tagErotic HorrorSuper-unnatural Ch. 07

Super-unnatural Ch. 07


When she awoke the next morning, she didn't even have the luxury of pretending that the previous night's events had merely been a bad dream. Even before she opened her eyes, she could feel sand all over her bed and on her body... especially down there, between her legs, tiny gritty little bits in the folds of her secret places. Evidently, she hadn't even bothered to wash up last night, so tired was she when she finally got back.

Hazel sighed as she sat up. She didn't even want to wonder how she had ended up on the beach in the middle of the night without a stitch on. Had she walked out of her apartment like that? She hadn't looked around for her clothes when she walked out from under the tree, but she was pretty sure she would have noticed a pile of clothes on the sand in the pale moonlight. In any case, any shame she may have felt over the flagrant display of her body during her nocturnal jaunt paled in comparison to the terror of what had actually happened to her under the damned tree. She rubbed her belly ruefully, remembering the previous night's events.

At least I now have a partial explanation of what's going on, she thought to herself. And I didn't even need Trudy's "help"!

As she stood up, she searched her memory, wondering if she had been noticed getting back in. She was pretty sure she had managed to make it back without being seen. Apart from an old drunk lying in the shadows, who had managed a lucky grope, she was quite confident she had managed to escape attention. It must have made his night, she grinned as she thought about the smelly old man suddenly rising up from the shadows just in front of her. Fortunately, her surprise at his appearance did not slow her down enough for him to get any more than a quick feel of her buttocks, although his grasping fingers almost snagged her in her rear orifice. She had merely giggled at the close call, wiggled her ass at him, and run off. If he wasn't too drunk to remember how a naked woman almost stumbled over him in the night, he must have thought he was having an erotic dream.

Shit, I would've been horrified at the thought just a few days ago, she smiled to herself. Now, I think it's funny! How things have changed.

Standing up and wincing at the dull aching she felt down below, she made her way to the bathroom and cleaned herself up as vigorously as she could. As she washed her nether regions, she did her best to avoid thinking too much about how the doll had been mercilessly thrust into her private parts and up into her womb, in spite of the the occasional spasms of pain she felt deep inside.

By the time she was ready to go to work, she had finally decided that she would let the day run its course and worry about the evening when it came. There was no point in worrying about something she had no control over, after all. Just to be on the safe side, Hazel decided to go without her panties for the day. If a doll suddenly fell to the floor in front of everyone, she could always pretend it had fallen from her bag or jacket after all... it would be a lot harder to explain if her panties appeared beside it.

She smiled. The thought of walking out the door without her panties on, under her skirt was surprisingly pleasant. This was a change she could get used to. No more worrying about what other people would see if the wind blew too strongly, nor what they would think if they found out she was 'going commando'.It's just a part, like an arm or a foot. No biggie.

The rest of the day passed without event, partly because she was rushing a number of documents for her boss, who was leaving for a business trip the coming weekend. She was grateful for the distraction of work, especially as evening approached and she had to contemplate going back home. As six o'clock came and went, she could not find many excuses to stay back in the office. Besides... the coming of dusk had had a peculiar impact on her pussy. She felt herself getting moist down there as the sun set, almost as if her body was preparing for another evening of unusual activity.

When there was no longer any reason for her to stay in the office, she reluctantly made her way back home, stopping by the grocer's to get a salad and salami for dinner. As she left the shop, she made sure to dawdle as much as she could outside each shop she passed, although she wasn't much of a shopper. Like it or not, she had to admit that each step she took towards her apartment increased her anxiety, and it took her much longer to get back than she normally did.

She was surprised and a little pleased to see who was waiting by her door. Just a little pleased... after all, Trudy wasn't exactly someone whose company she desired. The look on the other woman's face suggested she was prepared for a battle, and Hazel supposed she would have been even more anxious herself at the thought of a confrontation, except... Trudy's presence at her apartment was an assurance of some sort of normalcy for the evening.

