tagNonHumanSuccubus Reborn Ch. 06

Succubus Reborn Ch. 06


First off, thank you for reading, voting and commenting on my stories.

Secondly, I am sorry to have kept you waiting for so long on a new chapter. Real life reared its ugly head. By the time I was able to get back to this story, I had forgotten where I was and had to reread the previous chapters.

I have one final chapter planned and I hope you don't have to wait as long for that one.

All characters depicted having sex are over 18.

I had no idea how draining the conversion process would be. I stirred from my slumber in the early afternoon. My six converts were all still cuddled together as well. Their bodies were as exhausted as mine was from the sex. I heard a pattering of feet in the next room. Confused, I looked over at the pile of women and noticed for the first time that one was in fact missing. I couldn't discern enough through the pile of limbs who could be gone.

On weak legs, I arose from my spot. I padded my way toward where I last heard the sounds. Turning the corner to head into the kitchen, I saw a very naked Jessica. She was facing away from me so I took in the sight before me. Her blonde hair was still disheveled from the day's activities. My eyes traveled down her body. I smiled when I noticed she still had her socks on from before.

My eyes traversed back up her body when I noticed she was looking back at me over her shoulders. Those sparking hazel eyes of hers drew me closer. As she turned around, her eyes never strayed from mine. She leaned on the counter behind her and spread her legs invitingly.

I stalked her much like a predator would its prey. But Jessica was not going to flee from me. I licked my lips in anticipation. I knew I needed to feed. I needed more than just pussy, but this would at least give me some renewed energy.

"Like what you see?" Jessica asked as I continued to walk toward her.

"Mm-hmm." She bent one knee slightly as I got to within arms reach. I dropped to my knees and ran my tongue licked at the 18 year old's slit.

Jessica grabbed me by the hair and lifted my head from her body. Looking down at me, she said, "I can feel you. I know what you need. Let me feed you. Just feast on me. There's no need for you to be gentle or take it slow. Just feed."

I bent my head back to Jessica's crotch. Spurred on both by my need and Jessica's words, I plunged my tongue into her folds. She lifted her bent leg and draped it over my shoulder as my tongue plunged her depths. Her hands held my face to her body. I slipped a finger into her rosebud as she moaned her arousal.

Her hands left my head. As I looked at my convert, I saw her hands were on the counter supporting her. Her other leg wrapped itself around me as she began to writhe on my tongue. I wrapped my free arm around her and used my thumb to stroke her clit.

"Fuuuuck meeeee!" Jessica wailed above me. I did as requested as I played this girl's body like a well-tuned instrument. My tongue slithered in her depths like a snake. My finger was plunging in and out of her ass.

I felt the rush of her first orgasm of the day build. Her arms were shaking as she supported herself. I stood up, still with her impaled on my finger and tongue. I thought this would make it easier for her not to collapse on the floor. I pushed against her forcing her further up the counter allowing her to rest on her shoulders and elbows.

I continued to work her over on my tongue as her hands started to pinch and pull her nipples. This was all it took for her to gush her juices onto my waiting tongue. I sucked her offering down my throat. I was like a man walking through a desert finally finding water. I greedily lapped every bit of her nectar up. What happened next surprised me. I felt her push at me. Shortly afterward, I was falling backward. I landed on the tiled floor on my back with Jessica now straddling my face.

"Oh God! Cumming again! Fuck me with that glorious tongue! Fucking make me cum again! So close. So close. Oh God so clo...AAAAAH!" Her body began quivering as she rode out her second orgasm.

After devouring her juices she fed me, she leaned back and sat on my chest. Panting as if she had run a mile, she gave me a smile and on shaking legs stood up. "Feel better?" she asked as she presented a hand to help me off.

"Better? Yes, but not enough."

Nodding her head, "I know. I'm sorry, mistress. I wish I could be enough for you." Her head bowed low in dejection.

I lifted it up so I look at her and she at me. "My child, it is not your fault. It's how I was made. I feed off of sexual energy, yes, but the greatest fulfillment of that is through men. If I had been an incubus, however, I would be sated with your body for days, if not longer." She beamed at my compliment.

She pulled me into a tight hug. I stroked her back as she mewled in my shoulder. "But now, my child, I can be sated not by your body but through your body. As you are fucked by men, I will be able to feed."

"So yesterday?"

"Was about getting converts for them to feed me."

Behind us we heard someone ask, "What's the address here?"

Breaking from our hug at the interruption, we turned and saw Stacy with a phone to her ear. Jessica told her the address and Stacy repeated it into the phone. "Okay," she said and disconnected the call.

"What was that for?" Jessica asked.

"Well, we heard you in here and woke up. Except we're famished and wanted to get some food. Since no one wanted to fix anything, I suggested pizzas."

The three of us went back into the harem-style living room. The women were all stirring by this point. Stacy immediately left my side and laid down next to her sister, Emily. Lauren was cuddled with her mom, Mary. Seeing this, Jessica went and claimed the unattended side of her mom. Chloe looked uncertain where to go. She didn't want to intrude on any family bonding so she just leaned on her elbows watching. I finally plopped down on one of the pillowy cushions and beckoned her over to me.

