tagErotic HorrorSuper-unnatural Ch. 04

Super-unnatural Ch. 04


Hazel fidgeted as she sat on the sofa. Trudy seemed to notice her discomfort, and reached out to hold her hand to reassure her. Thankfully, Trudy had been even less skeptical than she had expected. When she had told her about the incidents on the beach and her concurrent dreams, Trudy had laughed at first, but then she seemed to suddenly switch tack and become more believing of the tale Hazel was telling. Thankfully, she had not had any further dream to talk about -- her sleep the previous night was remarkable for how deep and restful it was. If she had had any dream, she was grateful that it was not as frightening as the previous nights'.

Trudy had immediately made arrangements with some guy she said she always consulted with on such spiritual matters. That was how she came to be here, sitting in the stranger's sitting room waiting while he prepared the room for her. Am I doing the right thing? she thought to herself. Maybe I'm just going mad. Trudy seemed to read her mind and squeezed her hand again.

"Hey, look," she said suddenly, rousing Hazel from her semi-reverie. "I want to stay but I've just received an SMS from a potential client and I've got to go."

"I... umm..." Hazel hesitated. It would not be right to keep Trudy from doing her job, after all. This was purely her own problem, and she should seek to resolve it herself. As it was, she was thankful to Trudy for arranging for the visit to the medium and accompanying her to his place as well. "Oh, alright. You should go, then."

"Alright," smiled Trudy, and Hazel thought for a moment that there was something strange about her smile. "I'm really sorry about leaving you like this. But you can trust him. I've come to see him for years."

"OK, if you say so," she replied, sipping the drink the medium had left for her.

"Drink up," said Trudy, as she downed the rest of her drink. The medium was really taking quite a long time to prepare the room. "You've got to do everything he says. He knows what he's doing and he'll make sure you resolve this one way or another. Remember that."

"OK," she replied as she followed her friend's actions. She had initially been surprised by Trudy's reactions to her call -- she had expected her to cut off the line. After all, she was the ex-wife of the man Trudy was seeing. But Trudy had been warm and friendly... it had almost seemed like they were back to being the best friends that they once were.

"I'll be going now," said Trudy. "Got to get there in 20 minutes, and you know what traffic's like at this hour."

Hazel nodded, thanked her once again, and settled back into the comfortable sofa as her friend closed the door behind her. How long was the medium going to take? She was beginning to feel a little drowsy.

"I'm sorry," he said, coming of the room and startling her with his sudden appearance. He was really not bad looking, a young guy who looked like he visited the gym a fair bit. The first time she had seen him, she had wondered if Trudy had been pulling her leg about Kevin being a medium. He just did not seem to fit her own impressions of what a medium should be like.

She nodded in reply and stood up, brushing her skirt down. "I... Trudy had to..." she began, and he continued: "... go off because she got a sudden call about a prospective client. I know. I knew this would happen the moment you ladies came here."

"Oh. OK. I suppose I should go in..?"

"Yes, please do."

"Oh, but I couldn't find..."

"The item? That's alright," he smiled at her and she suddenly felt weak. "It disappeared after you put it in your bag, right?"

"Yes, I... how did you..?"

"How did I know? That's what I do for a living, remember?"

"Oh. Yes, of course."

She stepped into the room, immediately noticing the strong smells of incense. There were joss sticks and a smelter at the far end of the room, on what looked like an altar. She felt her head spin for a moment and had to put out her hand to steady herself. Her hand found the bare body of the medium. She was right, he had been working out -- his body was rippling with muscles and felt firm to the touch. She must have blushed because she felt the heat burning throughout her body. When did he take off his..? she wondered as she smiled gratefully at him.

Then she heard him say: "Take off your clothes. Take off everything."

Remembering Trudy's words to her before she left, Hazel nodded, put down her bag on the floor next to the large bed, then began to slowly take off her clothes. She hesitated for a moment as she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties -- no one had seen her naked since... since what's-his-name -- then Kevin smiled at her again and she relaxed, pushing her undies down the length of her legs. Straightening up, she realised that Kevin was naked too. A small part of her mind wondered why it was that he was similarly unclothed, but Trudy's words kept echoing in her mind: "Trust him." So she suppressed the tiny urge to cover up her breasts and pussy and stood before him, bare and naked.

