tagErotic HorrorSuper-unnatural Ch. 06

Super-unnatural Ch. 06


She was dreaming again. She must be. Hazel clearly remembered deciding never to return to the blasted tree, yet here she was, approaching the place where it all started. Worse, it was nighttime, and there was barely enough light to see by. Yes, it had to be a dream, albeit a very detailed and realistic one. She could see her own skin glowing softly in the dim moonlight as she trudged towards the dark and menacing tree. Her nipples tightened into hard knots, her pelvic muscles clenched as the cold wind blew in from the sea.

It had to be a dream also because she was naked and she was unable to stop herself from walking right up to the base of the tree, right to the same spot where she had first "encountered" the doll that seemed to have taken over her life. She remembered her earlier dream of sitting on the bedknob in her matrimonial bedroom and wondered how it related to her predicament. Was she remembering something that actually happened, or that she wished happened? Or was it just her mind's way of dealing with what was happening to her physically, in her own bedroom?

She shuddered at the thought that the doll's head had somehow intruded into her body while she slept. What was its purpose? And why did it choose her? Did she do something to offend someone or something?

She was now standing at the exact spot she had settled down in, the previous weekend. As it had appeared the following day, the sand looked completely undisturbed. She thought it would have been perturbing, had it not been for the fact that this was a dream. She clearly remembered how she had tried so hard to dig up the sand in her efforts to find out what had attacked her, before... the crazy old man appeared.

Oh god. The old man. Would he appear in her dream? Would he do something to her, after seeing her in the nude like this? Hazel wanted desperately to cover up her bits just in case, but her hands only fluttered at her sides, unable to respond to her mental commands.

Oh no. There he was. He was walking towards her. Even though it was just a dream, Hazel didn't think she would be able to accept the thought of the man with the crazy eyes attempting to do to her what Kevin had tried to do. No. Not him. Please. I need to wake up.

Wait. Something was wrong. Hazel looked down, and saw that her feet had disappeared into the sand. She was sinking into the soft, warm sand. She was already buried up to her knees. She struggled to raise her right foot out of the sand, but the sand was sucking at her limbs, refusing to reliquish its hold on her. Her eyes flew to the approaching figure of the crazy old man, and back down again.

No, no. Not here. Not the crazy old man. Not in my dream. I don't want to be here. She managed to raise her right foot clean off the sand, stretched it out and tried to plant it on the root just behind her. Except that the root seemed to move at the last moment, and her foot sank right into the sand again, up to her knee. The action had, unfortunately, left her trapped with her thighs wide apart. Her privates were now open and vulnerable. He would see her like that. He would put something into her soft, exposed opening. Oh god.

He was near enough for her to see his crazy eyes now. They looked as wild as before, except now they seemed to burn with purpose. She started. Did he want to..? No, he didn't want to fuck her. He wanted to do something else.

She would have screamed if she had been able to, when she saw what was in his right hand. It was a doll. the same one whose head she had found in her panties when she felt something falling out of her. She struggled even harder. The crazy man, he was going to shove that into her... her vulva began to tingle at the thought. As he came right up in front of her, the tingling turned into a crazy, out-of-control itching that spread into her vagina, up towards her womb. Oh god. No. He was preparing to...

Suddenly, she realised that the old man wasn't paying attention to her at all. His eyes were unfocused, and he was chanting something under his breath. It seemed he was directing his chants at the doll in his hand. Her sudden sense of relief immediately dissipated when he swung his arm up. What was he doing? Would he hit her..?

His arm swept down, and the doll was thrown feet first into the area directly underneath her pubis. She watched as the toy sank into the soft sand, the way her feet had. Oh. So that's how it got there. Maybe he doesn't see me. I'm just... looking into the past. I'm not here, she thought. The old man turned to walk away, paying no attention to her at all. Maybe she was right -- this dream was a kind of recollection of events that had happened before she chose to sit at the precise spot where the doll was buried. But... would the dream also explain why it got into..?

Oh god. No. She was sinking again. And... what was that? She heard a soft purring sound and looked down between her spread thighs. The doll's head was visible. It was rising up from the sand, right between her legs. It was coming up towards her exposed slit! Hazel struggled to move her hands to cover and protect her privates. But no, she still couldn't control her hands. In fact, they were were flailing backwards, because her legs suddenly began sliding further apart, opening her up even more. Preparing her for penetration.

She tried hard to regain control of her limbs, but realised that she was losing her balance. She was unable to stop her downward motion, her crotch falling towards the sand... towards the round, plastic head of the doll. Hazel cried out in despair when she felt the smooth plastic head pressing against her labia. It felt just like it had when she was sitting here, reading her book. Initially, she felt a gentle butting at her entrance, then a more insistent pressing at her nether lips as she slipped further downwards. It was hopeless. She could do nothing to stop it spreading the soft, wet flesh of her vulva, nor prevent it pressing upwards, inwards, into the open juncture between her thighs.

No! No! NO! she screamed, and true to the nature of her dreams, her cries sounded more like soft mewls than the loud protests she intended them to be. Her protests were pointless. The dream was in charge, not she. She would just have to take it, go through the experience in her dreams, no matter how distressing it would be. Hazel gasped as she felt her vulva yawning wide to take in the widest part of the doll's head. It felt like she would tear apart down there. She felt a smidgeon of relief as the head slipped inside her, and the awful pressure passed inwards, into the straining passage of her vagina. Oh god. It... got inside. It's inside!

