Summer Lovers

byAlan Rich©

Desire was building. She knew the telltale moisture of her arousal had already dampened her panties. Breaking their passionate kiss, Carmen stepped back as the taboo and excitement of kissing this very young man aroused her carnal desires. She was teetering on the verge of dragging him into the house, ripping off his clothes and impaling her pussy on his hard cock.

"Ok, I have to go in now." She whispered, hoping not to betray her wanton lust for him.

"I'll call you tomorrow." He said, stepping back, again taking his hands in hers, he added, "God, you are so fine." Noticing the bright crimson coloration in her cheeks, he thought she was blushing from the compliment. Never in his wildest imagination could he have guessed the truth.

"Tomorrow," he said again as he turned to walk back to his bike.

"What time tomorrow?" she asked. Watching him as he tightened the chinstrap of his helmet, he reminded her of a young Peter Fonda in the movie "Easy Rider".

"Afternoon, around 2 O'clock." he replied. Pausing for a second to look at her standing just inside the door as the thoughts flooded his mind about what had just occurred.

"Jeez fuck'n Christ! I just made out with Kyle's mom." Alan thought as he rode his motorcycle toward home, adjusting the huge bulging erection in his jeans. Feelings of anxiety, fear and confidence of what he had just done and thoughts of tomorrow inundated his imagination. He wanted to feel her breasts crushed against his chest, slide his tongue into her delicious mouth and cup the round cheeks of her butt in his palms.

Carmen continued to fight her animal-like urge for sexual satisfaction as her thoughts continually returned back to Alan. Trying to get her thoughts on something else, she took a pair of coveralls that belonged to her deceased husband. A fluttering of guilt suddenly settled into her heart as she ran her fingers over the material. David had bought the coveralls shortly before the accident, and she debated whether or not to just leave them folded in the drawer.

"It's been four years. David is gone and you need to move on with your life," she whispered out loud.

Taking a pair of scissors, she cut off the legs. The sewing machine hummed while she turned the material under, hemming them into a pair of shorts. Standing in front of the full-length mirror, she was pleased with her work, as her thoughts wondered to what Alan would think of her wearing them.

Later that evening during her shower as she shaved the stubble from the lips of her sex, she could not stop herself from remembering how his lips felt while they kissed. Firm, masculine and warm. She continued to think of his hand on her leg, how such a simple act as that could ignite such wonderfully erotic reactions. Bath gel lathered profusely as she guided the soapy Sea Sponge down over her stomach and pressing it firmly into the soft area above her mound, she closed her eyes, seeing his body held between her thighs as they rode the motorcycle. Inhaling deeply and slowly as the soft, course texture of the sponge slid easily between her thighs, she cupped her breast, pinching her nipple. She tried to imagine exactly what they would be doing if she had not sent him away and she regretted her actions of not surrendering to her most primal desires.

Now with the room dark, she tossed and turned amid the pillows and sheets, finally giving in to her wanton desire. A sharp gasp and low moan escaped her throat as she sank two fingers into her oily passage. Drawing them out, she rubbed her clit as she pulled and twisted her nipples, imagining his teeth gently nibbling at them. Turning over on her stomach, she took the vibrator from the nightstand, switched it to the highest setting and easily inserted into her pussy. Her breathing was labored as she tried to hold back the pleasure of her orgasm. As her body shuddered, she gasped, moaning, imagining his hard cock relentlessly pounding into the soul of her body, as wave upon wave of sexual bliss completely consumed her. When her senses returned, she turned off the vibrator and pulled it out of her slick channel and let it drop onto the bed between her thighs. She stretched, then rolled over onto her side. Hugging a pillow to her bosom she quickly faded off to sleep as she imagined it was Alan she held in her arms.

Having gone to bed early that night, Alan was stroking his erection, remembering vividly the satiny smoothness of her thighs. His shaft was unusually hot and longer; he could not remember it being as long or as large as it now appeared. The rim of the helmet looked like it was protruding well above his clenched fist. Licking his dry lips, he closed his eyes as his thoughts turned to the sweet taste of her tongue in his mouth and the softness of her hair as he passionately kissed her. His pent up sexual desire for Carmen was near its peak as the vision materialized in his mind's eye of looking up the leg of her shorts, seeing her white panties and the swell of the bottom portion of her butt. Feeling the warm rivulet of his pre-cum on his thumb, he again looked at the bulbous helmet above his pumping hand. He began to imagine it was her hand that was stroking him while a vision of her smiling face appeared beside the image of her hand. The labored breathing and tense muscles was a telltale sign that he was past the point of no return. He tried to stifle a deep moan when his cock pulsed, and he exhaled sharply as jets of semen arched upwards, then falling, created an irregular trail of hot white fluid down from his chest and across his stomach. Finally the eruptions subsided and the last remnants of his orgasm flowed over the back of his hand.

