tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSummer's Blackmail Ch. 05

Summer's Blackmail Ch. 05


Summer Wayne was now fully compliant with her student turned Master. Todd Spillers had successfully taken his high school English teacher and started her on her way to his slut and sex slave. He had spent the last two days since his discovery of her on the Wives Who Need Sex website manipulating Summer into understanding she had no choice but to submit to his demands. The initial picture was damning enough, but the series of pictures that he had forced her to pose for were even more erotic. She now knew that any wavering would cause her tormentor to send pictures that would be placed on the school's website for all to see. Even worse, her husband James, who was out of the country, would receive "special" messages from her Master T the minute she failed to comply. It is now Saturday morning and Summer was being driven in her convertible, with the top down, by Master T. She had no idea what he had in store for her.

I apologize for the length of this chapter. Future chapters will be scene / fantasy specific. This chapter 5 set up several scenarios that will soon be explored. Thanks for reading!!!


As Todd Spillers backed out of her garage, all Summer Wayne could think about was how in the world she was going to explain to any of her neighbors her current state of dress and the fact that she was being driven in her car by a very young man. It wasn't so much what she had on, but the fact that what she had on made her look like a wanton slut.

Todd had made Summer unbutton the buttons on her blue jean mini-skirt so that it was open all the way to the red thong. He also had made her unbutton the beige sweater top so that anyone looking down into the car would have no problem seeing her breasts supported by the red shelf bra that offered no coverage for her silver dollar sized nipples.

Summer was thankful that none of her nearest neighbors were out walking their dog or working in the yards. Todd easily slide the gear shift into drive as the car reached the bottom of the drive way. As he started to guide the convertible out of the subdivision, Summer tried to slide down in her seat hoping that no one would see her. Todd, seeing that, just smiled to himself. He thought that he could be nice enough to allow her a brief respite from servitude as in a little while she would be lost in his demands.

As the car exited the subdivision and headed onto the freeway, Todd looked over at Summer and said, "Ok slut. Enough of you're cowering in the seat. I want you to sit up straight, pull that sweater all the open and put your left hand inside those panties."

As Summer slowly complied with Todd's directions, a pick-up truck came roaring up on Todd's side of the car. The passenger window was rolled down and there was a young man about twenty-five years old sitting by the window. As the truck pulled alongside the convertible, the young man glanced out of the window like almost everyone does and he saw directly into the car. The man had to squint his eyes to focus on what he thought he was seeing. There below him was a young guy with an older woman who was rubbing her pussy while fully exposing her breasts, nipples and red panties.

Todd glanced up to see the guy looking out of the truck window, let a smile creep across his lips and he slid his hand over onto Summer's left leg. Todd pulled the leg towards him so that Summer's panty clad cunt would be almost directly facing the passenger window of the pick-up truck.

Todd leaned towards Summer and said, "Squeeze your nipples for me."

Without hesitation, Summer reached up with both hands and began to squeeze both nipples. As she did this, her gaze across the interior of her car towards Todd lead her to see why he had suddenly pulled her leg towards him. There, not more than 10 feet way was a man leering out of a passenger window and he could see everything she was doing.

As Summer tried to cover herself up, she heard Todd say, "Slut, don't you dare!"

With no protest, Summer went back to squeezing and twisting her nipples. As she continued to twist her nipples, she felt Todd's hand rise above the top of her hose and edge closer to her panty covered cunt. As his finger tips touched the outer lacy edge of the panty, Todd could feel Summer's pubic hair extending slightly beyond the edge of the panty. He slid his fingers under the panty and was able to put his middle finger directly onto his slut's clit.

Todd began to stroke Summer's hardening knob in a circular motion not worrying about being sensitive. Todd could feel a slight bit of moisture forming on Summer's pussy and he began to furiously rub the now hardening clit. All at once, Todd withdrew his hand from Summer's panties, grabbed one of her hands and placed it on the outside of her cunt.

Summer heard Todd say, "Slut cum for me. Let the men in the truck see how much of a slut you are. Cum, NOW!"

