, Or...

The Halloween Party, Or...


The Halloween Party Or Carly Meets A Stranger

The room glowed, bathed by the light from the full moon above and the candles sparkling, strategically strewn about, a table full of good thing to heat acted as incense. The mood was set perfectly.

The room was buzzing with music and activity. Ghosts and Witches, Monsters and Mobsters mingled. Laughter filled the air. People were making plates of assorted appetizers and ladling out portions of a smoking punch.

The doorbell rang, and the last guest arrived.

"Happy Halloween" Carly cried.

Sue and Bob returned the greeting and welcomed her in.

"Make yourself at home," Bob said as he hurried to replenish a platter of snacks.

"Just mingle Carly," said Sue with a wink "maybe you'll meet someone interesting."

Carly looked around the room full of strangers and felt suddenly self-conscious. She was all too aware of how low cut the neckline was of her Renaissance gown. She wished that she hadn't come. But Sue was her boss and she didn't know how she could've gotten out of it.

Carly stepped outside into the moonlit night. "I'll just get a bit of fresh air," she muttered to herself, "and then I'll go back in."

Ten minutes later however still found her walking Sue and Bob's gorgeous grounds and wandering into the woods that bordered them. She felt strangely at ease considering she was wandering an unfamiliar wood on Halloween night under a full moon. But she almost welcomed the thought that perhaps tonight anything could happen, it was she mused, a night of magic.

Her feet found their way to a almost perfectly circular clearing. The moon shone directly above and Carly gazed upward in awe of the beauty of the night. Suddenly a voice whispered from behind

"Hello, lovely one"

Turning with a gasp Carly's gaze fell upon a tall handsome man dressed as a vampire.

"Oh my Gosh you frightened me." Her words tripping out jumpily "You must be here for the party too."

"Party?" he said "Oh no I'm not here for the party. I'm here for you"

With that he grabbed her to him and kissed her deeply. She tried to pull away but his grip was too strong. And then she didn't want to pull away. His mouth moving on her, his tongue caressing her own was stripping her of her will.

Despite herself she began to respond. Sensing this the stranger closed his mouth more firmly on hers, sucking the breath out of her lungs, as if her were trying to take in her very essence. And then breathing his own back into her.

Her head began to swim… she had never felt passion like this before. Sex had always been something she enjoyed. But this…. She was unprepared for the rush of warmth and wetness in her crotch. For the desire, no need, she felt building up inside her. She knew that she had to have him.

He broke the kiss, but did not release her from his grasp.

"Tell me you're mine" he whispered


"Tell me you will be mine oh lovely one. Lay with me, let me take you and all the treasures of the world I will lay at your feet."

Without meaning to, without realizing she would speak her mouth uttered the words her heart were speaking. "Do what you will with me. Take me, my body is yours, and I fear my soul as well"

He removed the deep black cloak from around his shoulders and laid it down in the clearing. He then slowly, gently unfastened the many lacings that held her costume in place. Slowly he removed her clothes one item at a time. Caressing each area of skin as it found it's way into the moonlight, into the night air.

Finally she stood naked before him, her nipples firm and tingling in the cool air.

"Take down your hair" he asked

With fingers suddenly trembling she reached up and took down the bun she had pinned her hair into. Long and fine, like strands of silk her brown hair grazed her buttocks.

"Lie down and let me look at you"

She laid down on the cloak, feeling its soft velvet against her bare flesh. She looked up at his face, at his dark hair and high cheekbones and whispered.

"Make me yours"

"Oh I shall, my Lady, my Love, I shall. I have waited for you for too long." He knelt next to her as if before an altar and began to worship her with his hands and mouth. He stroked her breasts and tongued her nipples. When she began to sigh softly he began to lightly nipple them, working them with his teeth which elicited moans. His mouth worked down her torso licking and sucking until he came to her bare pussy.

She felt his hot breath on her vulva, she arched her hips slightly inviting him to touch her, to taste her. His mouth caressed every fold, licking and tasting her. His tongue caressed her clit as he inserted first one, then two fingers into her depths.

"Once we take this road," he whispered, "there is no going back. Are you sure you want this."

She gazed into his violet eyes, "I don't know why or how," she said "but I know I belong with you. I know that if I leave here tonight and am not with you that my life is nothing. If I die in this moment I will not care so long as you make me yours. Oh God just take me, please, I must have you."

She sat up and began to unbutton his shirt, kissing the flesh her revealed. His pale skin was luminous in the moonlight. Once his shirt was left forgotten on the dirt she worked her way down to his pants. Her hands moved of their own accord, unzipping his trousers and caressing his maleness inside.

Once he was as naked as she, her mouth followed the path her hands had left. First his nipples, and stomach and finally she took his penis into her mouth. Her tongue circled the head of his cock as she sucked harder and harder, She delighted in the way he grew harder and in the way his breathing grew rapid.

"Lie down," he whispered in a tight voice.

She complied and felt his weight on top of her. She looked up into his eyes as she felt his maleness press against the opening of her vagina. Their gazes remained locked as he thrust slowly into her.

He began to move inside of her. First slowly and then together they found a rhythm, she had never known such pleasure. She had never known that sex could feel this way.

"Deeper!" she cried, wrapping her legs about him, clutching his buttock and drawing him to her. "Harder!"

His thrusts became more excited, almost violent. She felt his penis filling her completely, his testicles hitting her buttocks. His hand moved beneath her, caressing her butt cheeks, teasing her anus.

"Oh Yes please" Carly cried.

He worked his finger up inside her ass and moved it in time to their coupling.

"Oh God," she groaned, "never stop."

He answered her by kissing her deeply. Then moving his mouth slowly over to her neck. He began to suck and nibble and thrusting harder into her. As her climax built she felt something she didn't expect. A flash of pain.

The pain of his teeth breaking the skin of her neck. His mouth clamped on her flesh sucking as she fell into the abyss of pleasure her orgasm brought. Finally he spent himself on top of her and ceased his dark kiss.

She lay beneath him without strength nor will to move. He gaze locked on his face hoping it would be the last thing she would see.

"Stay with me until I die!" she whispered.

"Stay with me forever!" he replied.

Drawing out a previously unseen dagger he pierced the skin just above his heart. The blood flowed brightly crimson over his alabaster flesh and he drew her mouth to the wound.

She felt his warm blood on her mouth and let is salty sweetness flow down her throat. Slowly strength returned.

They drew apart and dressed in silence. Her heart pounded, her mind swam, and in her heart lay one question which she finally, under the Halloween moon uttered"

"Truly Forever, my Lord?" she whispered.

"Oh yes my treasure forever."

And she walked with him under the moonlight, into the woods, away from the party, away from her life.

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