"There you are. You're late," Trudy said curtly to her, scowling.

"Well, it's not like I was expecting anyone to be waiting for me," she replied lightly, enjoying the look of frustration on the woman's face. Was this what being bitchy was all about? If so, she could get used to it.

"We need to talk."

"We do? I thought you'd said all you had to say yesterday."

"Fucking open the door, alright?"

When the door swung open, Trudy immediately swept into her apartment, heading straight for her bedroom without a word. Hazel ignored her friend, going instead to the kitchen to prepare her own dinner. Too bad she didn't have enough for two to eat. In another life, I suppose I would've shared this, Hazel thought to herself as she sat down to eat.

After a long while, the sounds of frantic searching in her bedroom ceased. Trudy reappeared in her living room, looking dishevelled and more frustrated.

"All I found was your stupid sex toy," she declared, throwing something on to the floor in front of her. The plastic object rolled to a stop right in front of her. It was a gleaming doll's head, its eyes looking right up into her crotch. It looked a little damp, as if it had been coated with some fluid. Hazel looked at it, then forced herself to look back into Trudy's eyes, hiding her own surprise.

The other woman was staring hard at her. When she saw that Hazel was not responding, she said: "You've never had a computer here, have you?"

"No," Hazel coolly replied. "Never saw the need for it. I don't bring my work home."

"So you brought the recording to your office? I'll drop by tomorrow to search for it there."

"Try that, and I'll get you escorted out the door before you can even sneeze," Hazel replied in the same even tone. Trudy seemed surprised by the threat. This was certainly not the shy, retiring Hazel she was used to dealing with.

"So that's where you put it, right, bitch?"

"Is this what you wanted to talk to me about? I don't have it, I've never had it. That's the truth, so you're free to leave. Right now."

"I don't believe you don't have it, OK? I checked the camera at Kevin's place and the memory card was there, but it was blank, so I know you must have replaced..."

"I MUST have? Why are you so certain? Maybe Kevin's the one who's not telling you the truth."

"No way! Kevin wouldn't lie to me. Besides, I want to know how you did it to him."

"How I did..? Oh, you mean you want to know how I was almost raped by him? Don't worry about that... I'll make sure the right report gets to the proper authorities."

"You would? You'd... Look, no point being rash. I didn't mean..."

"No, of course you didn't, dear Trudy. You meant that I should hand over the video so you can go running off to Ted's lawyer so he can get a cheap divorce, right?"

"No, no... I... look, this is what they removed from Kevin's cock." She pulled out a fat doll's arm from her bag and threw it on the floor next to the doll's head. It looked huge. Not as thick as Kevin's cock, but certainly much too big to fit inside it. Hazel stifled a giggle as Trudy continued: "The doctor said it's quite likely he'll never be able to use it again."

"The arm?" she sniggered.

"No, of course not! His cock! His beautiful cock! My poor Kevin's cock! You bitch! How did you do that to him?"

"Why didn't you ask him yourself?"

"I did! It didn't make sense so I... I thought you took the video because you wanted to remove the evidence..."

"I didn't even know where the camera was. Plus, Kevin is much bigger than I am, so how could I force him to do anything? Besides, I thought you said Kevin wouldn't lie to you? If you truly believed that, you wouldn't be here questioning me."

"I just... Fuck you, bitch. I know what you're doing. You're trying to destroy the trust I have for Kevin..."

"Since you're so fond of Kevin... why Ted? I mean, aren't you guys planning to get married or something?"

"I'm... we're... right, fine! Kevin's a great fuck and willing to try anything. But that's all he's got going for him. That ratty little apartment you went to? It's just a rental. He does odd jobs to get by. Your Ted's got a good job, lots of money. You know, the works. He can give me everything I want."

"Except the sex. That's what you need Kevin for. And why you're so angry now."

"Yes! No! Fuck, you... Damn you bitch! You know Ted's not so great in bed. He's eager and all that, but he just doesn't have the equipment. Besides, Kevin's more into trying stuff out..."

