tagGroup SexSummer Storm Ch. 05

Summer Storm Ch. 05



Somehow, walking over to the lake that afternoon, we were more apprehensive than we'd been any other day during our vacation. We'd talked everything out, agreed to try "soft-swapping" -- basically fooling around with one another up to but not including actual sex -- but maybe it was the planning itself that was making us nervous: on one hand we could not longer blame anything we did on being "caught up in the moment" (and we'd been "caught up in" some damn hot moments so far this week), while on the other hand we weren't quite sure about the logistics of what came next.

Each couple spread out a large beach blanket, and we all settled in to sunbathe for a while. Linda, Kathy and I took off our tops without a second thought: we were all more than comfortable being topless by now, though the guys hadn't grown tired of seeing us all that way.

I took the suncream out of my bag and was about to hand the bottle to Terry, when I realized how to get the ball rolling: "Carl!" I called over to the next blanket. He looked up, and I tossed him the bottle. "Lotion me up?"

He glanced at Kathy, who nodded, and he came over to my blanket. Terry and Larry thought about it for a moment, deciding how to arrange it so they'd each join somebody else's wife, then Larry went over to Kathy, and Terry went to Larry's wife Linda.

I should confess here that I didn't feel as confident as I was acting: I'd chosen Carl instead of Larry because Carl and I had already been intimate. Which is a nice way of saying he'd fucked the hell out of me yesterday morning when he and I and Terry and Kathy had gotten "caught up in the moment."

I sighed as he massaged the suncream into my back. His hands wandered to my sides; but unlike his wife Kathy, my tiny boobs stayed entirely hidden under my body.

He worked his way down to my legs, pushing up against the bottom of my bikini panties. I wasn't wearing a thong, but this was the briefest bathing suit I owned (the bottoms, anyway), and he didn't have to sneak his fingers under the nylon very far to come very close to my pussy. Close enough that I let out a soft groan.

"Should I wait to do your front?" he asked me.

"Now," I said, rolling over on my back. As I watched him squeeze some more sunscreen into his palms, I thought back to how shy and nervous I was just a few days ago when my own husband was working sunscreen onto my chest with our friends nearby.

Carl went right to my boobs, massaging the cream into them. "I'm beginning to suspect you're not really interested in whether I get burned," I said.

"Busted," he said with a grin.

The other men had already moved on to their new partners' breasts as well, no great surprise, and Linda and Kathy were both moaning. Larry really seemed to be enjoying Kathy's super-sized boobs, and his own overly-endowed feature seemed to want to burst through his swimsuit. Larry and Kathy truly were the sort of duo you'd see in a porn film.

Sometime before this whole soft-swap experiment is done, I thought, I have to get that thing in my mouth.

Carl took his hands off my chest, moved up my body, and kissed me softly on the lips. Nice. We'd fucked the morning before, but we'd never kissed.

I pulled him closer, and kissed him harder. He ground his body into mine and he was so hard, I had to remind myself we were both still wearing bathing suits.

Oh, this soft-swap shit was going to be difficult: I remembered how good his cock felt inside of me yesterday, and dry-humping just wasn't going to do it for me.

Just then I heard sort of an "eeep!" from Linda, and I thought maybe Terry had done something to make her cum. I looked over and saw another couple, maybe a few years younger than us, putting down their towels about ten feet away from ours.

Linda, Kathy and I each tried to cover our breasts with our arms. Though Kathy would have needed much bigger arms.

"I'm sorry," the man said. He was a lanky guy, with curly dark hair that made him look younger than he was. "We didn't mean to startle you. We just checked in and they told us about the lake. We didn't realize until we got closer that you were... I mean..."

His wife, a small woman with long blonde hair and pert little breasts like mine (though wearing a bikini I wouldn't have dared wear at her age or at any age), rolled her eyes. "What Rob is trying to stammer out," she said, "is that we didn't know this was a topless lake. And he seems to be more than okay with it. Seriously, I know you guys thought you were alone here. Do you mind if we join you?"

