tagRomanceSteamboat Willy Ch. 05

Steamboat Willy Ch. 05

byGrey Eagle 286©

Sally and I lay on a deserted and beautiful beach in the Bahamas. We were both completely nude. I applied more sunscreen all over her body. She softly moaned as I covered every exposed piece of skin on her adorable body. I had completed her back and was now making sure I didn't miss any place on her front by going over it for the third time. I wiped my hands on a towel and rubbed across her mound and slipped a finger in her pink slit. It was wet and slippery. She bucked up against my hand, "Richmond Murphy, enough foreplay, do me now. I want your cock inside my hot pussy right now. Hurry."

I knew it was time to obey my lover. I eased between her spread legs and slipped my penis around in her slit and running her lubrication all over my cock with my hand making him nice and slippery. I eased him against the entryway to her vagina. She lunged up against me sinking my cock half way inside. I pressed forward and slowly eased all the way in until I felt my pelvis against hers. I felt her squeeze her vagina tightly around my shaft. I pulled slowly back out until only the crown was inside her. I eased out a little more and just felt her inner lips close around him. I moaned and plunged back inside her as hard and deep as I could. She felt so good. The hot wet folds of her pussy were heavenly. Then she clamped hard around my shaft. I thought it was going to hurt to move my cock out but no. But no! It was a feeling out of this world. I was almost out when I plunged back in as hard as I could. I slowed down and went to our favorite long, deep, slow strokes.

Her juices were slippery and plentiful and the pleasure was almost more than I could stand. My beautiful wife was watching me with half closed eyes, "Honey, are you close?" I asked.

"I am right on the edge waiting for you."

"Then I'm not pleasing you like I should. I can't stop; I'm there now. I stiffened and squirted my load deep inside her. She held me tight and trembled. She didn't make a sound. She didn't really cum. I could no longer satisfy her. I looked at her and cried, "I'm so sorry. What did I do wrong. You have to help me.

"What are you talking about?"

"About you faking an orgasm. I hate that. If I am not able to please you never fake it. Please. I understand that sometimes women just don't cum. I can live with that. I can't live with a lie, that is what faking it is."

"Sweetheart, I love you with all my heart and soul. I didn't want to hurt you. Please forgive me. I worry about your face and your nose. I am afraid I will hurt you if I get too passionate and energetic in my loving. I love the closeness and sweetness our loving brings even if I don't cum. Please don't be angry with me."

"Was I doing something wrong? What was it?"

"No, Baby, it was me, all me. Don't blame yourself?"

"Who else do I blame? You always came before."

"Listen big guy, I love you, only you. I love your loving, when I start reading a book or fixing my makeup while you are screwing me then start to worry. That is never going to happen, I know that."

"All right, I will try harder, just don't fake it. Please! That scares me."

"What ever you want dearest, what ever you want."

We loaded up the little skiff with the cooler, the picnic basket, and the rest of our stuff. The outboard motor started instantly. We ran around the point of land and saw the yacht at anchor. A few minutes later we eased up to the gangway and climbed aboard

We retired to our suite. Sally went into the shower and I waited until the stewards delivered our things then joined her in the shower. We washed each other carefully being sure to remove all the sand from the beach. We washed each other's hair to remove all traces of salt from the water and the beach.

I lay on the bed and waited for Sally to join me. She didn't, she rang for the stewardess who was also a hairdresser. I asked Sally, "Are we going out tonight?"

"Yes, don't you remember, this is the night of the charity ball at the club. I have to go."

"Even if I don't want to go?"

"I don't want to go with out you, but I really need to go tonight."

"I'll join you later if I feel better."

She looked at me carefully, "If you feel that bad I'll stay with you."

"No! You are the chairperson; you go do your duty. If I feel up to it I will join you later. I let my eyes droop and watch her check the time, and then She walked into the dressing room. There was a knock on the door and Sally pulled the sheet over me and went to let the Stew in. They went in the dressing area and I heard them talking. I got up and dressed myself. I put on my new Armani Tux with the wing style collared shirt. I managed the bowtie and cummerbund. I looked in the full-length mirror and thought I looked pretty good. I walked in the salon and fixed a light drink. Sally walked out with the hairdresser and her face lit up in a huge smile. "You are going!"