Reaching over the edge of the bed, he picked the pair of underwear he had been wearing that day and wiped up his mess. Tossing them onto the pile of dirty clothes, he lay back down and quickly dozed off to sleep, as he thought of Carmen.

"Alan, it's time to get up," his mom said as she lightly knocked on his bedroom door.

"Ok." He had been awake for sometime, thinking about the previous evening with Carmen. He actually enjoyed taking her for a ride on his motorcycle. She was vibrant, fun and easy to talk with. She never acted in the role of the adult as he thought she would, never correcting him when he let a cuss word slip. He smiled as he remembered her flipping off the driver of that car that cut in front of them. He inhaled deeply as the memory of her kiss became the foremost though on his mind.

"Do you want to eat breakfast before you mow the yard?" His Mom asked.

"Yeah. Steak and eggs, coffee and orange juice," he joked. Sitting up on the side of his bed, grabbing the pants he wore last night and putting them on, then stuffed the crusty pair of underwear towards the bottom of the pile of his dirty clothes.

"One order of medium-well Cheerios coming right up." His mom laughed, turning away from his door.

Placing the empty bowl of cereal in the sink, he asked his mom, "I'm planning to go to Bomber Field this afternoon with Kyle's mom. Is that Ok?"

"I don't mind but you need to mow the yard first. I want a nice job this time, not like the one you did last week. You hear me?"

"Ok, I'll do better," he replied, setting the empty bowl in the sink.

"I didn't know she liked to fly models."

"She doesn't fly but she wants to go," hoping that his mom would not ask any more questions about her. He didn't want to tell her about last night, although he couldn't think of any real reason not to tell her.

"Call me if you go anywhere else."

"I will," he said as he walked eagerly to the garage, his thoughts on Carmen.

Without being asked to do so by his mom, he trimmed the grass along the flowerbeds and weeded a small portion of the vegetable garden. He wanted to do a good job on the lawn. His thoughts had been centered on Carmen the entire time. In his imagination, he could see Carmen nodding her head in approval of the excellent work he was doing. When his work was done, he had just enough time for a quick shower before he was to pick her up.

Carmen also remained in bed for quite a while after she woke up. Her thoughts were centered on Alan. She was attracted to his carefree mannerisms and his non-threatening attitude. He never tried to take advantage of the situation even though it was she who provided him ample opportunity to do so. He behaved as a gentleman, yet she knew that the truth of his passive actions was brought about by their age difference and his relationship to her son, Kyle. He had opened up his thoughts to her and she to him. Yet, he still subconsciously thought of her as Kyle's mom, an older woman. She smiled as she began thinking of their conversations at the park. Pressing her head back into the pillow as her hands slowly traveled up over her stomach, softly cupped her breasts. Her carnal desire for this young man grew as her mind pictured him lying naked next to her.

The issue of their age difference was no longer a consideration because she knew she would have him between her legs. A nagging, unfulfilled emptiness was centered just below her stomach as she picked up the vibrator. Knowing it would not be able to satisfy her needs; a stiff hard cock pummeling her pussy until she was too sore to continue was the only thing that could satisfy her craving. Concerned that he still perceived her as too old, or Kyle's mom, his perceptions of her would have to be changed somehow, she realized. She began to piece together ideas and thoughts to formulate plans to have this virile young man quenching her need for pure unadulterated sex.

Having a breakfast of fruit while the bed linens were in the wash, she eyed the coveralls draped across her sewing table. She debated whether she should finish altering them or trash them, as they were several sizes too large. "Oh, I guess they're good enough for yard work." She convinced herself as the buzzer of the washing machine sounded.

