Summer Lovers

byAlan Rich©

After starting the engine, he guided the plane up, circling it over the field as he sidestepped to stand next to Carmen. Keeping the plane flying in large circles he began to explain to Carmen how the controls on the radio worked. "Pull back and the plane climbs. Move this dial to control the throttle." Carmen was looking between the controls on the radio slung around her neck, Alan's hands and the plane flying overhead. Observing the planes reactions to Alan's commands.

"Ready?" he asked, smiling, noticing Carmen's tense posture.

"Hell no!" she giggled.

"Too bad, cause you have the controls." Alan laughed, holding the toggle switch on his radio to the Slave position.

Almost instantly the plane went into a dive, the propeller screaming as the small model rapidly accelerated toward the ground. "Shit! Shit! Shit!" Carmen exclaimed, frantically trying to bring the plane under control.

"Turn loose!" Alan commanded as he flipped the Slave switch on his radio to the Master position, taking control of the plane away from the Buddy Box. Leveling the plane in flight, he looked at Carmen. Laughing, he commented. "Fun? Huh?"

"Shit! I almost crashed!"


"Ok." Carmen replied. This time, gently placing her fingers on the controls.

For the next half hour, Alan instructed her. He was quite impressed that she caught on so fast. Within that first flight, she was able to turn in large gentle circles overhead. He noticed her smiling as she kept her eye on the plane.

"Ready to land?"

"Oh no Mister! That's all yours!" She laughed as Alan switched the radio back to his control, landing the plane with several hard bounces.

"I'm hungry. What about you?" She asked, placing the radio in the toolbox while he was taking off the wings,


As they walked over to the car, Carmen reached out and placed her hand in his, their fingers intertwined. "So far, so good," she thought. The afternoon sun was casting long shadows on the ground, as they spread out a thick blanket under the tree. "This is a really nice setting, very romantic." Carmen mentioned as she jokingly asked, "Do you bring all your girls here?"

Alan laughed at her question. "Sure. Every girl I've ever been out with just loves to fly model airplanes."

Carmen was kneeling with her elbows propped on the ice chest as she made the sandwiches after each of them opened another wine cooler. Alan was sitting beside her, opening the bag of chips and pouring them on the paper plates. Turning slightly, his eyes bulged at the sight before him. The front panel of her oversized coveralls was draped open allowing him to view the lower portion of her stomach, the tops of both thighs. His curiosity concerning the transparency of her panties was now answered. The sheer panties did nothing to hide the swell of her shaved mound and the trimmed strip of her dark pubic hair.

"Women like romantic settings. And believe it or not, I think this is a very nice place." She began as she finished making his second sandwich.

"Uhg huh." Alan grunted.

His reply, actually, his lack of reply, caught her attention. She turned her head to look at him. Noting the odd expression on his face, she followed his gaze back in the direction he was looking. Realizing what he was staring at, she suddenly froze in place as both embarrassment and excitement instantly forced any other thoughts she had out of her mind. Carmen's desires quickly overruled any thoughts of proper behavior on her part. Although she never thought about just flashing him, she smiled. Taking note of the prominent bulge that appeared in his jeans, she continued to make the sandwiches. She could feel the moisture oozing from her channel and the stimulation of knowing he was staring at her pussy fueled her most intimate and carnal desires.

The sight in front of him hypnotized Alan. A small voice in his mind was telling him that he shouldn't be looking at the pussy of his friends' mom. While the much louder voice was controlling his actions, burning the image of her panty covered mound, pubic hair and the smoothness of her thighs into his brain.

After several long moments of watching him stare down the front of her coveralls. "I told you there things were too baggy."

His hypnotic spell instantly shattered. He rapidly scooted back, well off the blanket as an expression of utter panic blanketed his features.

"Oh Jeez! I'm sorry! I couldn't stop looking." Alan exclaimed in embarrassed terror of being caught staring at her most private area. He continued to apologize to her, ranting to such an extent that he failed to notice that she was smiling and not upset with him.

"Well, that had the exact opposite effect of what I expected." She thought to herself. Finally, his eyes met hers and she said, "I'm not mad at you at all. Understand?"

"Yeah," he replied sheepishly, totally unconvinced.

"If I was upset, would I not have covered up as soon as I realized where you were looking?"

