tagErotic HorrorSuper-unnatural Ch. 12

Super-unnatural Ch. 12


Super-unnatural: Epilogue

When she came to, she found her face and body pressed up hard against the wall, as if someone had tried to push her through it. Her bum and pussy seemed fine at first, but when she moved, she groaned from the deep aching she felt in her nether regions. It felt like the area between her legs, from her anus to the top of her slit had been unbearably stretched, and thick poles shoved into both her vagina and rectum, at the same time.

As she became more aware of herself and her surroundings, she felt some wetness dripping off her face. She reached up and touched the wet streaks on her cheeks, and wondered if her tears were a result of the intensity of her last orgasm... or from sadness. The left side of her face and her boobs felt a little abraded, her hardened nipples raw and still a little sensitive. She gasped as she pushed herself off the wall, her nipples scraping deliciously against the rough surface.

Of the djinn, there was no sign. Hazel groaned again as she unfurled her limbs and tried to pick herself up off the floor. As she got onto one knee and prepared to boost herself up to stand, she felt thick, gooey stuff sliding out of both her lower orifices. She looked down just in time to see the black clotted fluid trails begin to smoke and disappear from her wet, white thighs. He's gone, she thought. And that was when she knew she had cried out of the sadness of loss.

She had spent the rest of the day in her room -- the session with the djinn had apparently taken the entire night -- in a state of depression. She hadn't bothered to clean up or cover up, and for a time stood completely naked at the window, looking out at the blue sky and wondering if she would ever see him again. It didn't bother her in the least that there was a group of men down below looking up at her, some of whose salacious comments about her boobs and her naked cunt she heard. They didn't matter. No one did. Out of all the men in her life, the only one who could show her how glorious sex was, wasn't even a man. Shit. Her life was shit.

She cried herself to sleep that night, and wondered if she would see him in her dreams, then she cried again in the morning when she woke up and realised that she had not. At some point, she felt hungry enough to dress (in only the same large tee and nothing else) and walk to the nearby cafe for a coffee and a quick bite. Some of the people sitting around her were staring at her... maybe they had seen her at the window the day before. Or maybe they had noticed she was completely naked under her tee shirt. Or perhaps she just looked weird. She didn't care, and she didn't return their stares.

As the sun began to set, she made her way back to her flat. She would have to go back to work the next day. Go back to her dull, colourless, boring life. Go back to a life without the exhilaration, the sheer, unadulterated excitement of the events that had transpired in the past week. Go back to life without the mindblowing sex. God. How in the world had she managed to pass the thirty years of her life before the djinn had made his entrance?

The next week crawled by so slowly a sloth would have passed it by. Hazel spent her time searching the Internet, for information and pictures on djinns. None of her research revealed much more than what she already knew, and she went back home each night exhausted and hopeful of having one more dream, just one more, of the djinn, fucking her. She would tell him how she felt in her dream, and he would know, because he was djinn, and djinn understood feelings. But no matter how much she tried to focus on the picture she had of the djinn in her head, she wasn't able to conjure him up in her dreams. It was hopeless, an exercise in futility that left her more unhappy with each passing day.

As the weekend arrived, she made up her mind to go back to the tree to see if she could find him there, but before she reached it, she knew she wouldn't -- there was a group of people playing cards under the shade of its sprawling branches. It was the same tree, but now it had become 'noticed', and it didn't quite look the same as it had when she saw it last. Hazel walked back to her apartment, holding back her tears. He was gone. He was truly gone from her life.

And it was her fault. She had asked him to go, all because... because of the rules that she lived by. Because she was afraid of others getting hurt. She bawled loudly at her empty room, as she lay naked and spread-eagled on her rumpled bed, hoping he would suddenly appear, yet knowing it was not likely he would. He kept his word, just like she knew he would. She had urged him to fuck her in her ass so that they would be free of each other, and only regretted her decision the moment she realised that she might not ever see the djinn again. What was he doing now? Was he pleasuring someone else? Hazel felt more than a little jealous at the thought, but there was nothing she could do about that too. Unlike her, the djinn was true to his nature.

Fuck. She would never be fucked like that again. She cried herself to sleep once more.

The following day, she looked out the window once more. She was still unclothed, and uncaring that some men had stationed themselves across the street and were staring at her naked body. Some of them were whistling and trying to get her attention, but she ignored them completely. She was looking at the sky, but for once, she wasn't looking for the djinn. Something had happened last night, not in her dreams, but in her heart. Hazel woke up determined to break out of her depression, and decided that she would have to find some way to carry on. There were still other men. Maybe one of them would turn out to be as competent as the djinn in satisfying her.

He's not coming back, she thought to herself as she felt the light breeze caressing her body, making her nipples hard. She felt a drop of lubricant drip onto her inner thigh and sighed. But I can't keep waiting for someone who doesn't want to be found.