We looked at one another, and finally Terry said "Sure."

"And Rob," she said, gesturing at her bikini top, "would you freak out if I..."

"Um..." he said. "I guess so. If you want."

She untied her top, which had barely covered anything but her nipples anyway, and by then my girlfriends and I had given up trying to cover our own assets.

Our guys were trying not to be obvious about staring at the girl's tits. How do you like that... already bored with ours and interested in the new pair!

Before they could see very much, though, she lay down on her front hiding them from sight. "You'll have to go easy on me," she said. "We've never done this sort of thing before."

"Neither had we until a few days ago," Kathy assured her. "In real life, we're three fairly boring couples."

The girl smiled. "I'm Ronnie," she said.

"Oh my god," Carl whispered to me. "She's the waitress from that time with Mick and Annie!"

"I can't believe it. Really?"

"Nah. Just messing with ya."

"You shit."

"I'm Linda," Linda said, and began to gesture toward Larry but stopped. We realized why: it was bad enough that Ronnie and Rob found us here topless and making out with one another, but she didn't want them to know we'd swapped spouses to do so. "And this is my husband Terry," she continued. Then she introduced the two other couples: Larry and Kathy, and me and Carl.

"This is the second time I've been 'your husband,'" Carl whispered to me.

And that's how we all stayed for the next hour or so: no more tit massages of course, no more dry humping (and none of whatever might have happened if Rob and Ronnie hadn't come by). There was kissing and touching, though, and after a while our new young friends showed some real affection toward one another; but I think it would have mortified them if Rob had touched Ronnie's breasts in front of us.

Ah, I thought, I remember when we were that shy and innocent. Four days ago.


We all walked back to the main building together, so to keep up appearances I went into Carl's room with him and Linda and Kathy went with Terry and Larry. "Well, now what?" I asked once we were inside.

"Well," Carl said, "Dinner's in an hour, so I guess we'll get back our spouses then. In the meantime..." He grabbed my t-shirt and lifted it over my head, leaving me naked except for my bikini panties again.

I pulled his t-shirt over his head, and pressed my body against his as I moved my mouth toward his. "Might as well try out this 'soft swap' business I guess," I said.

As we kissed, he reached down and untied my bikini bottoms and let them drop to the floor, then backed me up toward the bed.

"Carl, soft swap, remember?" There was nothing even resembling "soft" about Carl right now.

"It's nothing we haven't already done," he said. "I know you were thinking that too." He grabbed my ass, and ground his hard cock against me, covered only by his bathing suit, against my bare pussy.

"Carl," I whispered, "oh, fuck you, fuck you, you really can't be trusted doing soft swap, can you? You tried it twice, and both times you end up fucking."

"Both times?" he said with a smile.

I yanked down his swimsuit. "And I'm such a slut, I'm fucking you for the second time."

"You're not a slut," he said, pushing me down onto the bed. "You're an incredibly sexy woman, and I've wanted you since the day I met you."

He began caressing my nipples, while I put my hand around his cock. "So," I said in a teasing tone, "do you think the others are breaking the rules right now too?"

"I doubt it," he said. "Larry and Linda seemed pretty dead set against it."

"Yeah, well I seem to remember you and Kathy saying no more fucking, and here you are about to give me that nice cock of yours again."

"It's not that we're against it," he said. "And there's nothing wrong with me doing this. But Kathy can't right now --"

He stopped short, and at first I thought I was hearing a sexist double-standard, but then the nickel dropped. "Oh shit," I said, letting go of his cock. "You're trying to have another baby. And she's unprotected."

"Um... yeah."

"And Terry..." I didn't have to finish the thought: My husband had fucked the hell out his wife yesterday, and I could still remember seeing his cum oozing out of her pussy.

He nodded.

"We can't tell Terry," I said. "Whatever... happens next --" (meaning, though I didn't want to say the words, if Terry had knocked Kathy up) "-- if he knows, it'll just complicate... well, everything."

