tagGroup SexSwingers' Erotic Valentine's Dance

Swingers' Erotic Valentine's Dance


This is a Valentine's Day contest story. Please vote.


Debbie and Linda have sexy CFNM group sex fun at the swingers' Valentine's Day dance.

My name is Debbie and I had a brief, lesbian fling with my best friend and roommate, Linda. We got drunk on champagne, after our boyfriends broke up with us just before Christmas. Feeling sorry for ourselves and, having a pity party, one thing led to another, when she was shaving my pussy, long story, and next thing we knew we were in bed together making out and going down on one another. Still best friends, we both regretted what we did the next day. Awkwardly uncomfortable then, we're over it now.

"Even though you got me off, Linda, that will never happen again," I said with a giggle.

"It was fun, at the time, Debbie," said Linda. "It was something we both needed. In the way you ate my pussy, you'd be my dream man, if only you had a cock," she said with a sexy laugh.

Nonetheless, now that we had sex with one another and the lesbian experimentation was behind us, the brief lesbian experience reinforced that we both prefer men to women. Still roommates, still best friends, and still without boyfriends, not wanting to be alone on the special day of love and romance, we needed something fun to do on Valentine's Day. As we did over the Christmas holiday without having men in our lives, we didn't want to stay home Valentine's Day eating Godiva chocolates and binging on Ben and Jerry's ice cream, while moping over the two men that dumped us. Not worth another moment of our time to think about our lives without them, we wanted to forget about our ex-boyfriends and our failed relationships by going out and having some real fun on Valentine's Day.

Only, alone and without a boyfriend to shower us with love, attention, affection, and gifts, what do two, hot, single, lonely women do on Valentine's Day? We could go to the mall and shop for sexy lingerie at Victoria Secrets, but without men in our lives to show them what we bought, buying lingerie wasn't as much fun. We could return home to visit our families and confront all the questions of what happened to our boyfriends, why aren't we married, and when can they expect us to give them grandchildren. We could go out to dinner and see a chick flick movie and return home to cry in our ice cream. We could go skiing, spend a fortune, get laid, and return home broke and depressed. Then, while surfing the Internet looking at porn, yes, women enjoy porn, too, as much as men, we saw the perfect thing to do to celebrate Valentine's Day, the Swingers' Erotic Valentine's Day Dance.

Of course. Perfect. A swingers' dance is just the kind of fun that two, hot, single, lonely women need to make them feel wanted, lusted over, and desired, after being dumped by two losers, who didn't know what a good thing they had. Suddenly feeling a bit like Paris Hilton and Christina Ricci, only way better looking and much hotter, with the thoughts of all the erotic fun we could have at the dance, we were feeling wickedly sexy, teasingly uninhibited, and sexually excited.

The dance cost one hundred dollars for couples and one hundred dollars for single men, but it is free for single women, for obvious reasons. We've been to a swingers' dance before; we attended the Halloween Masquerade Ball with our boyfriends. That dance was a real blast. Nearly everyone in costume and some of the costumes were erotically outrageous. We had the best time. Only, being accompanied and restricted by our boyfriends, especially if we saw a cute guy giving us the eye, unable to act upon our mutual interest, we didn't get in much trouble.

This dance would be different. Our first time attending a swingers' dance unescorted, this is our first time attending a Swinger's Valentine's Day Dance. This time, we planned to let our hair down and go a little wild. We figured, if we don't meet a cute guy, even if we have to have feigned lesbian sex with one another, we'll put on a show in the hospitality suite later, after the dance, where all the hot stuff happens. We just wanted to party and have some sexy, erotic fun.

The swingers' Valentine's Day Dance is a dance where everyone dresses up in celebration of the holiday. Most of the men and women wear something red or a combination of red and white, black and white, or red, black, and white. Always fun to play dress up, the red, white, and black colors are traditional Valentine's Day colors.

