tagBDSMSwat on a Hot Teen Youth Ch. 02

Swat on a Hot Teen Youth Ch. 02


Chapter 2. The First Breakfast


Her eyelids fluttered open slowly, drowsily. Her large, richly golden-flecked ochre eyes gazed sleepily at hew new room. Ashley awoke, disoriented, slightly dazed. Simultaneously she realized that she felt jet lagged and that she had been woken by someone's knocking at the door of her room. She groggily examined the room, taking in the old-fashioned stuffy furniture, and the weak, overcast light coming from the window across from her bed.

"Ashley, are you awake? I've brought you some tea. It is quite late and we've been waiting for you to get up." Her uncle was at the door. Before she could respond, he had pushed open the door and entered, smiling.

"Good morning, Ashley!" he said enthusiastically, "you've slept in quite a while, and Ralph has arrived. We've been waiting for you to make an appearance, but I thought that you might perhaps need something to wake you up a bit." Cheerfully, he placed the steaming teacup he was carrying on the dresser and sat in the chair next to it. "Up girl," he urged, "you'll be needing to be up early so that you can bring me the tea from now on. Well, just this once we can make an exception for my tired niece! Come have your tea."

Ashley, fumbled with her covers, and sleepily sat up. Her shortish brown hair was charmingly mussed, and her pretty face puffed a bit from her profound sleep. She yawned a bit and responded, "Good morning, Uncle Edward." She was unaware, for the moment, that, due to her uncle's doctoring of her clothes the night before, her pajama shirt was fastened with only two buttons, one above her bust and one at her bellybutton, her full figure causing a substantial gape to form in the loose front of her shirt, showing the creamy-skinned inside of her proud, round breasts.

She stood up, intending to reach over and take the cup of tea Edward held out for her. Just as her shirt inadequately covered her, the waistband of her pants also failed to stay up, and her pants drooped down exposing one hip to the top of her thigh. She became aware of the unaccustomed looseness of her clothes at precisely the same time as she heard her Uncle's shocked, indignant exclamation:

"Ashley! What in blazes are you wearing?" She froze as he pulled back the proffered teacup, setting it down again, while fixing her with a stern gaze.

"Young lady! Is THAT what you consider appropriate attire in which to present yourself to your new family? Have you not been taught some modesty and propriety? You are dressed like a SLATTERN after a night of debauchery! Your clothes are deplorable; they look like they have been ripped off you!"

"We will not condone" he continued, gazing at her with a new sternness, "such wanton sloppiness here! Why look at you, your body fairly bursting out of your clothes in public. What have you to say for yourself?"

Ashley was horrified and abashed. She was standing in front of her uncle with clothes which gaped and practically fell off her, and the modest girl felt exposed in front of s practical stranger for the first time. She stammered, "I... I... didn't... I mean..."

"Enough!" interrupted Edward. "I know how to educate young ladies who are willful and wanton. I want you to go into that bathroom, brush your hair and teeth, and come down to breakfast EXACTLY as you are! You are not to put on any clothes, even shoes. If you are so eager to parade yourself in this fashion, you shall have ample opportunity. Now, go, and be downstairs in 3 minutes dressed precisely as you are, or you shall be punished severely! Do you understand?"

Taking the teacup with him, in fact sipping from it as he left, Edward strode out of the room and down the stairs, leaving an astonished, barely awake young girl in his angry wake.

Ashley stumbled forward to the bathroom, where she brushed her teeth and combed her hair. She looked at herself in the mirror, and embarrassedly explored her shirt for signs of what had happened. Evidently, two buttons had fallen off the old pajama during the night, leaving her shirt gaping hugely in the center. Though her breasts were big enough that only the inner flesh between them showed, she was, nevertheless, quite provocatively exposed. In addition to her disheveled top, her pants would not stay up without being held, but hung loosely from one hip or the other, showing a good bit of her lacy panties. She desperately considered changing clothes, or at least putting on a bra to hide her naked chest, but was too timorous to disobey her Uncle's direct order to go to breakfast exactly as she was dressed. He'd mentioned punishing her, and she didn't want to start her stay in Britain being grounded or having to do extra chores! Hurriedly, she finished combing her auburn hair, arranging it into the charming, neat longish page-boy she liked, and headed downstairs, holding her pants up with one hand.