We were just basking in the new sensations coursing through our bodies. I felt every finger, every tongue, every sensation on these six female bodies. I was linked in a way I never knew possible. The sensations were a constant reminder of how hungry I really was. All my building desires and the one thing I need most these women can't provide. In my ultimate plan, I knew that yesterday was important, but today has left me weak.

The doorbell interrupted my reverie. "Pizza's here!" one of the girl's shouted.

Chloe and I were the closest to the door so she got up to answer it. She looked through the peep hole, but before she opened it she looked at me and said, "Perhaps you should get the door."

Perplexed, I got up and strolled to the door. I didn't bother looking through the peep hole, but swung the door open. Standing before me was a man. He wasn't anything special. By the looks of him, he was college student probably working at the pizza place to pay for college. I reached out and ran my fingers over his hands and arms that were uncovered by his short-sleeve polo. Yes, he would do nicely.

"Would you mind coming in?" I purred, seductively. "I need to get the payment from inside. As you can see, I don't have it on me." He gulped audibly and followed me inside. My fingers never left his arm.

When he got fully inside the house, his eyes bulged. The women hadn't moved, except Chloe and I. Chloe shut the door behind us, which caused the delivery man to whip his head around. I could see the lust and desire, but I also felt fear from this man.

"Um, weren't you going to, you know, get the money?" he asked.

"I didn't say I was. I said I needed to get inside for your payment." My hand finally left his arm. I ran both of my hands down my sculpted nude form from the swell of my breasts down my abs to my vagina. "This is your payment."

"I, um, well you see, I really need to, um, go. I need this job and, well, if I don't get back, well, they'll fire me." He was looking around nervously as he stammered out his plea.

The girls had finally stirred from their resting spots. Once they arrived, they proceeded to relieve this man of his pizza boxes. I circled him as I evaluated him. He was about 6'2" and scrawny. He had short brown hair and wore glasses. He had scars on his face from acne. His arms showed he didn't work out as there wasn't much more than skin and bones. All in all, most women wouldn't have given him a second glance.

"Um, maybe I should leave," he suggested in a quivering voice, "I'll just, um, pizza's on me."

"What's your name?" I whispered in his ear as my arms wrapped themselves around him from behind.


"Well, Brandon, don't worry about your job. I'll make sure you keep it. For now, though, this customer isn't satisfied. Don't you want to...satisfy me?" He nodded his head. I grasped the hem of his shirt and lifted it over his head. His pants vibrated. I reached in his back pocket and looked at the phone. Work, it said. I tossed the offending device over my shoulder and heard it land on one of the cushions. I proceeded to undo his pants. I circled back around Brandon so I could see his manhood as I unveiled it. As I worked his pants and briefs down his legs, I slowly sank to my knees. I licked my lips in anticipation. Once his dick was unleashed, I marveled at the size. This scrawny man had a fine looking cock. Nice and thick and long. But I had no intention of just grading it by looks alone. I sank my mouth over it and began to give him a blowjob. I heard the tell-tale sound of the phone vibrating again, but this time I ignored it.

One of the girls must have answered it. I heard them say, "Brandon's busy at the moment...No, he's got a harem of women to please...Uh, huh. That's right...Would I lie to you?...One moment." There was a brief flash then the girl began talking again. "Yep, that's me...Well, you better hurry or Brandon here will be fucking me..."

I ignored whatever was being said. Seems my new converts were luring more prey to me. I focused on my task at hand. I bobbed my head up and down his shaft. My tongue swirled around it coating it in my saliva. When my nose pushed into his pubic hair, my tongue would fondle his balls. His hands went instinctively to my head both to keep me at his cock and to keep his balance. His cock began to swell. At the same time, it also grew hotter. The pleasure was too great for Brandon and he shot his seed in my mouth.

I continued to lick and suck on his dick. I worked my magic on his glorious appendage. I needed this man to fill me, but even the best human dick wasn't enough for me. I gave to this man stamina and virility. His dick never left its hardness. He looked down in shock. "What, I mean, I don't usually, um, you know."

"Brandon, you will have a cock that men are jealous of and women will crave." I had him lift his legs out of the discarded pants and led him into the living room. The women, all still naked, were feeding each other pizza. If a morsel or drop of pizza sauce fell, there was a mouth cleaning it up. I pushed Brandon backward so he plopped on a couch. I kneeled between his legs and looked up at him. "Do you like this? Do you like knowing that when I am done with you, you will have the pick of these women?" He nodded his head vigorously. "Well, stud, I am not quite done with you."

I raised back up and straddled his legs. I sank my pussy on his cock until it was sheathed in me completely. Placing my hands behind his shoulders, I began to thrust up and down on his shaft. He watched as my breasts bounced in front of his face. His hands traced down my back until they landed on my ass. He squeezed my firm globes. I reared my head and arched my back. This action thrust my tits out even more. He raised his head up and met my nipple with his mouth. Finally, having a dick fucking me after all these years, it was both too much and not enough. I came with a scream. My pussy clenched around his cock, which was just enough for this young man to erupt in me. I knew I had to stave off my desire to make Brandon cum and cum and cum. My ultimate goal was to strive on this plane and build up my power to lure my true conquest. But the time is not, yet, right for that and death is the fastest way to lure him here. I am not strong enough to fight. No, now is the time to build power.

