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Sweet torment


She stood up from her desk slowly, watching the last lights of her computer flicker out as it shut down. Letting out a long exhausted sigh she ran her fingers over her bare neck and shoulders. Her skin was still warm from only moments earlier when she enjoyed sheer torture and torment stirred up by the words of a man she had come to know over the past year over the internet. He lived on the other side of the world but sometimes it felt like he was near, she could almost feel his hot breath on the back of her neck.

It was true, she had often wondered if she really knew him, he felt familiar to her; she had come to consider him a friend. The question that remained unanswered to her was could the electricity that passed between the two of them over and over again be real? He had awoken things in her that she didn't even know existed and the power that he wielded over her grew day by day.

He had asked her to take a shower, to think of him as she made herself cum. As she undressed she could see him before her in her minds eye. She knew he would be a fierce and attentive lover who would not only give, but demanded complete surrender. The sad thing was she would never meet him in person, never feel his hands on her body, his mouth pressed against hers, his teeth dragging across her flesh. She wanted him to possess her and take control of her mind and body. The desires and delights summoned up by him only lived in their fleeting moments together when they chanced upon one another on the internet and in her dreams where she had the courage to follow him on hands and knees, staying at his heels, awaiting his commands.

She sat on the edge of her lonely bed and pulled her pants down noting the dampened crotch. She blushed, and then laughed at herself. Why should she feel embarrassed? She was alone, which was no change from normal, but she amazed even herself with her ever growing boldness when they spoke. She had never done the things they described to one another in pain staking detail, and it wasn't likely that she ever would.

She stood up and stepped out of her discarded pants. Walking towards the shower she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Staring back at her was the face that he had seen many times when she went on cam for him. She tried to picture what she looked like though his eyes. He had told her she was sexy, he loved her smile and many times they had both agreed how perfectly their lips would fit together. She screwed up her nose and then smiled. The thought of his beautiful full lips brushing her own lightly sent a wave of desire straight from her lips to her naked pussy.

Removing her top she turned on the hot water, and the room filled with steam. She stepped under the water and closed her eyes imaging he was standing there with her. She wanted him badly and the lump growing in her throat only served to remind her of the lust they would never physically share.

She looked down at her full breasts. Her nipples hardened as the water showered down on them, her skin prickling from the heat. She raised her hands up slowly, teasingly, pretending they were his. They would be strong and persistent, the nails long enough to promise certain pleasures and pains of his own choosing. Her hands cupped her breasts, squeezing them and pinching the nipples between her fingers. She threw her head back and moaned softly, her hair now drenched with water.

She could hear his voice in her ear, "Mmm, you like that my little fuck toy? Lets see you squirm, mmm fuck..." She felt dizzy, unsteady with his words swirling around inside her head. She reached up and placed a hand on the wall, the tiles still cold under her palm. She leaned forward and placed her forehead on the wall and with one hand she reached down and brushed her fingers over her aching pussy.

She willed him to appear, to somehow be transported from his world into hers, to possess her completely making her his own. She spread her legs and arched her back, her ass tilted slightly upwards. Parting her pussy lips with her fingers the hot rivulets of water ran down her back then over her ass finding their way to her exposed swollen cunt.

He would stand behind her, his hands gripping her hips tightly, controlling her, stamping his ownership upon her. He would pull her towards his own body, his cock hard and pressing into her ass. She toyed with her clit sending waves of lust over her body, covering her with goose bumps in spite of the heat.

"Yes, mmm, my toy, so fucking hot... so fucking horny." His voice would be deep and suggestive driving her over the edge. She pushed two fingers into her pussy and fingered herself, her cunt juice make her fingers slick and slippery.

He had told her to kneel down and play with herself in the shower earlier when they had spoken so she lowered herself to her knees, her free hand sliding down the shower wall to steady herself. Her thighs guided the water directly onto her pussy, and she leaned back, placing a hand on the ground behind her. She continued fucking her cunt rhythmically, driving sensation after sensation all over her body.

She whimpered and almost cried, it was cruel to be without him. Her breath quickened, her pulse raced and her heart thundered in her chest. It felt like it might explode right out of her chest.

She rocked backwards and forwards now, her fingers rubbing her clit into the start of her climax. She gasped as she remembered the scenario they had played out earlier. He had told her she could not cum until he had given her permission to and now she tried to hold on, the desperation causing her to shout out his name hoarsely.

He was behind her again and he held her hair, his fingers buried in her tangled tendrils. He pulled her head back so his mouth was close to her ear. "Good girl, good little slut, mmm, fuck..."

She leant forward again and using one hand she pinched roughly at her nipples and plunged her fingers of the other hand back into her hungry cunt. She looked up and imagined him peering down at her, lust and approval written over his dark features.

She could stand it no more, her whimpers turning into loud moans. Like in their scenario he now said the one word she so longed to hear pass from his lips.


She fucked her cunt hard, and rubbed her clit back and forth with her other hand. Her body convulsed and she shook as the climax rippled over her skin. She moaned his name over and over again her voice scratchy with strain. Shots of heat enveloped her body, her muscles tensed in her pussy and her cunt squeezed onto her fingers then relaxed signalling the end of the spell he had cast upon her.

She collapsed onto the shower floor leaning up against the wall. She drew her knees up to her body. She hugged them with her arms and closed her eyes. The water showered down on her, caressing her tired muscles and soothing her.

Her pussy still tingled and felt warm. Her skin was sensitive and she wished he was there to stroke her and feel her. Tell her that she was his, and that he loved to own her. She really did want to be his fuck toy.

As she dried herself off and prepared for bed she looked at her computer. She wondered if he might still be around, there on the other side of the screen waiting to tempt and tease her again with his command of her mind and soul. She considered sitting down to type for him the story she had promised. She was going to tell him about her shower and email it to him, but she was so sleepy she decided to leave it till the next morning. Perhaps she might enjoy the fantasy again and have him there beside her, urging her on, encouraging her to let go and allow him to make her his very own...

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