The stairs in the old house were narrow and spiraled down. The steps themselves were irregular in width. Ashley had to step carefully to avoid tripping on the unfamiliar steps. As she reached the bottom landing, she was called into the dining room by her uncle's stern voice:

"Ashley! Come in and meet your cousin Ralph." She entered the room. The room was wallpapered in an old fashioned raised felt in a sepia pattern, sporting urns and intertwining vegetation. In the middle of the room was a fair sized round table. The far corner, by the large glass doors leading to the back garden, was taken up by a small grand piano. Several bookcases and a small side table took up one wall, and several paintings were arranged around the room. Most of these, though the distraught girl was too preoccupied with her predicament to notice it, featured partially unclad, somewhat cherubic, young females sporting with numerous, properly clothed men.

The compromisingly clad young girl stood just inside the room, holding her pants up with one hand, and attempting to keep her shirt closed with the other. Gazing at her coolly from where they sat at the table were sat Uncle and a young man who she assumed was her new step-cousin, Ralph. Ralph, Ashley noticed, had sandy hair combed neatly to one side, was tall and lanky and appeared slightly older than herself. He was well dressed, and looked at her with a sardonic, but perhaps sympathetic smile. Ashley thought he was quite good looking, with strong features, and an athletic build. She was keenly aware of being presented to this young man in pajamas, and, worse, in pajamas that would practically falling off her were she to let go of the various bits she was holding tightly!

"Ashley is under the impression," Edward explained to Ralph, staring at the girl sternly as he said this, "that the style of undress she is in is appropriate, and to indulge our guest, I have decided that she should be permitted to wear it for us. Ashley, say hello to your cousin. And stand properly. Hands at your side!"

The girl let her hands drop slowly to her side, releasing her shirt and pants. The shirt promptly gaped open and her pants slid down one leg, baring the sleek bone of one hip, showing a glimpse of her panties, and her thigh on that side. She shuddered in humiliation, but managed a meek greeting. "Hello, Ralph."

"Hi Ash!" responded the youth, with a friendly intonation. Ashley decided she liked him, and began to hope they would be friends. Relief flooded her momentarily. She blushed furiously as she saw that Ralph was casually and freely examining her body, realizing that the disarray of her clothes gave him plenty of opportunity to gaze at exposed flesh.

"Go into the kitchen, Ashley, where you will find a tray of breakfast items prepared for us, and bring it here. Quickly girl!" Ashley turned and fled into the small kitchen and picked up the tray she found waiting there. She walked back to the dining room balancing the tray's contents carefully, and lay it on the table. Following her uncle's instructions, she poured tea for each of the men, leaning forwards with the hot, heavy, teapot to pour into the small cups. As she lent forward, she could feel her shirt spread itself wider and her breasts swing free and towards the opening in her shirt. She dared not look up at the men, and prayed that they were not watching her.

Which, of course, they were. Unobserved by the bashful girl as she poured each of them their tea, each man gazed languorously into the parted folds of Ashley's shirt, tracing with his gaze the contours of the young girl's heavy tits as they swayed forward pendulously. When the girl turned away from one man to serve the other, the one behind her took the opportunity to study carefully her swelling bottom with its charmingly displayed, naked hip, made to jut further against the cotton pants by the girl's bending away from her observer.

"Shameful, Ashley, your state of undress!" scolded her Uncle. "This is a lesson I expect we will have to emphasize with you repeatedly. Go stand in the corner, but while serving face outward. Oh, put your hands on your head and keep your gaze on the floor. We'll call you if you need to serve us."

Ashley walked over to the corner to which her Uncle had pointed and put her hands on her head. This movement, as intended by her Uncle, caused her shirt to open even wider, and her boobs were on display baring both breasts almost to the inner edge of her aureolas. In fact, as the girl trembled, the inner curve of the very large medallion of darker skin around her nipples would occasionally peek out at the two men from behind the spread open shirt. Her shirt also rode up, baring her belly from the navel down, and her pants sagged in the center, revealing her lacy panties sufficiently that an inch or two of her pubic hair was visible under them.

Ashley didn't understand how she had gotten into this predicament. She was always proper, even prudish, with her body, and suddenly she was standing in front of two men showing them more of her body than she'd shown anyone before. She gazed down, and a tear sprang from her eye and coursed down her cheek.

Ralph and his father ate their breakfast, calling Ashley over once to refill their cups. As she did so, she tried to hunch her shoulders forward so as to minimize the chances of a breast becoming fully visible, barely succeeding in avoiding her tit from coming totally out of her shirt. As she walked back to the corner to assume her position though, her pants slid even further down so they now hung only by her lower hips, and bared almost the entire front of her panties, save for an inch or two at the depth of the V between her legs.

"Ralph," Edward lectured, "your little cousin is a perfect example of lax American upbringing with no standards or disciple! Look at her, displaying herself as if she were a whore! Coming to table with her chest exposed, breasts hanging free and swinging! Do you think, young lady, that we are eager to examine every nuance of your undergarments at breakfast!"