"Yeah girl, I just couldn't let you go alone. If I feel worse I'll lie down in your office on the couch."

She said, "Stand up and let us see you. Oh! Wow! You look really nice. Why don't we skip the party and just go to bed?"

"Sounds good to me? Seriously though, what time do you want me to order the Chopper?"

"The party starts at seven with dinner at eight. I guess we should leave at six."

I pressed the captain's pager and he answered instantly. I asked if the Helicopter could be ready to leave at six. He assured me that it would be ready. Sally and the stewardess went back to finish dressing her. A few minutes later she came into the room, I was literally stunned. She was unbelievably beautiful. Her gown was fantastic. It was a metallic gold color and the bodice fit like a second skin and showed her lovely breasts to perfection, lots of cleavage without being tacky. The rest of the dress fit perfectly also. She turned and the dress was molded to her shapely ass and her upper thighs then flared to just above the gold stiletto heels and was slit knee high in front. She was a vision of beauty. I would have been willing to bet her picture would be in the local fashion pages. She smiled at me and my heart almost thumped it's way out of my chest.

She looked into my eyes, "You like?"

"I love. Damn, they should put a bell on you. All those old guys are going to have hart attacks, me too!" We heard the chopper engine wind up and the stew brought a black gold trimmed evening cape to put around her shoulders. As we approached the door to the helicopter pad the engine stopped and we waited for the blades to stop. She was handed a clear plastic dome to put over her hair to protect it from the wind and downdraft. I helped her aboard, and then joined her. The engine started and we were soon on our way.

We were over the club in about half an hour then the pilot told us we would be number three to land. In another ten minutes we were in the club. We went to her office and she left her cape and touched up her hair and makeup. We went down to the ballroom. We circulated and talked with a lot of her old friends, everyone was sweet and friendly. She told me she just got a signal that she was about to be introduced. She hugged me and went through a door beside the stage. Tommy Bernhard walked out on the stage and held his hands up.

The place became instantly quiet. "Ladies and Gentlemen! It gives me great pleasure to introduce one of my favorite people; she is our chairwoman of the board. She is a charter member of this club. She has at one time or another held every office we have. This club owes its very existence to her. My good and very dear friend Sally Murphy, nee Sally Thompson." He turned toward the wings of the stage. Sally walked out on the stage to a thunderous applause. Everyone was cheering, whistling and clapping. She curtsied and smiled. I was so damned proud I could have burst.

She was absolutly gorgeous. Flash bulbs popped and she raised her hand. It was instantly silent. "Ladies and gentlemen, Good Evening. Tonight we are here the raise money for a charity dear to my heart. We want to build a new wing on the regional hospital. It is to be called the William Thompson memorial wing for the recovery and treatment of stroke victims. I wish to start the contributions with my personal donation of ten million dollars, Thank you, please be generous. One of our own, Mary Snyder passed away just last month from the result of a stroke. Thank you.

I rushed forward and helped her from the stage and held her tight. She put her head on my chest and hugged me back. Tommy took the microphone and gave directions for donating. We moved around the room shaking hands and talking to everyone. An announcement was made that dinner was being served in the dining room.

The meal was outstanding, a choice of Surf and Turf, (Lobster and Filet Mignon) or Roast Wild Pheasant. Everything was perfectly prepared and served. After dinner a band tuned up in the ballroom. Sally and I finished sipping some coffee and I asked her to dance with me. She said she would love to dance with me. She stepped into my arms and looked into my eyes as we danced, "I love you dearly my man. I hope I looked nice for you."

"Nice? You are beautiful tonight. I felt a tap on my shoulder and heard a man ask to cut in. I smiled at him, "Only with a 100,000 dollar donation." I saw a huge grin light up Sally's face. The guy pulled out his checkbook and wrote out a check. Sally danced a number with him and soon the word got out and there was a line of seven or eight guys and three women waiting to dance with her.

A young familiar looking guy was next. He handed me his check. When Sally saw him she grinned hugely and they were gone. They danced one song and I lost sight of them toward the end of it. As the next song ended they returned. Sally gave me a kiss on the cheek and moved off with the next man. Her previous partner smiled and walked away. Her lipstick was on his mouth.

