tagBDSMSweet November Ch. 01

Sweet November Ch. 01


First off I want to thank TRCIII for help with editing. Secondly for those who enjoyed my first writing, "Don't Bet on It", this is a bit of a continuation. If you haven't read it, you might want to. It helps to know some of the character. Finally, thanks for reading my work and all comments are welcomed and appreciated. Enjoy...


It has been a week since my wife and I made our last big wager. As you may recall it was the bet that made me her slave for the weekend. Little did I know she invited three of her friends to join her in her fun with me. Today she came to me with a proposition.

"Because you were such a good sport I will give you another chance to make me your slave," Jess said, "but if I win, you become our slave for a month."

I stopped to think about it a bit. "A month?!" I objected. "How do you figure I get you for the weekend, but you get me for a month?"

"That's where I make this easy for you," she smiled. "You get to pick the game you want to bet on and the team you are going to pick. How can you lose?"

'How could I lose?' I wondered.

"So, let me get this straight. I pick the game we are going to bet on, the team I think will win, and when they do, you are going to be my slave?" I asked.

"Yep, that's the idea," she said. "There is almost no way you can lose."

"Alright, I'll take that bet. I will take Tennessee over Alabama this weekend. Tennessee has been playing really well, and Alabama is on the verge of having their worst season in ages. There is no way I lose this one. Besides, they are playing at Neyland. This is in the bag," I touted.

"Sounds like a pretty sure thing," she shrugged. "I guess I will be your slave next weekend. But just in case, we better let them play the game first."


I could not believe my luck. Alabama played better ball than they had all year and to add insult to injury Tennessee's QB got hurt on the last play of the first half. The Vols were only up by three at half-time and had to bring in a freshman QB that looked like he was ready to wet himself.

Needless to say they had more turnovers in the second half than they had first downs. Alabama easily rolled over my Vols, leaving me sitting on the couch with my hands over my eyes in disbelief.

"Woo hoo!" I heard her scream. "This turned out a lot better than I expected. I figured I was just going to be your little slave for the weekend and let you get it out of your system, but this is even better. I OWN you!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," I said. "So when do you want to start? Let's get this over with."

"Well, I really didn't expect this. Let me think about it a second," she pondered. "I know. Friday is the first. We'll just start then. That will make it easier."

"Great," I sighed, still in disbelief. "I can hardly wait."

Those next few days dragged on for what seemed like forever. I could not believe I lost. What was even worse is that I could not even begin to imagine what Jess would do to me with a whole month at her fingertips.

Finally it was Thursday night and I prepared for bed knowing this would be my last evening of freedom for a month. "Good night, Honey," I mumbled.

"Night, Babe" she chimed back. "Get some sleep. You are going to need it."

My mind wandered for quite some time but eventually I must have drifted off to sleep.


"What are you doing? Get up! What do you think you are doing?" I heard being yelled at me, as I tried to wipe the sleep from my eyes.

"Slaves don't sleep with the Divas. Get out of my bed," Jess hollered.

I looked up to see it was 12:01. "You have got to be kidding," I said, pulling the covers back over my head.

"A diva never kids. This is your last warning. Get out of my bed," she commanded.

Hastily I pulled myself out of bed and asked where I might sleep. She pointed to the floor next to her and threw me a small, thin blanket to cover up with. "Slaves don't wear PJs either," she chided. "Take those off and get back to sleep."

I removed my pajama bottoms and t-shirt and lay down on the floor and went back to sleep.

It was not long before I heard the alarm going off. I stumbled to my feet and rubbed my eyes just long enough for Jess to push a piece of paper in front of my face.

"Read this," she barked. "Then make me some pancakes when you're done." With that, she pulled the covers back over her head and went back to sleep. That is when I realized it was only 5:00 am. I don't have to get up to get ready for work for another hour and a half. What did she just hand me?

The Rules:

1. The Diva(s) is (are) in charge. Anytime a diva calls you must go immediately.

2. A slave must keep eyes down in submission at all times.

3. A slave must never speak without permission.

4. A slave is to be completely shaven from the neck down at all times.

5. A slave's attire:

1. During working hours the slave will wear panties specific to that day under his professional attire.

2. After hours and on the weekends the slave will wear wrist and ankle cuffs, a collar, his designated panties, and/or whatever the diva deems necessary.

