tagNovels and NovellasSultry Summer Ch. 11

Sultry Summer Ch. 11

byD.C. Roi©

Carlotta Lucarella wasn't sure why her boss, Marlene Arlington, had insisted she spend the weekend at Marlene's country home. All they'd done since they arrived at the posh residence a few hours earlier was eat dinner and watch TV. Around nine o'clock, Miss Arlington excused herself and went to bed. Carlotta, who had nothing else to do, did the same.

The attractive young blond was both puzzled and angered by the dull evening her employer had shown her. She stripped her clothes off, slipped a ruffled, embroidered lace chemise over her lush body, then walked toward the bed.

"I should have gone with Dylan," she thought as she turned down the covers on the king sized bed that graced the huge bedroom she was using. Dylan, her boyfriend, had tickets to a concert by a group Carlotta liked. She wanted to go, but didn't think turning her boss's invitation down would be wise. All being a faithful, obedient employee got her was stuck in the mountains, bored silly. And knowing Dylan, he'd taken someone else to the concert.

Feeling a bit put-upon, Carlotta went to slip into bed and, as she did, there was a soft knock on the door, then her boss walked into the room.

Carlotta looked at her employer. Ever since she'd gone to work for Miss Arlington, she wished she looked as good as the older woman did. "If she wasn't a lawyer, she could have been a model," the girl thought, "She's so slim and gorgeous!" Her employer wore a white full-length nightgown that had ruffles around the hem, wrists, and bodice. It was understated, yet breathtakingly feminine and sexy.

"How is your room, Carlotta?" Marlene asked.

"It's...ah...it's nice," Carlotta answered.

"You're comfortable, then?" Marlene inquired.

"Uh-huh," the younger woman said.

"I'm glad you decided to join me this weekend," Marlene said, then she walked over to her secretary, put her arms around her, and hugged her.

Carlotta hadn't expected her boss to do this. Miss Arlington always acted cool and reserved in the office. She could feel the warmth of other woman's body through the nighties they both wore. Even more confusing was the fact that contact with Miss Arlington's body caused goose bumps to rise on her skin and gave her funny feelings in her belly. Was she mistaken, or were Miss Arlington's nipples hard?

Confusion and fear flooded Carlotta. What was Miss Arlington doing? Was she a Lesbian? Was she putting the make on her? If she was, would she get fired if she refused to go along? Her job paid well, she needed the money, and couldn't afford to lose it. As the confused thoughts whirled in Carlotta's mind, feelings she didn't want to have began to race through her body as Miss Arlington held her.

"Ah..." Carlotta leaned back in the older woman's arms and looked at her.

"What?" Miss Arlington asked. Her lovely employer looked directly into Carlotta's eyes.

"I...ah...I...I don't know...ah..." Carlotta stammered.

"Does my touching you scare you?" Marlene whispered.

Carlotta nodded and swallowed hard. "Yeah...ah...sorta," she stammered.

"Look at me, Carlotta," her employer said, softly, but firmly.

Carlotta's eyes met the attorney's. She saw something in Miss Arlington's jade green eyes. Was it passion? Or was Carlotta's growing passion making her see things that weren't really there?

"Carlotta, have you ever made love with a woman?" Marlene asked.

Carlotta shook her head. Fear began to contend with need for control of her. Her boss was coming on to her!

"What would you say if I told you I wanted to make love to you?" Marlene purred.

Carlotta couldn't speak, couldn't move. It shocked her that she found herself about to say "Yes!" She wanted to experience the touch of another woman! She had to know what it felt like! She felt wetness in her groin, in fact she was soaking wet!

Without waiting for an answer, Marlene led the younger woman to the bed and began pulling her nightgown up.

Carlotta struggled for breath when she felt her nightgown being lifted. She couldn't do anything to stop her boss as the lovely woman lifted the garment over her head. In fact, Carlotta raised her arms to make it easier for Miss Arlington to remove the nightie. She stood nude, gasping for breath, watching Miss Arlington's eyes move hotly over her.

"Your breasts are exquisite, Carlotta," Marlene whispered. "They're very lovely!"

Her employer's ardent compliment thrilled Carlotta. She felt her nipples stiffening and thrills whipped through her.

