Surfer Girl


The sand was hot underneath his feet, causing him to hop around, so he ran further toward the water in hope that the sand closer to shore was cooler. Danny was stuck going alone since his best friend Jason and his girl friend needed the hotel room for themselves. The others that he had joined for his vacation were at a casino and arcade on the board walk; leaving their doors locked so watching television in one of their rooms wasn't an option. He also didn't want to join them because the electronic gambling bored the hell out of him.

The beach seemed pretty barren except for a group of surfers. It made him nervous; locals at beaches were usually portrayed on TV. as ass holes to tourists. He tried his best to avoid their attention as he dropped his towel on the sand and went for the water. Hopefully a few hours of swimming would give Jason all the time he needed. They were leaving later so he didn't want to have to waste too much of the day.

"You can't swim here!" A voice called and stabbed into Danny before he could step into the water. Nervously, he turned toward the origin of the voice. "We're surfing here!" One of the surfers called as they approached. They were made up of five large guys with typical long hair and a single girl. Everyone in the group was taller than him. The leader, a blond who was almost twice his size, was walking the fastest and looked ready to drag Danny back off the beach. Just behind him though was a slightly smaller brunet who hair down past his shoulder.

"Oh, sorry." Danny quickly replied and tried to move away from them as fast as he could.

"Hold up," the brunet called. "You surf?"

Danny didn't know how to respond, but the surfer already knew the answer. He moved past the blond and seemed to save Danny from the embarrassing walk of shame. "I could give you a lesson."

"No, um, thanks but I..." Danny started but he was so transparent that he was quickly interrupted again.

"No worries dude, all we do is surf. This'll be the like the most productive thing we've done in months. I'm Eric, that's Tobie, Sissy, Aaron, Caleb, and that fagot is Tyler." The brunet told Danny and pointed out each of the individuals. Tyler tried to insult Eric in return, but Danny couldn't hear him as Eric continued. "Come on, I'll let you use my board."

Danny was taken aback by the offer. Nothing was free in the city that he grew up in and surfing lessons were the type of thing the normally costs money.

Eric's torso was covered by his board, but Danny could tell he was incredibly skinny. His long hair and feminine facial features and voice also made it hard to tell if he was a girl or a guy. Luckily he was only wearing a long pair of swimming trunks so it was pretty safe to assume that Eric was a guy.

He grabbed Danny by the arm and pulled him into the water while they all paddled out.

Danny's first attempts at balancing on the board ended predictably until Eric started to hold the board still for him. Then he had to worry about constantly being knocked over by the occasional wave. After an hour of getting the basics, Danny surprised everyone by successfully riding a wave all the way back to shore. A few of them cheered as if seeing him stand that long on a board was amazing enough. His face was red and he didn't know if he should be embarrassed or proud. Then he hit the shore and rolled off the board.

Eric stepped out of the ocean and helped Danny up while grabbing his board.

"You're a fast learner."

"Really?" Danny responded while brushing the sand off of himself.

"No bro, you totally suck." Eric took back his compliment and started walking his board further down the beach.

Danny felt a pain in his stomach as his new friend seemingly ditched him in disappointment.

"Come on!" Eric shouted and waved his hand in the air in instruction. Thats all Danny needed to hear as he ran as fast as he could to catch up to Eric.

"Where are we going?"

Eric hesitated to respond and kept looking forward in a serious manor. "Yea while you were eating sand the others wanted to go get something to eat. So I'm going to continue our lesson in my secret surfing spot. Best waves in the world dude it'll be great."

"You're going to show me your secret spot? But I don't even live here. I leave tonight, you see I'm just here on vacation with some friends and I got to be back by tonight or they'll leave without me," Danny tried to explain the situation.

"I know. But who the hell are you going to tell, right? Just as long as you don't tell my friends, I'll still have it to myself." Eric led Danny to a small woods at the end of the beach where the sand ended and there was a small five foot edge that extended slightly further out creating a tree covered plateau with a sudden drop along the side into the water. Danny followed obediently into the thickening brush.

They continued along the edge until a sandbar appeared at the bottom. Eric held onto a group of vines and lowered down his board before lowering himself. Danny simply jumped down onto the sand and slowly began to stand up when he finally got a good look at Eric's chest. He had small protruding... breasts. He had small breasts and large nipples.

'Boobs, long hair, looks like a girl, sounds like a girl.' Danny was starting to put it all together while Eric leaned back against the dirt wall with a knowing smile on his face.

"Holy shit! You're a chick?" Danny practically shouted.

"Well duh!" Eric responded with the same confident smile.

"But you're not wearing a bra or anything over your chest." said Danny, still staring at her cute little breasts.

"So, fooled you." Eric was still relaxing back while fully exposing his perky breasts to Danny.

Danny couldn't respond. This girl was walking around with her breast showing and he never noticed. It was worse since it took until now for him to notice how hot she was. Once the cloud of confusion was gone and he no longer thought the topless girl was a guy, he was stricken by her beauty.

"You want to touch 'em?" Eric raised a cocky eyebrow.

"You mean, you'll let me..." of course Danny had difficulty getting past how great an opportunity he had.

"Quit being such a pussy and suck my tits already." Eric interrupted without restraint.

Danny was on Eric in the blink of an eye but took his time getting his mouth on a nipple, still nervous about rather or not she'd suddenly reject him. Instead, Eric's hand wrapped around the back of his neck and she shoved her nipple into his mouth. At first, Danny sucked on the nipple like a baby but Eric's efforts forced his mouth wider and he had the entire small tit in his mouth. He struggled momentarily before massaging it with his tongue, the nipple rubbing against his uvula.

Eric swung his head back and moaned as Danny unknowingly milked him and swallowed the occasional drop.