His eyes were moving all over her body, and his tongue kept slipping out to lick his lips. "Why don't you go lie down, Hazel?" he said in a voice that sounded the way a lover's would, and she did as she was told, slipping onto the bed next to her. Again, her instinct to cover up her private parts was overpowered by what Trudy had said. Instead, she simply lay there and let him continue looking at her nude body, at the glowing hot area in her groin that was exposed by her slightly splayed legs.

"That's a nice cunt you have there, Hazel," he said and she would have blushed if she could, but all she could do was nod and keep looking at him. He had moved to the area in front of the bed, just between her legs, and his unwavering attention on her pubic mound was making her quiver. She felt little shocks of electricity shooting out from her vagina as he lowered himself down onto the bed, his eyes not straying from her trembling slit.

"I like the way your pussy looks," he smiled at her and she smiled in return, even though the words resonated in a part of her brain that was screaming at her to stop this relentless examination of her privates. "It's neat -- not too much hair, and your lips are nice and plump. That's a nice little mole you have right there too."

His finger descended on a spot that was just above her weeping gash and she gasped as the electric shocks suddenly intensified. Ted had been the first to see it, she thought, as her breathing quickened. He thought it was cute too. The finger suddenly slipped downwards, into the moistened valley of her vulva and she groaned out loud. The sensations down there were intensifying, becoming unbearable. Should I stop this? she wondered as his finger strayed lower, seeking, then finding the entrance to her vagina. I think I sh... oooooh! Kevin had wasted no time slipping his finger inside her. He appeared to be testing the suppleness of her vaginal walls, pressing his fingertip up against different spots up inside.

"I heard you don't like sex," he said to her. His voice now sounded like it was coming from far away, and as he spoke he seemed to be receding even further. "So I guess you can't have used this much."

She nodded again, unable to open her mouth to speak. Her throat was dry, her vocal cords seemed numb and unable to produce any sounds other than groans and moans. I... yes, I... she thought, and she thought she would cry. That was the reason why Ted had strayed. Because she hadn't been able to satisfy him. I couldn't. Not like this. Never like this.

He withdrew his finger, bringing it up to her face. "See how wet you are?" he teased. She nodded again, the smell of her own musk combining with the incense to make her head spin. In some small part of her, she was screaming in embarrassment. "I can tell you can't wait for me to get in there." She nodded again, unsure of what he meant. Of course she did. She wanted him to get in there so he could help solve the mystery of what was happening to her.

"Spread your legs wider so I can look at you. Good... good!" he said as she complied with his order. Her thighs were spread in a wide V in front of his head. His gaze on her privates was unwavering, and she swore she could feel her lower lips blush. "Here we go," he said, and she felt his fingers at her fleshy entrance to her sex, spreading and opening her up so he could look right up into the most secret parts of her. they The sound of her nether lips squelching as they were peeled apart resounded in her ears, along with her own gasping breath. "Nice! Very nice!"

She shivered again at his enthusiastic praising of her vulva. It was wrong, somehow, she knew that from somewhere inside the deepest recesses of her brain. "Trust him" came the echo of Trudy's voice in her mind and she relaxed, spreading her legs wider and giving him more access to her sex. Of course he had to look at it. He had to look for the doll's head that had been in there. She had felt a sudden shock when she reached into her bag to bring out the wads of toilet tissue for Trudy's inspection. It wasn't there. She had frozen at the thought that it might have found its way back inside, last night, while she was sleeping in her bed. The one without the bedposts or bedknobs.

Of course he had to look into her vagina. She shifted her legs as far as they would go, and pushed her pussy up at him, inviting his further exploration. He had already put what, two, three? fingers in there and seemed to be rooting about, trying to find it. The damned doll's head. "That's good," he said to her soothingly and she smiled. It was good. Kevin would help her with her problem. "You really like this, don't you?"

Of course I'd like it if you found it, she said to him in her head. I want it out of me. Was that what he meant? Her vocal cords were still numb and she wasn't able to vocalise her thoughts. Then he withdrew his fingers and she was disappointed to see they were empty.

