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Submissive Stepmother


Laura stood against the wall, wearing only panties. The chains made sure she stood there. The 10-inch vibrator humming in her pussy and the C-clamps on her nipples kept her aroused. She'd been Barbara's sex slave for most of the summer. Long enough to appreciate everything Barbara had done to her. She'd even lost twelve pounds. As she watched Barbara watch television, she thought about how her life had turned out.

Barbara's mother had died in a car accident when she was nine. After the shock of the death wore down, her dad, Patrick, raised her as best he could. She had settled into a pretty good relationship with him when he started dating Laura. Barbara was opposed to the idea of her father dating. Laura made an effort to be very nice to Barbara, and after a while Barbara started confiding in Laura and asking her opinion. Patrick married Laura when Barbara was fourteen. Life with Patrick and Barbara was pretty good those few years. Barbara was seventeen and a few months from going off to college when Patrick was killed during a botched robbery at a gas station.

Laura reacted by withdrawing, while Barbara whined and bitched. Laura winced at the memory. Both of them acted relieved when Barbara went off to college. College was challenging and exciting for Barbara and helped her to get through her mourning. Laura had the house to herself. The shock of Patrick's death hit her with full force, and she spent weeks mourning and weeping.

Barbara didn't call her stepmother the first semester. She went home with a friend during the Christmas holidays. It was a month before spring break when she called home. They were both cool on the phone, but Barbara agreed to come home over spring break for a visit. The visit went pretty well. Both Laura and Barbara made an effort to improve the relationship, and when Barbara left, Laura was happier.

Barbara came back to spend the summer, and Laura's relationship with her improved. Barbara came home to visit regularly. The relationship was mending pretty well until Laura met John in the fall of Barbara's junior year. Barbara met John over the Christmas holidays. John and Laura were happy together, but Barbara was uneasy. When she returned home to spend the summer, she found out John stayed over on the weekends with Laura.

Barbara dragged herself out of bed, made herself a cup of coffee, and sat down at the breakfast table. She hadn't slept very well. John and Laura had sex all night. Barbara could hear the moans and grunts through the wall. She sipped on her coffee and wondered how she would endure the entire summer with them. She was finishing her coffee when Laura and John came into the kitchen. Laura made a cup of coffee for John and herself, and they sat down.

"Morning, Barbara." John grinned.

"Morning, John." Barbara tried to smile.

John put his arm around Laura. "We're driving up to the mountains today. Would you like to come along, Barbara?"

"No thanks. I already have plans."

"Ok, then. Maybe we can do something later."

John and Laura finished their coffee and left. Barbara went upstairs to get dressed, and heard John and Laura fucking again. Barbara was sitting in the living room reading when John and Laura came downstairs and left. Barbara watched television for a while. She got up and made herself lunch. While she was eating, she got the mischievous idea to look through her stepmother's room.

Barbara went upstairs and went in the room. It looked the same as the last time she'd been there. She opened the nightstand drawer, and found a couple of 10-inch vibrators and a dozen condoms. She smiled. At least they're having safe sex. She opened the closet door, and looked at through all of her stepmother's outfits. She found a few bedroom outfits and wondered if her stepmother had worn them for her dad. She pulled down some shoeboxes from the closet shelf. Most of them contained stockings or pantyhose, and she put them back. One box was a little heavy, so she was careful getting it down. The box was full of photographs. She put the box on the bed.

Barbara looked through the dresser drawers. She stopped when she got to the bras. There were several black, red, and purple Victoria's Secret satin bras. She picked one up and held it in her hands. She felt the satin with her fingers and saw the size tag, 38D. She could smile now about her B-cup breasts, but all of the conversations that she'd had with Laura as a teenager came flooding back into her mind. She smiled as she remembered how concerned she was that her breasts weren't growing. She remembered how Laura comforted and reassured her.

Barbara found two pairs of handcuffs, clothespins, mousetraps, some ties and some lengths of rope in the back of a bottom dresser drawer. She looked back at the brass headboard and footboard, grinned, and wondered whether Laura was the dominant or the submissive.

Barbara picked up the box of photographs and went to her room. The photographs on top were family pictures. She was still looking through the family pictures when John and Laura came home. She could hear them taking a shower. She was looking at the photos when she heard a knock on the door. She put the box in her closet and opened the door. Laura was dressed up.

