Sun, Wine and Men

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Emma is on holiday to relax. Her neighbors are here to help.
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It was summer, finally, and Emma was on holiday. A special holiday because it was the first time she was by herself. No husband, no friends. It had been a few very busy years at work and the 35-year-old Emma really needed a holiday to relax. Her husband had been very understanding about this and so here she was, by herself in Italy.

In her youth Emma had visited Tuscany many times. Although it had been awhile since her last visit, she instantly felt at home. Just by seeing the road signs, hearing the language and the typical scent of summer in this region.

Emma had rented an apartment for two weeks in a remote agriturismo. It was a two hour drive from the closest airport and after a few detours she had finally arrived. The apartment was located at the end of a long gravel road with cypress trees on either side. The agriturismo was secluded and had a nice view over the countryside. There were just two apartments, a pool and a few pine trees surrounding it. Combined with the local food and the Tuscan sun, it was almost all Emma needed.

Emma wasn't the only guest. The other holiday apartment was also occupied. Her neighbors were two men from Sweden, Emma had found out. She had met them on the day that she arrived. They were friendly guys, around 40 years old Emma guessed, and they had helped her unload her luggage from her car.

Over the next few days Emma had noticed they were easy guests. The men often left in the morning and were relaxing by the pool in the afternoon. The pool was usually the place where Emma would meet them. They would have a small chat, mostly about terrible Italian drivers or the towns they had visited. During these times by the pool Emma had noticed that both men took interest in her. When going in and out of the pool or when applying sunscreen they would casually look over at her.

Emma never had a lack of interest from men. She had a cute face, long auburn hair and freckles on her cheeks, especially in summer. And at 35 she was still in great shape. The pale brunette was slim and curvy. Her husband loved her breasts, but her best feature was her ass. The Swedish men at the pool seemed to be interested in both.

Emma considered her neighbors definitely attractive. Both slim and tall. Mark was quite rugged looking with dark hair and a stubble beard. And Fredrik was a typical Swede: blonde hair, blue eyes and more subtle features. But most important: they were friendly guys and Emma felt comfortable around them.

On the fourth evening they had drinks together. It was a hot summer evening. And Emma had drunk a few too many glasses of wine. The men were quite flirty. Of course the conversation had steered towards the inevitable topic of relationships and sex. Both men told her they were recently divorced. Emma, who at that point was very loose-tongued, confided a lot about her sexlife to the men. She definitely would regret this the next morning. But during this night she had felt no boundaries.

Day 5

When Emma woke up the next day she was a bit hungover. She started to remember what had happened last night. She remembered the pinot grigio. She vaguely remembered the limoncello. She also remembered their conversations about sex. She felt embarrassed having told them about her sexlife. Or the lack thereof actually. It was coming back to her now. She told them she liked it when a man was in control, which her husband would never do. She even told them how she loved anal sex, which her husband didn't. Just thinking about the stuff she said made her blush. So embarrassing, Emma thought.

'Why did I have to drink so much?', Emma asked herself.

Emma decided the best way to cure her hangover was to spend the rest of the day by the pool. When she walked out of her apartment she noticed it was another warm day. She was happy to see her neighbors were not there. It was already quite late in the afternoon. After a quick swim she laid down on one of the sunbeds. She dozed off and woke up when she heard the neighbors arrive at the pool.

'Sorry, did we wake you?', she heard the dark haired Mark say.

'Yes, but that's alright. I could use the company', Emma replied with a smile.

'And you are in luck: can I pour you a drink?', Fredrik said while showing her a bottle of white wine.

Emma accepted. The men installed themselves on a sunbed on either side of Emma.

At first she felt a bit awkward after her confessions the night before. But the guys made no mention of it. Emma felt relieved and the wine was making her more relaxed again.

The conversation with them was again entertaining. Fredrik revealed that he was usually naked when sunbathing. A bit out of the blue he then asked: 'Do you mind if I take off my shorts?'

'Uh', responded Emma, but she hesitated too long and Fredrik was already pulling down his shorts.

Emma gulped. A rather big cock was dangling between his legs. Much bigger than her husband's. That her eyes had been fixed on his cock did not go unnoticed.

'Do you approve?', Fredrik asked with a smile.

Emma had no idea how to respond, she stammered a bit and then finally said: 'Yes. I like it.'

