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Super Market Rendezvous


I was stupefied as I looked over the different cuts of meat. From my right came a soft voice, "Didn't she tell you what kind of roast?"

"She would have if she were still here. All the kids are coming this Saturday and I'm trying to make her Italian Beef recipe, it says to slice the roast before marinating, but I don't know what kind of roast."

"If you have the recipe with you I might be able to help." She looked at the recipe card, handed it back and told me the sirloin would work well.

I thanked her and went on with my shopping. I'd seen her at this store previously, always by herself, like me. My late wife Maryann had died physically just over 6 months ago, in truth, she had been dead almost two years, it just took that long for her brain to figure it out. The kids talked me into selling the business and leaving the upper Midwest for the panhandle of Florida, where our daughter and family lived.

I'd been shopping at this market since I moved here. It was a new concept for Wal-Mart called the Neighborhood Market. Where I had lived there were no close Wal-Mart stores, so I'd never bought groceries at one before. People said it would be dirty and poorly stocked, in fact, it was just the opposite and less expensive than the main stream stores.

As I rounded an end cap I was looking sideways and almost ran into her cart. We were startled, smiling as we passed each other. In the paper goods aisle there she was again, looking at the variety of toilet paper. I grabbed the one I normally use and smiled again, mentioning I could remember when there were only two or three choices.

She was a pretty lady, not very tall though, perhaps 5'5", she didn't have a "toned" body, cantaloupe size breasts, cleavage half way to her navel, or pants so tight you could see through them. Nope, she was just the average middle age woman shopping for groceries. Her black hair was cut shoulder length, she wore a floral print blouse and stark white shorts. Not the long baggy kind, they were snug but not revealing, maybe two to three inches below her butt. Breasts appropriately sized to her body, nice waist, no muffin top over her shorts, her tummy wasn't flat, it had that cute little roll you see on so many ladies who have had a baby or two.

I could easily envision sliding my hand down the front of those shorts unimpeded. When she bent over I looked for panty lines but didn't see any, no way this gal was commando, then through the upper portion of her shorts I noticed the triangle thing at the top of her thong. Holy shit, she's wearing a thong, I thought only younger chicks wore those. As she stood she quickly swung her cart around to go the other direction. I was still going over my list and crossing things off when her cart hit mine. I quickly apologized and moved my cart for her to pass by.

As she started to walk past she stopped, smiled and said we needed to stop meeting like this. My weekend with the kids went okay, the Italian beef was as good as moms according to the reviews. On Tuesday I was back at the market doing my normal weekly shopping. As I was picking up a bag of salad mix I heard that soft familiar voice again.

"I thought all you big strong men didn't believe in eating "rabbit food" as I believe it's called."

"Guess I didn't get that memo. I like the spring mix, and though the iceberg mix is less expensive, it makes me belch for hours. I generally have a salad for lunch, it tides me over until supper."

"Supper, now there's a word I haven't heard in years. My late husband insisted the evening meal be called dinner. It was one of those things not worth arguing over."

As for me, I'm no prize, 5'10", an average guy with an average build, still have my own teeth and most of my hair. Unlike many, I managed to make sure my belly wasn't hanging over my belt. I wouldn't call myself over weight, but I'm not skinny either. Like a lot of older men, I tend to dress in jeans and a t-shirt. As I said, average.

I extended my hand and introduced myself, "Name is Edwin, nice to officially meet you."

She extended hers to shake mine. "Edwin huh, I see your parents didn't like you anymore than mine liked me. They named me Letha, after my great grandmother. We both have old people names, but then we fit that category don't we."

We were in the produce aisle, blocking the way, we moved between the produce tables with apples etc, where we once again blocked the aisle. It was late morning, I asked her if she'd ever been to Mr. Chens just down the street. She hadn't, we agreed to meet there at noon, and went about our shopping, passing a few times, each time greeting the other by our first name and smiling. I noticed she had a small hitch in her step and wondered if it was a bad hip.

