Sunny Day


Like all young women when growing up I had to confront the issue of pubic hair. Although very much English, there is some Spanish blood somewhere in the family and I am quite dark and hairier than average. The fashion was (and is) for bald pussy and I followed suit. I started shaving down there and continued to do so through my student days, as this is the cheap and cheerful method of hair removal. I did try depilation creams, but they did cause a rash.

At the age of 25, influenced in part by feminism and in part by not wanting to look like a little girl, I decided to stop epilation altogether and let my bush grow naturally. Within a few itchy weeks I had a magnificent bush, thick and luxuriant, which I enjoyed stroking. The reaction from boyfriends was mixed (and I might explain this another time), but there was also an occasion reaction from complete strangers.

I was (and remain) a keen swimmer and at the pool I would sometimes catch men looking at the hair that sprouted round my costume. Being a public pool, no one ever made any comment but I could see some were intrigued. In the showers I would, from time to time, hear comments from other women passed between friends ("how could she?", "look at the state of that fanny", "she must be a lesbian" and "no man would go there") or sometimes to my face, some of which commented favourably on my looks. I soon became annoyed at the comments - what gives anyone the right to pass comment on my body and my choices?

Whilst men might be restrained at the pool, there were not so at the beach. I will tell you about one memorable encounter.

It was one of those rare hot and sunny days in the UK and I went to a secluded beach in Cornwall. It was pretty with golden sand, lovely sand dunes and the sea was even mildly warm. I had put my new red bikini on under my dress, to make it easy when I arrived. The bottom consisted of two red triangles held at the sides with string. Although not particularly revealing, my bush poked out each side. The top was likewise two smaller triangles covering my ample breasts, again held in place by string.

When I arrived I found a spot to one side of the beach, put down my beach towel, removed my dress, applied sun cream and laid down to read a book. The welcome feeling of sun on my body always makes me frisky and relaxed. After an hour or so I went for a swim, the water cold compared to the air but a welcome relief from the heat. When I came out of the pool I discovered that the bikini was a bit transparent when wet. You could clearly see my dark nipples, and this was made worse by the fact that the cold had brought them to attention, and my pussy hair.

I returned to sunbathe and then went swimming again. This time, as I exited the sea, two young men, a bit younger than me, were watching. As I passed by in the shallows one commented to the other "look at that bush". The other murmured something in reply. Annoyed, I asked "what's up, have you never seen a hairy pussy before?" One blushed slightly, but the more forward of the two explained that all his girlfriends had been shaven. I am still not sure what come over me, but pulling my bikini bottoms down I offered him a proper view. To say they were surprised would be an understatement, but to be fair they took it in their stride. The first guy asked if he could touch and since I had my pussy in the wind who was I to demur. I was however a bit nervous as although there were not many people on the beach it was not completely empty. I suggested that we go to the dunes.

Collecting my towel and beach led the way. Although my bikini bottoms were now firmly up again, I would feel four eyes burning into my arse. I found a quiet spot, put the towel down and removed the bottom half of the costume. For the second time my hairy cunt was on display to two complete strangers. This time one of them reached out and felt my luscious black pubes, before running his finger down my slit. I gasped slightly but I was alre4ady wet from the attention and the situation. As he inserted his finger I looked down at the two reactions straining their trunks. It has always been a source of delight to me when men get hard when looking at or touching me.

The second of my admirer's reached for my tits. He felt the nipples of my left breast through the flimsy bikini top. He was slightly rough and when he decided to remove it he was clumsy. I smiled and helped him and my 34e tits were also exposed. I was now completely naked in public. As he started to suck my left nipple I reached for his hard prick, pulling it out of his trunks. It felt good, a decent handful, and very stiff. I wanked it gently with my 'wrong' hand and at the same time I reached for the other cock. This lad pulled his trunks down smartly, which made life easy, although I was a bit annoyed at the finger being removed from my pussy.

Standing there being fingered, my tit being sucked and a cock in each hand I felt like the right slut that I am. One prick was about 6 inches but thick. The other slightly longer, but thinner and curved. This was one was circumcised. The differences made for a great contrast. As none of us had condoms, fucking was never on the cards. Instead I knelt on the towel and proceeded to suck each cock in turn, staring with the thinner one. I kissed his knob end and then took it between my lips, sucking gently and enjoying the taste. I was soon bobbing back and forth on his lovely manhood. Moving to the other, whilst keeping the first in my hand, I pulled back his foreskin and sucked the bulbous head before taking the shaft deep in my mouth.

Whilst I alternated between the two stiff members, all the while holding on to the other and trying my best to wank them, my tits were played with. My nipples, already stiff, were caressed, squeezed and pulled. I have sensitive nipples and love the attention. I continued to suck, deep throating them both and paying attention to their balls, all the while looking up at them. After a while the guy with the longer prick finished himself off when I released my mouth. He shot wads of thick sticky spunk over my big boobs in a series of bursts. This was too much for his mate who began to cum in my mouth, holding my head as his cock erupted and jerked. I greedily swallowed his jizz and was sure to clean him up at the end.

Afterwards they seemed a little uncertain what to do and were obviously self-conscious. They pulled up their trunks and I smiled, kissed them each briefly and they left. I deliberately had not asked their names, as I enjoyed the anonymity. I wiped the spunk off my tits with the beach towel, put on my sun dress and got in my car. At home I needed a shower and had a fantastic orgasm using the shower head.

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by Anonymous

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by ReefBeach09/24/18

good little story

I love the outdoor setting. Maybe a tiny bit rushed - I'd have liked to hear your aroused feelings on the beach before the boys turned up. But stay hairy! More natural, & more adult, as you say.

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by ManosHands08/15/18


Thanks for submitting this. A good start for your first time around. Short and sweet... and pretty hot.
I hope you have more stories to share.

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by Anonymous08/11/18

bush is better

Right, so they wanted to touch it, but not lick it? They should've taken a closer look, and got a taste of a real woman. Just keep it trimmed so it's undercover, and not sticking out from whatever you'remore...

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by Anonymous08/11/18


A delicious story, Jill. And don’t ever shave off that bush!

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