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Submissive Cuckold


This story continues with the lives of the same characters from Just Rewards.

I’ve been married to Susan for just over twenty years. We have a twelve-year-old son, Mark. I had an affair once, about seven years ago. Susan found out about the affair and we gradually fell out of love. We stay together for Mark’s sake. A couple of years ago she met Arnold on the Internet, and they hit it off. They talk all the time on the phone and see each other when they can.

I’d always wanted Susan to sexually dominate me. She tried several times but she never enjoyed it. She discussed this with Arnold, and he convinced her it would be fun to try again. Susan sent Mark over to his Aunt Sally’s one weekend and invited Arnold over. They spent the weekend fucking each other and sexually teasing me. Susan discovered she really enjoyed dominating me now that she didn’t love me.

Since the weekend went so well they decided to dominate me regularly. Susan wakes me up every Friday night after Mark goes to sleep. She ties me to a chair, strips, and plays with herself in front of me for a couple of hours. Arnold watches us through a video camera attached to the computer. Every other month or so Arnold comes over to spend the weekend. It was exciting at first, but it’s numbing now. I know that Susan is never going to fuck me again, so her sexual teasing became pointless. Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it. I do what she commands just so she doesn’t leave and take Mark with her.

One Monday, I found a note on the table while I was preparing my breakfast. “Get the last week of March off of work. You’re taking me to a cabin in the Poconos so that Arnold and I can have a great week together. We have a surprise planned for you.” Great. I get to spend a week watching them fuck like rabbits in the honeymoon capital of Pennsylvania. I knew better than to argue, so I arranged to get the week off. At least she gave me some notice.

I got home from work on the Friday before the trip to find that Susan sitting on the living room sofa watching television. She looked up and commanded, “Go upstairs and take your clothes off. Bring the suitcases downstairs and pack up all of your bondage equipment.”

“Where’s Mark?”

“I’ve already dropped him off at Aunt Sally’s.”

“Oh.” I went upstairs, got undressed, and brought the suitcases downstairs. I went into the basement and packed all of my bondage equipment into two large plastic tubs. I brought the tubs upstairs.

Susan was still watching television. She commanded, “Go upstairs and put some work clothes on and cut the grass.”

I went upstairs and put on some work clothes. I went out and cut the grass. It was the first time since last fall, and it took a few pulls to get the lawn mower started. I cut a little grass but mostly mulched the leaves that were on the ground over the winter. After I finished, I was going into the kitchen to get a couple of glasses of water when I heard Susan command, “Come over here.”

I went into the living room.

Susan looked up and asked, “Does the yard look nice?”

“Yes Susan.”

“You stand there, I’m going to check.” Susan got up and went outside. I put my hands behind my back. She came back in with a piece of trash paper in her hand. “Look what I found in the yard! How could you miss this?”

I knew the trash came from one of our neighbor’s yards, but it didn’t matter. I looked at the floor and answered, “I’m sorry Susan.”

“You sure are sorry. Take this.” Susan handed me the trash. “Throw it away, then wash your hands. Load and start the dishwasher. Put your work clothes in the washer and stand there. After the washer finishes, put your clothes in the dryer and stand there. Put your work clothes away, unload the dishwasher, and come check with me.”

“Yes Susan.” I went in the kitchen and washed my hands. I loaded the dishwasher, and started it. I went to the washing machine in the basement, took off my work clothes, threw them in, and started it. I stood in front of the washer with my hands behind my back, in case Susan came downstairs to check on me. I wanted to take a shower but I knew with both the dishwasher and the washer running that there wouldn’t be any hot water.

When the washer finished, I took out the clothes and put them in the dryer. I stood in front of the dryer while the clothes dried. The radiating warmth made me feel a little better. I took the clothes out of the dryer and put them away in my bedroom. I came back downstairs and unloaded the dishwasher.

Susan turned off the television and came into the kitchen. “Go get three pieces of rope and wait for me in the basement.”

I got three pieces of rope from one of the plastic tubs and went downstairs. Susan had gotten herself a slice of chocolate cake and a glass of milk. She put her snack down by her computer. “Get the punishment chair, and put it in front of your computer. I’ll be too busy tonight to torment you. Instead of watching me, you can watch your porn pictures.”

Susan found the punishment chair while she was out at a yard sale. It’s an old wooden dining room chair with straight legs. The back of the chair is made of five straight wooden slats with a four-inch top piece. The seat is perfectly flat, with no contour. I moved the comfy office chair to the side and put the punishment chair in front of my computer.