Almost as if on cue, Summer exploded in orgasm, while still pulling her nipple and rubbing her clit through her panties. She continued to writhe on the car seat as Todd guided the convertible off of the freeway and exited onto a four lane street. As Summer came down from her orgasm, she opened her eyes to see that the pick up truck was no longer next to the car and she saw that Todd had exited the freeway. Summer did not recognize the area to which Todd had taken her.

As Todd continued driving the convertible down the street, Summer remained slightly slumped in the passenger seat, sweater still completely open and her skirt fully spread exposing her panty covered cunt to anyone who still may peer into the car. She looked at the passing store fronts and began to feel quite uncomfortable. Each building seemed to contain some type of sexually oriented business as well as massage and tattoo parlors.

As the car approached an intersection, Summer heard Todd say to her, "Slut, you better get buttoned up. We are almost there."

Summer quickly sat up and began buttoning up her skirt when Todd say, "Slut, who said you could button your skirt? You can button the top two, but leave the rest undone."

"Master T, if I do that, everyone will be able to see right up to my panties," responded Summer.

To which Todd replied, "Slut, I don't care."

Summer buttoned the two allowed ones, which left four buttons undone. She then asked, "Master T, can I button up my sweater?"

Todd looked over at his slut and saw a very worried and apprehensive look on her face. He then replied, "Slut, if it will make you happy, you can button all but the top three buttons on your sweater."

Summer was grateful for any form of cover as her modesty and her surroundings were making the hairs on her arms stand directly up. Summer looked around and she did not see anything that looked familiar as she had been unable to pay attention to the direction or length of her trip with Todd.

Just then, the car pulled up to the front entrance to the Paradise Parlor. The windows were painted in very bright and festive colors of red, blue, yellow and green. Summer thought that this building did not fit with any of the others in the area and she wondered if Todd had taken her to an area where a slight neighborhood fix up might be occurring.

Todd got out of the car and like a gentleman, came around to open Summer's door and gave her his hand to assist her exit from the car. He could not help but peer directly between her legs as they splayed wide open as she got out of the car. The garter belt and hose fully accentuated her very shapely legs. He also saw that, even though the sweater was somewhat buttoned, it gaped open and he could easily see her 36 C cleavage and could just barely make out the edges of her now hardening nipples.

As they started for the door, Todd said to Summer, "Slut, this is the first of several stops today. You are to do as you are told with no hesitation. Do you understand?"

To which Summer replied, "Yes Master T."

Todd simply said, "Very good slut."

As they walked up to the door, Summer could hear music blaring inside the building. As Todd opened the door for her, Summer could see only into what looked like a waiting room with a glass window behind which sat a stunning red haired woman. As they approached the window, the red head opened the customer window. Summer then got a full view of the red head as she saw a gold ring pierced her left nostril, both eyebrows pierced, a lip stud, a row of studs and rings in both ears.

Todd then said to the red head, "Sarah, this is the noon appointment for my slut, Summer."

Sarah, giving Summer the once over, "Oh, so she is the one that is seeing Marco. I will go and make sure he is ready for you."

Summer grasped Todd's arm and quietly whispered, "Master T, what kind of place is this? Why are you using my name?"

Todd simply said to her, "This is a body piercing parlor and no one here will know who you are, I promise. So shut up."

Summer did as she was told, all the while holding very tightly onto Todd's arm. As the door to the reception area opened to the business side of Paradise, Summer was greeted with a site that showed a corridor that had at least four doors on either side with each brightly painted.

Marcos shook hands with Todd and then looked towards Summer. Todd then told Marcos, "This is my slut Summer. She is here for her first piercings."

Summer felt sick to her stomach. Her husband James had in the past teasingly suggested that she should get her belly button pierced so that she could show off her trim and firm belly when they were at the beach. She had always politely refused as she felt like it was beneath her to denegregate her body in that manner. She never let James know that she was appalled that he would even suggest it to her, because she loved him and always wanted him to feel like she was willing to please him in any way she could. But, a body piercing seemed to be something only a slut would do.

That is when Summer heard Todd say, "Slut, please let me introduce you to Marcos. He is a long time friend and he is going to help you on your way to appreciating body piercing art."

