tagCelebrities & Fan FictionStephanie's Lesbian Vacation Ch. 02

Stephanie's Lesbian Vacation Ch. 02


Thanks to everyone who sent me feedback on part one. There were some really great ideas, and I plan on incorporating some into the story. Without further adieu, here is part 2.

Stephanie was in Heaven. She straddled Leanne, and inserted the dildo in her pussy. Though not one, She began to expertly fuck Leanne. Slowly at first, but she sped up as Leanne’s moans got louder.

“Oh God! Oh Steph! Harder, faster Fuck mmeeeeeeeeeeee!”

Stephanie fucked Leanne, until neither could take anymore. Steph collapsed on top of her. The two girls snuggled close together, while Stephanie pondered the future. How would she explain this to her Dad? Or her Mom? Or Triple H? And what would she do about Leanne?

Stephanie soon fell asleep. The next morning, warm wet kisses awoke her.

“Wake up lover.”

Leanne was drowning Steph with kisses. Leanne had fallen in love. Last night was the best sex she ever had, and she wasn’t about to lose it.

Stephanie returned the affection. The previous night yielded an awakening for the heiress to the wrestling crown. She wasn’t ready to fully give up men, especially Triple H, but at the same time, her flaming libido demanded more lesbian sex.

“How about a little breakfast in bed Steph?”


Leanne, still sporting her nudity, bounced across the apartment to the refrigerator, and got some strawberries and whipped cream. A devilish thought entered her mind. Her brother John watched the movie Varsity Blues, thousands of times. For her, she saw it one time too many. But there was one scene that always caught her eye, The Whipped Cream Bikini. She sprayed whipped cream all over her body, but not in the shape of a bikini at all. She grabbed some strawberries, and returned to her bedroom.

When Stephanie saw her, she almost fell out of the bed. Leanne slowly walked over to the bed. She stuck a strawberry in her mouth, and kissed Stephanie, sharing the strawberry with her. Stephanie ate her half of the strawberry and broke the kiss. She pouted:

“Leanne, I’m not dressed properly.

“I’ll fix that.”

Leanne covered Stephanie from head to toe, with whipped cream. Leanne left the room again, but she soon returned with chocolate syrup, a huge banana, and some other toppings.

“How about we make a human ice cream sundae baby?”

Stephanie moaned in delight. The girls covered themselves in the ingredients. Soon they were a delicious horny mess. Only the banana was left to deal with?

“What are we going to do with the banana?”

“Put it in the middle baby?”

Leanne stuck the banana in her pussy, and instructed Stephanie to do the same. She did. At first, the banana felt so weird in her pussy, but when Leanne started to rock back and forth on her end, Stephanie did the same, and she started to like it. Soon the girls were banana fucking each other like crazy. They were eating the desert off of each other at the same time. Soon, the banana was nothing more that just girl cum and banana flavored mush. Leanne suggested they sixty-nine, and eat the banana cum out of each others pussy. Stephanie loved the taste of banana cum. When the girls licked each other clean, Leanne had another suggestion.

“Let’s hop in the hot tub, and bathe each other.” The idea was so erotic, Stephanie couldn’t refuse. The girls hopped in to the hot tub. They bathed each other. It was the most eotic bath Stephanie had ever taken. Every part of her body was begging Leanne to keep touching her.

As the water vacated the tub, the girls were making out like crazy. Leanne began to nibble Stephanie’s ear lobe. She planted kisses down the jaw of her lover. She got to the base of her neck, and left a huge hickey for Stephanie to sport for a while. She wanted to make love to Stephanie all day long. She kissed her way down o the lucious breasts of her lover. She took a nipple in her mouth and began to suck on it slowly. Stephanie was experiencing pure ecstasy. Leanne licked, nibbled, and sucked Stephanie’s tit, until it was achingly hard, and then she moved on to the other and did the same thing. Stephanie was going to cum, just from getting her tits sucked.

“Hold it in baby, I’m not through yet.”

Leanne kissed her way slowly down Stephanie’s belly, all the way sown to her sweet hairy pussy.

“This won’t do.”


“I like my women shaven bare down there.”

Stephanie giggled.

“Will you let me shave off your nasty pussy hair Stephanie?”

“Go for it.”

Leanne shaved the hair off of Stephanie’s pussy. When her pussy was bare, Leanne blew cold air from her lips, that caused Stephanie to gasp. She stuck two fingers up Stephanie’s hairless twat, and began fucking it. She started slowly at first, but she began to pick up the pace, when Stephanie started moaning louder. She inserted another finger, then another, and then her thumb. She had her whole fist inside Stephanie’s pussy! She told Steph, and she said she didn’t realize her cunt was that big! Soon, Stephanie was screaming that she couldn’t hold her orgasm any longer. Leanne removed her fist from Stephanie’s hot pussy, and replaced it with he tongue. She ate Stephanie’s pussy out, and almost immediately, cum exploded from Stephanie’s pussy, all over Leanne’s face. She just kept cumming and cumming, all the while screaming and moaning in ecstasy.

When Stephanie came down from her orgasm, Leanne had another idea. She told Stephanie to turn around the other way, and stick her sweet ass out.

“You are not going to spank me are you?”

“Just do it.”


Stephanie turned around, and stuck her ass up in the air. Leanne put her hands on Steph’s ass, she massaged her cheeks. She planted a kiss on both of her ass cheeks, and remarked:

“Guess I just joined your Kiss My Ass Club.”

Stephanie laughed at that joke. Leanne kissed the crack of Steph’s ass, She than licked it. She licked the inside of her ass cheeks from the tip of the crack all the way down under, to the bottom tip of her pussy. She kept doing it over and over, fucking her ass with her tongue. Stephanie began rocking back and forth over and over. She started fisting her pussy again. Soon, Stephanie was cumming again.

Stephanie came down from her fourth or fifth orgasm in the last twelve hours, and she wanted to return the favor. She kissed her lover’s cum covered lips, and enjoyed the sweet taste of her own cum. When she finished licking all of her cum off of Leanne’s face, she asked her lover to spread her legs. She began to eat Leanne’s cunt hungrily. she stuck her tongue far up Leanne’s pussy, and encountered her clit.

“Suck my clit baby! Suck my clit!

Stephanie wrapped her tongue around Leanne’s clit. She began an almost tog of war like struggle with it. The more she tugged, the closer Leanne came to cumming. Stephanie felt brave, and began fingering Leanne’s ass. Within minutes, Leanne exploded into an orgasm. She came all over Stephanie’s face and hair. Stephanie the as much cum as possible. The girls laid together in the hot tub, making out and enjoying a hot sixty-nine. Sixty-nine was quickly becoming Stephanie’s favorite number.

Soon the girls untangled themselves from each other, and decided to take separate showers. If they took a shower together, they most likely would just have sex, and forget to shower.

After their showers were over, the girls, wrapped up in a large towel, snuggled close together. This gave Stephanie an opportunity to make an observation. For an apartment, in the attic of a bar/strip club, it was well furnished, and even had a hot tub, and a shower.



“How can you afford all of this?”

“There’s probably something I should tell you.”

“Well, tell me.”

Just then, Leanne recognized a familiar knock on the door. It was her. Leanne’s face went pale. The knocker knocked again. A voice behind the door asked:

“Slut are you not in there?”

To be continued.........

Well there is part 2. Part three is forming in my dirty little mind. Keep the feedback coming:

XXXX & OOOO Leanne

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