Susan tacks a black sheet of coarse sandpaper to the seat of the chair with a hammer and thumbtacks. She grins at me. “I picked this up while I was at Home Depot. I thought you’d enjoy this extra punishment tonight. I know I will. Sit down.”

I sit down on the sandpaper. It’s not too bad as long as I don’t move.

Susan ties my ankles to the chair legs, and stands up. “Start up your slide show, then put your hands behind the chair.”

I turn my computer on and bring up the picture viewer program. I decide I want to look at the smoking pictures tonight, so I bring up the directory of almost 1,000 pictures of topless and naked women smoking. I set the program so that it displays a picture for five seconds, and then shows the next picture in the directory. Once the program’s running, I put my arms behind the chair.

Susan ties my wrists together and to the slat in the middle. She takes her clothes off and sits in front of her computer. I can hear her talk to Arnold on the phone and play Scrabble with him over the computer while I sit and watch the pictures. I was tired when I first sat down, but after a while my cock responds to the pictures. The sandpaper scratches my bottom every time I move so I try to stay still. Sometime during the third time through the photographs I hear Susan hang up the phone and get up from the computer.

Susan stands by the side of the desk where I can see her. She’s naked, with a cigarette in her hand. She puts the ashtray on the desk. “Would you rather watch those pictures or me?”

“You Susan.”

Susan lights the cigarette and takes a puff. She cups her breasts in her hands. “By this time tomorrow, Arnold will be fondling these.” She reaches down and fingers her pussy. “And his hard cock will be pounding me over and over.” She takes a puff of the cigarette. “And how does your ass feel?”

“A little sore, Susan.”

Susan smiles. “Good. Maybe next time you’ll pick up all the trash.” She takes a puff of her cigarette. “I thought you liked watching naked women smoke.”

“I do Susan.”

“Then why is your cock so soft? Susan leans over and blows smoke in my face. “Get your cock hard for me, baby.”

I squirm, and my bottom rubs on the sandpaper. I wince and my cock softens.

Susan smiles. “What’s the matter? I thought you liked having smoke blown in your face.” She takes a puff. “Maybe if I touch your cock with the cigarette I’ll get a reaction. “

I watch as she holds the cigarette just over the head of my cock, then takes it away.

Susan finishes her cigarette. “I guess that you didn’t like watching me smoke after all. I’ll leave you with your pictures, then.” She puts the cigarette out and puts the ashtray next to the computer. “Good night.” She goes upstairs and turns out the light.

I watch the pictures. The smoke from the ashtray bothers me for a little while. Whenever I get sleepy, my bottom rubs against the sandpaper and I wake up again. I’m finally so exhausted that I fall asleep for a while. It’s brighter in the room when I wake up. I watch the pictures and try to remain still.

Susan comes downstairs. She’s still naked. She gets a cigarette from the desk and lights it. She takes a puff. “Would you like to watch me smoke a cigarette?”

I’m hungry and tired, my bottom’s sore, and I need a shower. I’d rather do almost anything else, but I don’t want to get Susan mad. “Yes Susan.”

Susan takes a puff of the cigarette. “Your cock is so tiny. Are you sure you enjoy watching a naked woman smoke?

“Yes Susan, I enjoy watching a naked woman smoke.”

Susan leans over and blows smoke in my face. “Good. Enjoy yourself.” She smokes the cigarette. She puts the cigarette out and tells me, “I’m going upstairs to take a shower. When I come back, I’ll untie you. Put everything away, take a shower, and get dressed. Pack up the car, and we’ll get going.”

I could hear the water running upstairs while Susan took a shower. It seemed like she was taking forever. She came downstairs and untied me. I put the punishment chair away, and cleaned the ashtray. I took a quick shower, as Susan used almost all of the hot water. I got dressed and loaded the van. The morning sun felt nice on my skin. The drive to the Poconos was uneventful. I enjoyed the scenery while Susan listened to her CD’s. We stopped once to refuel and have lunch.

We arrived at the cabin just before dinner. It was very secluded. I got our stuff from the van and brought it inside. Arnold was already here. He and Susan kissed while I put the suitcases in the bedroom. The bedroom walls were light pink. There was a large four-poster bed in the middle of the room. When I came out, there was an attractive woman standing with Arnold and Susan.

Arnold introduced us. “Julie, this is Steve. Steve, Julie invited us to spend the weekend in her cabin. You’ll be entertaining her while Susan and I enjoy ourselves.”