I have no idea how long Brandon and I were fucking, but as I got off Brandon I noticed two new young men were here. Each set of sisters was with a different guy. Lauren was riding some guy, but his face was buried in Jessica's sex. The sisters had their hands groping each other with Lauren sucking Jessica's earlobe as Jessica came on the guy's tongue. Emily was fucking her sister, Stacy, with a strap-on while taking the other young man's cock from behind. From my vantage point, I couldn't tell if he was fucking her pussy or ass. All during this, Mary and Chloe were sharing a double-sided dildo. Each woman was close to, or already, cumming.

When everyone started to peak, pretty close to simultaneously, I felt every gushing, tingling, throbbing sensation. It was a good thing I had disengaged from Brandon when this happened. I fell off the couch and started spasming. The women also started trembling. Their mouths opened trying to scream out their pleasures, but no sound came out. The guys all pumped and emptied their sperm into their respective partners and I felt it all at once.

I noticed the men start to disentangle themselves and start gathering their clothes. Hoarsely, I cried out, "No. Don't leave. Not yet."

They looked back at me, dumbfounded. "Y-you want m-more?!?," one of the new guys stammered, disbelievingly. I merely nodded.

I staggered up on shaking knees. I had never had an experience like the one I just discovered. I as walking like it was my first time ever to do so. But the experience left me wanting, no needing, more. And there were two men I hadn't had yet. My nostrils flared smelling them for the first time. As I reached them, I pushed one to the ground. Putting one leg on either side of his ribs, I placed my hands on his chest and leaned down. Snaking my tongue over, round and in his ear, I asked, "What's your name, boy?"

"Derek." Now that I got a name I studied this specimen. He had brown hair and hazel eyes. He hadn't shaved in a day or two, but sometimes I like the feel of coarse hair against my smooth skin. He was fit, but not overly so. His dick, what I saw of it earlier, was decent, but that won't matter since it will change with my powers.

"And Derek are you really ready to leave?"

"N-no." I smiled at him and turned to face his partner. "And you are?"

"Austin." The redheaded boy was scrawny. Not even a morsel for a ghoul, but after me will have a body that can lure most women. And the one's he cant? Well, that's where my vessels come into play.

"So tell me, boys, how did you manage to find this place?"

Austin replied, "We're roommates of Brandon. We were going to," he faltered for a second, "see a movie?"

"A movie really?," I asked raising my eyebrow suspiciously.

"A strip club," answered Derek underneath me.

"That's better. If you wish to serve me, you had better learn honesty. Please continue."

"O-okay. A strip club for my birthday," resumed Austin, a blush forming on his cheeks almost the color of his hair.

"A isn't an orgy a better way to celebrate one year closer to death?," I asked with a smirk.

He nodded his head, "Ye-yes. It is." I motioned for him to continue his story. "Wh-when Brandon didn't show up, we—I mean—I called to see where he was. But," he looked around at the women sprawled everywhere on the floor, "I'm not sure who," Jessica raised her hand like she was asking a question at school, "answered and said he was fucking a harem."

All this time, I had been rubbing my wet slit up and down Derek's torso. "Well, birthday boy, I think it's time for a treat. What do you think?"

Austin nodded his head vigorously. I turned my head towards Derek, "Alright boys. Derek here, since he's already in position, is going to get my pussy." Turning my head back to Austin, I saw a dejected look on his face, "And Austin you are going to get my ass." Austin's head whipped up and focused on me. I smiled seductively at him as he shuffled towards me.

Pretty soon I was impaled by two cocks. They were growing longer and thicker until they filled me most pleasurably with a little side of pain. Derek had his hands on my hips guiding my movements on the twin cocks. Austin had maneuvered his hands over my breasts squeezing them as he pounded my ass.

The women, not to be left out formed a daisy chain around us. Sisters eating sisters. Friends eating friends. A mother eating a daughter. The sexual energy we were creating reinvigorated Brandon, who had mostly been forgotten, came towards us. His hard cock leading the way. He stepped over the line of women and had his dick in my face. I eagerly gulped it down and began sucking. A hard cock in each of my holes what more could a succubus want?

We were all connected, each of us. One person's orgasm was everyone's orgasm. And we all felt our own and each other's orgasm. Ten glorious orgasms all at once. But they didn't stop there. The spasms and twitching and the grasping kept us glued to each other to experience another orgasm after another. Until our clenching hands and legs went to mush and we fell away from each other.

Through it all, somehow I managed to not devour the three men. I had the wherewithal to restrain myself for my ultimate goal. And nothing was going to stop me. Not even my own very nature. But through this weekend I found a truth no other succubus, at least none I knew of, knew. The pleasure you can attain with patience is so much glorious than the rush you get all at once. Safer, too, since you can hide your aura for longer.

We spent all weekend in that house. Eating take-out. Luring delivery boys and girls. I turned every senior and college student in that town thanks to, initially, my first most cherished treasures.

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