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Supermarket Pick up


I often saw the perfect man for me at the supermarket when I did my shopping, his shopping time always seemed to coincide with mine, I did notice he always only had a basket, I had a trolley.

I would start on one end of the supermarket then go up and down all the isles so as not to forget anything. The PM (perfect man) would be going in the opposite direction, so for the length of the isle we would be facing each other. He was

always beautifully dressed in his office clothes, shoes always clean and shiny, shirt always perfectly ironed. His dark hair was always immaculate, he was just everything a girl would want as far as looks went, every time I caught his eye he would have a shadow of a smile on his face, once he was passed me in an isle I would look back, only to see that he too was looking back at me, this happened every week for weeks on end.

One day during one of my shopping trips I stopped in the wine section to get some wine for a supper I was hosting. I was checking what there was on the shelves and busy making a selecting, I look up and PM was standing next to me looking at red wine, he looked up from the bottle he had in his hand and he smiles a lazy smile at me, and says 'hello'. OMG!!! he has an amazing voice too, how perfect can one man be? I smile and say 'hello' he says, 'you look like a woman who knows wine, would you please help me select a wine for a supper I am hosting.' I smile and say; 'I'm not sure I know wine, I do know a little, I will be happy to help you'. He says he is busy planning a supper for a woman and that he is looking for a wine for this occasion, but he doesn't know what she likes. I look at him and think:

1. If you think I am going to help you impress another woman you are mistaken.

2. If you don't know what she likes how the hell would I know?

I Look him straight in the eye, smile and say 'what are you cooking?" He says 'he is not sure yet, but can I give him suggestions on what a woman may like, and which wine he should get to go with it?'

Shit!! I want to talk to him, in fact I could rip his clothes off and shag him right there! but I really don't want to help him impress another woman, but what is a girl suppose to do? I ask him what he likes to eat and drink; he is no different than most men, beer and steak. So I help him select a good red wine, he puts 2x bottles in his basket; we continue talking about a menu; we discuss him making fillet steak for his supper. We walk together, I help him with the various side dishes and then finally when we reach the butchery I select 2 pieces of fillet steak for him. He says 'thank you so much for all your help, it was lovely to meet you, see you next week.'

Sigh!! there goes that fantasy!!! He will no doubt will be a hit with whomever it is he is cooking for. Ooh well! I forget all about him by the time I get home, and start cooking for my guests.

The following week, PM is in the supermarket perfectly turned out as usual, this time however he walks directly over to me and says 'Hello Crystal, how are you today?' hugs me and gives me a peck on my cheek..wow!! he is hot, warm and he smells so beautiful too. We chat for about 10 minutes in the supermarket, he asks me to have coffee with him in the restaurant just outside the centre. As neither of us has started shopping yet we go out to the restaurant there and then.

We talked and talked and talked, when I looked outside I saw that it was dark. Although I don't want to leave, I had to. He stood up with me and walked me to my car; He hugged me good bye, and just kept holding me then he kissed me, deeply. His kiss took my breath away. He was so sensual, his kisses were almost as good as having sex, I was breathless, but I had to go, my family would be worried about me.

I untangled myself from him, breathlessly saying goodbye again, he held on to my hand and said 'have supper with me please.' I said: 'yes, call me.'

The next morning my mobile rung at 7:30 it was PM he asked me to please have supper with him that night, I couldn't, I had too many obligations, we made arrangements to meet in two days time at a local bar.

I got to the bar early as I was not sure exactly where it was and had left home early to allow time to find it in case I got lost, I ended up there far earlier than the appointed time. I went inside PM was already there, drinking coffee, in front of him was a bunch of red roses. He looked up as I walked in, he gave me one of his beautiful lazy smiles, stood up and walked to meet me. He hugged me hello and kissed me gently on my cheek, whispered in my ear, 'give me a moment.' He goes back to the bar, puts some money down, picks up the roses comes to me, hands me the roses and takes my hand.

He led me to the car park; asks where I am parked. We walks me to my car, he says there is a very nice 'place' up the road, we can go there? I should follow him in my car. I take him to his car then follow him, we wiggle our way through some residential areas then turn into a driveway. It is a private home!