Her boss and colleagues noticed the difference in her attitude when she went to work the next day. She had gone shopping and swept into the office in her new dress, sans underwear. She thought the latter unnecessary in her new state of mind. Some of them tried to flirt with her, others asked her out. Even her boss was a little hesitant talking to her. It was as if they were... afraid of her. Afraid of the way she embraced her nature. Some of the women in the office were heard to make bitchy remarks about her sleeping around -- she grinned at the thought that had that happened while the djinn was still with her, they would have found out just whom she was fucking with -- but there were a few who admired her and included her in their outings.

Four weeks after the djinn had disappeared after sodomising her, Hazel realised that her circle of friends had expanded greatly. All of her new friends were surprised at her wit and humour, and some expressly told her so. She laughed gaily when they admitted they had thought she was "a bit of a mouse" and "a flake", but she never told anyone how it was she managed such a change in her own personality.

Two months later, she bumped into Kevin and Trudy. They were quarreling very loudly in the supermarket she was shopping at, and she heard snippets of their conversation... enough to know that Trudy was complaining about Kevin's lack of ambition and he was just bitching about how sloppy she was. She tried to walk past without drawing their attention, but realised they had noticed her when they suddenly fell silent. Then she heard a low whistle and a slap, and giggled to herself. She knew he had been looking at her ass and had reacted to the bouncing curves under her flowing skirt... and that Trudy had been most unhappy with him for that. For a moment, she thought to stop near one of the blowers on the floor and let her skirt billow up so they could see she was naked underneath it, but she thought the better of it. They had had their comeuppance, after all, and she had better things to do than to rub their noses in it.

She saw a picture of the old man a month later, in the newspapers. He had been arrested for attempting to rape a young woman under the pretext of treating some ailment. Apparently, he had not been completely successful in stupefying the woman with his chanting, and worse... he was literally caught with his pants down when the woman's boyfriend had become suspicious and burst in on them just as he was about to mount the protesting woman. The boyfriend had beaten the old man to within an inch of his life before reporting him to the police. Then, other victims of the bomoh began to show up and report that he had similarly assaulted them. "Serial molester and rapist", was how the papers described him, and she chuckled at the thought that he would probably find out what it was like being on the other end of rape, when he got to prison.

Ted, she never saw again. Six months down the road, she bumped into a mutual friend, who had expressed surprise at his sudden disappearance... and then promptly suggested going out. She could see in his eyes just what he wanted... his gaze kept sweeping down to her breasts, now much larger than they had been, and below. He knew she wasn't wearing underwear too, because that was the kind of thing that guys like him noticed. It was his nature, you see. As they spoke, he kept licking his lips like a wolf surveying its prey, and kept moving closer and closer to her. He was trying hard to brush up against her, believing that this would somehow make want to bed him.

She almost laughed out loud when he finally asked: "Don't you miss it? Sex, I mean?"

"With Ted? Not at all," she smiled. "He was the most selfish lover I've ever had."

"So... you've had others?" the light of lust glowed ever stronger in his eyes as he moved close enough to brush against her nipples.

"Well, I'm divorced now, aren't I? I don't see why I should abstain," she said gaily, noting the bulge in the front of his pants. He was arching his back slightly, trying his best to push his erection up against her pubis.

"So, what do you say... I mean, you're lonely, and I can..."

"Oh, don't get me wrong, but... you're really not my type," she tittered, pushing him away from her. "Truth be told, I can hardly be described as lonely these days."

Then she turned and walked away, ignoring the look of frustration in his face, along with the snide "cocktease" comment he made after her. She made sure to sway her hips even more when she heard it, just so he could have a good look at what he would never have. His eyes remained fixed on her ass until she turned the corner, trying their best to look under her dress, at the soft, luscious body he knew was underneath.

Cocktease. That was what some of the other guys said too, but it didn't bother her in the least... because it was somewhat true. What the djinn had left with her was a heightened sense of herself and of others around her, and she could tell right away who were the wolves in the pack. Towards those guys whose sole and only goal was to bed women just to feel good about themselves, she definitely DID cocktease. It was her way of getting back at the soulless bastards who were incapable of understanding just how a woman felt, never mind what she wanted. In and out of bed.

As for the rest... she did go out with some really nice men, but none of them seemed to work out. They seemed okay when she first went out with them, but once it came to going to bed, they were surprisingly unable to embrace their natural sensuality, like she could. They were quite hesitant in taking the lead, and far too uptight to even consider anything other than just straightforward sex, not even when she presented her bum for penetration. They always left her feeling a little frustrated, and, much as she felt a little bad for hurting them, she quickly told them that she was "not ready for a relationship" after just the one night of awkward, uninteresting sex.