As if they were just about to marry, as if they were about to renew their vows, we saw a woman wearing her wedding gown and holding a bouquet of red roses. Her husband was wearing a tuxedo complete with tails, white gloves, and a top hat with a red rose on his lapel. Making such an attractive couple, she was tall, blonde, and beautiful and he was dashingly handsome. Feeling as if I was already at the wedding reception, if they weren't at the swingers' Valentine dance, I'd think I was at their wedding.

A man dressed as a priest, who was with a woman dressed as a nun, pronounced them man and wife in a mock wedding ceremony. With so many people getting divorced, it was one of those spoofs that you had to be there to get the full effect of the comedic irreverence of taking marriage vows that inevitably are always broken. Still, in the way they looked at one another and how attentive he was to her, they looked as if they were in love.

"Do you, John, take Rose, to be your swinging wife, to have, while watching her having sex with other women and men, men who may be younger and have bigger cocks than you, from this day forward, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, to cherish, and to share with other women and men; from this day forward until death do you part."

"I do."

"Do you, Rose, take John, to be your swinging husband, to have, while he participates in threesomes, gangbangs, and circle jerks, with younger women who may be prettier than you, from this day forward, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, to cherish, and to share with other women, from this day forward, until death do you part."

"I do."

"I now pronounce swinging husband and wife. You may French kiss the bride, while fondling one another's genitals."

As it's a lot of men's fantasies to have sex with another man's wife, I'm sure it's some man's fantasy to have sex with someone else's wife, while she's wearing her wedding gown. Perhaps, it was the fantasy of the woman wearing the gown to have sex with another man, other than her husband, while in her wedding dress. Maybe after all these years, in addition to fantasizing about her Honeymoon with her new husband, she fantasized about doing all the ushers, her brother-in-laws, friends of her husband, and even her father-in-law. Now, there she was in her wedding gown ready to fulfill her sexual fantasy by role playing and pretending.

Later in the evening, while still wearing her wedding dress, we saw her in the orgy room having sexual intercourse with a man. Her husband sat in a chair at the side of the bed masturbating himself , while watching them having sex. The funny part of that public display of sexual passion and perversion is that her husband was sitting in the chair singing, as the woman was having an orgasm.

"Here cums the bride. Here cums the bride."

Seriously, who wouldn't just love to have sex with a woman wearing a bridal gown? How hot is that? Imagine not having to stop at her garter and lifting her wedding dress to her waist. A man who's not her husband can have the real piece of the wedding cake, along with all the frosting, while eating the bride. Then, with her sitting, imagine standing over her and reaching down the top of her white wedding dress to fondle her tits and finger her nipples, while she blows you. That's such a hot fantasy. So of like having sex with a perceived virgin, there's something about deflowering a woman dressed in white.

"Maybe next year, I'll borrow someone's wedding dress to wear for me to experience that sexy scenario," I said to Linda.

"Just don't let your mother see you wearing a wedding dress, Debbie," said Linda with a laugh. "Unaware you're going to a swingers' dance, she'll be telling all her friends that you're engaged and getting married, while picking out names for the grandchildren."

Staying with the black and white motif, we saw the woman dressed as a nun again, the priest's wife. Of course, with her being at a swingers' dance, we didn't believe she was a real nun, but she looked real enough. Except for the makeup she was wearing, if I saw her outside, I'd think she was a nun. All in good fun, putting on quite the show, she walked around the hall frowning at the sordid sexual behavior of the swingers and blessing people, while praying for their lost souls.

"You're all going to Hell for having sex with other people," she said with a sexy laugh. "You should only have sex to procreate."

A man looking at her, as if she was his fantasy woman and as if she was Barbara Eden dressed as Jeannie, stopped her.

"What's your name, Sister? I'd like to make a donation to your, ahem, poor box."

"Sister Mary Benedict," I overheard her say. I nearly fell off my chair laughing and she gave me a smile, a wink, and a blessing. "My husband," she said pointing to the priest, "is Father O'Malley."