'I like it?!', Emma immediately thought, 'How on earth could she have said that? Of all the things she could say, this was her answer?'

She heard Mark stirr on the other sunbed and he as well started to take his shorts off.

'Is this a thing? Do all Swedish guys do this? And do they all have nice cocks?', Emma wondered.

'Don't you feel a bit overdressed?', Fredrik said teasingly.

'I'm alright', she quickly replied.

'Come on, you could at least take your bikini top off'.

She felt the pressure from the men. She didn't want to come off as a prude. She took her bikini top off, laid down again and closed her eyes. She felt awkward at first, but finally she enjoyed the sun on her now bare breasts.

Emma noticed she was getting aroused by all the nakedness around her. Whether she looked left or right, there was always a cock in her eyesight.

'Let me help you with some sunscreen', Mark said.

Not waiting for her response he immediately started to apply sunscreen. He started with her stomach but quickly went to her breasts. Mark's hands rubbed the sunscreen on and kept on touching her. His hands lingering on her breasts way longer than necessary. He was massaging her tits now. Emma knew it was wrong, but she was loving it. Her nipples were getting hard. Mark had noticed as he started paying more attention to her nipples, rubbing them and pulling them lightly.

Emma let out a moan. She knew things had gotten too far. Her pussy was starting to get wet.

'I really need a dip in the pool', she said panicky, trying to diffuse the situation.

The guys were not hiding their looks anymore. Emma felt their eyes gaze upon her body when she walked towards the pool. She slowly climbed down the ladder and entered the water. When looking over to the guys she noticed what impact she had on the men. The two cocks were almost fully erect and were even more impressive in this state.

While swimming in the pool Emma made a big mistake. She thought about what it would be like to have a threesome with the men. Sex with two men had been one of Emma's biggest fantasies. Emma quickly tried to abandon that thought, but she couldn't anymore. Even the dip in the pool could not get her back to her senses.

After a few minutes she climbed out of the pool. She laid down on her belly on the sunbed so her breasts were safe from their touch. She closed her eyes and tried to compose herself, but it was hard. The warm sun on her wet skin felt so good. The men were now quiet and the only thing she heard were the trickling sounds of the water from the pool.

'I think we should apply some sunscreen here as well' she suddenly heard one of the men say.

Emma wanted to object, but was not given the time to respond.

Mark's strong hands were already on her calves as he started applying the sunscreen. She didn't resist and let Mark touch her again.

He rubbed the sunscreen over her legs, but it quickly turned into a massage.

He started at her feet and slowly worked his way up. Soft at first, but soon he was massaging her firmly. When he got to her upper legs, she felt him massaging the exposed part of her ass.

'You really need to stop...', Emma begged.

'Remove your bikini bottom', Mark commanded.

Emma couldn't believe what she was hearing.

''No, you really need to stop, we can't...', Emma didn't get a chance to finish her sentence. She was surprised by Fredrik who had gotten up and took hold of both her wrists. He was holding her tight, giving Mark the opportunity to remove her bikini bottom. With one swift move he pulled them off.

'We know you want this, Emma', she heard one of them say.

Emma felt powerless. She couldn't think clearly anymore. The alcohol, the sun and the four hands on her body were having their effect. She knew she was already soaking wet. She didn't want to cheat, but her body was giving all the opposite signs.

Fredrik was still holding her wrists. She was being overpowered by the men. Even though it was wrong, she was very aroused by it. Mark was touching her now naked ass. And they knew it was her weak spot.

Mark was caressing her pale buttocks. She felt how exposed she was, laying buttnaked in front of them. He was slowly tracing his fingers over her creamwhite ass cheeks. Each time his fingers were traveling closer to her asshole. It started to drive Emma crazy with desire. She sighed. Unwillingly she started moving her butt closer towards Mark's fingers.

Then suddenly she felt him kiss her lower back.

'No please you can't...', Emma muttered.

The guys did not respond. Mark's kisses were slowly moving downwards and his hands were parting her ass cheeks. Then his tongue was traveling further down the crack of her ass. He stopped. Emma held her breath. Waiting for what was about to come.

Mark started to lick her asshole. He started off slow and was lightly licking her most private spot. Emma moaned. Her husband had never done this. It felt so good. With this the last bit of resistance melted away. Emma was already on the edge of an orgasm. Mark kept licking her there. Steadily he was increasing the pressure with his tongue. Another moan escaped from Emma's lips.

