tagErotic HorrorSuper-unnatural Ch. 05

Super-unnatural Ch. 05


Hazel really couldn't tell how she managed to make her way out of Kevin's flat. All she knew was that she slowly became aware of her surroundings once she was away from the flat and the smell of the incense. Perhaps he had put something in her drink to make her compliant.

When she finally came to her senses, she discovered that she was half-dressed and sitting on a stair in a dark staircase, in a block of flats she barely remembered coming to. She was wearing her skirt and blouse, but her bra and panties were nowhere to be found. Worse, when she came to, she found herself sitting with her skirt hiked up to her waist, her legs wide apart, her pussy glistening wet and open for the world to see. Luckily, the staircase was quiet at that time of day, so no one had come along and seen her in that state. Or worse, done something to her while she was "out of it".

Not that she wasn't sure the same thing wouldn't happen to any other would-be attacker, that happened to poor Kevin. That much she remembered. Perhaps it was the horror of seeing the doll's arm embedded in his swollen cock that drove all sense from her mind. She supposed she might have rushed out the front door completely naked and only stopped to dress herself in the stairway. She wouldn't have been surprised if she had done so. It was just so... crazy, what had been happening to her since the incidents at the beach.

Buttoning up her blouse the rest of the way to prevent any more exposure of her breasts, Hazel picked up her bag. Oh, there it was. It was her cellphone, ringing. Now that she thought of it, it was the ringing of the phone that had roused her from her state of shock and semi-consciousness. She pressed the "talk" button and was immediately assailed by a shrill, irate voice.

"What the fuck did you do to my cousin, you fucking bitch?" she heard the woman yell, and it took her a few moments to recognise Trudy's voice. "What did you do? You are one sick bitch, Hazel!"

"I... uh... your cousin?" her vocal cords were still a little numb and her voice sounded strange. What was it that Trudy's cousin had done..?

"Yes, you fucking witch! He's my cousin! He's supposed to fuck you and cure you of your fucking uptightness! I was doing you a favour, you fucking ingrate!"

"I... he raped..." she stuttered, not believing what she was hearing. Had Trudy set her up? That woman on the TV... was that really a video of herself doing it... with Kevin?

"Rape my ass!" Trudy raged on, uninterested in her protest. "You liked it! He said so! I told him to plug you in your fucking uptight ass so you won't be so anal!"

"But... but why?"

"Why? WHY? Are you stupid or what? Hahahaha..." Trudy's laughter sounded brittle. "You still don't get it, do you, you stupid bitch? Divorce is expensive, and I was just helping Ted ensure you don't lay a finger on what's his!"

"You... set me up..."

"Yeah, you bet. You're one really fucked up stupid bitch, Hazel," Trudy sneered. "What in the world possessed you to think your ex-husband's new wife-to-be would want to be friends with you? Oh yes, now I get it. You were possessed by some doll, right?"

Hazel wasn't able to respond. This was Trudy. Her best friend. Or rather, her ex-best friend. Trudy, who believed in spirits and demons and ghosts. Trudy, to whom she had turned because she couldn't think of anyone else to go to. Trudy, who was now sneering and laughing at her, refusing to believe or even help her.

"Well, I guess it doesn't matter," Trudy continued as she stayed silent. She sounded triumphant. "We've got the video we need to prove you're a cheating slut who doesn't deserve a cent of poor Ted's hard-earned money. Don't expect to get any alimony from my guy, bitch!"

Somebody -- it could have been her, or it could have been Trudy -- cut off the line, leaving her stunned at Trudy's betrayal. Not only had she scoffed at her predicament, Trudy had taken advantage of her moment of need to achieve her own ends. Hazel wondered if Kevin was truly Trudy's cousin, or if he was an ex-lover. After all, she had boasted in the past about a boyfriend who was well-built and had a big cock to boot. What was it she said? He liked doing it to her in all her orifices? Especially in the back??

She shivered, drawing her legs up under her but not trusting her own strength to stand until after long moments had passed. When she was finally able to muster the strength to stand, her knees still felt a little weak, and she felt a little embarrassed lurching her way down to the ground floor. Fortunately, she was able to wave down a taxi and could collapse in the back seat for a longer rest as the driver took her home.

She must have blacked out right after she gave the driver her address, because the next thing she was aware of was the sound of her phone ringing. It was Trudy, again. This time, she sounded contrite. Or at least, she sounded like she was trying to be contrite.

"Hello, Hazel? Trudy here. Look, I'm sorry I was so bitchy just now. It's just that I got a call from Kevin and he told me they were bringing him in to surgery as we spoke. I... I guess I was a little strung out. And that deal I went for, just now? That didn't pan out."

