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Strange Day


Today was the strangest day. I was so hungry after my jog, that the fridge was my first stop when I got home. Nothing looked particularly good, but finally, my eyes came to rest on the solution to my troubles.

I reached into the fridge and extruded a carrot. Quickly, I shed my clothing and spread my legs apart a bit. Grabbing the carrot firmly by its top, I slowly slid the slender end inside my waiting pussy. Pushing it gently, I buried it until the thumb and finger I was using to hold it had warm juices running down them. I pumped the carrot in and out a few times, coating it thoroughly before sliding it out and bringing it to my mouth. The first crunch of a carrot is always the best, and this one was no exception. It felt so good to crunch down on it, that I made quick work of it and was soon standing in front of the fridge again, licking my lips, completely unsatisfied.

I rummaged around again before noticing a nice ripe bunch of bananas sitting on top of it. Grinning, I grabbed one. I peeled it carefully and slowly, stopping when it was half peeled. I hopped up to sit on the counter and placed my feet on the edge, spreading them open wide, then quickly plunged the banana deep into my cunt. I was stopped by the peel, but began rubbing the banana in a circular motion as I felt the peel rubbing on my clit. Finally I needed to feel the banana deeper, so I ripped the rest of the peel off before pushing it inside with a single finger, letting it disappear inside me. I smiled to myself, feeling it inside me, my muscles contracting around it, before giving one quick push to pop it out. I licked the banana up and down, relishing the taste of myself on it, slid it down my throat and back up again before settling down to eat it all up.

Like I said, it was a strange day. I was still feeling like there was more for me to eat, so I went back to the fridge and opened it again. My eyes then came to rest on a bag of cucumbers. Selecting one, I decided it was a special cucumber, the way it curved just slightly, and bumped in all the right places. I decided it was a cucumber for the dining room and moved there quickly, where I lit two long candles and hopped up beside them on the table. I lay my head back and spread my legs again, picking up the cucumber. With one hand, I spread the lips of my pussy, and with the other, traced the cucumber around the edges, and over my clit. A moan escaped my lips, the pressure of the cucumber on my clit increased, and the rubbing picked up speed. Unable to contain myself, I bit down on my lower lip, and taking the cucumber firmly in both hands, drove it fiercely into my waiting cunt. Over and over I pounded it in, drops of my satiny juices splashing onto my hands and arms. I wiggled back until my head was hanging off the edge of the table and without a chance to stifle it, screamed out in surprised joy as I pushed the cucumber in as far as it could go, feeling it stretch my insides deliciously.

Soon, an orgasm rocked through my body, the suction it created between my pussy and the cucumber so intense it was hard to continue pumping it. Instead I pushed hard, forcing it in deeper, head flailing as the orgasm rippled through me. As it subsided, I carefully extracted the cucumber, and bit off the tip. I licked my lips, enjoying the taste before lowering to my pussy again. The now soft, moist end of the cucumber exposed its flesh and the feeling it provided my clit was amazing. I swirled it around and around, each time bringing me closer to a second orgasm. I stifled it by again plummeting the cucumber deep inside myself.

Small frothy bubbles had been created at my clit and a quick finger scooped them up. An eager tongue ushered them into my mouth, and I felt them tingle as they burst. Strangely, a peculiar whirring sound filled my head, and I pondered it momentarily, my fist still pistoning the cucumber in and out of my dripping pussy. Sudden recollection snapped me to life and I withdrew the cucumber, quickly smooshing it back at my clit, bringing me to quick orgasm.

Hopping off the table, I ran back to the kitchen to throw my clothes back on. After identifying the whirring noise as the garage door opening I cursed the fact that my husband must be home early. Grabbing the cucumber, I removed a cutting board and a knife from a drawer, and slicing it deftly, added it to the salad waiting on the counter.

"Hi Honey!" My husband walked through the door and threw his jacket over a chair. "God, am I hungry. That salad looks great!"

Keeping silent, I placed a bowl and a fork on the table and dished him up some salad.

"Damn! This salad is excellent!" He exclaimed, shoveling fork after forkful of the stuff into his mouth.

I smiled coyly at him. "Funny how the things you make yourself, always taste the best."

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