"Uuhh, yeah. I guess," he replied. Dumbfounded with the realization that she had allowed him to keep looking at her pussy after she knew what he was doing.

"Good, now get back over here," she said patting the blanket in front of her.

"You really aren't mad?" Alan questioned, cocking his head slightly to the side. Her casual demeanor was pushing the envelope of his comprehension, because he fully expected her to be really pissed-off.

"No, not in the least. Now sit, lets eat."

Hesitating for only a second, he moved over and sat on the blanket as she handed him a wine cooler and his plate. Thinking through the logic of her remark about not covering up finally convinced him that she wasn't angry. They ate their sandwiches, drinking wine coolers as she turned their conversation to their jobs, in hopes of easing the subtle tension he still held. Soon he became totally relaxed as he explained to her about his summer job with a local moving company while she talked of her job as a graphic design artist.

All the while they talked and ate, Carmen noticed that Alan was making a conscious effort not to look up the leg of her coveralls. She felt the fire burning in her loins with the thought of Alan seeing her earlier. The stimulation of having a young man admire her body with all of her perceived faults excited her. She secretly desired more of his attentions. Turning, she sat facing him, knowing full well that he was able to see her panties up the gapping leg of her coveralls. "I wonder what he would think if I hadn't worn any panties," she thought to herself.

Alan fought the urge to look but the temptation proved to be far to great. His eyes momentarily focused on her veiled labia. The satiny smooth skin of her thighs and the almost invisible material of her panties. He could clearly see the cleft of her sex, the small inner lips peeking out from between the full outer lips. The tendon of her inner thigh was slightly pulling open the outer lips and he could see the dark shadow at the entrance of her pussy. Looking back up, he felt bewildered, as she appeared to be oblivious to what she was showing him while they continued talking.

She too had been looking elsewhere. She had been watching Alan's erection as it slowly hardened in his jeans. With her own arousal mounting, she wondered if her moisture had created a damp spot on her panties.

"Would you like another sandwich?" Taking his plate and setting atop hers.

"Naw, those two were enough."

As Alan stretched out to lie on the blanket with his hands behind his head, his conflicting thoughts of Carmen consumed him. His mind and body desired her. "She was letting me stare at her underwear. Jeez, I could even see her pussy!" His shaft was painfully erect in the tight confines of his jeans. Yet his conscience spoke, "Jeez! She's Kyle's mom! You can't mess with her!" It was this line of thinking that kept his actions at bay while his inner battle raged and he chose caution as the best response.

Twilight was rapidly turning to night. The sun was well below the horizon and casting streaks of orange above the horizon, which faded into the darkening purples as day turned into night. Birds fluttered in the tree overhead, chirping and flittering from one limb to another as they secured their roosts for the night. The fire raging in her loins needed to be quenched. "Girl, you've got to take the lead here," she thought while looking out across the field. Carmen turned, propped up on her elbow as she also stretched out on the blanket next to him. Facing him, she placed her hand her arm on his chest.

When Alan turned his head slightly to look at her, Carmen whispered, "This is so nice, so peaceful. Thank you."

He could not recall ever having been this nervous in his life. Lying on a blanket in the middle of nowhere with the mom of one of his friends. Summoning up his courage, he slipped his arm around, behind her shoulders and drew her to him. She felt so comfortable, snuggling next to him as he held her.

"Romantic?" he asked as they continued to gaze steadily into each other's eyes.

"Very," her reply was almost inaudible.

Moving his hand up to the back of her head, he cautiously brought her lips to his. Instantly, their tongues met as he pulled her closer yet, so that she was lying almost on top of him. "Yes! Finally!" Carmen thought, completely consumed by her carnal desire for this young man whom now embraced her. His tongue, his touch and her wanton desire ignited the fire in her loins. Her heart was pounding in her ears as her blood flowed with raw sexual lust. His hard shaft ached for its freedom as her thigh moved over it. Every nerve ending in his body sparkled with passionate sensation for this woman and he surrendered totally to his lusting desires.

The intensity of their passionate kiss increased, both of them breathing heavily as their mutual desire exploded. Alan slowly traced his hand along her side, brushing the swell of her breast, continuing his downward caress. He felt her breathing pause for a moment when his hand slipped under the material of her coveralls below the edge of her T-shirt. The skin at her waist was so smooth, so warm. Her tongue reached far into his mouth when his fingers began to trace along the elastic of her panties.