"We agree. Hell, even you weren't supposed to know, but I guess I didn't keep the secret very well."

And shit: speaking of secrets, I knew something I hoped he'd never find out: Kathy had fucked their friend Mick about 8 ½ months before C.C. was born. Which isn't conclusive of anything, of course, but it was possible that by next spring, Carl would have two children fathered by other men.

The mood was pretty much broken by then, so I put my bikini bottoms and t-shirt back on and we sat quietly until I got a text from Linda: "Ronnie&Rob fucking like bunnies next door. Let's get back 2 our husbands so we can do same"

A minute later, we were criss-crossing one another in the hallway. Kathy was wearing her t-shirt same as I was, but Linda was holding hers in her hand, giggling as she passed us. Her hair was dripping wet.

"Linda looked happy," I said to Terry when I got inside our room. His hair was also wet. "Larry's going to be surprised to see her show up half naked," I added. Actually, given the size of her bikini bottoms it was probably more like 95%. There was little doubt that her pussy was entirely shaved.

"Yeah," Terry said, "we gave that 'soft swap' thing a good try-out. How about you and Carl?"

"Not so much," I told him.

"How come?"

"It felt awkward somehow," I said, quickly composing a lie. "After we, you know, fucked yesterday, the whole soft-swap thing felt weird."

"You weren't tempted to... you know... cheat?"

"No. I mean yes, I guess, but... no we didn't. You and Linda didn't, did you?"

"No, we behaved. I mean, not behaved, but... we kept to the rules. No fucking."

I stripped off my t-shirt and lay on the bed. "Tell me."

"Well," he said, dropping onto the bed next to me, "as soon as we closed the door behind us, she pulled off her t-shirt. Like you just did, and then got onto the bed. I started massaging her breasts. Because you know how I like breasts," he added with a grin.

"And you've had three different pair of them in your hands since yesterday," I reminded him.

"Yeah," he said. "Life is good. I could feel how much sun cream she still had on them, so I suggested a quick shower. Because first of all, that's sexy. And also, less temptation to do something we shouldn't, because you know my knees aren't up to shower fucks anymore. We soaped one another up, and by the time she was done with my cock... let's just say if I weren't afraid of crippling myself, you probably couldn't have trusted my cock near her shaven pussy."

"You find that sexy?" I asked him.


"Would you like it if I shaved myself like that?"


"You wouldn't think of Linda's pussy every time you looked at it?"

"I promise."

"It might be interesting to try it. Anyway, you and Linda in the shower."

"Okay, well, Linda apparently never hurt her knees playing basketball, and as soon as she'd finished playing with my cock, and saw how hard it was, she crouched down and took it in her mouth. You know, you're the only woman who'd ever sucked my cock before today."

I hadn't known that.

"We knew we might not have much time, and that point I don't think I could have held out more than a couple of minutes anyway, what with all the fooling around earlier. She sucked me really deep -- I guess it was pretty easy for her after all this time sucking Larry's monster, but it's probably a good thing I didn't think about that at the time -- and kept sucking as I came. Well, you know how I like that.

"Of course she assumed I'd return the favor afterward but, you know, my knees... so I took her hand and led her out the bathroom, both of us still dripping wet, into the bedroom and onto the bed. And went right for her pussy. And yeah," he added with a sheepish grin, "I would like to try eating your pussy when it's shaven. Anyway, I figured out quickly enough that instead of me thrusting my tongue into her pussy, the way you like it, she likes to have her clit gently sucked. Just as I really getting started, we began hearing Ronnie and Rob, who are right next door, fucking their brains out."

"I can't think why," I said, "after watching the six of us making out, and then all us girls lying there almost naked."

"Yeah..." he said with a smile.

I didn't mention that Rob was visibly erect almost the whole time we were out there, and I'd had fantasies of climbing on top of him and grinding my thin bikini bottom against his hard bulge until we both came.