It was enjoyable having an adult conversation with another nearly my age, she had changed from shorts to a pair of those low jeans, I think they're called low rise, with her blouse tucked in. I thought to myself that if her underwear were as low as those jeans she must be one sexy lady. She's 56, I'm 60, both living on our own, both bored, knowing we were without our life long partners, but knowing life goes on. She mentioned she saw no salad dressing in my basket and wondered if I made my own. I explained I didn't like salad dressings of any kind and that I used fresh lemon on my salads. She'd never heard of that and thought it was a good idea.

We talked a bit on the phone every few days, even attempted texting with surprising success. We surprised ourselves with how well we'd done in this new technology of our grandkids. Our grocery shopping rendezvous became so much fun we began meeting early each Tuesday morning for breakfast at IHOP for their 55 and over menu. The cost wasn't the issue, it was the portions, the over 55 menu was just the right amount of food. We reasoned that if we ate prior to shopping we wouldn't buy as many groceries, that didn't work at all. Neither of us were impulse buyers to start with, so we ended up getting what we had on our lists.

At one of our breakfasts I mentioned it was so hard to shop and cook for one person. She agreed, who likes to cook for one and then eat alone?

"I wouldn't mind cooking for you Letha, I cooked for years when Maryann was still with me, but too sick to do anymore than function. Nobody ever went to the hospital because of my cooking."

"Let me think about it Ed. I need you to know I'm not looking for a friend with benefits, I think that's what they call it now. In our day we just called it shacking up. I have no aversion to another marriage, my first was good enough I'd do it again. However, if I become intimate, it will be with a life partner, not a romp in the hay relationship."

I agreed. "My first was good as well. The first 30 were the best, the last years were a nightmare. I'd do it again though if I met the right gal."

"Well Ed, there are always those websites where you can call and, fffuuu, oops sorry, what's it called now, hooking up, with no strings attached."

"Sure, a guy, or a gal, can do that. I said. But one must consider how many other people may have contacted that person before you did. Just how many men or women are you sleeping with, who knows what kinds of diseases you could contract. No thanks, my needs are not so strong that I 'm willing to go that route."

"How do you meet your needs Ed. Do you need the little blue pills to be active?"

"No blue pills yet, all of that equipment seems to work just fine. As for my needs, it isn't an issue, as I said, my needs aren't that great. If I don't allow myself to think about, I don't have issues. It sounds overly simplistic, but it isn't. You will either control your emotions and desires, or you won't. In the end, we do what we want to do."

"Let's go grocery shopping Ed, all this talk about sex is making me hungry."

We lived about three miles apart, which seems like no distance at all, unless you're driving through city traffic to get there. Often it was much simpler to chat on the phone a while or send a few texts. We had known each other for weeks and were talking nearly every day. One afternoon I decided to surprise her with some apples, they had been on her list, but the store was out of that variety. I was in the store getting milk when I noticed the apples she wanted had been replenished. I grabbed a half dozen and took them to her apartment.

Letha was happy and surprised. When I gave her the apples she wouldn't take them at first. Once I explained I didn't care for that variety and that I'd purchased them especially for her, she accepted. Then came my reward, she got on tippy toes and gave me a quick sweet kiss, blushing as she stepped back. We talked a while, split a Dr. Pepper and I headed home to another lonely evening.

Letha decided coming to my house for a meal would be alright. I grilled bourbon glazed boneless chicken breasts with baked potatoes and corn as a vegetable. For dessert I'd made a cherry pie which we enjoyed later with coffee. Adjourning to the family room she said she was impressed with how clean I kept the house, especially the bathrooms. It was obvious I didn't use all three, but all three were clean and in order. Ah, that military training paid off.

"I can see your weakness Ed, it's tools and wood working. All these magazines are related to tools and wood. I peeked through the window of your shop as I approached the house, lots of nice equipment in that shop Ed. I think you're what is called a, "tool junkie."

I laughed, "Caught me, can't deny any of it. I love working with wood, learning both old and new techniques. What's your weakness Letha, what makes you drop a hundred bucks when you didn't plan to spend anything?"

She blushed and looked embarrassed. "Promise you won't laugh, if you do, this will be the last time we ever speak. My weakness is pretty undies. I love the feel of silk against my skin, maybe you've noticed I wear skirts or dresses most of the time. I love the look and feel of silk stockings and wear them unless it's just too stinking hot. I love a silk bra that supports, but doesn't constrict. That's my weakness Ed."