The next guy in line handed me his check and said, "You must be her pimp." And he grinned.

I softly asked, "What do you mean by that?"

"I heard she used to be a whore and you are collecting money for her."

I turned and caught him with a lovely right cross and dropped him on his ass. He was shaking his head and trying to get up when three or four waiters rushed up. One said, "Is there a problem Mr. Murphy?"

"This man made an inappropriate remark about Miz Sally. Please get his name and bring it to me. You might want to explain how you feel about her to him and point out the error of his ways."

Sally rushed over and wanted to know what was going on. I told he that a man was suddenly taken ill and the waiters were helping him find a way home.

The next man in line said, "Sally, that is exactly what happened, the man was lucky someone as nice as your husband was here to help him. It could have been serious."

Sally said, "Well it gave me a little break anyway, my feet are killing me."

The next man in line said, "Sally, I'll trade you the dance for a kiss on the cheek." Sally grinned and kissed him sweetly on the cheek leaving a nice lip print. The next guy said he would make the same deal if she would freshen up her lipstick so he would get a good print. Sally got rid of all her dances that way.

We returned to our table. Tommy Bernhard shook my hand and asked me to please call him in the morning. I said I would. I smiled at my wife, "Sweetie, are you ready to go home?"

She smiled and said, "I thought you would never ask." I took out my cell phone and called the helicopter. The pilot told me that he had anticipated my call and was first in a holding pattern about five miles away. I told him to come on and get us. We paused in her office to get her cape. I pulled the hood up over her hair and we waited a in the glassed in waiting room until the chopper was down and the rotors were still. We hurried out and I helped her in. I ran to the other side and climbed aboard. We were both glad to feel the rotorcraft settle onto the deck of the yacht. We sat and savored a brandy with our shoes off. I took off the tie and jacket. I told Sally how proud I was to be her husband. "Sweetie, not near as proud as I am to be Mrs. Richmond Murphy. There is no way I could ever be prouder of anything than that."

She walked to me and asked me to pull her zipper down in back of her dress. I did and she held the dress up and turned to face me. She released the gown and it fell at her feet. She stood before me; she wore no bra and only the tiniest thong with her thigh high stockings. No wonder I saw no panty lines in her gown. I asked if she were through with her drink. She nodded.

I picked her up and carried her to our bedroom. I put her down and we undressed as we watched each other. I picked up the remote and shut off all the lights but a nightlight in the bathroom. I crawled in bed and she slipped over next to me and we cuddled. I rolled onto my back and she put her head on my shoulder and an arm across my chest. She pulled my face to her for a kiss. She purred and whispered, "Darling, this is Heaven." In five minutes she was sound asleep.

The next morning we went to check on the OCKLAWAHA PRINCESS. She was beautiful. Only a few minor things were being touched up, she looked incredibly top-heavy setting on the cradle on the ways. She rose almost twenty-five feet above the waterline and only extended down four and a half feet below it.

All systems were checked and ready. Hoses ran to the various water pick-ups for the diesel generator, the steam engine and the intake for the reverse osmosis system. The diesel GenSet would kick in when ever the steam generator was overloaded. The steam plant could handle most daylight operations, but was overloaded at night with all the lights on.

The vessel the PRINCESS was replicating had a fire basket mounted on top of the pilothouse. Running at night a fire was built to provide light so the crew could see to steer. The fire basket set on legs in an iron tub containing a few inches of water. Pine and lightered pine gave off the most light. We had not decided if we would really try it or not. I slipped off and called Tommy Bernhard. He was happy I had called. He had investigated the incident from the night before. He asked I was happy with the outcome or if I thought we should deny the application for membership. He said the gentleman in question had been educated by the staff as to how wonderful Miz Sally really was and how much every one of them worshiped her. He apparently realized the error of his ways and was sincerely contrite about his actions.

I asked if there were such a thing as a probationary or trial membership. He said he thought that was an excellent solution to the problem.

Every thing was ready to christen and launch the PRINCESS the following morning. A pair of large bulldozers were already hooked up and ready to regulate the slow decent down the slope to the water.