His nimble fingers quickly unfastened the two buttons at her waist. His hand moved under her panties, pushing them down over the swell of her butt. One hand cupping her butt under her panties as the other moved up, under her T-shirt to knead the pliable flesh of her breast. Each of them moaning and grunting as they continued their kiss.

Her all-consuming thought was having him between her legs as she glided her hand down over his stomach. Placing her hand atop his swollen manhood, he gasped as she squeezed it with her fingers through the confines of his jeans. The object of her lascivious desires throbbed with a life of its own as she trailed her thumb over the bulbous helmet.

Each of them was now fulfilling their secret fantasies and desires. Alan was no longer thinking of Carmen as Kyle's mom. He viewed her as a desirable woman, a woman who desired him. He finally understood that she wanted to fuck him and he wanted to fuck her. Yet, he still trembled, with nervous anticipation as his fingertips touched the closed bud of her ass and rolled her erect nipple between his fingers. His thoughts raced, "Oh Jeez! This is really happening! I'm fingering her pussy!" as her slick moisture easily allowed his finger to slide between the heated folds of her sex.

Breaking their kiss as she twisted and tugged at the button and zipper of his jeans, Carmen finally succeeded, freeing the object of her desire. Her motions paused as she wrapped her fingers around his shaft. Firm, hot and ready, she used her thumb to smear the drops of fluid that oozed from the tip, over the helmet. She was impressed with the size of his shaft, not to large, not too small. Moaning passionately, she stroked his length, anticipating the delightful enjoyment of him filling the channel now occupied by his fingers. She admired his erection as she tried to decide where she wanted him, between her legs or in her mouth.

"A car!" Alan spoke as they both froze at the same instant. Hearing the sound of the engine and gravel crunching under the tires.

"Someone's coming!" Carmen gasped as they both began to frantically put their clothes back in order.

With the full realization that someone had just turned off the dirt road and was approaching where they were, both of them sat upright, scooting slightly away from the other. Their faces flushed from desire and now embarrassed surprise, watching as the headlights shown out across the field, then turning toward Carmen's car.

"Damn. It's Mr. Bowman." Alan told her.

"Who's Mr. Bowman?"

"He owns this property."

The old pickup stopped a short distance away on the other side of Carmen's car, backfiring as the engine sputtered and then died. The headlights cast an eerie glow from the shadow of her car.

"Hello! Anyone here!" A rough, gravely voice called.

"Over here, Mr. Bowman." Alan called back.

Carmen chuckled after Mr. Bowman's silhouette emerged around the front of her car. His barrel shaped body and severely bowed legs reminded her of a cartoon character she had drawn for one of her clients.

"What'r ya'll do'n out this late. Too dark to fly. Alan? That you boy?"

"Yes sir."

"It's too damn dark to fly. What you and da girl do'n? Up ta no good, I spose."

"Mr. Bowman! How dare you jump to conclusions! Alan and I have spent the afternoon flying and we just finished a late meal." Carmen said to him. Her voice was firm, yet soft as she subtlety chastised him for jumping to conclusions, however true they may be.

"Do I know you, young lady?"

"We've never met, but I know who you are. I think you know my son, Kyle Fuller. He flies here with the club."

"Kyle Fuller? Yes, I know that Kyle. Lil' brown headed kid, lota freckles."

"Yes, that's him. Carmen replied as she stood and walked toward Mr. Bowman. Thinking that this "Old Cowboy" had just stepped out of some Western movie rerun. She found his appearance, and voice rather comical. This helped her to rapidly regain her mental composure, although, her embarrassment prevailed at almost being caught her in the throes of passion with Alan.

"Nice to finally meet you, Mr. Bowman. My name is Carmen Fuller." She introduced herself, as they shook hands.

"Didn't mean to offend ya there, Ms. Fuller. I just drove down to close da gate and seen da car. Though sump'n was up."

"It's Mrs. and no offence taken Mr. Bowman. We were just preparing to leave when you drove up. Would you care for something to drink, a soda? They're nice and cold."

"That's right neighborly of ya, believe I will if'n ya don't mind."

Alan had been intently listening to the conversation between them as he folded the blanket, placing it and his airplane on the ice chest. His hands were shaking as the surge of adrenaline passed, replaced by overwhelming relief as Carmen took total control of the situation.