The surfer's hand lowering to his own swimming trunks caught Danny's attention. The hand gently rubbed his balls and sent Danny franticly pulling his swimming trunks off in a rapid manor to let Eric get to the contents. Instead, there was a powerful pop as the breast was ripped out of his mouth. Danny fell back and Eric grabbed him by the shoulders, forcing him onto his knees. Picturing the tight vagina behind Eric's trunks had his mouth water. Eric's hands gently gripped both sides of his own swimming trunks and began slowly lowering them in front of Danny's moistening mouth. They began to slowly stretch out and thicken in the front. Danny stared in concentrated confusion as Eric's massive cock nearly snapped the waist band.

They fell at Eric's feet and he kicked the trunks to behind Danny.

"What, what, what is that? You have a dick? And breasts? What are you?" Danny fumbled with the words.

"Dude you'd be totally doing me a solid if you put your mouth around my dick. And you still owe me for those surfen lessons." Eric didn't wait for permission; he grabbed Danny's head and brought it to the head of his dick. The vacationer held his lips shut as the cock kissed them. The power behind it only continued to build until Danny's mouth was forced open and the head filled his mouth.

"That salty taste in your mouth... it's not the water." Eric almost laughed and Danny felt the meat throb in his mouth and a sudden salty liquid filled the last crevices. Danny expected himself to throw up, but it didn't come.

'I have a dick in my mouth. I have a dick in my mouth!' His mind running wild. 'This is gay, I'm not gay. Am I? This can't be happening. He is... kind of hot... He. HE. His dick... tastes good. I think I like this...'

He gripped Eric's knees as the thick snake began to slide slowly down his throat.

'WOW!' was all that came to mind as his neck thickened and he got light headed.

Two powerful testicles the size of his fist slammed into his chin. They migrated to the side of each cheek and the sweaty ball skin consumed the entire lower part of his face. The sudden realization that he was about to pass out caused him to panic and he pushed away with everything he had. The dick slipped out half way, but swelled up and came to a sudden stop. The smell of sperm filled his nose and his gag reflex helped the dick get moving again.

Eric grudgingly pulled his cock out of Danny mouth to allow him to breathe as the monster spit a thick load all over his face. Danny sobbed and wiped as much off of his face as he could as a thin layer already began to dry. The horrible smell left him coughing, but the lack of oxygen in his lungs made him take in full breaths of the stink. Drips of semen hit his side as Eric masturbated over him.

"Th... *cough*... There's more?" Danny cried while looking up at the superior cock, his own growing in-between his legs at the amazing sight. Eric's own cock thickened more and the surfer let out another moan.

"I'm going to explode! Bend over!" Eric pushed Danny against the dirt wall. "Grab the roots and spread your legs! Quick!"

"No. Wait. You can't be serious! You're... You're huge!" Danny looked back at the throbbing cock that was about to violate his rectum. "Thats got to be like a foot and a half long!"

Eric gripped him by the back of his arms and forced his face into the mud at the base of the dirt wall. Then he grabbed Danny's ass and aimed for the hole.

"NoooOOOO!" Danny screamed as he was penetrated. It drove deep inside him and his butt struggled to hold itself together. Sweat built up over his forehead and he grinned his teeth as he was stuffed. Deeper and deeper, Eric drove himself as far as he could go. Danny's stomach and ribs expanded and he let out a wimpy cry as he was unable to fight back.

'How far was he going to go? This thing could kill me!'

Eric's balls smacked against his and it felt like a kick to the groin. His eyes shot wide open in shock, not at the pain but in the realization of how deep he was speared on the rod.

"No... Please... can't..." Danny struggled.

The surfer began his retreat, only stopping half way. Danny squeezed the roots in his hands. He knew what was coming.

FWOOP! Smack!

The powerful thrust shook Danny's entire body and he felt his insides tremor. "Oh God!"

Eric laughed as he pulled out and slammed into his bitch again and again. Danny's screams grew softer with each slam. Eric slowly got to full speed and the painful screams turned into quiet sighs of pleasure.

Danny released his grip and pressed against the muddy wall of dirt, sweat, and semen. His muscles twitched and he let out a final moan of ecstasy before squirting on the sand below him.

He felt warm, but it wasn't the sun. He felt warm inside, and squishy. Eric's seed filled his lower intestines and sent him into a powerful orgasm. Danny's tongue hung out of his mouth and he smiled acceptingly. He could feel the full detail of the powerful, hot, cum gushing cock driving into his organs over and over.

"Ooooh you are so fucked!" Eric shouted out his own orgasm. The cock once again throbbing at its release shook Danny at his very core. Eric held the monster deep inside Danny's stomach as the warm sperm settled.

Danny's eyes grew suddenly heavy and he blacked out as a powerful sensation rippled through his body.

Eric's hand slapped him in the face and woke him out of his slumber. "Ow... oh. How long was I out?" Danny asked.

"Just for the night." Eric replied.

"Shit, shit." Danny tried to get up but the pain in his stomach and ass grounded him.

"Just kidding, relax man you were only out for an hour. I remember what you said earlier." Eric lied to help Danny relax.

Danny looked around and noticed he was lying in a tent.

"How did I get here?" he asked and fear started to build inside him.

'Only an hour?'

"Just relax." Eric smiled and put his hand on Danny's slightly enlarged stomach.

"There was no secret spot was there?" Danny asked remembering the location where he was lost his virginity. A location like that seemed only good for one thing.

"Oh yea! Sorry man but I made that up so I could get you away from the others. Dude... I had to smash that ass!" Eric smiled down at him then got up to leave the tent.

Danny felt a strange feeling in his stomach.

'How am I supposed to get home?'

'What is Eric going to do with me now?'

'What the hell is wrong with my stomach!?'

"Am I pregnant!?!"

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