6. A slave is not allowed self gratification without permission.

7. A slave is responsible for all household chores.

8. A slave sleeps on the Diva's floor at night so that he is ready to serve when necessary.

9. A slave is subject to hygiene or dress code inspection at any time and may be punished or rewarded as the Diva desires.

10. Jess is your Ultimate Diva. Whatever she says goes. Her power overrides all others.

*. You are responsible to read these rules daily and memorize them.

When I finished reading the rules I understood why I was wakened so early. I hurried to the bathroom to get ready, not wanting to endure any punishment any sooner than necessary. I jumped in the shower and began to shave from my shoulders down. I had to stop every few strokes to pull the hair out of the drain and razor and then start again.

It must have taken at least 45 minutes to shave my entire body, but I was surprisingly aroused by my new look. My cock looked even larger without the hair that normally surrounded it. It took a lot for me not to stroke it right then and there, but I remembered the rules and I wasn't ready to break any yet. Besides, I had to get this cleaned up, get dressed, and get her breakfast ready. .

After drying myself off, brushing my teeth and shaving my face I crept back into the bedroom quietly, not wanting to wake her up. As I opened my top drawer I found that all of my boxer briefs had been removed and been replaced by silky women's panties—thongs, to be more specific—with the days of the week written on each one.

"So this is what it meant in the rules," I thought. "This is going to be a long month." Reluctantly I put on the soft yellow panties marked "Friday" and finished getting ready for work.

Afterward, I proceeded to the kitchen to make her breakfast. I had never made pancakes in my life, but I remember my dad doing it when I was a kid so I figured it couldn't be too hard. I followed the directions on the box and was surprised to see how well they came out. When I had her milk ready and the syrup warmed like I knew she liked it, I took them in to her.

She was rubbing her eyes when I walked in and smiled with approval when she saw me carrying in her breakfast. I brought them over to her and watched as she took her first bite. "Not bad," she chimed. "You should do this more often. Now get to work before you are late."

I looked up to see it was now 7:40 a.m. That gave me only 20 minutes to get across town. I grabbed my stuff and ran out the door.

My day at the office was relatively uneventful. Real Estate always seemed to get a little soft in November and it looked as though this year would not be any different. I was finding it a little hard to concentrate on the work I needed to do with the panties I had on. The silk kept stimulating my package while a thin piece of fiber kept creeping further up my ass cheeks. I spent a good part of the morning trying to pull it out before resigning myself to the fact that it was no use. As the day went on I wrapped myself up in work and managed to almost forget about them. Then 5:00 p.m. came and I packed up my stuff and headed home.

When I pulled into the garage I noticed a hanger on the door and a note. I got out of my car and pulled the note from the door. It was just as I suspected. The note read:


Hang up your work clothes and put your slave attire on. When you are done you may enter.

I looked down to see the box that held my collar and cuffs. I removed my professional clothing, pulled on my cuffs and collar and went inside.

"Good, you're home," she said coldly. "My feet hurt. Put your clothes away and then come rub them."

I hung up my clothes and then knelt on the floor at her feet. I removed her shoes and stockings and began to slowly massage the balls of her feet moving up and down them like I knew she wanted.

"Those panties suit you well," she taunted, never looking up from her magazine.

"Thank you," I responded. I continued to rub her feet for 15-20 minutes while she continued to read.

Finally she pulled her feet from my hands and rose to stand over me as I knelt. "You left the kitchen a mess, and dulled my razor this morning."

I had completely forgotten about the kitchen in my rush to get out the door and it never occurred to me what I might be doing to her razor. I have a feeling she did and that is why she left me such easy access to it this morning.

"You realize I have to punish you now?" she said.

"Yes," I responded.

"I left the kitchen for you to clean up. If you do a good job, I MIGHT take it easy on you." She motioned me into the kitchen.

I rose to my feet and proceeded to clean up the kitchen from the mess I had made that morning, as well as what had been added throughout the day. While I was washing the dishes, Jess walked up behind me.

"Slave, you really have a nice ass, you know. These panties really work for you. You should think about wearing them all the time," she cooed, as she ran her nails across my almost completely-exposed ass.

She stood there for another couple minutes raking my butt with her nails as I finished the dishes. This caused my member to become erect and push against the silk fabric, arousing me even more. I found it very hard to concentrate on my task. She obviously was enjoying herself and commanded me to hurry up.

"You are going to have your first inspection when you're done, and then we will decide the punishment for your negligence." With that, she turned and walked back into the family room and returned to her magazine.