"Barbara, we're going out for dinner. We'd like you to join us."

"Uh, I'd rather stay in."

"Barbara, please. I want you to join us."

"Ok Laura, let me get ready."

"Sure honey, we'll be waiting downstairs."

Barbara threw on a nice yellow dress and went downstairs. They went out to a nice restaurant and had a pretty good time. Barbara still felt uneasy around John, but she couldn't figure out why. He seemed to be nice enough and Laura was very happy with him. After dinner they returned home. Barbara changed into a long t-shirt. She heard John and Laura having sex. Barbara got a 10-inch vibrator from the nightstand drawer and thought about a hard cock as she masturbated herself to sleep.

Barbara woke up and remembered the box of pictures. She got it out, and spent the morning looking at family pictures. She put aside the ones she wanted to keep, and put the rest of the pictures back in the envelopes. It was almost lunchtime before she'd gotten near the bottom of the box. She picked up an envelope and opened it. She was shocked then laughed when she saw pictures of her dad and Laura naked. She picked up a picture of her dad and grinned. She found him and his cock to be quite attractive. Embarrassed, she put the picture to the side. She picked up a picture of Laura and stared. Her areolas were huge, and her nipples were almost as big as Barbara's little finger. Laura had neatly trimmed pussy hair. She put the picture to the side. She put the box of pictures away in the closet, and put the pictures she wanted to keep in her nightstand drawer.

John and Laura were eating when Barbara came downstairs. Barbara fixed herself a sandwich and joined them.

"Afternoon, Barbara." John smiled.

"Afternoon, John." Barbara smiled and ate.

John kissed Laura and left.

Barbara finished her sandwich and went back upstairs. She took a bath and trimmed her pussy hairs. She got the box of photographs and looked through the last couple of envelopes. She whistled as she looked through pictures of a young Laura working in a strip club. A devilish plan popped into her mind. She put the pictures aside, put the family pictures back in the box, and put the box in her closet. She got dressed, and went downstairs.

"Laura, I'm going shopping." Barbara called out as she left.

Barbara went to the mall. She bought three red and three white satin bras and panties at Victoria's Secret. She looked at some dresses, but didn't see anything she liked. Laura wasn't home when Barbara returned. She returned the box of pictures to Laura's closet, checked to make sure the bondage stuff was still in the dresser drawer, and returned to her room. She tried on one of the satin bras and panties, and was amazed at how nice they felt against her skin. She got dressed and worked on making her plan happen.

It took a couple of weeks to get everything together. John had already left for the week, and she'd have Laura to herself. She left one of the strip club pictures on the kitchen table, and went into the living room to watch television. It didn't take long.

Laura stormed out of the kitchen and stood in front of Barbara, hands on her hips. "Young lady, what were you doing looking through my pictures?"

Barbara calmly turned off the television. "I don't think you should use that tone of voice with me, Laura."

Laura's face reddened. "I'll yell at you any damn time I want to, Barbara! Give me back my pictures."

Barbara looked up at Laura. "I don't think so."

Laura stomped upstairs. Barbara turned the television on. After a while, Laura came back into the living room and Barbara calmly turned the television off. "I found some of the pictures in your dresser drawer. Where are the other pictures?"

"Laura, I put the negatives and a few of the pictures in a safe place. Give me the pictures; you won't be needing them anymore."

"And what if I don't?"

"How about I show a couple of pictures to John this Friday? I'm sure he'd love to see them."

Laura looked like she'd been punched in the gut. "You, you wouldn't dare do that to me."

Barbara reached up. "Give me the pictures, Laura."

Laura handed Barbara the pictures and slumped down on the sofa.

Barbara looked over at Laura. "Would you mind showing me some of your moves?"

Laura looked up. "What?"

"Show me some of your moves. Strip for me."

Laura buried her head in her hands. She couldn't believe this was happening. She stood up and asked, "What do you want me to do?"

Barbara crossed her legs. "Get a dining room chair, bring it back here, and use it to perform a strip routine."

Laura got a dining room chair and brought it into the living room. Barbara put the television on a dance music channel. Laura closed her eyes and just stood there holding the back of the chair for a while before she started dancing. She danced to a couple of songs before she opened her eyes and removed her blouse. Barbara pulled out a digital camera and took pictures. Laura moved to the groove and took off her skirt. Her bra and panties came off and she danced naked. She danced until Barbara turned the television off.

