tagLoving WivesSwapping Wives Ch. 04

Swapping Wives Ch. 04


This time, going to Kevin's, Paula was a lot less nervous. She'd even decided to go completely naked under the coat she was wearing, rather than wearing any lingerie... and her belly curled with excitement. The past week with Carl had been so amazing, they'd both been so sexual all week and so into each other. It wasn't out of jealousy exactly, just the knowledge that they could share each other and still be completely in love... and still want each other more than anyone else. Sure, it was exciting returning to Kevin, but mostly she was interested to see what new things it would open up for her and Carl. Right now she knew her husband would be opening up an interesting avenue for Miriam and Kevin, and she smiled at the thought.

It was particularly exciting, because earlier in the week when she'd talked to Kevin she'd asked him for something new and interesting that they could do... even though she wasn't into any pain stuff like Miriam was, she did become interested when he mentioned bondage. The thought of being tied up was a little scary, but also a lot exciting... what would that total loss of control be like? Totally being at his mercy? Her pussy was getting wet at the thought.

"Hi," she was totally breathless as he opened the door, and she decided to do something even more dangerous and dropped the coat off of her as she stood right there. His eyes widened and he grabbed her and pulled her inside, grinning as he slammed the door.

"You delicious slut," he admonished her mockingly and she giggled as he pulled her into his arms and kissed her, running his hands over her smooth skin. She sighed in lustful happiness as he began kissing down her throat and to collarbone, nibbling gently on her shoulders.

"So where are we going to tie me up?" she asked, and his eyes lit up. Taking her hand he led her into the other room and her eyes widened. Attached to the ceiling was a hook that had a length of rope hanging from, it was very obvious what it was meant for. Smiling nervously she allowed him to lead her to the rope and tie the rope around her wrists before pulling on it so that her arms were above her head and she was stretched out, her breasts jutting out in front of her.

"Oh my," she said, smiling at him as she tugged gently on the rope, finding that her arms weren't going anywhere - and neither was she. Kevin went over and turned on the camera so that the first thing that Carl would see as he watched was his wife stretched out and vulnerable in the middle of his best friend's family room. Walking back over he began kissing Paula, running his hands all over her body and back, gripping her ass and remembering that his own wife would be losing her anal virginity tonight. His dick was rock hard, both at the beautiful woman in front of him and the idea of Carl's dick invading his wife's ass.

Smiling at Paula he said, "I had a game for us to play... but I think it might take too long at the moment, so let's have a little fun and then we'll play."

"Ooh, a game," she smiled, her eyes lighting up, "This sounds like a fun night."

"Absolutely," he grinned at her before they began to kiss again, squeezing one of her plump breasts with his hand while his other arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her into him. Paula was loving how vulnerable she felt, the fact that he could touch her however he wanted and her body was so stretched out... she felt incredibly attractive and sexy this way. As his fingers pinched her nipple he bent his knees a little to get underneath her and then began pressing his dick against her pussy. Sliding it inside of her he stood again and used his arm around her waist to bring her up with him; taking the hint she wrapped her legs around his waist and they began fucking with her arms tied up in the air.

It felt extremely erotic as she bounced in the air, unable to use anything but her legs for support - although his strong arms around her body felt plenty secure as well. Her pussy felt split open as gravity pressed her down roughly onto his thick meat, allowing him to invade deep into her body despite the slightly awkward position. Everything was rough and hard and fast, including her orgasm which came as he held her hard against him, already spurting cum into her pussy.

As he pulled away she told him, "Kevin... I don't want to whine but my arms kinda hurt in this position... can we tie me up somewhere else if we're going to play a game? Please?"

For a moment he looked as if he wanted to say no, but then his eyes lit up, "I think I have the perfect place."

It was his dining room table. Tying her down at the end, her arms stretched across the smooth wood and her breasts pressed flat, he also tied her legs to each leg of the table; spreading her thighs wider than she would have been able to on her own. If she hadn't been tied she would have never been able to hold this position, as it was; now she couldn't move from it. The whole situation was just incredibly sexy to her, and she watched as her husband's best friend came around to blindfold her. When he was sure that it was secure, he began to explain the game to her.

"I'm going to put things into your pussy... you guess what they are. If it takes you longer than 15 seconds, I put it in your ass until you get it right." She could almost feel his grin.

"Sounds interesting..." she said, "Ok, I'm ready."

Something pressed into her pussy, going deeper and deeper as her mind raced... it felt hard and rubbery, thick and long... as it pressed all the way inside of her she felt something press against her clit. Also hard and rubbery.

"A dong?" she guessed, "With a full set of balls?"

"Good job," he told her, and she felt it withdraw, "That was an easier one... let's continue."