"So you think I somehow managed to convince him to stick that into his cock?"

"I... yeah, I think so. He was supposed to fuck you in the ass, that's all. Nothing else. I didn't like the idea of him doing you, but I thought it was OK as long as..."

"...you achieved your objective?" Hazel finished her sentence for her, amazed at the lengths to which her ex-best friend had gone to. "Think for a moment, Trudy, instead of spending your day in vacuous dreaming. Was there any sign of a search? You set things up, so you must have taken the trouble to hide everything. How easy would it have been for me to find the camera? Plus, I was drugged by you guys, remember? What kind of shape would I have been, to be able to convince anyone to do anything?"

"I don't know. I... fuck, I don't care!" Trudy seemed undaunted by her own uncertainty, suddenly reaching into her bag and drawing out a large kitchen knife. "I'm here to avenge my poor Kevin. And his lovely cock. Which you've destroyed."

"What do you intend doing with that..?" Hazel back away from the other woman, her eyes locked on the knife in her hand. Shit, had Trudy gone over the edge?

"Revenge. That's what," was Trudy's sneering reply. "Take off your panties."

"I'm not wearing any."

"Slut! I always wondered if that was all a show. All that time, poor Ted was being strung along..."

"So it's poor Ted now? What about Kev..."

"Shut the FUCK UP! Strip, bitch! Yeah, that's right! I want to see just what it is about you that the guys are so damned horny for."

Her eyes were crazy-wild, and Hazel wasn't sure the other woman didn't mean to use the knife, so she complied. It's not a big deal anyway, she thought. Lately, it seems like my privates have become rather public. She stifled a laugh. It would not do to inflame the situation further.

As her skirt puddled on the floor at her feet, she saw Trudy picked up the doll's arm from the floor. "I'm going to put this into you, so you know what it's like to have it done to you, bitch!"

Oh. That's her idea of revenge? Hazel stifled another guffaw. I've had worse.

Trudy suddenly shoved her back onto the dining table, and her legs flew apart as her bare back slapped onto the wooden top.

"I don't see what's the big deal," she heard the other woman mutter as she peered at her exposed sex. "It doesn't look like anything special." Then she felt the cool doll's arm press between the folds of her vulva, thrusting into her already wet vagina. Hazel's breath caught in her throat as a quick thrill ran down her spine. Damn, she was getting horny being fucked by another woman!

Trudy thrust the arm into her pussy as far as it would go, pulled it out, and thrust it in again a few more times. Each time she did so, Hazel had to stifle the moan rising in her throat. God, she had never thought this scenario would be so... exciting.

Her eyes were half-closed, her breath still hitching when Trudy suddenly stopped fucking her with the toy.

"No, I don't think your pussy will do. You've probably had bigger things inside there than this," Trudy muttered. She really did look a little mad. "This is going in your ass! I'm gonna twist it around and fuck you so bad up there the doctors won't be able to tell what happened!"

Oh you really don't know the half of it, Hazel thought to herself as the other woman pulled her right leg up onto the table. I don't even know if you'll be able to take it if you did, anyway.

Trudy switched the toy to her other hand (where was the knife? It didn't matter, Hazel thought... she must have put it down), then pulled her other leg up so her feet were now flat on the table top.

"There it is," Trudy said as she peered at her now exposed anus. "I'm gonna wreck you so bad back there you'll be shitting bricks... Oh FUCK!"

Hazel was surprised by the other woman's sudden exclamation and looked up just in time to see her crumple to the ground, clutching at her stomach. At that exact moment, Hazel suddenly remembered the doll's head that Trudy had thrown onto the floor. It was nowhere to be found. Uh oh.

"Aaaaauuuuwwww! What the f... aaaaahhh!" Trudy was screaming. It sounded like she was in terrible pain.

"What's going on, Trudy?" she enquired. She didn't really care if Trudy was hurt, to be honest, and she wasn't faking concern either. She really did want to know what was going on.