A movie buff having watched so many old movies, when she said she was Sister Mary Benedict and her husband was father O'Malley, she brought to mind Ingrid Bergman dressed as a nun, while portraying Sister Mary Benedict, opposite Bing Crosby, as Father O'Malley, in the Bells of Saint Mary. C'mon, seriously, especially those guys who have attended parochial school, just as it's a long time masturbation fantasy, I bet most men are dying to know what nuns wear beneath their habits? Just as we saw the bride having sex, while her husband watched, we saw the nun being fucked doggie style by one man and blowing another. Meaning it more literally than figuratively, the man fucking her doggie style was the same man who stopped to ask her name and that wanted to make a donation to her, ahem, poor box.

We saw a woman dressed as an Angel, all in white, resplendent with wings and a halo. Her husband was dressed as Satan, all in red with a black rose in his lapel. The Swingers' Erotic Valentine's Day Dance is where you'll find everything from brides, to nuns, to priests, to women dressed as Victoria Secret Angels wearing nothing more than shear, sexy underwear, halo, and wings, to Satan. Of course, it wouldn't be a Valentine's dance without little red riding hood making an appearance wearing her red cape with nothing underneath but crotchless panties and a shelf bra. There were Elvira and a Morticia, from the Addamms Family fame, look-a-likes. For those who enjoy having sex with celebrity look-a-likes, there were women dressed as Dolly Parton, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Cher, and Madonna. Of course, the big, long enduring hit is always Marilyn Monroe wearing that flared white dress.

Without doubt, we soon discovered that attending a swingers' dance on Valentine's Day is the best way to forget about the boyfriends who dumped us. Our ex-boyfriends are such dopes. Look at all the fun they're missing. Not only are we sexy, but we're erotically fun. Seriously, how many girlfriends would be willing to go to a swingers' dance with their boyfriends? Moreover, how many hot, single women would dare go to a swingers' dance unescorted? Now that we don't have our boyfriends with us in tow to rein us in, we can really have some sexy, erotic fun.

Just before the dance, we went shopping. Linda bought a long, white, slinky gown and I bought the same gown, but in red. With her long, blonde hair and ruby red lips, looking more like a sexy nightgown than a dress and a dress that Carole Lombard would wear in a late 1930's movie opposite Clark Gable, she looked a bit like Christina Aguilera. In my red dress and complimenting dark hair, a few men told me that I'm a double for Angelina Jolie.

As was our intention to flash men our tits accidentally on purpose, our dresses were cut low enough that if we weren't careful, we could have a wardrobe malfunction. 'Oops.' Damn, if we didn't. Gees, what are the odds of our tits being exposed like that again and again? If we weren't at a swingers' dance, constantly, accidentally on purpose, flashing our tits in that way, that would have been really embarrassing. The fact that we were at a swingers' dance, while having wardrobe malfunctions was really enticing, exiting, and erotic fun. If there's a place to tease, flirt, and be sensually spontaneous, sexually provocative, and erotically daring, this is it.

Every time we danced together, without fail, there'd be men surrounding us wanting us to dance with them. Sure, we looked hot but there were a lot of equally as hot women at the dance, but most of them were with their husbands or boyfriends and most of them were restrained by their connection to their man. The difference with us was, we were alone, available, and unattached. We seemed to get the most attention because we were two, hot, sexy, single women on the prowl looking for action.

Seriously, if you're a dancer and enjoy dancing at a club, up on stage, or even just watching Dancing With The Stars, you haven't danced until you've danced at a swingers party. Allowed to put your hands and mouth anywhere and everywhere, while dancing, we took dirty danced to the X-rated level. I can't tell you how many cocks I had rubbed up against me, especially when I started to dance sexy and my partner ran his hands from my breasts, down to my pussy, and across my ass. Just as I lost count of how many dancing partners I had, I lost count of how many men felt me up and how many cocks I felt. Between the laughing, the dancing, and the drinking, I was dizzy with men. Of course, we saved a fortune in lingerie by not wearing any. There was nothing beneath our dresses but skin, erotic passion, and sexual desire.

"Fuck me, until it hurts," I whispered into the ears of some of the hot men who danced with me, while reaching down to fondle their cocks.