Barbara clapped and handed Laura a 10-inch adjustable speed vibrator. "That was very good. Put this in, put your panties on, and sit down in the chair."

Laura turned away from Barbara, inserted the vibrator, put her panties on, and sat down. Barbara got up and tied Laura's wrists together behind the chair. She tied her ankles to the chair, then stood up.

Laura looked up and asked, "Why did you tie me up? What are you going to do to me?"

Barbara looked down at Laura. "I want your full attention. Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you." She pinched her nipple. "Yet."

Laura winced.

Barbara left and returned with the handcuffs and clothespins. "Would you mind explaining these, Laura?"

Laura looked at the floor. "Your father liked to tie me up and tease me. He would sometimes put the clothespins on my nipples after he tied or handcuffed me to the bed."

"Interesting. Are you submissive?"

Laura shifted in the chair. "Um, a little." She had long fanaticized about being sexually dominated. She never imagined her stepdaughter would be the dominant.

"Does John know you let Dad do these things to you?"


"Hmm, I wonder how he'd react when he finds out."

Laura looked up at Barbara. "Please don't tell John about this. I don't want to lose him. I don't know what I'd do without him."

"So Laura, you'd like to keep this between us."

"Yes Barbara!" Laura was crying. "Please don't tell John."

"That's up to you. If you do what I tell you, John need never know."

Laura looked up at Barbara. "What do you want?"

Barbara grinned. "Right now, just some girl talk." She turned the vibrator in Laura's pussy on the lowest setting and sat on the sofa. She unbuttoned her blouse. "Thanks for turning me on to satin bras and panties. They feel so much better than cotton. Why were you working in a strip club?"

Laura looked at the floor. "I was in college and needed money for books and tuition. Stripping was the easiest way to earn some."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Sometimes, yes. Most of the time it was boring."

'Who took the pictures? Why did you keep them?"

"A friend of mine from the club. Your Dad liked to look at them, and I forgot about them after he died. I wish I hadn't kept them." Laura squirmed.

Barbara noticed and smiled. "I'm sure you do. I took more pictures while you were stripping. You dance very well."

Laura's face reddened. "Thanks." She squirmed.

"Is something wrong, Laura?" Barbara asked with an innocent tone.

"Damn you Barbara, this vibrator is teasing the hell out of me. Why are you doing this?"

Barbara grinned. "I get aroused watching a horny woman squirm." She gets up, stands behind Laura, and plays with her nipples. "Does this help any?"

Laura squirms more violently. "Yes, uh, no. You're just making me hornier, Barbara. You've done this before?"

Barbara stops and sits down on the sofa. "Yes Laura. I'm a member of Chi O, the kinkiest sorority on campus. We bind and tease all the pledges. Last fall we teased one so much she cried and begged us to touch her. We first made her scrub the kitchen floor on her hands and knees. We tossed her a vibrator when she finished. She was so horny she played with herself right on the kitchen floor. I get aroused teasing women. Just like I'm teasing you now. You're my latest sex toy."

"What do you mean?"

Barbara turned the vibrator off and sat down. "On the weekends, you and John can do whatever you like. During the week you belong to me. You will do whatever I tell you to do." Barbara got up and untied Laura. "Time for bed."

Laura followed Barbara into the bedroom.

Barbara commanded, "Go take a shower and use the bathroom. Don't even think about playing with yourself. When you're done, get back here, put on a pair of panties and lay down on the bed."

Laura peed and took a shower. She wanted to play with herself, but Barbara was in the bathroom watching. She went back into the bedroom, put on a pair of panties, and lay down on the bed. Barbara handcuffed her wrists to the headboard and tied her ankles to the footboard.

Barbara put a 10-inch vibrator in Laura's pussy but didn't turn it on. She pulled up the covers and sat down on the side of the bed. "This is how you'll be sleeping from now on. Oh, it's been no fun listening to you and John having sex. I'm putting a camera in your room so I can watch you as well." Barbara gets up and shows Laura the X10 Internet camera she'd ordered. She puts it on top of a picture hanging on the wall. The frame hides the camera. She adjusts the lens and leaves the room.

Barbara comes back. "I'm getting a great picture on my computer. I'll be back in the morning to unlock you." She turns the light off and goes to bed.