"Right, let's make sure we get to see all this," he said. "Get up and turn around, Hazel. Get on your hands and knees for me."

She idly wondered who the "we" was he was referring to as she complied with his order, her movements dislodging something from the altar at the head of the bed. It fell to the floor with a loud clatter and she heard him exclaim. "Shit!"

Hazel giggled. She thought it funny that Kevin had become flustered just because something had fallen to the ground. Surely, as a medium, he was used to that sort of thing happening? Then she realised that the fallen object had exposed a TV of some sort. She could see... some woman, naked on a bed, on all fours, her buttocks facing the camera. She couldn't see the woman's face, only her ass and long, slim legs. Oh, it's a movie of some sort, she thought, as she saw a pair of hands descend on the rounded buttocks of the woman and lovingly part the luscious cheeks. She could see the pink flesh of the woman's slit, its plump lips glistening wet and open to camera's relentless gaze. Above the indentation that marked the entrance to her vagina, she could see the woman's twitching anus. It looks like she's nervous, she thought to herself. I wonder if the poor woman knows she's being recorded. Her breath hitched in her throat as she felt her own buttocks being spread slowly, giving Kevin a choice view of her forbidden hole.

He must have noticed her looking at the TV. "You like looking at that, eh?" she heard him say, and she nodded. Perhaps he was playing this video of some poor woman who had come to him for a similar problem, to show her what he had to do. "Good girl. I knew you'd like it. Now, let daddy take a look at what's back here."

She watched as a finger was inserted into the rectum of the woman in the video, and groaned as she felt the same thing happen to her. Kevin was... he was doing to her what she had refused to let what's-his-name do. Her anal ring gave way easily to his probing, and she giggled again -- the finger was tickling her anal ring, scratching lightly in her back passage. The woman in the video pressed backwards, driving more of the finger into her butt, and she did the same... cooing as she felt his finger slide deeper up her backside. This was... nasty. But... it was kind of pleasurable too.

She wondered if it was necessary for him to search her body so thoroughly, then remembered the sensation of ants in her pants at the beach... it had felt like they had managed to get into her ass too, so of course it was necessary. Kevin knew what had happened to her. He must have. And he understood what she needed. She turned her head and smiled gratefully at him.

"I think I should do something about this hole here," she heard him say as he lightly pumped his finger inside her. Onscreen, she saw the woman's anus pout as the finger withdrew slightly, then pushed back in. She nodded in agreement. He knew what to do. She should trust him. She arched her back and the woman in the video did the same. Oh wow. He knew what he was doing... he had done this before. She must trust him.

"Why don't you turn around, Hazel?" she heard him say as he finally withdrew his finger from her clutching rectum. She watched as the woman's anal ring was pulled out by the retreating finger. It looked like the woman's asshole didn't want to let the intruding digit leave. She felt her anus 'pop' as it gave up his digit.

"O..OK," she mumbled, surprised to finally find her ability to speak. Still on all fours she scooted around, and came face-to-face with a monstrous looking... thing. She gulped. It looked familiar, like something she had seen before, only not in such proportion. Nor in such close proximity. It looked like a one-eyed monster.

"Take it in your mouth, Hazel," she heard him say. "Go on, take it."

"I... uh..." she murmured. There was something... about a man... who wanted the same thing... from her. What had been her response? Did she agree? Trust him. Someone told her that. She shook her head to try to rouse herself from the semi-consciousness enveloping her. Oh yes, she was here for a reason. And the reason was... had something to do with removing something. She had to... trust this man, who was asking her to take this strange yet familiar thing in her mouth. Trust him. The incense surrounding her was intensely fragrant. Obediently, she reached out, grabbed it, and slipped the large purple head into her open mouth.

It was big. She almost choked when it pressed into her mouth, to the back of her throat. Then it pulled out to her lips, and thrust back in again. She felt her spittle dribbling from the side of her mouth as she struggled to accommodate the thing that was pumping into her face.