Only, many of the men were with their wives and their girlfriends and once their women took one look at us, with us being so much hotter than they were, they pulled their man away and forbade them to go near us. It was as much fun for us to tease men than it was to actually have sex with them.

We had a lot of offers to party later. Nearly everyone there had a private party in their rooms. Since our rooms were all located on the same floor, there was no chance of us bothering the other guests staying at the hotel. Moreover, being all on the same floor, allowed everyone to keep their doors open. After the dance, people walked from room to room looking for a hookup. We decided to wait and keep our options open. Even though we were at a swingers' dance, technically we weren't really swingers. Not wanting to stay home alone, we just wanted to have some sexy fun on Valentine's Day and who knows, if we meet a cute guy, we'd party with him. Sometimes it's just as much fun watching, as it is participating. Yet, if we found the right guys, we could be persuaded to be naughty and have a foursome.

After the dance, the orgy rooms that open at midnight are the fun places to be. Jammed packed with people, the orgy suites are the last four rooms, two on each side at the end of the corridor. Most of the people who go there, just watch, which is what we were going to do, too, that is, until there was a hot guy giving all the women a striptease show.

Just as if he was a stripper at a CFNM show, he was a tall, good looking, muscular blonde man gyrating his hips, while dancing to the music. It was so erotically hot to see a good looking, nearly naked man dancing. As if he was alone, as if he was The Who's Pinball Wizard playing on a pinball machine, instead of dancing in the orgy suite, feeling the beat in his head and sensing the rhythm with his body, most of the time he danced with his eyes closed. Once a crowd of drunken and horny women gathered around him, is when the real fun started. Cheering him on, there were women waving their panties and Linda and I would have been one of those women, had we been wearing panties.

By his moves and Adonis like appearance, we figured he was a professional striptease dancer. Definitely he had the body and all the moves. So erotic in his motion, he made us and the other women watching him horny. As if he was the Pied Piper of the swingers' orgy room beckoning us with the motion of his body and dance moves, mesmerized by his gyrating hips, we all wanted him, while watching him.

All the ladies took out their dollars and when he stripped down to his G-string, we all took a turn placing our money in his underwear, while feeling, grabbing, and groping his big cock. Finally, with him naked, he didn't have to ask for volunteers. The women were already on their knees surrounding him, just waiting for their turn to suck his condom covered cock and we were two of those women. Whether he turned to the left or the right, to the front or the back, there was a woman wanting for him to fill her open mouth with his erection. Every woman in attendance was a skilled cocksucker and they all prided themselves in showing off their cock sucking skills. As much of a show for the women to participate in this impromptu CFNM blowjob display, it was even hotter for the guys watching the women sucking this lucky man's cock.

Oh, my God, it was so hot to have him put a hand to the back of my head and fuck my face in the way that he did. With the lighting in the rooms as dim as our inhibitions were diminished, to suck on the cock of a good looking stranger, something I'd never do in real life, was totally acceptable behavior in the orgy room, after a swingers' dance. Then, when he mounted me, lifted my dresses to my waist and lowered my top below my breasts, my gown looked more like a wide belt than a dress. Totally naked to all the eyes in the room, he did the same to Linda, before turning us in a 69 position. He took turns licking our pussies, while we sucked his cock. We gave all in attendance quite the show. That was fun, much better than sitting home alone eating ice cream.

When we finished with him, we continued exploring the rest of the orgy suite. We saw a woman pulling a train and another woman on her knees having a circle jerk. About the only thing that is frowned upon at a swingers' dance is two men having sex. Occasionally you may see that, but it's a rarity and others will generally say something to the men that it's not allowed. Weird with everything else that goes on a swingers' dance that they'd draw the line at homosexual sex, especially when lesbian sex is not only welcomed but also encouraged.

Bored with the orgy room, having seen and experienced enough, we walked along the corridor peeking in the rooms. Some people were just hanging out talking, then there were those who enjoy having others watch them having sex, but without fail, they all invited us in to have a drink. A way for us to forget about our reality and loneliness, yeah, hot women get lonely, too, we had a good time at the Swingers' Erotic Valentine's Day Dance.


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