Alan was behind the car, placing his toolbox in the trunk, Carmen and Mr. Bowman continued with their conversation as she handed him a cold soda from the ice chest. While Alan put the seat belt over his plane to secure it, Mr. Bowman was kind enough to place the ice chest in the in the back floorboard.

"Mr. Bowman, it was indeed a pleasure to finally meet you. I apologize for causing you any alarm and we'll be leaving. Again, I'm sorry." Shaking his hand before she closed her door.

"Pleasure's all mine, ma'am. Nice ta see ya Alan. Ya'll have a good eve'n."

"Ok, bye Mr. Bowman." Alan spoke as she slowly drove past Mr. Bowman, toward the gate.

"I'll get da gate behind ya." Mr. Bowman said, not looking back as he waved, walking back to his truck.

They were silent; the only noise was the gravel crunching under the tires. Carmen took note of Mr. Bowman's house as they passed. Seeing the porch light casting a welcoming glow on an old wooden frame rocking chair, her amusement of Mr. Bowman's character and mannerisms were almost as overpowering as her lustful thoughts of Alan.

Alan was sitting with his eyes closed, leaning back on the headrest. Swirling thoughts seemed to be numbing his mind about Carmen, what they were doing and what they were about to do, when Mr. Bowman interrupted them. If they had not been interrupted, they would be having sex right now. The idea of actually getting to fuck her was so exciting that it was almost beyond belief, and yet, it had almost happened. His best friends mom had actually started jacking him off and let him finger her.

After stopping at the intersection where the dirt road ended at the highway, they both turned, eyes meeting eyes as each held the others gaze. Smiles slowly appeared and then laughter as they both realized how close they had been to getting caught. They chuckled and the chuckles quickly grew into a roaring chorus of laughter.

"Jeez, I'm glad he wasn't five minutes later." Alan commented as their laughter began to subside.

"You're not telling me anything! I know! I hope that country store is open."

"Yeah. That Mr. Bowman scared the piss outta me to." They were still giggling about what had happened as she pulled in beside the store.

The store was the typical small country store, 2 gas pumps, an ice machine and several chairs of various styles off the to side of the entrance. Inside was much the same, a counter with an empty steam table and the 4 isles packed tightly with all the quick conveniences that a person would need without having to drive into town. The restroom was located in the back of the store. While Carmen used the facilities, Alan called his Mom, checking in as he told her he would, from the pay phone outside.

Alan followed her out after he took his turn in the small restroom. "Why did you buy a gallon of milk?" he asked as he opened the drivers' door for her.

"They were nice enough to let us use the restroom, so I bought some milk."


"What did your mom say?"

"Nuthin, I just told her I was going cruising after we got to your house and she said, "Ok."

"Mind grabbing a couple of wine coolers?"

"Heck no!"

Reaching into the ice chest and opening two of them, he handed one to her as she pulled out onto the highway. Resting his hand on the console between the seats, Carmen placed her hand on top of his, "Well, are you going cruising after we get to my house?"

"Hadn't planned on it."

Turning her head to look at him, she softly said, "Good."

They were both strangely silent as they drove, holding hands, each of them lost in their own thoughts as to what was going to happen when they arrived at her house. Carmen knew exactly what was going to take place and how it would happen. There would be a haphazard trail of clothes from the front door to her bedroom. Then she'd push him back onto the bed, straddle his waist and fuck him until she was satisfied. There were not going to be any more interruptions. Alan's nervousness was slowly creeping back into his conscious thoughts. The small voice in the back of his mind was whispering, "You ain't supposed to fuck your friends mom." And this subtle thought was slowly clouding his present desire and the lust he had experienced earlier. It was unfortunate, having Mr. Bowman interrupt them and he began to doubt if a repeat of their earlier actions would again take place.

Stopping in the driveway, Alan took out his plane and walked over to his truck before she pulled into the garage. "Would you mind bringing in the chest so the water can drain in the sink," she asked while she was opening the trunk so he could get his toolbox.


He was leaning on the tailgate of his rusted old truck, taking deep breaths, attempting to get control of his nervousness. His anticipation of what he hoped was about to happen had every nerve in his body standing on end. With a nervous heart pounding in his chest and a queasy and fluttery sensation in the pit of his stomach, he walked back into the garage.

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