"Damn girl, I told you I don't think about such things and here you are telling me you love wearing pretty undies. Hafta be honest Letha, you stirred up some otherwise dormant desires."

"You're kidding me, I thought you didn't see me as desirous, you've never laid a hand on me except to guide me or help me in or out of a vehicle. You don't try to kiss me. I figured you saw me as no more than your fat ass friend to have coffee and go grocery shopping with."

"Well you thought wrong Letha. I very much desire you, but I wasn't about to make a move until you gave me a sign it was acceptable. I value our friendship to highly to mess it up with an unwanted advance."

Letha patted the couch next to her, signaling for me to sit. "Ed you sweet sweet man. You're always a gentleman, and while I'm not ready to 'hook up' as they say. It's nice to know I still have what it takes to stoke the fire. Kiss me Ed, who knows, I might let you get to second base."

Considering our ages, I knew exactly what she meant. I hadn't touched a woman's breast, covered or bare, romantically in years. I would bath Maryann, put lotion on and dress her every day, but there was never any intimacy involved, there was little to no life in her the last few years. I knew she wanted to be sexy and make love to me, but the ravages of her body wouldn't allow such a luxury.

She had begged me to make love to her one last time about 18 months before she died. I was as gentle as possible, but the activity still left her in pain for two days. I had climaxed, she hadn't, but my release was all she wanted, she had made her husband cum one last time. I wanted to bathe and clean her up, she refused. She wanted me to help her put panties on, she said she wanted the last of my seed she'd feel inside her to stay as long as possible. She hadn't worn panties for over a year prior to that. It was heart wrenching for me, that incident had been over two years ago.

The kiss between Letha and me was soft, long, and sensuous. As Letha pressed back against my mouth my hand went into her hair. I crushed a handful in my fist, I was careful not to pull, I just loved the smell and feel of her hair. Feeling bold I gently probed her lips with my tongue, Letha smiled and opened her mouth. It wasn't a suck face kiss like you see in the movies, slamming each other around. It was a tender kiss between two people who had lived and learned enough from life to enjoy a proper kiss.

As we broke Letha whispered, "Damn, it's been a long time since I've been kissed like that. If I didn't have morals I'd let you hit a homerun tonight."

We both laughed, falling against each other. As we did my hand slipped up her side and cupped her breast. We stopped, I was looking into her eyes, worried I'd screwed up.

"Sorry Letha, it wasn't intentional."

Letha spoke in a soft sultry tone, "That's a good way to get your face slapped, although I did tell you second base. Somehow, I guess I missed the pitch and hit while we were necking. Kiss me more cowboy."

As we kissed I put my hand on her breast, it felt soft and warm, so inviting. I started to slide her blouse up, she stopped me, telling me to unbutton it. Once I had it open I could see the very sheer lace bra, it was so transparent I could easily see her nipples beginning to harden. I gently massaged both breasts, lightly squeezing them, pulling the nipples which made her squirm. As I began to lift the bra up over her breasts she stopped me.

"Uhn uh, unclasp it, they're too expensive to treat like a cotton bra." I dutifully complied, salivating as my eyes feasted on her bare breasts. I don't really know how women do it, but with her blouse on she slid her arms through the straps and pulled the bra off. I was literally drooling when she spoke.

"Ed honey, I think you'd better put a nipple in your mouth before you drip spit all over my skirt."

Letha gasp when I sucked her nipple into my mouth.


My mind was reeling with so many pleasant thoughts. "Oh my gosh, his lips feel so good, just the right amount of pressure to draw out my tit flesh without making my nipples hurt. I love how he pulls the nipples forward while he sucks, until they pop out of his mouth."

Suddenly Letha stood, straddled my lap and stuck the other nipple in my mouth.

This went on for at least half an hour, all the while her hips were softly rocking back and forth over my cock. At times she would cup her tits and stick both nipples in my mouth. She reached behind my head and drew me as tight to her breast as possible, rubbing my hair and telling me how wonderful it felt.

Letha let go of my head and slowly removed the nipple from my mouth.

In barely a whisper she spoke, "Eddie, if we keep this up I'm going to have panties so wet I'll need a life jacket. I said second base, and as much as I don't want to stop, I must." Letha leaned in for more kisses rubbing her breasts against me.