Hazel didn't say anything, suddenly noticing that the driver was driving a little erratically. Too late, she realised that in her daze, she must have let her legs fall apart, because his rear view mirror had been adjusted. She had no doubt what it was focused on. What a time to lose her panties. She pulled her legs together to ensure that he would no longer have anything more to look at than the traffic, blushing as she did so.

"Hazel? Are you there?"

"Umm... yes. Yes, I'm still here."

"I was just saying I'm sorry, you know, it was all that stress of losing the deal and finding out that Kevin was hurt. I guess I kind of overreacted."

"Uh huh."

"So, we're still friends, right? I mean, I can still help you with your... problem, if you want."

"Oh... umm..."

"Look, I can help you. I know other people who'll know what to do. You know, to help you get rid of that thing that's haunting you."

"I... don't know..."

"Hey, let me do it, OK? It's the least I can do for you after blowing up at you just now."

"It's just that... I'm not sure..."

"Look, the quicker you get this resolved, the better this will be for you. I've heard of these sorts of things before -- the longer you wait, the worse it'll get. The spirit, or whatever it is, that's attacking you will just be more brazen, and you'll find all sorts of worse shit happening to you."

Without waiting for her response, Trudy continued. She seemed eager, almost too eager, to move on to what she wanted.

"Tell you what, Hazel... I think there's no need for you to go through all this divination thing again. I believe Kevin was recording your session when he was... injured. I think you should just bring over the video so I can hand it over to my other friend to take a look. She'll be able to tell what it is right away from the recording."

Hmmm. She seemed to put a little too much emphasis on the word "she" in referring to her "other friend". And what was it about the video? Why did Trudy think she had the video with her? She decided to feign ignorance.

"Umm... recording? Video?"

"Yeah, the recording. You know, the one Kevin made. You took it, right?"

"I didn't even know about it..."

"Oh, come off it, Hazel. You must have it. It's not here anymore, and Kevin says he didn't..."

"It's not there..? You mean you're at Kevin's..?"

"Oh, yeah. Hahaha," Trudy's laughter sounded forced and a little strained. She didn't sound happy at all. "I, ah, went back to Kevin's place to look for you when I was done, and he told me all about what happened as they were taking him to the ambulance..."

"Oh. So you went to look for the video instead of accompanying him to the hospital?"

"Well, um, yes. I thought it was important since... you know, since it involved you and I wanted to get it so I could give it to another medium friend of mine who would be able to help you." The last sentence came out in a rush, almost as if Trudy had been searching for a reasonable excuse and had suddenly found it.

"So you didn't manage to find it in the flat?"

"No, that's what I just told..."

"So how did you know where the recording equipment was?" Hazel felt a strange feeling rising from the pit of her belly. It was a new, almost alien emotion to her.

"I... he told me, you know, before they took him away..."

"He did? Oh, I thought you said he called you to tell you he was going in to surgery..."

"Well yes, I... we had some time to chat before they took him away, and he called me again just before they brought him into the Operating Theatre."

"I see." Hazel suddenly recognised the alien emotion she was feeling. It was anger. "So you knew from the very beginning that he was going to record himself raping me?"

"Yes. No! I mean, he told me after that... Hey, what's with the interrogation? And what do you mean, r..."

"And you thought it was important that you find the video? Even more important than making sure your cousin was alright?"

"It's... like I said, I wanted to help. Look, I don't have to explain myself to you..."

"Oh drop it, Trudy," she said, too tired to listen to her lies. "The only person you wanted to help was yourself. You set it all up. You gave me a drugged drink, and got Kevin to fuck me and record it."

"Look, do you have the video or not?" Trudy's voice no longer sounded civil, and Hazel was glad. She didn't appreciate being lied to, and worse, she didn't like the idea that her ex-best friend thought she was stupid enough to fall for her deception.

"I don't have anything with me, other than what I brought in my handbag," was her even reply. Something told Hazel that she should not mention her missing panties and bra.

"You're lying! You fucking bitch! How dare you!" Trudy sounded indignant. "You removed Kevin's private property, and he can sue you for its return!"

"Tell him I'll be waiting for his lawyer's letter. Right after the police pick him up for attempted rape and sodomy."

"YOU FUCKING WITCH! We're not going to let this rest, you hear? I'm going to get you for this! Evil bitches like you will always get their just rewards. Just you wait!"

She sounded hysterical, and Hazel almost burst out laughing. For the first time in her life, she had come out on top... and Trudy hadn't liked it. Not one bit.

"I'm not holding my breath, Trudy," she replied. "And you'd do well to heed your own advice about evil and just rewards."

Before Trudy could reply, Hazel hung up. They had reached her apartment anyway, and she wanted to get into the shower as quickly as possible so she could wash off the grime she felt clinging on to her skin.

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