Marcos extended his hand and Summer placed her hand softly into his. Todd quickly said, "Slut, please give Marcos a proper greeting."

With that, Summer wrapped her arms around Marcos's neck and proceeded to kiss him full on the lips offering her open mouth for his lips and tongue. As Marcos's tongue invaded Summer's mouth, she felt his hands run down her back and grabbed each of her ass cheeks through her blue jean mini-skirt. Summer could feel the material of her skirt begin to rise as Marcos's hands began to roughly massage each cheek. As his hands slipped under the hem line of her skirt, she felt his surprisingly soft hands begin to knead and squeeze the soft flesh of her ass cheeks.

Marcos broke off his kiss and Summer felt both relieved and frustrated by him ending the otherwise passionate kiss. Marcos continued to guide Summer down the corridor to number seven. As Marcos opened the door, he pushed Summer in before him as Todd followed them both. Summer's eyes grew wide as she surveyed the room and its antiseptic feel.

The room contained what she recognized as a small version of the medical examination table used by a gynecologist. The table had an extendable shelf and two stirrup props. There was a lavatory with several different types of disinfectants, a silver tray that was covered by a linen towel and one wall was a cabinet with glass shelving. On that shelving was all sorts of piercing jewelry.

Summer was standing and staring at the piercing jewelry when she heard Marcos say, "Summer, have you ever had a desire to pierce your body in any way? We have many items that I hope will help you with your decisions today."

Summer turned towards Marcos with tears in her eyes and said, "Marcos, I do not have any interest in having any part of my body desecrated by body jewelry. My husband has asked me to do that in the past and I told him flatly that I was not going to do that."

Todd jumped right in to say, "Marcos, my slut's manners are a very big disappointment to me. I apologize for her behavior. Would you please give us the room for a minute or two?"

Marcos quickly turned to leave the room. As he closed the door, Todd latched the lock and turned towards Summer. In an instant he slapped her hard across the face causing her to whirl and fall towards the medical table. She was able to catch herself with her hands, but as she was trying to stand back up, she felt Todd's weight on her back as he forced her down onto the table.

In one swift motion, Todd raised Summer's skirt above her ass cheeks and he began to pound each cheek with repeated blows from his extra large sized hands. He continued to beat his slut's ass until large red whelps began to from up and down each cheek extending below each cheek to the very tops of the back of her thighs.

After what seemed like fifty blows to her ass, Summer pleaded with Todd, "Master T, I am so sorry. But, I do not believe that it is right for me to have my body pierced. You had never told me that that would be a condition of my compliance."

"Slut, when we got here I told you that you were to do as you were told without hesitation. Do you understand?" inquired Todd.

Summer quickly replied, "Master T, this is all so overwhelming to me. I will do my best to do as you require."

Summer immediately felt the sting of Todd's large hand again as he beat her ass for another five minutes. When he had finished, he paused to ask, "Slut, do you understand?"

Summer could not risk upsetting Todd any further as she had never anticipated that he could get so angry and rough with her. Todd was a very big young man, but she always thought that because he was her student that he would never resort to physical threats against her.

"Master T, I understand," was Summer's meek response.

With that, Todd released Summer, leaving her laying across the examination table and walked to the door, unlocking it and inviting Marcos back in to join them. As Marcos closed and re-locked the door to room seven, Summer heard Todd say to Marcos, "I apologize for the delay. My slut will not give you any more problems I assure you."

Marcos, looking directly at Summer said to Todd, "Do not give it a second thought Todd. I know that she is nervous. I will make her feel at ease, give her what she desires, what you demand and all the while making her body a work of art."

Marcos grabbed Summer by the arm and slowly spun her around until her ass cheeks rested against the cool of the vinyl covering of the table. Marcos told Summer to sit on the table and to place her feet on the small step stool in front of her. As she did this, Summer's ass began to feel a little better as the cool of the table helped to soothe her aching skin.

Marcos quickly said to Summer, "I know that you are nervous. I completely understand that. But you have to understand that I have a job to do and it will be much easier for me if you fully cooperate. Can you do that?"

