Deborah Hayes stalked over to the little plane that was scheduled to take her home. She was not having a good day; first she’d forgotten to set her alarm, then she missed her plane, and now she had to take this little rinky dinky plane.

“Hi!” she called out to the man bent over the planes engine. “My name’s Deborah Hayes, I’m scheduled to be on the next flight to Hawai’i. Are you the pilot?”

Defensively, Deborah’s hand went to her breast as he pulled himself to his full height. He had to be at least 6’2”, a big man with wide shoulders and narrow hips. His dark blue eyes were narrowed against the noon sun; a grease stained black tank top and ripped blue jeans completing the look. Deborah’s knees grew weak at her eyes caressed the hard muscles of his arms. Afraid that he’d be able to see her reaction, Deborah straightened her back and glared at him. He would probably decide she was a bitch, but at least she was safe. It was the only way to keep men from discovering her vulnerability.

Insolently Jack’s eyes ran over her, his full lips twisted in a sneer. Frigid bitch, he thought to himself. One of those chicks that wouldn’t know what to do with a real man if one bit them in the butt. His lips curled into a small smile of amusement at the thought of biting her on her shapely ass. Turning his back on Deborah, Jack bent over to finish changing the spark plugs on Betsy, thinking of Deborah.

She was a tiny woman, with a nice full set of breasts straining for freedom behind the white silk blouse. Her honey blond hair was restrained into a tight bun, and smoky gray eyes suggested an inner passion. Immediately Jack began to imagine her naked, that pretty hair of hers loose around her shoulder, her eyes smoldering with need.

“Mr. Erickson!” Deborah said impatiently. “I’m in a bit of a hurry here, what is going on?”

Jack looked over his shoulder and glared at her. “Lady, we’re not going anywhere until I‘m finished here. So why don‘t you stop yapping at me while I do my job, hm? ”

Her cheeks flushed, Deborah turned her back on him to climb into the small cockpit. Carefully she fastened her seat belt, studiously ignoring Jack as he slammed down the hood of his plane, and climbed up next to her. He sat there in silence for a second staring at her angrily averted profile, before turning his attention to preparing the plane for flight.

Eventually they were in the air, the small plane’s engine vibrating the craft. Reaching into her purse, Deborah pulled out a paperback, and opened it, determined to ignore the disturbing man beside her.

A few hours into the flight, her head jerked up as Jack cursed.

“What’s wrong?” Deborah asked, growing more concerned as Jack ignored her. He flicked the button for his CB frantically. “God damn it.” he cursed again. “Prepare for an emergency landing,” he said tersely, the muscles of his arms standing out, as he wrestled to keep the plane in a smooth descent.

Deborah carefully put her book in her purse, her hands shaking nervously. A million questions boiled in her mind, but she forced herself to remain silent, not wanting to distract Jack.

Several heart stopping moments later Jack safely landed the airplane safely on a wide sandy beach. “You all right?” he asked Deborah.

Deborah turned wide startled eyes to him, and nodded slightly. “Good.” he said, twisting to open his door. “Stay in here while try and figure out what’s wrong.”

Incredulously Deborah watched him climb out of the cockpit, before muttering an unladylike curse under her breath and climbing out too.

“What the hell is going on here?” she demanded imperiously.

“What the hell does it look like?” he grunted, bent over looking at the engine. “The plane isn‘t working, and I’m trying to find out why. A educated chick like you should be able to figure that out.” he said sarcastically.

Angrily Deborah crossed her arms over her chest, tapping a toe impatiently. A few minutes later, Jack stood up, wiped his forehead. “Well, fuck.” he said.

“What?” Deborah said. Jack ignored her, and walked over to the cockpit, pulling a bottle of water from behind his seat, and drinking deeply.

Deborah stomped over to him. “What the hell is going on here?” she repeated aggressively, her hands on her hips.

“Well, missy, it’s like this.” Jack drawled. “The engines and tracking device have been tampered with, and so has the CB. So we have no way of getting off this island, and no way of letting anyone know where we are.”

Shocked, Deborah stared at him, her mouth open, as he finished off his water. A small hand reached out and grabbed for the purchase as she began to gasp desperately for air.

“Hey, lady, are you ok?” Jack said, grabbing her arm.

“ . . . can’t breath . . . “ Deborah wheezed, sinking dizzily to her knees, black dots swimming before her eyes.

Sighing, Jack bent over and effortlessly lifted her into his arms. Weakly, Deborah struggled, not noticing where they were going until he was knee deep in the surf. She managed a small scream as he dropped her the water with a loud splash.

Soaked and angry, she pulled herself out of the water, cussing.

“You son of a bitch!” she screamed.

“Well, at least you can breath.” Jack said unapologetically. He’d take an angry woman over a hysterical one any day.

Furious Deborah pulled back her arm, and slapped him hard across the face, before turning to wade back to the shore. She squeaked with alarm when Jack roughly grabbed her arm, turning her around to face him. His blue eyes dark with anger, his lips were pressed together in an angry line. Deborah had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach, knowing that she’d pushed him too far.

“You need a spanking, little girl,” he growled, “And I’m just the man to do it.”

“You wouldn’t . . .” Deborah gasped, then screeched in surprise as he bent over and lifted her over his shoulder. “Put me down!” she screamed, hitting his strong back with her fists. “You asshole!”

Jack stomped back over to the plane, dropping Deborah roughly on her bottom in the sand. Before she could pull herself to her feet, he’d sat down beside her, and was yanking Deborah over his lap. Deborah yelled in shock as his hard hand connected with her bottom with a large CRACK. His other hand pressing firmly on the small of her back, Jack released his anger and frustration on her wiggling ass, not stopping until Deborah lay unresisting over his lap, sobbing. His anger spent, Jack tenderly pulled Deborah into his arms.

“Shh, shh.” he soothed, as her arms came up to wrap around his neck.

“I’m sorry for hitting you.” Deborah sobbed, clinging desperately to hard strength of his chest.

“You’re forgiven, baby.” Jack said, tipping her face to his with one finger under her chin. “Just don’t do it again,” he warned.

Hiccupping, Deborah nodded her head in agreement, her moist eyes clinging to the strong plains of his face. Wordlessly, Jack lowered his head and masterfully took possession of her mouth. Moaning softly, Deborah arched her head back, her soft mouth parted in anticipation of the possessive thrust of his tongue.

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