tagSci-Fi & FantasyTaken in the Night

Taken in the Night


I still remember vividly the first time it happened. I awoke with a start from a strange nightmare, strange because not only was it frightening it was very erotic. I lie in my bed linens soaked with my sweat and yet it was not a hot night in fact now I was getting a chill. The dream kept tumbling through my head with just bits and pieces floating up through the fog but not enough to remember what had transpired. My penis was erect and throbbing, I grasped it to release the pressure, but it felt so good I had to continue until I orgasmed all over my bedding.

I took a shower, got dressed, and went to work but I still could not get the dream out of my head. That night with dinner I had an extra glass or two of wine, I think I feared a repeat performance of the night before. I walked with an unsteady gait to my bedroom and got into my night-clothes. That's when I remembered that when I had awoke in the morning I was naked and yet I had gone to bed as always, dressed in my pajamas. I tossed and turned somehow fearing another dream but the wine won out and soon I drifted off. I woke up gasping for air but with the nightmare fresh in my mind, I grabbed my journal to record it while I still could recall it . I remembered a faceless female, turning me over on my back and then sitting on my face with her knees on my legs, I was now helpless. Her vulva was so large it engulfed me; even my eyes were inside her mons. She was secreting copious fluids and I lapped them up with my tongue in the fear that if I didn't I might drown.

I believe she enjoyed my tonguing of her privates and she pushed down even harder on my face. I was now trapped and couldn't breathe, I began to fear for my life; and I realized that unless I could produce an orgasm in this creature soon I would suffocate. I searched in the dark for that center of female pleasure, her clitoris. Her vulva was so large the bumps on it felt like sandpaper but the real shock was the size of her clitoris. It was at least the size of my thumb and it throbbed in my mouth giving almost a homosexual feeling to it all as I sucked on it. Loosing air and in desperation I closed my teeth around it and bit hard and then even harder as I sucked it deeper down my throat. And then I was awake and as I said gasping for air. Again, I was soaked but the aroma was of female pheromones not male sweat.

It was still dark out and as I was too exhausted to move I went back to sleep glad that I had recorded my dream. The first thing I did in the morning was to check my journal to refresh my memory and to my astonishment, the journal was blank. I know I recorded my dream but now it was gone. Already late, I rushed to shower and work where I tried to push my night from my memory. After work, I had to hurry home to prepare for a date with Vivian and I hoped she would be a welcome diversion from what had been happening to me.

The date was a disaster as Vi accused me of being distracted during dinner and then I feel asleep during the movie. The worst was yet to come as we went to her house and once in her bed I failed to be able to perform. I tried all the excuses we men use when we have 'that problem' but to no avail. Vivian blamed herself and asked me to leave, crying her eyes out as I walked out the door. I have to believe the two days of fitful sleep had left me exhausted for I was out almost as soon as my head hit the pillow.

The nightmare returned and with a vengeance, this time the female although still on my face she was now facing backwards. My face was now between the huge cheeks of her derrière and my nose was being forced up her anus. Suddenly I felt excruciating pain as the faceless form had grabbed my testes and was squeezing me in a vice like grip. Although buried in her rectum I could hear her screaming at me.

"You belong to me and I will not allow you running around with some strumpet. Next time you will suffer more than just a limp dick, for I will rip your balls off and feed them to your whore right in front of you."

This time when I woke up my testes ached more than the time I forgot to wear a cup to rugby practice. Almost worse was the ghastly aroma of feces on my face. I stayed in the shower until the hot water ran out, by body was now clean but I could not get the stench of the nightmare from my soul. It was time I admitted to myself that these were not nightmares that I was having.

I've always believed myself to be a pragmatist, that is to say, I don't believe in ghosts or vampires, I don't believe in werewolves or any other type of paranormal mumbo jumbo. That being said, I was having troubles trying to explain my dreams rationally. I went on-line and found plenty of things to look at but none believably. Then by chance, I landed on a page with a definition and pictures of a creature that leaped out of my screen to awaken my subconscious. It was the woman from my dream and it was called a Succubus. It said that the Succubus comes to men in their dreams, draining them of their semen, while sating their own sexual desires. It went on to say the demons used the collected seed to fertilize human women.

I never had another nightmare, I don't know if it was just the knowledge of what might have been haunting me or if the demon had collected all she wanted. It's funny as time heals all wounds it also blurs the edges of terror and I began to dwell only on the erotic portions. I actually began to miss my Succubus and longed for a woman to use me for her own devices.

One other bit of house cleaning is that I heard Vivian became pregnant and left town in disgrace. I knew for sure it wasn't mine but sometimes I wonder if maybe the sperm used to impregnate her was mine. Ah, it is probably just a coincidence.

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