But unlike her experience on the beach, her nightmare torment had not ended with the entry of the doll's head into her aching, trembling body. Hazel felt a little faint as the doll probed deeper, pushing inwards. Her breath caught in her throat when she felt the doll's shoulders pressing at her vulva. No. But she had as much chance of preventing this as she had of waking up from this dream. Her pussy squelched loudly as the body of the doll began its entry into her vagina. It was sliding in with ease, she was so wet down between her legs. Oh goddd... she groaned as she felt her vulva stretching once more to admit the thicker body of the doll. I... can't take much more...

In some part of her mind, she wondered why she wasn't waking up from the dream. The sensation of the entire doll passing into her lower parts was so intense she was certain she should have woken up by now. Why? I should be awake now. And away from this torture. Hazel cried for release from the nightmare unfolding within her body.

Ooohhhhhh. She could feel the doll's hips pressing past her vulva, now much less stretched by the entry of the doll's legs. But that also meant that the stretching was passing into her straining vaginal passage. It felt full... fuller than she had ever experienced before. Not Ted. Not even Kevin. Nor both combined would have caused the sensation of being stuffed so fully, she thought. Ohhh goddd. Help. I'm... I can't...

She yelped when she realised the head of the doll was butting against a barrier deep inside her. Hazel knew from her biology lessons what that was. It was her cervix. No. That's not possible. It would be physically devastating. Surely she wasn't about to dream about the doll getting in there..?

Aaawwwww! She screamed out loud, and was gratified to hear the scream in full volume, even as she was horrified at the pressure at the entrance of her womb increasing. Her inner sanctum... was being threatened by something that was too big to get in there.

"What have you done?"

In her panic and fear about what was happening to her down there, she had forgotten about the crazy old man. He was still there, standing some distance away. He was looking straight at her, at her naked body, but she was no longer embarrassed to be seen in the nude. She was desperate. She needed his help.

"What have you done?" he asked again, his eyes shining in the dark.

"I... I don't know," she replied, gasping. The doll was relentless, and she could feel her womb beginning to give way. The pain was intense. And exquisite. Oh god. "Please... help me..." She felt her own liquids spill out of her ravaged sex, onto the insides of her thighs. The doll was too big... she could feel its feet outside of her, rubbing against her trembling vulva. Her hole was too full of plastic, so her sex fluids were flowing out of her like a tap had been turned on inside her.

"You invited him in, didn't you?" the old man didn't seem concerned about her plight at all. "He can't get in unless he's invited."

"Wha..? I didn't. I.. don't think..." she was confused. Had she invited the doll into her?

"All you have to do is to think of it. An invitation is thus made. And he never refuses an invitation."

Hazel could feel the tears running down her face. Her lower belly felt full, her insides burning. The doll was, making headway deep inside, drilling up deeper. It was relentless, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. She moaned as she felt her cervix give a little. It was only a matter of time.

"I... might have," she admitted, gritting her teeth against the pain shooting out from her core. "What is it?.. How do I get... rid of it?"

The old man coolly looked at her for a while more, then turned to walk away. As he did, she heard him say one word: "Toyol."

"What? What was that?" she screamed after him. The pain burning down inside her was so intense she could only scream. Talking was just not possible. Her womb was being compromised. Oh god. Oh god. OH GOD.

The crazy old man suddenly disappeared. One moment he was there, the next he was gone. It looked like a camera trick, like something they did on the TV. Except that this was for real. It wasn't even a dream.

Hazel knew it was real because she could hear herself panting. She could feel the goosebumps on her skin as she crossed her arms in front of her breasts and rubbed hard to get warm. She knew it was real because she had pinched herself to try to wake herself up from the dream the moment she felt something inside her give way. Instead of finding herself suddenly awake in bed, she found herself in exactly the same spot on the beach, looking at where she had last seen the crazy old man. The pinch had woken her up alright. She could still feel it on her skin, she had been so desperate that she had pinched herself really hard.

Oh god. It was... was it even a dream? She looked down and saw that she was still standing knee-deep in the sand under the tree, without a stitch of clothing on her.

She would have screamed out loud if she hadn't remembered that she was still naked, in a public place. The stretching sensations inside her belly had disappeared along with the old man, but her vulva and vagina still ached and burned like they had been terribly abraded, stretched to the limit.

Sobbing quietly to herself, Hazel sagged onto the beach, not caring that she could feel sand pressed against her naked pussy. There was nothing there to threaten her now. She knew that with absolute certainty, because the thing had already entered and was deeply entrenched within her body. She could wash the sand out of her private parts, but what could she do to get the doll out from within her?

it took her a long while to calm herself. When she stopped trembling and sobbing, Hazel finally found the strength to pull her legs out of the sand, which didn't seem to be clutching at her limbs anymore. Wearily, she trudged her way back home. She could feel the long, cool trails of liquid dripping down the insides of her legs as she walked, but they did not concern her as much as the idea that someone might see her walking about naked on the beach, in the middle of the night.

Trudy's right, she thought to herself as she moved from shadow to shadow, doing her best to stay hidden in the dark spots along the beach. I'm really fucked up. Big time fucked up.

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