tagErotic HorrorSweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth


Walking home alone was not the safest thing Hannah could have done, but remaining at the party where her friend, Beth had deserted her wasn't an option. Damn Beth for leaving her, but she couldn't blame her, that man she was talking to looked like a movie star, and then you told her to go. Yup, blame yourself! She didn't drink much, since finding out she had Diabetes, and wasn't supposed to with some of her medications, but who could be that regimented. She had two drinks, so maybe the walk home would bring her sugar level down. The cold was biting, causing her eyes to water and tears to make her checks cold. She shivered, but not from the cold, or from her unseasonable, blue cotton dress. She had been walking for almost an hour, and her legs were tired and shaking.

"Almost home," she whispered to comfort herself.

She rounded the corner and entered her gate, swung it closed behind her and jumped a mile when a stray cat leaped from the patio onto an iron bistro chair.

"Christ on a cracker, you scared me."

Hannah reached down and scratched the tabby behind it's ear, "No you mooch, go home, no more tuna al fresco for you."

Fishing in her bag, for the jingle of keys, she wandered blindly toward her door. When suddenly she was slammed from behind, and forced up flush with the stucco building. Covered from behind by hard muscle and bone, her mouth covered to prevent her from making a sound, she struggled against her ...

What? Male, but Would-be rapist, or mugger, or thief?


In the reflection of a window, she saw his figure looming a head taller than she, longer than shoulder length hair swirled around head darkly, glinting silver grey eyes caught her gaze.

Suddenly her attacker shifted, pulling her head to the side, breathing in the essence of her skin along her neck, and burrowing sharp fangs in her skin. The breaking of her skin reminded her of someone biting crisply into an apple. The shock of what was happening, froze her from reaction, and she held still. Then her attacker, moaned in his mouth, and sucked hard, he lifted her bodily and pressed her more securely to the cold cement stucco.

From behind she could feel him begin to grind against her, his ridged full penis rubbing between the swell of her ass.

Instinctive reaction took over and, she pressed backward, answering his grinding with some of her own, He chuckled in his throat, reaching down he rip the hem of the dress upward and her thong aside, easing himself out of his clothing, grasping my hips with what felt like talons, he plunged his swollen fuckmeat into her softness full bore.

'Ah-h-h-h!" my muted scream tore out of my mouth.

She was stretched with the largest dick she had ever felt, small nerve tingles of pain made her wish he would stop, he was HUGH, but instead she begged him.

"Oh yes, Oh please, don't stop, God don't stop!"

His pelvis began slapping home, with the force of a freight train, not letting up.

Thwack, Thwack, Thwack, Thwack, Thwack, Thwack, Thwack,

He was in her pussy to cervix bumping it with a steady rhythm. Wet soon drizzled, and soaked her thighs, chilling her legs, he pulled her legs to fit around his thighs, and began stoking her breasts, pulling and squeezing. Hannah felt her excitement building, she pushed away from the wall, riding him with crazy lust. She felt his thighs strain and tighten, he was almost near the edge, dipping his hand down, he used all four fingers to strum the nub of her clit.

She Came!

He brought her over, her pussy tightened down, both of her legs clenched gripping him, her jaw dropped , slackened, and she issued a hushed scream. Her voice broke and she gasped for air, following with tiny whimpers. He stiffened, groaning into her neck , and held her in a vise like embrace. His breath fanning her neck like a bellows, his mouth still attached, sweet hot blood, still seeping forth.

He pulled on her neck for several long minutes, drinking deep from her blood, as well as her life force. She felt her strength sapping, her mind floating away, and just before she lost consciousness, stop, pull back and felt him lick the skin clean.


She stifled a yawn, stretched, and groaned at the stiffness throughout her body, she felt as if she had been fucked, good and hard.

Eyes popping open, as she regained the memories of last night, she flung off the comforter, to find herself nude. Crap, her mind screamed, what else did that Psycho do to me. In the bathroom mirror confirmation that she wasn't dreaming came it the form large hickey just below her ear. She searched the skin with her fingers and found a puncture. How the hell was she going to tell anyone, let alone make a complaint to the police.

'Well, Miss Adams we're sorry, but Vampires aren't real, would you like to check out this rubber room"?

It was when she returned to her bedroom that she saw the paper on her night stand, and the words she read cause a shiver.

Dearest Heart,

Thank you for dessert, for your the sweetest I have supped from for many years.

I may stop by, from time to time, to kill my sweet tooth.

Yours, V

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