Susan commanded, “Get their bags and bring them inside. Julie’s bedroom is across from ours. Put your bondage stuff in Julie’s bedroom. When you get everything inside, take off your clothes, put your ankle restraints on, get a pair of handcuffs, and come back into the living room.”

I unloaded Arnold’s car, and finished unloading our van. Julie’s bedroom was a little larger. The walls were a light green. The headboard and footboard on her bed were made with a dozen round wooden slats and a large top piece. They looked like wooden prison bars. I got the ankle restrains and put them on. I picked up a pair of handcuffs and went into the living room. Arnold, Susan, and Julie were sitting on the sofa smoking.

Julie grinned. “I’ve never seen ankle restraints like that except in prison movies. I’m going to have fun this week.”

Susan commanded. “Turn around so Julie can see your ass.”

I turned around. I had no idea what it looked like. I looked out the back window until I heard Susan command, “Turn around and kneel down in front of Julie and I.”

I turned around and knelt down in front of the sofa.

Julie locked my wrists together with the handcuffs and put an ashtray in my hands. She commanded, “Hold this for us.” She took a puff of her cigarette. “Tell me everything Susan did to you last night.”

I told Julie everything Susan did to me while they smoked. When I finished, Julie put her cigarette out and asked me, “Was Susan cruel to you?”

I didn’t know what answer Julie expected. “Yes, Susan was cruel to me.”

Susan laughed.

Julie lit a cigarette and took a puff. “At least you’re honest. Had she tormented you like that before?”

“No Julie, nothing as severe as last night.”

Julie smiled. “Steve, some men would say Susan was cruel when she cheated on you. Not only has she cheated on you, but she’s also had you watch Arnold fuck her many times now. Was that cruel?”

“That first weekend, yes I thought it was cruel, but overall I enjoyed what Arnold and Susan did to me. I want Susan to be happy.”

Susan gave Arnold a huge kiss. Julie took a puff of her cigarette and looked at me. “Your wife just kissed another man right in front of you and yet you kneel there holding my ashtray. Do you want to make me happy too?”

“We just met, Julie.”

Susan looked over at me. “I want you to serve Julie, Steve. She’s an experienced dominatrix.”

Julie smiled. “I’ve been talking to Susan for a while. I’ve been giving her domination advice, helping her to think up new ways to torment you. As a thank you, she agreed to loan you to me for a week.” She took a puff of her cigarette. “I’ve been called a very cruel woman. Some say I’m sadistic. Do you still want to make me happy?”

“Um, yes.”

Julie took the ashtray from my hands. “Get up and follow me. Let’s see what goodies you brought with you.”

I followed Julie into her bedroom. She opened the plastic tubs and looked through the stuff I brought. I stood and watched. She sat down on the bed and lit a cigarette. She commanded, “Put your hands behind your head and spread your legs a little.”

I put my hands behind my head and spread my legs.

Julie took a puff of her cigarette. “Good. I want you to stand like that or with your hands behind your back when you’re not busy. You are to address me from now on as Mistress Julie. You will address the others as Master Arnold and Mistress Susan while we’re here. You are our slave and will answer to slave. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress Julie.”

“Good slave. “ Mistress Julie took a puff of her cigarette. “You will do whatever we command. If you obey, you’ll get to eat once a day and sleep on the floor by my bed. If you disobey, you’ll be bound and whipped. We’ll leave you bound all night. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress Julie.”

“You’ll wear nothing but the ankle chains. During the day, you’ll do chores for me, like sawing wood or moving rocks. In the evenings, you’ll prepare dinner. You’ll stand by the dinner table and watch us eat. If you’ve been good, we’ll let you eat the leftovers. Afterwards, you will entertain us. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress Julie.”

Mistress Julie takes a puff of her cigarette. “I understand that you get aroused watching naked women smoke. Is that true, slave?”

“Yes Mistress Julie.”

“Be a good slave and you might get the opportunity. Would you like to see me naked, slave?”

“Yes Mistress Julie.

Mistress Julie laughed. “Maybe later this week. “ She stood up and unlocked the handcuffs. “Go make dinner.”

“Yes Mistress Julie.”

I go and make dinner. I put it on the table and go to get the others. Mistress Julie was putting away her things, and Master Arnold and Mistress Susan were fucking. I stand by the table and wait. Mistress Julie comes out first. Master Arnold and Mistress Susan come to the table a few minutes later. They talk and eat roast beef and mashed potatoes while I watch. After dinner Master Arnold and Mistress Susan retire to their room.