This one was slightly cool against the heated walls of her pussy, hard... very hard inside of her with a lot of bumps and ridges that massaged against the walls of her pussy. It was thick, but an even thickness all the way into her... and long. She could feel it when it was finally totally inside of her... but there was still a hard little part that stuck out... almost a wood feeling... a vegetable maybe? When she was at the supermarket sometimes she'd catch herself eyeing the...

"Cucumber?" she guessed and he chuckled.

"Just in time," he told her, "It was about to go into your ass." She sighed in disappointment as it withdrew from her pussy... not because she wanted it in her ass, but because she was starting to get horny again and it felt good in her pussy. It probably would have felt good in her ass eventually too, but not without stretching her out first. All the things that he was inserting into her pussy so far would be very uncomfortable if he put them straight into her ass without a warm-up... which was probably the plan for it.

Cool glass began its erotic slide into her wet pussy, and she could feel her walls trying to grip the bottle neck... this was easy because she'd once let Carl fuck her with a beer bottle when he was drunk. It had been an interesting feeling, one that felt good... and that was feeling particularly good right now. Moaning, she let him continue to fuck her with it for the 20 seconds and it was only when he pulled it out of her that she told him what it was. He laughed at her ingenuity, she was obviously very turned on now by the whole game.

Next was a squash, which she couldn't figure out at first, but luckily guessed as he was pushing the bulbous part of it into her ass... she breathed a sigh of relief as he pulled it away before her ass had to open up for that thick part. Then a test tube, and that one he got to fuck her ass with it for almost a minute before he gave her the hint that it was hollow and she realized that it was some kind of tube. If he hadn't been so eager to move on he probably could have done it for longer too, since all she'd managed was some kind of tube. But he was hard again from watching her holes accept all these various items and he wanted to get to the end of his list. A lollipop was next, one of the long swirly kinds... he licked her pussy after pulling it from her, tasting the sticky sweetness in her juices and making her even hornier. Her pussy was burning with need as he pushed in the next object.

It was ridged strangely, tons of ridges and bumps... and it felt fantastic. By now she was so horny that she forgot to even try to guess, just enjoyed the way it massaged the inside of her pussy walls, the smooth ridges caressing her. When he pulled it from her pussy and began to press it into her ass she remembered the game. Groaning with discomfort as it invaded her asshole, the ridges still feeling fantastic but it pressed deep and was very thick after the first few inches...

Her mind raced. Ridged, bumps, getting thicker as is it went... what on earth... her mind made a picture for her.

"Is that an ear of corn?" she asked, half unbelieving... it felt fantastic even in her ass.

"Good job!" he told her, but this time he didn't pull it from her ass right away. Instead he kept fucking her with it, but she was so horny that she didn't care; the discomfort in her ass was nothing compared to the burning need in her pussy. And the ear of corn was helping along that need, even if it burned a little too. Kevin watched lustfully as the yellow ear moved in and out of her ass, making her moan with lust. Her pussy glistened beneath the invading vegetable, inviting and juicy.

Pulling the ear of corn from her ass he took the dildo and pushed it back into her... he was ready to fuck her and he like the idea of both her holes being filled at once, but the stalk on the corn would hurt if he pushed his groin against it. Paula moaned as her ass was invaded once again.

"That's not the game..." she panted, and then was reduced to more moans as his dick filled her pussy, pressing the dong even further into her ass. It felt incredible, she was completely full, almost as if she really was being fucked by two guys. The idea of having both Kevin and Carl fuck her made her shiver with lust as the dick inside her pumped and his balls slapped against her excited clit.

Her breasts ached as they were flattened on the table by his weight, her ass protesting as the dildo dug deep with every one of his brutal thrusts... but her pussy burned with excitement. Kevin fucked her hard, and she wished that she could move back against him but at the same time was even more excited by the fact that she couldn't... her body was totally open to him and she couldn't do anything more than receive what he was giving her.

As she began to scream her orgasm, he pulled the dong from her ass and shoved his dick straight into her winking asshole, making her shriek as the climax washed over her. A few more brutal thrusts and he gasped as he sent his second load of the night into her convulsing ass, its tight confines rippling around him.

Afterwards they went upstairs and took a shower, where she surprised herself by giving him a blowjob in the shower... taken by surprise when he came, she actually swallowed. It had been a long time since she'd last given a blow-job... it might be nice to give one to Carl tomorrow. Really, it wasn't that bad she supposed. It was even better when Kevin returned the favor by eating her out before they went to sleep.

The next morning he tied her in a big X shape on the bed and fucked her again, she was so turned on by the position that she ended up cumming twice while he took advantage of her vulnerable body.

Clutching the tape in her hand she returned home, eager to get back to her husband and watch the tape with him... and do a few other things.

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