Marlene's soft hands went to Carlotta's shoulders and tugged gently. Carlotta was jarred when her employer's soft lips covered hers. Sensations more intense than any she'd ever known flashed through her. Her lips parted and Miss Arlington's tongue slid into her mouth. Automatically, she slipped her arms around her employer and the intensity of their kiss heightened.

Gasping for breath, the two gorgeous blondes ended their kiss and stood there, clinging to each other.

"Please, Miss Arlington, I...I...I want you to...to make love to...to me," Carlotta heard herself stammer. She couldn't believe she was saying the words, but she knew she was.

"Oh, Carlotta, I'm so delighted to hear you ask!" Marlene exclaimed. She tugged her secretary down onto the bed and slid her hands across the younger woman's chest, gently grasping Carlotta's breasts. Then, holding the lovely globes in her cupped hands, she began suckling the swollen rosy tips, drawing each one deep into her mouth.

"Ohhhhh!!!!" Carlotta moaned. Her hands tangled in her boss's silken hair, pulling the older woman's face tighter against her chest. She'd never felt anything like this in her life! It felt so good! Too good! Way too good!

Then, suddenly... "Ohhhhh!!! Ohhhhh!!!!! Ohhhhh!!!!!!!" Carlotta cried. "I'm...I'm coming!!! Oh!!!!! Suck them!!! Ohhhhh!!! I'm commmiinnnnngggggg!!! Yesssss!!!"

Even after Carlotta's orgasm dwindled, Marlene continued to caress the hardened tips of her employee's perfect breasts. She was amazed and thrilled that she'd made the younger woman come by sucking her breasts. Finally, she gave each tip a final kiss, sat back and looked into Carlotta's eyes, smiling. "My goodness, Carlotta! You really were aroused, weren't you?"

Impulsively, Carlotta clutched her boss to her. "I had no idea how excited I was!" she whispered. "I've never felt anything like that in my life!"

Marlene began caressing Carlotta's bare body. "My God!" she exclaimed, "You have an incredible body!"

Carlotta felt herself blushing. She thought her boss was the beautiful one and often wished her body was as good as Miss Arlington's. Then she stopped thinking and began gasping as her employer's soft, warm hands ventured over her lovely anatomy.

Miss Arlington's soft hands slid lightly up the insides of Carlotta's legs, trailing fire. Carlotta parted her legs, and her employer's fingers combed through her pubic hair and brushed her clit. "Ahhhhh!!!!!" she moaned, her body arching. Something warm and damp was touching her thigh, something else was tickling her other thigh. The sensations she felt were so sweet she couldn't keep from crying out in joy.

Marlene was kissing the inside of one of Carlotta's thighs and her silky blonde hair was tickling the other one. Lust and fire raged in Carlotta and her hips arched off the bed when her boss cupped her vagina. Then a lovely, slim finger slid between the silken lips, well-lubricated by Carlotta's gushing love-juices.

"Yesssss!!!!" Carlotta hissed when her boss's finger began a gentle probing exploration. "Oh, yesssss!!!"

Marlene, who was just as aroused as her secretary, kissed her way nearer and near to the center of Carlotta's pleasure. She could tell from the way the younger woman was writhing and moaning that she was near coming! She couldn't wait to see and hear her lovely employee come again!

"Oh, Miss Arlington!!!" Carlotta moaned, "Yesssss!!! Oh, yesssss!!!!" She felt the finger which had been giving her so much pleasure leave her, then warmth and wetness engulfed her when Marlene replaced her finger with her tongue and began lapping and licking.

Carlotta's back arched, lifting her hips off the bed. Her head rolled from side to side on the pillow. She grabbed her breasts and pulled at the nipples. "Oh, God, Miss Arlington!! Oh!! Ohhhhhh!!! Oh!!! Ohhhhh!!! Oh!!! Goddd!!! Goddddd!!! Oh!!! Oh!!! Yessss!!! Yessss!!!"Carlotta babbled as she experienced sensations more intense than any she'd ever known before. "Gonna come!!! Oh, God, Miss Arlington!!! Gonna come!!!" she cried suddenly, "My God!!! Oh, Goddd!!! So goooodddd!! So good!!! I'm...I'm coming!!! Yes!! I'm coming!!! I...I...Ahhhhh!!! Oh!! Ohhhh!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!"