After drying the linens, washing two more loads of laundry and cleaning the kitchen floor, she called it a day and took a welcomed shower. Although she had not figured out how to lure him into her bed, she wanted her appearance to be perfect. She set her razor in the soap dish after shaving her legs and trimming her pubic hair. Satisfied with the narrow strip that remained above her slit and the smooth bare skin of her sex. She casually took her time showering, enjoying the luxurious feeling of the sea sponge and the scented bath gel.

Wearing her favorite T-shirt and choosing a pair of panties, which were as sheer as smoke, she again turned her attention to the coveralls. Stepping into the baggy legs, she caught her reflection in the mirror as she rose up. A smile lightened her face as she viewed the transparency of her panties. The cleft of her sex was clearly visible below the trimmed strip of pubic hair. Donning the coveralls, she adjusted the shoulder straps as far as they would go and snipped off the excess material. Bending this way and that, she looked at her reflection in the full-length mirror. Wadding the denim material up in her fingers "Yes, about this much off the waist." She said out loud. Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a knock at the Front Door.

"Hi. Come on in. I'm sorry, I lost all track of time." Carmen said as she held the door open for Alan.

"Thanks. You look nice." Alan complimented her as his eyes wandered over the coveralls she was wearing, instantly focusing on the two unfastened buttons at her waist.

"Thank you, but I need to take them up in the waist some more. If you'll excuse me, I'll change and be right with you."

"Wait. You look you good in them. Don't change."

"I can't wear these things, they're too baggy. They look like rejects from that old Hee-Haw Show" Carmen complained, frowning, as she held out the excess material at the waist in an attempt to make her point.

"I think you look good in them just the way they are, but if you want to, go ahead and change."

"I don't know," she said more to herself than to him.

Carmen left the room and went into the kitchen as the thought of going on a picnic with Alan seeped into her imagination. Just the two of them, alone, a blanket, some wine. She bit her lower lip as her imagination grew with wanton desires. A romantic picnic, "The perfect setting." She thought to herself, culminating with him satisfying her sexual cravings.

"Have you eaten lunch?" she asked. Walking into the kitchen, her mind was taking a quick inventory of the ingredients that were on hand for a sudden picnic.

"Yea. Left over stew."

"What would you think if I packed us a picnic lunch and call it a late dinner."

"Cool. That sounds better than the burger I had in mind." His eyes sweeping the room, noticing how all the furniture was coordinated with her paintings on the walls. The house smelled fresh, clean. It smelled like Carmen and he inhaled deeply. It reminded him of kissing her the previous night and he felt his shaft growing in the confines of his jeans.

Looking out the kitchen window, she noticed his truck parked out on the street and the thoughts of their picnic quickly vanished from her mind. "I was wondering how you were going to carry your model airplane on the motorcycle. I totally forgot about you having a truck." She cringed as she thought to herself, "That's a rust-bucket, it's not a truck."

"Well, actually it's a piece of shit that looks like a truck, but for $100.00, it runs great and I can't complain." Alan tried vainly to explain, having raised his voice so that she could hear him in the kitchen. Embarrassment flooded his entire being, realizing that he had not even cleaned out the front floorboard. Despair quickly engulfed his emotions at the thought of having Carmen ride in it.

"You want to take my car instead?" Carmen suggested. Hoping he would say, "Yes." Not willing to tell him that his truck left a lot to be desired.

"No. I wouldn't want to impose on you." Alan responded, keeping his voice raised. Trying to think of any way possible for him to clean out the front seat. His mind raced with possible excuses to politely leave and return afterwards.

"Come in the kitchen, let's stop yelling to each other."

After he took a chair at the table, she continued, "Kyle puts his airplane in the back seat and his other box in the trunk, and you wouldn't be imposing on me at all."

"I'm sorry. I feel stupid about asking you to go. I didn't think about you having to ride in my truck." The pleading tone of his voice made his embarrassment quite obvious.

Carmen understood full well how embarrassed he was at the moment. She smiled and walked around to stand next to him. Slipping her arm around his shoulders, she said. "Lets take my car. We'll stop at the store and pick up a bunch of wine coolers and spend the afternoon flying. Afterwards, we'll spread out a blanket and have an evening picnic. Sound good?" He found her voice soft and soothing, easing his discomfort over the issue of taking his truck.

"Yeah. It does sound good. I'm really sorry about this. I mean, I didn't think it through."

Placing her hands lovingly on his shoulders and turning him to face her as she lifted his chin to gaze into his eyes. "Not to worry. After all, the issue is not the ride but for us to have a good time. Right?"