"Suck on it, Hazel. Yes, that's right, suck it," she heard him say, and she did as he bade. Her consciousness was fading in and out, and the heavy incense filling her nostrils wasn't helping. She sucked on it as best she could, struggling not to gag as it went deeper into her throat. It was... important that she follow his instructions. Yes, that's it. He knew what to do. He was helping her. Trust him.

"That's enough," she heard him say. He sounded breathless. Clearly, the act of helping her was taking a toll on him. "Now, I want you to lie back and hold your knees up to your breasts so we can get started."

She tumbled backwards, glad to be relieved of her duty of sucking on that monster that had almost choked her. Lying on her back, she pulled her legs up to her chest, clasping at her knees with her hands.

As she did so, she noticed that the heavy scent of incense seemed to have lessened, allowing her some clarity of thought. Hazel suddenly remembered who she was, and why she was here, naked on her back in a strange bed and holding on to her legs. Keeping her privates open and exposed to his gaze. She was here to solve her problem. It involved... something that had to be removed. From her insides. That was why she was holding herself that way. Allowing a man to look at her most private areas. Allowing him to touch her down there. And below that too.

"That's good, Hazel," she heard him say. "I'm supposed to plug your virgin ass, but I think I'll take a little dip in your pussy first. It looks too delicious to give it a miss." His fingers were busy probing at her soft, yielding holes. Violating her. Vaginally and anally.

She was struck by a burgeoning sense that something was not right. That it had not been right since she walked into the room. No, since she... since she spoke with Trudy. Before she could muster up the will to protest, however, she felt something hard and throbbing at the entrance of her sex. No... that wasn't... she was here to remove something, not put something in...

She felt the hardness push past her vulva, the thick head lodging in the front part of her vagina. Oh god. It was big. Kevin. The medium. He's... he's fucking me. The thought struck her with sudden clarity. He's... no. He shouldn't. I shouldn't.

But he was, and she wasn't able to do anything about it. There was something about the lingering traces of incense that tickled at the edges of her conscious, still leaving her a little drowsy. Her pussy squelched as she felt him probe deeper into her. Oh god. I must... stop this, she thought.

"Wow, that's one tight cunt, Hazel," said Kevin appreciatively, and she would have screamed if her vocal cords would work. "I'm glad I decided to fuck you here first before I do your ass." She shook her head, both to clear her thoughts and to signal her growing discomfort. It wasn't just that he was big and stretching her down there. It was... this whole thing. It was... wrong.

He seemed to misread her actions instead.

"Don't worry, I'll get round to that hole," he said in a lighthearted tone, as her panic increased. He meant he was going to... put it in her ass. He wanted to fuck her in her ass. She had to stop him. Why couldn't she? She had to...

"First, I'll just put it all the way in here and fuck you good," he said. He was fucking her shallowly, slipping the large head of his cock just past her labia and sliding it out again. She could tell by his movements that he was preparing for a huge thrust into her sopping wet vagina. Oh no. That was not right. She had never done this with anyone else. She should...

He thrust forward forcefully, clearly meaning to possess her completely with his huge cock. She was in despair at her inability to even vocalise her objection when he suddenly stopped and let out a piercing, almost womanly scream. What..? she thought, her hands finally able to release their hold on her knees. His penis had only managed to intrude a little way into her, and as his scream released her from her stupor, she felt his cock suddenly expand in girth inside her. That's not possible, she thought. I... what happened..?

"You bitch! You bitch!" Kevin was screaming at her. "What did you do to me?"

Her pussy squelched wetly as he switly withdrew from between her legs. She could only look on in confusion as he stumbled backwards off her, and off the bed.

"You sick bitch! What the fuck did you..? Oh my god! Look at that! You are too sick!" he was still screaming at her. She stared at him, unable to comprehend his anger. Wasn't he just about to rape her? Why was he so angry?

She sat up and moved to the edge of the bed. He seemed to think she was trying to attack him and stepped back, slipping and falling on his back. As he hit the ground with a loud "thunk!" she finally understood why she had felt him sudden expand inside her, and why he was so angry. His cock looked badly swollen and purple, as if the blood flow in it had stopped. Sticking out of the eye of his penis, she could clearly see a doll's hand.

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