"After a while I had her thrashing about," he continued, "and finally she came. Loudly enough that I'm sure Rob and Ronnie heard her. And almost as soon as she was done cumming, she pulled me on top of her, my chest against her breasts, our faces almost touching, and she kind of bit down on her lower lip and said 'Terry, what makes me cum like crazy is when I fuck right after I get my pussy eaten. Please, Terry, fuck me.'"

"You fucked her?" I asked him quietly.

"Of course not," he said. "I wouldn't do that, after we all promised. But I also didn't want to seem like I was rejecting her, so I said 'Linda, you and Larry felt so strongly about not doing that with anybody else, remember?' 'It's okay,' she said. 'No,' I said, 'you say that now, but you'll regret it afterward. Let Larry do the honors. I'm sure he's more than ready.' And then tapped something into her cell phone -- I guess texting you and Kathy -- then pulled on her bikini bottoms, grabbed her t-shirt, and dashed out the door without even putting it on. I'm surprised she didn't run the two of you over."

"It was close," I said. I pulled off my own bikini bottoms. "I'm proud of you for your self-control; and I didn't get any action, so I think we owe one another one hell of a fuck right now." And without waiting for a response, I climbed on top of him and thrust my wet pussy down onto his hard cock, and proceeded to fuck him like an animal. Even before we both came, we gave Rob and Ronnie a sound show they weren't going to soon forget.


As we waited at the big dining room table for dinner, I for one was feeling all tingly again as Kathy and Larry told us what they'd been up to after the lake. No big surprise: with Larry's porn-star cock, and Kathy's large, firm breasts, it was inevitable that they'd try a titty-fuck. Kathy described how she'd coated Larry's cock with Lube -- Larry and Linda always brought lube with them, for obvious reasons -- and how it felt as he slid the thing between her breasts ("it was like fucking a big, soft pussy," Larry added), and how with each stroke the head of his cock came close to touching her mouth.

And then finally he came, spraying cum all over the lower half of her face, and between her breasts. "I still have a few drops of cum in my cleavage," she said. "Kept it as a souvenir."

I swear, you could almost see all three men get erect when they heard that. And I knew my panties had just gotten a little bit wetter.

Our stories came to a sudden halt when Ronnie and Rob came over and sat at the table with us. Neither of them were quite able to look us in the eyes, probably because they'd heard us fucking earlier, and they knew we'd heard them.

While Rob and Ronnie told us how they'd met, I snuggled a little closer to Terry and "accidentally" brushed my hand against his still-hard cock (I'm sure Ronnie's short shirt, tied in a knot under her breasts, hadn't helped matters any). I don't think anybody else could have noticed this quick touch, but it was evident that Carl was glancing down at his wife's cleavage (Kathy's blouse was open at least one button further down than it was designed to be), probably trying to catch a glimpse of Larry's cum.

"I'm sorry," Rob interrupted himself, "I don't quite have all your names straight, but... wasn't it you and you [he pointed to Carl and me] the married couple? And then, uh, you two [Terry and Linda] and you two [Larry and Kathy]?"

"Well, actually," Carl began

"Yes," Linda cut him off. "But, well... this is embarrassing, but we're all close friends and we decided we'd try swapping. So I'm with Larry for the night."

Stunned silence. From all seven of us. Then I got up and said "Linda, outside please."

Once I had her away from everybody else, I asked her "What the fuck??"

"I didn't want them to know we'd lied to them this morning."

"So you lied to them right now?"

"But it was the perfect solution, don't you see? Now we have an excuse to be back with our spouses. I don't know about you, but I want to get fucked tonight. And not by your husband."

"So now they think we're swingers."

"Who cares what they think? In a couple of days we'll never see them again. And we are swingers. Just soft swingers."

"Okay," I said slowly. "I guess this all does make sense."

"Damn right."

"But somehow, I just know it, this is all going to blow up in our faces and get very, very messy."


And it did.

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