Mistress Julie commands, “Go get a mixing bowl slave.”

I get a bowl from the kitchen and bring it back.

Mistress Julie puts some mashed potatoes and small pieces of roast beef. She pours some gravy on the bowl and hands it to me. “Put this on the floor and eat, slave.”

I put the bowl on the floor. I get on my hands and knees and eat like a dog. I hear Mistress Julie command, “Clean up this mess, take a shower, and come to my room.”

“Yes Mistress Julie.” I get up and clear the table. I take a shower, dry off, and go to Mistress Julie’s room.

Mistress Julie ties my wrists together with a piece of rope that she’s thrown over an exposed beam. She pulls the rope until I’m standing on my tiptoes, and ties the end to the footboard of the bed. “Spread your legs.”

I spread my legs until I’m on my tiptoes again.

Mistress Julie walks over to me and rubs her hands on my chest and back. She feels my bottom. “Are you still sore, slave?”

“Yes Mistress Julie.”

Mistress Julie smacks my bottom with the palm of her hand. I yelp and she laughs. She picks up a small cat-o-nine tails and whips my back, bottom, and legs for a while. She takes a shower and returns wearing a robe. She unties the rope from the footboard, and unties my wrists. I lay down on a rug beside the bed. She turns out the light and we go to sleep.

I awaken to someone kicking my bottom. I hear Mistress Julie commanding, “Get up, slave.” I stand up and put my hands behind my back.

Mistress Julie squeezes my balls. “I don’t want to have to wake you up any more this week. I want you kneeling by the side of the bed waiting for me to wake up.”

I yelp. “Yes Mistress Julie.”

“Get me a glass of orange juice and toast with butter.”

“Yes Mistress Julie.” I go and make Mistress Julie breakfast. I bring the food back to her room. She’s dressed and sitting on the side of the bed. I stand and hold the tray in front of her while she eats. After she’s finished, I bring the dishes back to the kitchen and clean up. I return to her room and stand in the corner with my hands behind my back.

Mistress Julie comes into the room. “Put your shoes and socks on, slave. You’re cutting some firewood today.”

I put my socks and shoes on and follow Mistress Julie outside. It’s warmed up a little but it’s still a little chilly. The only heat in the cabin is from three fireplaces, and they need wood. Mistress Julie relaxes in a lounge while I gather small branches and cut them into two-foot pieces with a saw. She goes inside to get lunch. When she comes back outside, I have some news.

“Mistress Julie, I found a downed tree that can be cut up for firewood.”

“Excellent, slave. Take my lounge and let’s go. I want to watch you cut up the tree.”

I take the lounge to the downed tree. Mistress Julie watches me cut up the tree and bring the wood back to the woodpile neat the cabin. Only the trunk is left when the sun gets near the horizon.

Mistress Julie gets up. “That’s enough for today slave. Get the lounge, take a shower, and make us dinner.”

“Yes Mistress Julie.” I bring the lounge back to the cabin, take a shower, and make dinner. I stand and watch Master Arnold, Mistress Susan, and Mistress Julie eat. Master Arnold and Mistress Susan talk about their trip into town to do some shopping. After dinner, Mistress Julie puts the leftovers into a bowl and brings the bowl in the living room. They sit on the sofa and watch me eat like a dog. I clean up the dinner dishes and straighten up the kitchen. They’re sitting on the sofa talking and smoking when I return. I stand with my hands behind my back.

Mistress Julie looks over at me. “Slave, get on your hands and knees in front of Susan and I.”

“Yes Mistress Julie.” I get on my hands and knees in front of the sofa. Mistress Julie puts her feet on my back. Mistress Susan does the same. They talk for a while. I feel them take their feet of my back as Mistress Julie commands, “Stand up.”

I stand up.

Mistress Julie buckles a leather strap to the base of my cock and around my balls. She hangs a glass ashtray from the leather strap.

Mistress Susan laughs. “That’s the most useful thing his cock’s done all month.”

I stand with my hands behind my back while Mistress Susan and Mistress Julie talk and use the ashtray hanging from my cock. After a while Mistress Julie unhooks the ashtray and puts it on the end table. She commands, “Clean the ashtray, and wait for me in my room.”

“Yes Mistress Julie.” I clean the ashtray and bring it to her room. I stand in the corner with my hands behind my back and wait. I’m tired from all the sawing and time seems to stand still. I wonder what Mistress Julie has planned for the rest of the week.

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