One of them even turned out to be quite a pain in the butt, but only in the metaphorical sense because he had been a virgin before they went to bed, and afterwards, he had become so obsessive and possessive over her that Hazel had had to enlist the help of her friends to get him to finally understand she did not want to have anything more to do with him. He had cried bitter tears and wished her the worst possible end for that, but she forgave him because she knew he didn't mean it -- he had merely been mistaken in the notion that she was his just because she had gone to bed with him.

The fact was, none of the men she had gone out with and bedded quite measured up to the djinn, and what he did for her... and to her.

The djinn. She had never had the same kind of sex like she had had with him. None of her experiences even came close, and although she had managed a few good climaxes, none of those had ever scaled the Everest that her couplings with the djinn had produced.

After a particularly poor session of sex, when she had had to turn the silly sod out of her flat, Hazel found herself suddenly thinking of the djinn again as she stood at her window. She was naked as usual, but it was night and there was no one around to gape at her from across the street.

I wonder what he's doing, she thought as she looked at the moon. Does he miss me? Would a djinn actually be able to miss someone?

No one answered, just as she expected. There would be no answers, just questions, each time she thought of the djinn. Time for bed, she decided. No point in thinking about impossible situations.

Slowly, she walked back to her room and fell into her unmade bed. As she closed her eyes, she suddenly realised that it had been a year to the day that the djinn had first bumped his way into her.

Hazel sighed, remembering the great orgasm he had brought about when he came into her bum. It might have been a year ago, but she still remembered it like it was yesterday. The slow rising, turning into a quick, breathtaking soaring of sensations that overtook her when she felt his cock all the way up inside her. She was on fire, her asshole was stretched beyond belief but it felt heavenly to be sitting on the heavy sac of his balls when he spoke just before she felt his... essence gushing with such high pressure into her aching rectum. And spraying out of her womb and vagina, from the other orifice. In fact, she was certain she had felt his cock vibrate delightfully with each word he spoke. What was the last thing he had said to her..?

She must have fallen asleep on that thought, because the next thing she knew, it was morning. Except that today, she didn't rise slowly like she normally did. She sat bolt upright, the blanket falling off the slopes of her breasts and into her lap. In her sleep, she had remembered what it was the djinn had said. Djinn do not like to be found. More importantly, they prefer to go unnoticed. And... the tree. It was there but no one noticed it because it was that sort of thing. Or something like that. The djinn had also said...

"Holy fuck," she exclaimed out loud, jumping out of bed and running to the bathroom. She had had the answer all along, but hadn't taken the time to connect the dots. He had said there were many trees around that had that sort of nature. Which meant that there were other trees, just like the one she'd found the djinn under. Trees that remain unnoticed. Just like the djinn who stay beneath them.

Hazel finished washing up in quick order and didn't even bother to think about breakfast. There was something much more important on her mind. The early morning sun saw her wrapped in a large towel, making her way to the beach. She might have seemed to be dallying to the passersby, but she was really looking out for a special type of tree. As she scanned the trees that dotted the shoreline, she grinned. There it was. Another one. It was a different tree from the one she had found the djinn under, but its nature was the same. It was unnoticed.

She had to quell her instinct to run as fast as she could towards the tree she'd found. She did not want the other beachgoers to notice her, and consequentially, the tree. She knew that she would be safe from notice only when she was under the tree. Just like the djinn.

The sky was bright as she finally stepped into the shadows under the tree. As she walked towards it, she was pleased to note that while everyone seemed to acknowledge its presence, they also seemed disinclined to approach the tree.

In spite of the bright sunlight permeating the beach, it was rather dim and cool under the tree, and she shivered when a light wind blew across her, whipping up the edges of her towel. She felt the moistened lips of her vulva trembling, along with her limbs and the rest of her body, at the thought of what she planned to do. It was going to be alright. She was going to find what wanted to remain unnoticed.

Hazel quickly unwrapped herself and threw the towel on to one of the branches of the tree. She was completely naked, but she knew that no one would notice her. Carefully, she stepped forward onto the clean, undisturbed sand in the arc between two roots, sat down, and stretched her legs out as widely as she could. She felt a little strain on her hamstrings, but she knew the straining in her legs would soon be exceeded by the stretching she would feel somewhere else.

Looking down at the sand under her hairless pubis, she wondered if her plan would work. She had learned much from her first experience of the djinn. This time, she would find out his name, so she could call on him whenever she desired. And if it didn't work out and she wanted to unbind from him, all she had to do was to give him her bum for fucking. After all, the djinn DID say "what you have given no man". Not djinn.

Oh god. She could almost feel him pressing into her once more. She was so excited that she could feel the fluids begin to run from deep inside her, spilling out onto the sand beneath her feverish crotch.

It's now or never, she thought to herself as she leaned forward, pressing her denuded slit fully and firmly against the cool sand beneath her.

"Come on in," she breathed. "Come on in if you can."

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