"You're right." Alan felt as though he had already gotten off to a bad start. But the sparkle in her eyes combined with her pleasant smile and her subtle wink began to put him at ease.

"Great. Here are my keys. You load your plane in the backseat and by the time you're done I'll be ready to go." Taking note that his embarrassment was passing as he got up from the table.

She flipped the drivers' seat forward while Alan was leaning over the back of the passenger seat, looping the seat belt over the airplanes cradle. "Good deal, you didn't change." Alan commented as he watched her trying to place the ice chest on the back floorboard.

"It's only because you asked me to wear them." She grunted while placing her knee on the console between the seats, wrestling the ice chest in place. Alan quickly reached for the handle to help her as he glanced down her coveralls. The side had gaped open. Although both buttons were fastened, he glimpsed her panties and wondered if the rest was as see-through as the narrow band covering her waist, just below the bottom of her T-shirt. He smiled, enjoying the sight, yet nervously thinking, "Oh Jeez. This has got to be a dream. First I make out with her, now I'm looking at her underwear."

"Alright. You ready?" she asked, straightening the seat and sitting down.

"Yep." Alan replied turning around with his back to her, quickly repositioning his erection brought on by the sight of her panties before sitting in the passenger seat.

Stopping at a convenience store, Alan was quite surprised that she bought several 4-pacs of wine coolers as he purchased a bag of chips, a 6-pac of sodas and a bag of ice.

They pulled onto the highway, heading east, to Bomber Field. Turning up the stereo, they both moved to the rhythm of the songs playing on the CD. They were laughing and dancing in the seat and carrying on as though neither of them had a care in the world.

"Open up a couple of those coolers," she said.

"Cool!" Alan commented as he turned to the back seat.

Handing one to her, he laughed, commenting, "You know it's illegal to drink and drive."

"Yes, and it's illegal for me to let you drink. But what the Hell! Lets have fun!" She said as they broke out in loud laughter.

Turning off the highway onto the dirt road leading to Bomber Field, they could see two planes flying just above the trees. Alan recognized the planes as belonging to Mr. Wade and his son Eric.

"They're the only people flying. That's unusual for a Saturday afternoon." Alan commented as Carmen parked her car next to Mr. Wade's truck.

"I thought there would be more people here too," knowing Mr. Wade had his regular Boy Scout meeting tonight, He and his son would soon be leaving. Her imagination again returned to thoughts of having an intimate evening with Alan. She was very pleased that there was no one else around.

Alan took his plane from the backseat as Carmen carried his toolbox and radio. Walking over to a shaded area under the trees, Alan began to assemble the wings and test the radio.

"Why do you have two radio's?" Carmen asked handing him another wine cooler.

"Thanks, these are good." He commented about the wine coolers, taking a long swallow. He answered, "It's called a Buddy Box, let's two people fly the same plane."

"I suppose I'm going to fly your plane?"

"Yea, why not? It's a good time to learn and you can fly with Kyle when he comes back."

They walked to where Mr. Wade and Eric were standing, watching as they landed their planes. The introductions to Eric were made, as Mr. Wade already knew who Carmen was, having met her several times when she brought her son Kyle to fly at the club meetings.

"Where is everyone today?" Alan asked after Mr. Wade mentioned that it was time for them to leave.

"Sam was here and Mr. Payton with John, but they left about half an hour ago. You didn't pass them coming in?" Mr. Wade asked.

Nope. Didn't see'um." Alan replied.

"Well, I hate that we have to leave just as ya'll got here, but I've got a Boy Scout meeting tonight." Mr. Wade explained to Alan while Eric packed their toolboxes.

"Bye. Ya'll take care and try not to crash. Ya hear?" Mr. Wade jokingly commented in his deep Southern drawl as they walked away to their truck.

Laughing, Alan yelled, "We won't."

"Looks like we've got the whole place to ourselves." Alan mentioned to Carmen as he topped off the fuel tank and made a final check of the plane and the radios.

"Actually, I prefer it like this. I don't want anyone being able to laugh if I crash your plane." Carmen said. All the while her thoughts were centered on their privacy and not on flying the plane. She had already picked out a spot where they could spread out the blanket, eat, share a wine cooler and then each other. The shrill buzzing of the model planes engine ended her train of thought.

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