Several minutes later, I stepped into the family room and stood before my mistress. She looked up from the magazine briefly and then returned her gaze to the article she had been reading. She continued to leaf through the magazine until she was satisfied that she had read all she wanted to read for the time being. Finally she stood.

"Kneel," she commanded, as she walked into the kitchen to inspect my work. She disappeared for quite some time before I felt her presence once more.

"Nice work," she complimented. "Now stand up so I can check you out while I decide on appropriate punishment for you. You did great in the kitchen, so I will take that into consideration, but you did dull my blade, and a Diva can't shave with a dull blade. Can she?"

"No, Mistress," I responded, as she looked me up and down inspecting my attire and grooming.

"It looks like you did a good job shaving this morning...from what I can see." With that, she reached out and grabbed my panties and pulled them around my ankles. My cock instantly sprang to attention.

"I like what I see," she said, "but you will have to keep it under control. Do you understand?" she barked, as she firmly grabbed me by the base of my cock and balls and pulled just enough to remind me who was in charge.

"Yes," I whimpered.

"Good, now let's take a closer look," she said, as she pulled on my member while she inspected it thoroughly for any sign of hair. "You did well," she announced. "Make sure to keep it that way. Now for your punishment...grab your ankles."

Without hesitation she hooked my wrist cuffs to my ankle cuffs and commanded me to remain still.

"I am going to give you 15 swats for using my razor and only 5 for leaving the kitchen a mess since you did such a good job cleaning it up. I want you to thank me after each swat. If you take your punishment well I might reward you later."

Then, without warning, the first smack came down from her bare hand on my ass. It was both painful and pleasurable at the same time, feeling her skin on mine.

"Thank you," I spoke with every swat, as my skin turned redder with every strike. Finally, she landed her twentieth and freed me from my stance.

"Now, slave, pull up your panties and go make our supper," she commanded.

I pulled them up and went off to accomplish my assigned task. This time I cleaned up after myself as I prepared our meal. When I was satisfied with what I prepared I let her know it was finished and set it before her on the table. I was allowed to kneel next to her and eat mine. When she was done she let me know she was happy with me. "That was nice, now I would like some ice cream for dessert." Of course I obliged her quickly.

"You may have this for dessert," she said, hiking up her skirt. "You did such a good job taking your punishment, I figure you deserve it."

"Thank you, mistress," I said, as I kneeled before her and slid her panties down her incredible legs and over her toes. I dove right in while she ate her ice cream. She tasted even better than the butter pecan she was licking off her spoon.

"Slave, you look great in that outfit. You made me all wet just watching you strut around in it at my beck and call," she moaned, obviously enjoying herself. She must have finished her dessert because now she was slouching back in the chair as she ran her fingers through my strawberry-blonde hair. Her moaning became louder as I plunged my tongue deeper inside her. It took only a couple minutes more before I had her climaxing for the second and third time.

"No more," she gasped, pulling my hair away from her glistening pussy. "You have work to do. Besides I can have more of that anytime I want. Now get up and go get my bubble bath ready."

I proceeded to the bathroom and began to run some hot water and then added some lavender scented bubble bath, just like I knew she wanted. While I waited for the tub to fill I looked around the room and noticed a small paper bag with "slave" written on it. I opened it up to find a couple new razors she had purchased for me as well as some aftershave body lotion for men. I did not even realize this stuff existed, but I was grateful to find it because I was already beginning to itch a little.

Finally the bath was full and I went to retrieve her. I was instructed to help her out of her clothes and into the bath. "You may go watch 30 minutes of TV while I relax," she told me, "but don't get too comfortable. I expect you back in here when that time expires." With that she slumped down into the tub and placed a warm wash cloth over her eyes.

I took this time to watch a little sports news and relax a little, but half-an-hour is much shorter than I remembered, so I returned to the place where my diva was soaking.

When I arrived she handed me a new razor she purchased for herself and told me to shave her legs. "Be careful," she instructed. "I'd hate to have to punish you twice in one night for being careless."

I took my time shaving her legs until they were silky smooth. I ran my hand up and down both legs admiring my work and taking the opportunity to feel them one of the few times I would not need permission. After rinsing her off, I helped her from the tub and into her robe. Then I brushed her hair and handed her silk teddy to her before she crawled into bed. She looked so sexy. I wanted her so bad, but I just found my place on the floor and tried to get comfortable.

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