tagErotic HorrorSuper-unnatural Ch. 03

Super-unnatural Ch. 03


This time she knew she was dreaming. It was the same dream she had had the previous night, or rather, a continuation of it. Her first awareness of it was when she was looking at herself sitting on the bedknob in the mirror, and feeling the knob pressing upwards between her thighs.

Because she knew it was a dream, she tried hard to stop herself from imitating the actions of her reflection in the mirror, but her legs would not obey her. "Stand up!" she said to herself in her mind, but her legs bent further, pushing the knob harder against her soft lower parts. She gasped as she felt the entrance to her vagina open to swallow the bedknob. It felt just like the thing that she had sat on under the tree, except... the bedknob was going in deeper than the thing had.

"Ohhhhhh..." she groaned as she felt her vulva stretch around the thickest part of the knob. Then the pressure on her labia lessened as her lips slid past the middle of the knob, the pressure moving inwards, into her private parts. Her head spun as she looked at herself in the mirror -- the reddened gash of her sex no longer looked so strained, but she could see a slight bump in her flat belly as the bedknob continued its progress into her. Oh god. Stop it, Hazel. Stop it. You... you're fucking yourself on the bedknob!

But her body still wouldn't listen to her frantic appeals and she could only watch as her reflection continued driving her hips downwards, pressing the bedknob into her body as deeply as it would go. Hazel suddenly remembered that the bedknob was topped by a smaller protrusion, just moments before she felt it press against her cervix... and at about the same time she heard Ted's voice outside the bedroom door. "Honey, I'm home," he was saying, and she knew what it meant. He was going to come in and see her fucking herself on the bedknob and he would... he would...

The overriding sense of panic woke her up. She sat up, her heart pounding, her head still filled with the images and her body with the sensations of her dream. It was so real she swore she could feel the throbbing ache in her vagina, where the bedknob had... had... god, was she going mad? Was it true what her friends said, that she would miss sex so much she would go crazy? But... she didn't even like it to begin with. Why would she miss something she thought was a chore and a bother?

Hazel got up and got herself a towel to wipe the sweat off her head and body (and other fluids from her sopping wet crotch). Then she made her way to the kitchen to get herself a warm drink. Was she really going mad? What should she do?

Not trusting the seductive combination of her imagination and her bed, she sat in the kitchen and mused upon her problem. Was there really something wrong with her? Or was it... something else? She remembered the wild eyes on the old man who had accosted her on the beach and shivered once more. Was there something unseen that she... had trespassed upon when she unwittingly sat under that tree? Who could help her?

There was no other choice. She didn't have many friends anyway, and of those she had, the only one who even knew anything about these things was Trudy. Whom she'd sworn never to speak to again. Not after what she had done. But... Hazel just didn't know whom else to turn to. Shit. I guess I have to swallow my pride and ask her, she thought to herself, her fingers gripping tightly at the now empty cup in her hands.

But as the sun rose, so did the doubts in her mind. No, it wouldn't be a good idea, after all. Trudy was no longer someone she could trust. And telling her something this... intimate... would be too damaging. Besides, what would she say? I think something got into my vagina and I don't know how it got in there? She gave a wry smile. I can imagine what Trudy's response to that would be. She's not exactly the most tactful of people.

Hazel didn't know how long she had sat there, but after a while, she realised that she had to start getting ready to work. She still felt tired -- not surprising considering that she had not had a good night's sleep for a couple of nights -- but it was a Monday and it wouldn't do for her to just call in sick. Not when her boss had a whole of stuff for her to do this week.

Good. Getting into her regular routine kept her mind off what had happened to her, both in her dreams and at the beach. It gave her a sense of purpose, and made her experience a little less real. I'm glad the weekend is over with, she thought. Maybe it also means the bad dreams will stop too.