Fredrik had finally let go of her wrists. He knew she would not resist anymore. Mark grabbed her by her hips and brought Emma on her hands and knees. He continued to lick Emma, while Fredrik guided Emma's head towards his cock.

Emma had no reservations anymore. She wanted his cock the moment she saw it. She took his penis in her hand and immediately tried to get her mouth around the fat cock head.

She loved how much the men wanted her. She let out another moan. Mark had started to lick her pussy now as well. When his tongue found her clitoris, his thumb was slowly massaging her asshole. Emma, with her mouth full of cock, was loving the stimulation of both her pussy and ass and kept moaning. But right before Emma could climax, Mark stopped.

'Please don't stop', Emma begged, 'I'm almost there'.

Fredrik moved away from her and laid down on a towel on the grass. Mark then brought Emma to her feet. She eagerly started kissing him. She loved all the attention the men gave her and wanted more. She no longer thought of her husband.

Mark broke off the kiss. He guided Emma towards Fredrik, who was lying on his back, and she knew what she wanted. She climbed on top of him and positioned his large member in front of her pussy. She then slowly lowered her pussy on his large shaft. She leaned towards him and they started making out. It felt amazing: her chest on his', the kissing and his cock inside her. All underneath the hot Tuscan sun.

His big cock was moving in and out of her at a slow pace. He fucked her like this for a while and all Emma could do was moan.

In the meantime Mark had been working on Emma's butt. He had massaged her asshole with his thumb. He then started gently inserting a thumb in her ass, while Fredrik was still fucking her pussy. Mark had felt her asshole relax as his finger easily went in. He started moving his finger inward and outward. Emma was loving the attention her ass got.

'Keep going', Emma said, 'I'm going to come'.

The men did not need any encouragement.

The stimulation of both her ass and pussy was all Emma could take at that point.

'Yes, yes, yes, ooh!', with a loud moan Emma came to her first climax.

She was still recovering from her orgasm when she noticed what the men were up to next.

Emma looked over her shoulder at Mark. She started to realize what was about to happen. Mark was positioning the head of his cock in front of her asshole. Fredrik still had his cock inside her pussy.

The men seemed to know exactly what they were doing.

'It will never fit', Emma said, with no real attempt to stop him. Mark didn't respond.

She felt the head of his penis trying to enter her butt. She relaxed. She knew deep down this is what she had always wanted. She felt how her ass opened up to him and how his cock was slowly entering her.

Emma gained confidence and she started asking for more. 'Yes, please put it in my ass' she said.

Mark pushed in further.

'Yes, put it all the way in there', she begged.

Mark filled her up completely.

'This feels so good. Fuck me please...', Emma said desperately.

Slow at first, the men started moving. Almost completely synchronized. Emma had tried this once with much smaller sextoys, but this was so much better. The cocks made Emma feel so full and the feeling of the cocks sliding in and out of her was amazing.

'Fuck me harder', Emma cried out, 'as deep as possible'.

The men started to fuck her harder. The cocks, the hands and the mouths on her body felt so good.

"I'm going to come!" Emma cried out.

The men were no longer holding back. Mark had grabbed Emma's hips and was taking her ass as hard as he could.

Then Emma started climaxing. The men grunted and she felt their cocks filling her up with semen. Which made her orgasm even bigger. Her body was shaking with pleasure.

'Ahhh' screamed Emma. Her screams were then muffled by a hand on her mouth.

After staying like this for a moment, the men pulled out of her. The three of them laid down on their backs and were looking at the sky. All still sweaty from what was probably the best sex they ever had.

'Wow!' Mark said, 'that was amazing!'.

'Now we know for sure you were being honest yesterday', Fredrik joked.

After catching their breath, the men guided her to the shower by the pool. They showered together. Both of them were helping Emma rinse off from their sweaty menage a trois. Whilst looking out on the Tuscan hills, Emma felt herself get aroused again. It was hard not to. Mark started kissing her and Fredrik whispered in her ear: 'I still want a piece of that ass as well".

It was a nice drive up to the agriturismo. He enjoyed the surroundings and the - hard to miss - cypress trees. It had been difficult to get a few days off from work, so he was hoping that his wife would like this surprise visit. She must like it. She was already five days into her holiday and he guessed she could really use some company.

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