Ashley's stomach contracted with fear. Her new Uncle who had been so nice moments earlier and the day before, was now visibly and properly enraged with her. She hadn't meant to, but certainly her state of dress was a clear sign of slovenly disrespect to her hosts. More tears rolled softly from her blurry hazel eyes.

"Turn around, young lady. Nose in the corner. Stand on your tiptoes, and stay that way until I return."

Ashley slowly turned and faced the wall. She stood on her toes as instructed. After a few moments, this became somewhat uncomfortable, but not too bad. She concentrated on the long, furry stripes, twining leaves and vines in the wallpaper. She felt much better facing away from the men, as from the rear she was pretty effectively covered. She heard Edward leave the room.

She continued facing the wall, trying to guess what her cousin was doing. She heard him finishing his breakfast and envisioned him looking at the paper in front of him. In fact, her cousin was sipping his tea, and eating a toast, while staring at the new girl closely. He was examining the swell of her hips, and how her rump filled her pajama bottoms, how her fine calves taughtened with the strain of holding herself on tiptoe.

Relaxing in his chair, drinking his sweetened tea, Ralph stared at Ashley's thinly covered ass, tracing with his eyes the delicate pattern of the lacy panties visible through the cotton. He watched frightened little trembling motions course through the girl's thighs and buttocks. Finally, Ralph stood and put down his cup.

He sauntered over behind Ashley. She felt his warm presence just behind her, and the warm woolly smell from his sweater. He stood next to her. He placed his hand on her naked hip softly, soothingly. She jumped slightly at the contact of his fingers against her hip, right next to the exposed side strap of her panties. She felt his fingers lightly stroke her skin and the lace there.

"Ashley," he whispered, bringing his mouth up next to her ear, "don't worry. My Dad has a temper, but he's really a kind soul and his rages pass quickly if he isn't provoked. Try to stay on his good side and it'll be fine!"

"He is reading his paper in the other room," Ralph continued, "you can relax until I see him returning. Here, sit down on the floor there so you can jump back up if you need to!"

Relief coursed through the young girl. Ralph was on her side. He was sympathetic to her plight and was helping her. She let herself kneel down and then sat on the floor hugging herself, closing her shirt. For a few moments, Ralph bent down next to the girl, and smoothed her hair, whispering, "It's ok. Don't worry. It'll be fine."

She looked up at him with her trusting clear eyes, wide in distress and incipient relief, and said, "Thank you, Ralph. I don't know how I got myself into this trouble... it..."

Ralph interrupted her. "Quick, he's coming back. Get back in position." He took hold of the pants at her hip, and in order to help her stand, pulled up on them. As he pulled, the remaining uncut stitches in the seat of her pajama bottoms gave way with a slight tearing sound, leaving an eight inch open tear in her pants at the very center of her backside. She heard the rip, but had no idea what had caused it and was back facing the corner and on her toes when Edward reentered the room.

For a few moments, he said nothing. She trembled in the corner. He approached her. He placed himself behind her and addressed her softly, "It just gets worse, doesn't it?" She didn't understand to what he was referring until she felt his hand, cold and immediate and intensely personal, rest itself on her backside where it was exposed by the tear. She felt his finger on the naked skin of the lower, bared portion of one ass cheek, and realized that her bottom was partly on display. She gasped. Edward took the edges of the tear in his hands and pulled apart the seam of the pajama bottoms framing Ashley's exposed, pantied ass, tearing the flimsy, already ripped, garment in half and completing the unveiling of his niece's bottom.

Ashley heard the tearing sound, then felt her pajama pants fall, torn, off her hips, slide down her legs, and pool at her ankles. "Oh...no...no...!" she implored, standing on her tiptoes, her long naked legs revealed stretched tautly, her skimpy lacy underpants the only meager covering for the lower part of her body.

Both men stared intently at the full globes decorated but not hidden by Ashley's panties. Edward barked, "Into the study, girl! Don't pick up your pants, I want you waddling in there. I'll have no more nonsense. You are to be spanked for your sluttish showing off, and spanked soundly as befits a young girl who thinks it proper to parade her bottom and boobs to her uncle and her cousin. We shall see if you are as eager to show off your anatomy once it has been properly chastened."

Ashley's tears began in earnest, and she froze, not moving until Edward gave her a push in the direction of the door. She then began shuffling downcastly towards the door. Edward and Ralph followed the girl towards the living room, gazing at her quivering bottom as she hobbled, restricted in her motion by the torn pajama bottoms at her ankles.

Ashley sobbed. Ralph and Edward looked at one another. They exchanged delighted grins and followed the girl into the living room.

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