The PRINCESS was decorated with red, white and blue bunting and looked very festive. I saw Jeb up in the pilothouse and I had noticed steam venting a few places and knew the pressure was pretty high. I pumped my fist up and down in the universal signal and steam horn blasted out. What a beautiful sound. Jeb grinned from ear to ear. Sally smiled up at me. "She really is ready, isn't she?"

The ways were carefully greased and everything was checked for the tenth time. Everyone gathered around Sally and I. I asked, "Can anyone here think of anything that needs to be done to finish The PRINCESS? No one? Ok. Sally do you wish to add anything?"

"Yes I have a couple of things. You are all still employed after the launch. We are considering another project. After the launch there will be a party for the whole crew Saturday morning on board the Princess. Starting Monday everyone gets a weeks paid vacation. That is all I have."

There were smiles and backslapping all around. Sally and I walked to my Dad and Uncle Ike. They each hugged each of us. "You guys are really fun to work for, this was without a doubt the most fun I have had in years. Ike and I have been talking it over and we want to look around for a place down here."

Sally kissed each of them. "You have one, Move in my trailer over here and stay as long as you want. We hope you will stay forever."

"We couldn't do that."

"Why not? The two of you love to catch catfish off that dock. It will be hard to find a more convenient spot."

"Honey, Ike has been a widower for eighteen years and I have been one for fourteen years. We have decided to start dating. We may need two places."

I looked at both of them; something wasn't being said here. "OK, what is going on here? I know something is going on."

"Well son, you guys been so danged busy and so have we that we ain't told ya we met a couple of gals we kinda like."


"Yeah! Son! They are a couple of cuties, sisters, both widows, five or ten years younger than we are. We are gonna need a little privacy."

Sally said, "Not the Purvis sisters, Peggy and Patsy?"

"Why yes, that's them."

"Wonderful, they are beautiful and both as sweet as they can be, I have known them all my life."

"Yeah! They think the sun rises and sets with you, Sally."

"We are probably gonna take that week and go home and sell out and pack up and bring our trucks and tools down here."

"Oh! That's just wonderful, promise to bring them on the party cruise day after tomorrow? I want Rich to meet them."

"We'll ask them tonight, we're goin' over there for dinner. Can we borrow the Liberty Jeep tonight?"

"Hell yes, do you like it?"

"Yeah! We been usin' it while you was gone."

"I'll get two more tomorrow, the Company will own them and fuel them, they will be assigned to the two new foremen of the boat division."

The next morning there was quite a crowd at the boatyard. Sally swung a bottle of champagne across the bow, it shattered beautifully as she yelled, "I christen thee 'the OCKLAWAHA PRINCESS'."

The men along the carriage began knocking out the wedges holding the cradle in place. The first movement was slight, and then it moved slightly faster. The two dozers controlled her speed and she slowly eased down the ways. Her stern hit the water first. WILLY moved in behind her as the dozers cast off the chains that held her. A heavy rope was passed between the vessels. Willy was put in reverse and pulled the PRINCESS off the cradle. She was floating. Her horn let out a long joyful blast. I was in the pilothouse and used the thrusters to ease her into the dock. She was secured while the personnel required came aboard. Sally climbed the ladder to the pilothouse. She kissed me and grinned. I picked up a walkee talkee radio. "Engineering are you ready?"

"Aye aye Sir!"

"Deck ready?"

"Aye aye Sir!"

"WILLY ready?"

"Aye aye Sir"

"Cast off all lines." I watched as the order was obeyed.

I rang three bells and we moved slowly astern. Two bells put us in neutral. I moved the bow thruster to the left. We turned nicely to the left. I moved the control to neutral and dropped my hand to the stern thruster control and moved the stern to the right. I centered the control. I rang one bell and the PRINCESS Moved ahead. I looked at Sally and saw tears running from her eyes. I quickly kissed her cheek and we were off. I noticed a man standing behind her. It was the younger man from last night. I approached the first sharp turn with trepidation. I handed the thruster remote control to Sally. I turned the wheel full to the right. We eased into the turn. "Turn us damn it!" I yelled at Sally. I saw her move the control and watched the bow swing nicely around the corner. She looked back with a grin. I turned as hard as I could to the left. Sally was on the ball this time and we had no problem with the turn. The young guy stepped up close to her and she was telling him all about the thrusters.

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