Summer paused and looked pleadingly at Todd who simply continued to stare right back at her. Summer then said, "Marcos, I will be cooperative, but I am afraid. I do not want to be pierced, but Master T is insisting that I do so."

"Very well then Ms. Summer. Please lay back and place your ankles into the stirrups for your comfort," said Marcos.

As Summer gingerly raised herself up so that she could slide up the table, she was able to just get her ass onto the table with her head all the way to the top of the slightly inclined top of the table. Slowly she raised one foot at the time and placed each stocking clad ankle into the table's stirrups. So there she lay, beige sweater, skirt, garter belt, black back seamed hose, red high heel pumps with her red panty covered pussy exposed to a complete stranger, Marcos.

As Marcos gazed down at the beautiful woman before him, he could not believe Todd's good fortune. Todd had brought other women in to his parlor, but never one so beautiful and mature. So he asked, "Todd, how is it possible that you have been able to gain control over such a lovely and sexy woman?"

Todd replied, "Well Marcos, slut here was surfing the internet and responded to a message from me. As it turned out, she is my English teacher and I could not pass on controlling such a beautiful woman."

Marcos almost shocked, "You mean this is a high school teacher and she is your slut?"

Todd continuing, "Well, she did send me an incriminating picture that fully showed her fucking herself with a black dildo and the picture showed her face completely. What else was I to do, but take control of her and force her to serve me."

Summer was laying on the table and both of the men in the room were talking as if she was not even in the room and ignoring her. She listened as Todd continued to tell Marcos about the events that occurred since she sent him that picture on Thursday evening. Even that time line was difficult for her to understand as it was now only 12:30 PM on the Saturday following that fateful Thursday email.

When Todd finished with the last part of the story, the ride to Paradise, Marcos turned and began to intently stair at Summer. He began to think of all the fun he was about to have with Summer. He knew that Todd wanted some piercings, but he figured that he would be able to have some fun while fulfilling his demands.

Marcos started, "So Todd, what do you want me to do?"?

Todd followed, "Marcos, I want it to be evident that my slut here is making a transition from a school teacher to my full slut. To that end, she must display piercings that not only are beautiful, but indicate a sense of servitude."

Marcos then asked, "Todd do you have any specific items that you want to display what you are seeking?"

Todd continued, "Marcos, I was thinking that gold bars in each nipple would be a good start. Then for her ears, I would want two piercings in each and for her cunt lips, I want loops on each lip. Make sure that none of the piercings can be removed for any reason."

Summer was stunned as she lay there listening to the two men talk. How in the world would she ever be able to explain to her husband James such an extensive array of piercings on her body. She had never ever really allowed such a conversation go any further than a belly button piercing, now Todd was marking her body with nine different piercings and in places where she would have never imagined.

Todd then asked, "Marcos how long will it take for you to properly pierce my slut?"

Marcos answering, "I should think that one hour will be sufficient. I do not want to rush her and I want to complete my task with as little pain as is possible. I think that she would feel much better to know that I proceed slowly and allow pain killers to do their jobs. Will that work for you?"

Todd pondered for a moment and then said, "Marcos, I have several errands to run and I do not think that I will be back for about one hour and thirty minutes. Make my slut comfortable, but leave no doubt that she is a slut."

With that, Todd leaned over Summer and said to her, "Slut, while I am gone, you will do every thing that Marcos tells you to do. If I find out that you acted otherwise, I will punish you in ways that you have never thought possible. Do you understand?"

With tears welling up in her eyes Summer asked, "Master T, why are you doing this to me? Why so many piercings? Can't we do one or two instead?"

Todd leaned over Summer and looking directly into her eyes said, "Slut, you decided a couple of days ago that you wanted sex. You let yourself be fooled into thinking that all you were doing was having playful fun on the internet. But we both know better, you are a slut and this is what you desire."

With that, Todd left the room while Summer was still spread before Marcos on the examination table. As Marcos turned, from her position, Summer could see the front of his jeans and it left no doubt that he was turned on by her predicament.

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