Carlotta writhed and bucked under the delectable onslaught of Marlene's lips, tongue, and fingers until, her passion totally spent, she lay still.

Marlene gave Carlotta's vagina one last kiss, then she stretched out next to her employee on the bed and pulled the young woman into her arms.

"I've...I never felt anything like that before!" Carlotta whispered.

Marlene kissed her softly. "I'm delighted I had the opportunity to share such a wonderful experience with you," she murmured. "You are magnificent, Carlotta, so lovely..."

Carlotta realized her boss still had her nightgown on. She also realized she'd been selfish. Miss Arlington had given her so much pleasure and she'd given the lovely woman nothing in return. She found herself wanting to give her gorgeous employer the same kind of pleasure she'd received from her.

"What...what about you?" Carlotta asked.

"I'm very turned on," Marlene replied. "You're an exciting woman, Carlotta. Making love to you was a splendid experience!"

"I...I'd like to...would you like it if I...?" Carlotta stammered.

"You want to make love to me, don't you, my love?" Marlene said, smiling.

"Yessss!!!" Carlotta exclaimed. She didn't want to talk any more. She rolled atop Miss Arlington and began kissing her passionately. Finally, needing to breathe, she broke the kiss and knelt on the bed next to her boss. With trembling hands she tugged her employer's nightgown up, baring her lithe, lovely body.

Carlotta paused and stared. Though the older woman was slim, her body was exquisite. She had a flat, flawless belly and her breasts were wonderfully formed, with dark areolas and thick nipples. Carlotta continued to gaze on her employer's luscious form and felt as if she had to touch, explore, and possess the elegant woman lying in front of her.

"Don't be afraid, Carlotta," Marlene whispered, "Go ahead! Touch me!"

Carlotta had never touched another woman sexually before, but now she found herself wanting to desperately. Trembling, she reached out her hand.

Marlene stretched, raising her arms above her head, arching her body, slipping her nightgown off as she did. Carlotta found her boss's movement incredibly erotic and, with a moan, she began caressing the flat area under Miss Arlington's breasts. The skin there was soft and warm, somehow different than men's skin she'd touched.

"That's it, Carlotta!" Marlene purred. "That's exactly what I want you to do."

Carlotta moved her hand tentatively over the older woman's velvety flesh. She could tell she was pleasing her employer because of the soft murmurs that were escaping from Miss Arlington's lips. Emboldened, Carlotta moved her hands onto her employer's lovely breasts, curling her hands around them, feeling the firmness of the gorgeous firm orbs. The dark circles surrounding the nipples wrinkled, and Miss Arlington's thick nipples began to emerge.

Carlotta captured a protruding tip between her lips. Miss Arlington moaned and her hands combed through Carlotta's hair, tangling in it, as Carlotta sucked the extending nipple into her mouth.

"Oh Carlotta, that feels so lovely!!" Marlene murmured, "So, so lovely!!"

Ecstasy flooded through Carlotta. She was thrilled she was able to make Miss Arlington feel this good. She slid a hand over her employer's flat belly and began tracing the edge of her patch of fine gold pubic hair.

"Oh, Carlotta, you're so wonderful!" the older woman purred, squirming, as her secretary's hand glided over her. "You're so gentle!!"

Carlotta relinquished the nipple she'd been suckling and transferred her attentions to the other nipple. When she sucked it into her mouth, Marlene's chest heaved.

"Yesssss!!!" her lovely blonde employer moaned.

Carlotta's hand slid through Miss Arlington's silky pubic hair and between her thighs. She sought, then found, Miss Arlington's clit. It was so big! Carlotta teased it with her fingers.

"Oh, Carlotta!! Darling!!! Oh!!! That's...Ahhhh!!!...so...nice!!!" Marlene purred, her hips rising and falling, as her secretary played with her clit.

Carlotta abandoned her employer's breasts and began to kiss all over her lithe body.

"Oh, yes!!! Oh!!! Oh!!!" Marlene cried. "Oh Carlotta, you're driving me insane!!!"

Carlotta's tongue probed and licked her boss's navel and the woman's belly moved in and out.