Laura squirmed a little to test her binds. There was no way she was going to wiggle out of this. Damn those pictures. Barbara had her, and she knew it. Laura's vagina muscles were pushing on the vibrator. The panties kept her from pushing the vibrator out. She had trouble relaxing and going to sleep.

Barbara woke up, took a shower, and got dressed. She smiled as she walked into Laura's room. Laura was still asleep. Barbara turned the light on and chirped, "Good morning."

Laura groaned and closed her eyes. Barbara sat down on the side of the bed and kissed Laura. Laura tried to turn away but Barbara held her head. She pinched Laura's nipple hard. "You will kiss me by the end of the day, or I'll tell John all about you."

Laura yelped. She hadn't kissed a woman since she'd been dancing. "Are you a lesbian, Barbara?"

Barbara laughed. "What difference would it make? No Laura, I'm bisexual. I love a hard cock rammed up my pussy almost as much as you do." Barbara unlocked Laura and commanded, "Go use the bathroom and clean up. You've made quite a mess."

Laura stretched her arms and legs and got up. Her panties were soaked, and there was a big wet spot on the bed. She peed and cleaned herself up as best she could. She turned on the shower, and heard Barbara yell, "You don't have time for that. Get out here and put on a pair of panties."

Laura came out and put on a pair of panties.

Barbara had what looked like a large egg in her hand. "Put this in you."

Laura took the egg and inserted it into her pussy. It was a tight fit, but she got it in. She pulled up her panties.

Barbara commanded, "Put your hands behind your back."

Laura clasped one hand with the other.

Barbara sat down on the bed. "Good. I want you to stand like that when you're not doing anything for me. You will wear nothing but panties around the house. When we go out, or when someone comes over, you may put on a bra and clothing. You will have the vibrator egg or the adjustable speed vibrator inside you except when you're using the bathroom. Now go downstairs and make me breakfast. You will stand by the table and watch while I eat."

Laura went downstairs and made some eggs and toast with some coffee. Barbara came down as Laura put the plate on the table. Laura stood by the table with her hands behind her back while Barbara ate.

Barbara finished her breakfast. "Clean this up. You're not eating breakfast anymore; you could stand to lose a few pounds. Straighten up my room, then start the laundry. I'll be in the living room watching TV. Be sure to check every so often to see if I need anything."

Laura went upstairs and made Barbara's bed. She picked up the clothes on the floor and put them in the hamper. She gathered all the towels and brought them downstairs. She went into the living room and put her hands behind her back. "Do you need anything, Barbara?"

Barbara looked up at Laura. "Not right now, but thanks for asking. I think it's time I demonstrate your vibrator egg." She picked up a remote and pressed a button.

Laura could feel the egg vibrate inside her, but she couldn't hear it. It felt great until the vibration stopped.

"That's your reward Laura. When you do what I tell you, I'll turn on the egg. Now go do the laundry."

Laura put the towels in the washer and started the machine. She returned to the living room, and stood there while Barbara watched television. She put the towels in the dryer and returned to the living room. She folded the towels and put them away.

Barbara looked up. "It's about time for lunch, isn't it?"

"Yes Barbara."

"Go make us some sandwiches. Come tell me when they're ready."

"Yes Barbara."

Laura went into the kitchen and made two sandwiches. She came back into the living room. "Lunch is ready."

Barbara turned off the television and went into the kitchen. She sat down and took a bite of her sandwich. Laura sat down and gobbled her sandwich. She was tired and glad to be sitting. She put her hands in her lap and waited for Barbara to finish eating.

Barbara commanded, "Clean this up, then get dressed. We've got some shopping to do."

Laura cleaned the kitchen and went upstairs to get dressed. Barbara was in the living room waiting. She commanded, "Let's go."

"Where are we going?"

"Home Depot, then Victoria's Secret. Do we need anything at the grocery?"

"No, I just went Friday."


Laura drove them to Home Depot.

Barbara turned the vibrator egg on at every red light. Laura parked at Home Depot. Barbara warned her, "You do everything I tell you, or I'll use the egg in the store."

Laura didn't want that. She could hardly stand up to get out of the car. She pushed the cart as Barbara picked up four dozen C batteries, a couple of two-inch C-clamps, a bundle of cotton rope, a dozen two-inch screw eyes, four three-foot lengths of chain and eight padlocks. The twenty-something male cashier snickered as he rang up the purchase. Laura was embarrassed to be standing there and was glad to get back to the car.

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