He climbs out of his car and comes to mine, shows me where to park and waits for me. Then takes my hand and leads me a door. He open it, all I can see is a staircase leading up. Up one side on every second step is a lit candle in a red glass candle holder. I blink, what is going on? he hugs me and says 'don't be afraid.' He takes my hand and leads me up the steep staircase. As I reach the top I look in front of me, there is a huge window filled with the most beautiful sea view. He led me to a couch, and told me to relax. I was in a huge attic room, there was a kitchen, bedroom, dinning room and sitting room areas, all open plan and all clearly visible from the other area. I sat thinking and looking out at the beautiful view, PM was busy behind me, I heard the cork come out of a bottle of wine. He came around and handed me a glass of red wine. I smile and say thank you. He says: 'I hope you enjoy it, you chose it.'

I can smell that food had been cooked, the dinning room table was set with beautiful crystal and white crockery, beautiful red candles and linen. PM says 'I cooked your menu for you, hope you enjoy it.'

He comes and takes my hand, leads me to the table and serves me the food from the menu we discussed in the supermarket the week before. We eat and then take our coffee to the patio, sit looking at the view and talking. We talk about everything under the sun, eventually we start talking about tattoos. He takes his shirt off to show me his tattoo, it is as beautiful and as tasteful as he is. I smile to myself and think, this man is such a gentleman, it is almost time for me to go home and all he has done is fed me.

I ask him if he would like to see mine; He says 'he would love to.' I get up and step back into the room. PM follows me in with a confused look on his face. I unzip my tight black trousers and take them off. I have a tiny red thong on under my trousers. I stand there in my thong and tight black T shirt. I step back into my heels and walk over to him. I turn around and show him the tattoo on the side of my butt. I hear him take a deep breath, clearly this is not what he had expected.

He cups the cheek of my bottom in his hand, leans over and kisses the tattoo. Then he picks me up and carries me to the bed.

He gently lays me down and joins me, I have no trousers on, he has no shirt on, We are kissing deeply, breathless with lust. I am trying to undo his belt and jeans, he is trying to undo my bra. We giggle and start laughing, because in our hast, we are getting no where. We agree to undress ourselves: We do this in lightening speed. We are naked on the immaculate white bedding, he is as beautiful naked as he is dressed. He is erect and ready to love me. I am wet and ready to be loved. We have done the mating dance for weeks, we both know why we are here.

I climb astride him, He easily slips into me as I am so wet and ready, we both catch our breath as he enters me. I am almost cumming already, I move a couple of times and I am already cumming, I arch my back and stop moving , he takes over the rhythm and waits for me to finish, then he lays me on my back and gently starts licking me, his hands explore me while his lips lick and tease my clit, I am building to cum again, he encourages me to cum, 'cum darling, cum, don't hold back, cum sweetie' I am in absolute heaven, I cum great gushes of cum all over his beautiful immaculate white bedding.. oops!!

He is so turned on by this, he crawls up and enters me in the missionary position, kissing me and caressing me. His rhythm builds he is banging into me, our bodies are making sloppy wet noises, he is whispering beautiful things in my ears, telling me how he knew I would have the most delicious, wet, tight pussy, 'I'm cummmmmminng!! I'm cummmung baby.. oooh yes.'

He kisses me, and rolls me over slips a pillow under my pussy, presses my legs closed then kneels stride my legs, I am nervous, I really hate anal sex, God!! that would just really spoil this beautiful evening for me. I quietly and gently tell him 'I don't want anal sex,' he laughs and says 'no that is not what he wants either!!.' He enters my slopping wet pussy from the back and makes delicious love to me in this position too. I am absolutely quivery inside, this man can't touch me without me cumming and more than cumming I am squirting, our bodies are so in sync.

We finish, lay in each others arms for a while, I have to go home to my family, I dress, quickly, very reluctant to leave this beautiful man. He is one man that I cannot have NSA sex with. I have not left his side yet and I want him again. I miss him already.

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