"Wooooahhhhh!!!" Marlene groaned. Unintelligible sounds poured from her as Carlotta's hand stroked her swollen clit more actively. "Eat meeeeee!!! Please!!! Carlotta, my darling, eat meeeeee!!!" the frantic blonde attorney begged. "Your tongue!!! Oh, God, Carlotta!!! I need your tongue!!!"

Carlotta, without stopping her manual attention to Miss Arlington's clit, moved between her boss's trembling slender legs.

"Please, Carlotta!!! Please!!! Oh!!! My love!!! My darling!!! Please!!!" Marlene moaned, her hips moving wildly. Her hands tangled in Carlotta's hair, urging her head downward. She pulled her legs up, raising her knees, then Carlotta's mouth moved onto her vagina and her legs tensed and her middle rose off the bed and she thrust herself toward Carlotta's mouth.

"Eat me!!! Lick meeeee!!! Give me your tongue!!!" Marlene wailed. "Please!!! Please, Carlotta!!!" Her cries of need became more urgent.

Carlotta grabbed hold of her boss's buttocks, then she drew her tongue up through the woman's sopping furrow.

"Wahhhh!!! Wahhhh!!! Wahhhh!!!" her blonde employer shrieked. Her hips began rocking wildly, so wildly Carlotta had difficulty keeping her mouth in contact with her. "Yessssss!!! Yesssss!!! That's it, Carlotta!!! That's ittttttttt!!! Eat me!!! Eat me!!! Eat meeeeeee!!!"

Carlotta marveled at the wildness what she was doing to her boss caused. She knew Miss Arlington was close to coming and tried to extend her pleasure. She kept licking her boss's vagina and thrusting her tongue as far into the other woman's body as she could get it.

"Please, Carlotta!!! Oh darling, please!!!!" Marlene begged, her hips writhing, her body seeking release, "I need to come!!! Don't tease me any longer!!! Please!!! Please!!! I need to come!!!!"

Carlotta kept her head buried in her employer's crotch as the older woman bucked and twisted. She could feel the muscles in her boss's firm buttocks clenching and releasing as passion wracked her. Then Miss Arlington's legs clamped around Carlotta's head, trapping her face in her crotch.

"Oh, God, I've got to come!!! Please, Carlotta!!! Oh, darling, please don't tease me any longer!!! Please, Carlotta!!! Please!!!" the blonde attorney cried.

Carlotta couldn't wait, either. She wanted to know what it would be like to feel her boss coming. She inserted a finger into the blonde lawyer's pulsing quim and began to suckle her clit.

Marlene went wild. "Wahhhhhhhh!!!! Wahhhhhh!!! Unnnnnnnggggghhhhhhh!!!!" she wailed. "Wahhhhhhh!!! Wahhhhhhhhh!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Oh, yessssssss!!!! Oh, yesssssssss!!!! Commmminnnnngggggg!!!! Commmminnnnngggggg!!! Omigod!!! Commmminnnnngggggg!!!!" The beauteous blonde lawyer's hips jerked and twisted wildly as the orgasm she sought so desperately at last swept through her.

"Oh, Wow! Am I ever glad I did this!" Carlotta thought exultantly, "This is unreal! She's coming! Oh, God, is she ever!!" She continued to thrust her finger into Miss Arlington's palpitating opening, and her tongue kept caressing the woman's clit, cleaning off the juices pouring out, tracing it lovingly until the frantic movements of her employer's hips began to slow. The warm legs clamped around Carlotta's head dropped to the mattress, but still Carlotta kept on. Spasms occasionally made the blonde attorney quiver, then even those ceased and Miss Arlington lay still, breathing evenly, her moans and gasps at last silent.

Carlotta stretched out next to her lovely blonde boss and kissed her softly. As her flesh touched her employer's a thrill ran through her. This wasn't wrong at all! It was beautiful! Making love with a woman was a wonderful experience!

"I don't know about you," Marlene whispered, "but I'm exhausted. I think we ought to get to some sleep, don't you agree?"

Carlotta, exhausted, found lying against her boss's warm body was making it hard to stay awake. "Uh-huh," she murmured sleepily. She felt Miss Arlington pull the covers over them, and was vaguely aware that the lights went off. Snuggled against her employer's warm nude flesh, she drifted off to sleep, thinking, "Maybe coming up here this weekend wasn't such a bad idea after all!"

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