"Shoot, I wish I'd taken your shirt off earlier, so I could have rubbed my breasts against your hairy chest. Stand with me Eddie, it's time I go home."

As we embraced and kissed, I felt her breasts, pinching the nipples a little, Letha smiled and cooed. I reached for and handed her the bra, she set it on the arm of the couch.

"That's for you lover boy, a momento to put under your pillow and dream of me. It has my perfume on it, I hope you like it."

As dumbstruck as I was I had said next to nothing from the time I opened Letha's blouse. As she was buttoning it back up I took her face in my hands. "Letha, thank you for showing me what passion felt like again. It's been so very long."

"Eddie, I want to show you much more than that, including my pretty undies, but it will have to wait until later, when we know one another better. Can you hold out Ed, can you wait until I'm ready? I really like you, I just need to settle some things in my heart before I can give myself to you."

"I can wait, I've waited years to feel passion again, what's a while longer? I know it's too early to say I love you, but it's so dang close I feel like I want to."

"I feel the same Eddie, walk me to my car, kiss me goodnight and put my bra under your pillow so you can smell my scent until morning."

Letha needed to go potty before she left, I was standing by the kitchen door waiting. As she walked toward me I could feel my dick harden, as I watched her breasts jiggle and sway slightly beneath her red silk blouse. No mistaking it, those nipples were hard as they rubbed against her blouse.

"You like those Eddie? Maybe next time I won't wear a bra at all."

Under my breath I mumbled, "you make my dick hard." Thinking she couldn't hear me.

As she passed she whispered, "I know I do, and I love it."

I didn't sleep with her bra under the pillow, I slept with it on the pillow under my head. I didn't always go back to sleep right away after getting up to pee in the middle of the night, but that night as I crawled back in bed, I put one of the 34B cups against my cheek and drifted off immediately.

Life was simple for Letha and me, for us an exciting day was to tour the USS Alabama in Mobile, or drive along the Emerald Coast and walk the pristine white beaches, maybe spend a day at the Naval Air Museum, some evenings we would take in a game of the local triple A baseball team. Holding hands was special to us, sneaking in the occasional kiss was a bonus. When we were together we were an item, no one else was more important than each other. When our evenings ended it was generally with kisses and caresses, but never more than what we'd already experienced. That is, until I upped the ante one night as we kissed goodnight at her back door.

"Letha, can I have a pair of your panties to go with the bra I sleep with every night."

Without the blink of an eye Letha responded, "Clean or used?"

Staring at her I realized she was serious, "used please."

"You are a rare one Ed, you're even polite asking for a pair of my dirty panties. You are a keeper that's for sure."

Letha reached under her dress, pulled down her panties and handed them to me. They were yellow and red striped cotton boy shorts, my dick jumped. "Will those do Eddie? They're a little damp in the crotch, but that's your fault. You make me leak when I'm with you."

Letha grabbed my collar and drew me in for a long tongue searching kiss, "Call me when you get up, not after you shower and have breakfast, when you get up."

She moved my hand to her ass while kissing me one last time. As we separated I patted her bottom. "Ed, I love having my bottom patted. How did you know?"

"I didn't, it was something I have wanted to do for weeks."

"Good move lover boy, that will get you extra points."

I had a hard time walking to my car, my dick was standing straight up and hindering my ability to stride normally.


From behind the curtain I watched Ed having a difficult time walking properly, I know that walk, that's the walk of a man with a hardon. I love the fact that I still have what it takes to make a man hard, I can't believe how turned on I am. Without my panties to catch them, I can feel the juices running down the inside of my left thigh. This man makes me wet all the time, but he's so kind and dumb headed he doesn't even know it. I think it's time to take things up a notch, I want that man's cock inside me."

When I got home and was getting ready for bed I looked at Letha's panties. Size 4 bikini, light brown with a black checker pattern of some sort. She was right, the crotch is wet, I imagined seeing her in those panties as I slid them down her legs. I sniffed them, I love the scent of a horny pussy. I also noticed a few curly hairs, thank God she is a real woman. I wanted to taste her panties, but I refrained, I wanted my first taste to be when my tongue touched her pussy.

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