"I... aaauuuwww... it hurts! Oh god, it hurts!"

Trudy had fallen on to her back, and as Hazel looked on, she spread her own legs, raising her knees as her hands reached down, as if to protect her nether regions. There were loud squishing sounds coming from between her legs and suddenly, she could see Trudy's panties bulging outwards.

Fuck! She thought to herself as she watched Trudy's panties push out more. It looked much larger than the doll's head. Hazel's eyes widened as Trudy's scream rose in pitch and volume. It looked like... no, it couldn't be. But as the gusset of her panties began to give way, Hazel realised her initial suspicions were correct. It was the doll's body, pushing out of Trudy's violated pussy.

"Ohhhh godddd! What... have you... done to meeeee?" Trudy screamed as the headless body of the doll pushed out from between her stretched vulva. Her pussy lips were so distended it looked like they were pouting for an obscene kiss. "Aaahhhh! You... bitchhhhh! What is... that? It fucking hurts!"

Hazel didn't reply. She was too fascinated by the sight of the other woman's pussy distending as it disgorged the body of the doll... the same doll she had felt invading her vagina and womb the previous night. She was sure of it.

Trudy was moaning in pain as the doll's body, sans head, arms or legs, slipped out of her ruined pussy and landed with a soft 'plop' on the floor. "Ohhh fuck... that... hurts!" she groaned.

But her ordeal was not over yet. "Oh god! Not again! Not back there!" Trudy suddenly yelled out. Hazel could see why -- her anus was pulsing, bulging out slightly, then drawing back in again. With each pulse, her anal ring pushed out more, and Hazel could see that whatever it was, was very large in circumference. Suddenly, she realised just where the doll's head had gone.

"Aaaaaaah! Fuckkkkk! You... Aaaauuuwww! Did this... Gaaaah! You bitchhhh!" Trudy's yelling and groaning increased as the head finally made its appearance. God, it was huge. How in the world is she going to pass it out? Hazel thought as she watched the other woman's asshole finally breached by the doll's head emerging. It looked stretched and very painful... and the widest part of it had yet to pass out.

"Aaaaaaaauuuuuuwwwwww! You... fucking bitch!" Trudy screamed as more of the head emerged from her ass. "What have... you done... to meeee?"

Hazel gaped, unable to believe what she was seeing. The doll's head was emerging from Trudy's ass, the same head that had been on the floor just moments before! More incredibly, Trudy's anus seemed to be coping with the stretching it had to do to allow the head to pass through, although it did look on the verge of tearing.

Trudy's screaming became an incomprehensible stream of obscene sounds as the rest of the doll's head pushed out of Trudy's ruined asshole. It didn't look like Kevin would be enjoying it much anymore. If he could, that was. Hazel let a peal of laughter escape her lips, then swallowed hard. Hopefully, the other woman had not noticed it in the midst of her own screaming.

By the time the doll's head joined the body on the floor, Trudy had slipped into a state of semi-consciousness. Her screaming had reduced to low moans, and she lay on the floor with her legs apart, her wet pussy and sagging asshole exposed. Yes, it didn't look like she would be satisfying anyone with either of her holes. Not unless she was doing a horse, that was.

Hazel looked warily at the doll's head, body and arm on the floor, half expecting them to move. But they looked like ordinary doll parts, and behaved thus. She picked them up carefully, a little surprised at the slimy coating that covered each part. It had suddenly occurred to her that she should collect all the doll parts and try to assemble the doll. She wasn't sure why she should do so... but it somehow felt important.

She had them safely stored away by the time Trudy came to. The other woman signalled her return to consciousness with a loud groan, and when she opened her eyes and saw Hazel, she screamed loudly, picked herself up and bolted out the door.

Hazel was finally able to laugh out loud. She thought it very ironic that the woman who had stolen her husband was now calling her a witch as she ran out onto the street stark naked.

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