Unfortunately, her respite lasted only till lunchtime. She had been kept busy all morning answering calls and scheduling meetings that she had not had the time to think about anything else. When she was finally able to take a break for her afternoon meal, she was surprised to find it was already 1 o'clock. All her usual lunch partners had left, so she went for her meal on her own. As she got into the lift, she suddenly felt something move inside her. It wasn't anything painful, just a sudden jerk, which she thought was a minor muscle pull. As the lift descended, however, it became clear that it was something more than a simple muscle pull. Much more.

Hazel gasped out loud when it happened, and everyone in the lift turned to look at her. Embarrassed, she stifled further reactions to what was going on, inside her. It felt like... the something that had entered her vagina on the beach was now embedded deep inside her. In fact, it felt a lot like it had had in her dream last night -- a thick, round protuberance, pressing against her flesh inside, making her wonder if it was making her tummy bulge out like it had in her dream. She didn't dare look down to check, partly because she didn't want to draw any more attention to herself, and partly because she really didn't want to know. What would she do if it were true?

Time seemed to slow down as the lift moved towards the ground floor. Hazel clamped her knees together as she felt the thing inside her move, not upwards, as it had the previous day, but downwards... towards the entrance of her vagina, towards her panties, which would surely rip apart or fall to the floor. And that would be embarrassing indeed, to have everyone in the lift suddenly see her panties down on the floor, between her legs.

"Urrrp!" she swallowed a groan as the stretching in her vagina moved relentlessly downwards. It felt like... she was giving birth, or at least, like some of the descriptions of giving birth that she had heard from her married friends, but without the horrible pain they had told her about. She doubted childbirth was as... pleasurable as she experiencing. "Hhhhhh!" she breathed out sharply, drawing the attention of one of the women nearest her. There was a sudden shock of sensation that ran out from her leaking, traitorous vagina, making her tremble. The woman opened her mouth, apparently to ask if she was OK, then she shut it again. Did she know what was going on? Hazel wondered as the electricity in her groin made her shiver.

What is wrong with me? She thought as the lift finally reached the ground floor. How did I become... a nympho? People were beginning to stream out of the lift and she made a move to do the same, except that it was rather difficult to do so. By then, the thing inside her had pretty much reached the entrance of her privates... her pussy, as her ex- used to call it... and she wasn't sure it wouldn't fall out of her if she didn't try her best to keep it in.

She decided to make her way to the nearest restroom so that she could finally examine whatever it was that had been inside her. Keeping her knees as close together as she could, Hazel waddled to the toilet. Whatever it was, she knew it was no 'figment of her imagination' because she could feel her panties sag as it protruded out of her. Is that what it's like to have a cock? she wondered in a moment of whimsy as she entered the toilet. It felt like the thing was almost completely out of her -- her labia had ached as they strained to allow the thing to pass out of her, and now, she just felt a little... loose down there.

She hurried into one of the stalls, latched the door, hiked up her skirt and pulled down her panties. There was nothing in the gusset of her panties but... oh, part of it was still embedded in her. Before she could do anything else, the 'thing' dropped down onto her panties, along with a large amount of fluid.

It was a head. A doll's head to be exact. She stared at it for a long time. It was the size of her fist, and it was slippery and wet. Other than the fact that it had fallen out of her vagina, where it had no reason to be, it looked like an ordinary doll's head. The neck was what had remained in her just now.

Hazel was horrified. How had that gotten into her? She hadn't been naked on the beach, after all. She was wearing her bikini and her pants had remained in place even when she felt the thing pushing into her... and there was no other way it could have been put inside her -- she always locked her doors at night, so no one could have... Unless...

She remembered the wild-eyed man she had seen on the beach the following day and all but collapsed on the toilet in confusion and shock. Maybe... he had something to do with it. Maybe this was not... something that followed the usual rules of logic. She picked it up carefully, half expecting it to do something shocking. Speak to her, maybe. But it didn't. It was just an ordinary doll's head. A wet and slippery doll's head.

As she wrapped the thing up in toilet tissue, she realised that she would really have to look up Trudy. Trudy was the only person she knew who could help make sense of all this... never mind that hers were the legs Hazel saw wrapped around Ted's waist when she came home early 3 years ago.

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