Taking Jasmine Walker


The waitress gave a knowing smirk and asked, "Would there be anything else?"

Dana asked, trying to build onto the humiliation she was confident Jasmine craved, "Slut, will there be anything else?"

Jasmine's cheeks burned with shame at being called a slut, yet she could also feel her pussy burn with need as well. She answered, still not making eye contact, "No, thanks you."

"No thank you what my slut? And make eye contact when you speak to someone," Dana demanded, her tone scolding.

Jasmine stuttered, her humiliation reaching new heights as she looked first to her powerful domme, "S-s-sorry Mistress," and then to the cute waitress, "Just the bill, ma'am."

"Do you want to eat her cunt?" Dana asked, pushing Jasmine's submission further.

Jasmine gasped at the question and looked directly in the green eyes of her Mistress. Seeing no mercy in her eyes, Jasmine turned to the waitress, took every ounce of courage she had in her shy by nature body, and said, "Yes, I would love to eat her cunt." Oddly, even as her face burned with shame, the naughty declaration was both liberating and hot. Giving herself unconditionally to this redheaded stranger, this fan of her work, was exhilarating and bringing to life almost twenty years of built up sexual frustration and boiling it over, like a volcano dormant for way too long.

The waitress blushed this time, clearly considering the offer. "Maybe another time."

Dana shrugged, "Your loss," and handed her the money plus a generous tip. "Your tip could have been a great orgasm instead."

Dana grabbed Jasmine's hand and pulled her up. Out of character, Jasmine decided spontaneously to add one last piece of her fantasy...to be alluring and wanted...to be seductive. Jasmine stopped in front of the waitress and said, a newfound confidence brimming out of her, "Too bad. I would have eaten your cunt like it has never been eaten before."

It was the waitress' turn to be shocked as her mouth dropped open and Dana chuckled and pulled her surprising pet along with her.

Once on the sidewalk, Jasmine said, strangely giddy, "I can't believe I just said that."

"That was fucking hot, my pet," Dana said, her hand entwined with Jasmine's.

They walked a block before passing an adult store. Dana stopped briefly before pulling Jasmine with her into the store. Once in the store, Dana said, "Go ahead my pet, maybe you can find a toy for me to use on you like in the last Pet Teacher story."

Jasmine blushed recalling the chapter where the main character, named Jasmine, was used as the sexual guinea pig for a variety of sexual toys. The indent in the series was not to usually make it about her, but once it was in there she figured what the hell.

Dana left on a mission knowing what she was looking for, while Jasmine stared at the wall of toys, many that seemed too big for insertion. Jasmine recalled going to a sex toy party where her mind was awakened to the possibility, but she was way too shy to buy anything close to risqué. Instead purchasing a conservative toy called a we-vibe. She did recall a suction cup dildo she was fascinated with as she loved being fucked doggie style but would never buy such a thing in mixed company. She also recalled researching a wide range of online toys when writing the particular Pet Teacher chapter and was amazed at the plethora of shapes and sizes for play. Now she was staring at them live. She looked around like a kid in a candy store, so many options. She looked at curve shaped vibrators and vibrating eggs, wondering what it would be like to wear a set inside her all day. She loved the idea that they could be in her all day and no one would notice. She was holding them in her hand when Dana arrived with a few things in a pink basket.

"Hmmmm, you dirty girl, always trying to be naughty underneath and yet prim and proper from the exterior," Dana properly assessed.

Jasmine explained, "I live in a town of under two thousand people. If the truth got out, I would be ruined."

"Fair enough," Dana agreed, but added, "not allowing your sexuality to flourish and your needs to be met is not healthy either."

"I suppose," Jasmine said, putting the eggs back.

"Don't you dare. I am buying those for you as a reminder of the time we are about to have," Dana said, promising an afternoon of sin.

Jasmine obeyed and looked at the toys Dana had. She couldn't see everything, but did see a strap-on box, what looked like a long dildo, handcuffs, and a couple other things she couldn't place based on the package.

Dana teased, "Don't you be snooping, you will get to be using all of these very soon."

Jasmine blushed, as her pussy tingled.

Dana took the eggs and said, "Wait here while I purchase these."

Jasmine nodded and continued to survey the toys before suddenly seeing the suction cup dildo. She reached for it and examined it closely. It was ten inches long and again Jasmine's pussy tingled. She wanted to buy it, but couldn't figure how to get it home without her husband noticing. Then she laughed at herself at the thought that he would even check the suitcases. She paused briefly before saying fuck it and taking the toy to the till.

Dana was just paying when Jasmine arrived. "Oh, what do you got there my pet?"

Jasmine went red at being called pet in front of a complete stranger, especially a woman about her age. "Just something I have always wanted," Jasmine admitted.

Dana grabbed the toy and said, "Oh my, you really are a horny little slut."

Jasmine was further mortified by the name-calling even as her pussy got wetter.

Dana handed it to the sales lady, who was very pretty, although a bit on the chunky side, and was clearly amused and understood exactly why all these toys were being purchased. Once all rung in, the sales lady asked, "Do you need any lube for your toys?"

Dana turned to Jasmine and asked, "Do you need lube for when I fuck your ass?"

Jasmine's humiliation burned through her at being treated like a slut in front of this stranger. She whispered, unable to make eye contact, "Yes, Mistress."

The sales lady felt her own pussy tingling at the thought of her own submission, a fantasy she too longed to make reality.

"Pardon?" Dana asked, even though she heard her.

Jasmine knew based on her writing what was expected of her. She looked directly at Dana and said, "Yes, Mistress lube would be helpful when you fuck my slutty ass."

The sales lady gasped as Dana turned and said, "Apparently we will need some."

As the sales lady put the lube in the discreet brown bag, Dana took out a vibrating egg and opened the package. Turning it on, she moved to her pet and instructed, "Lift up your dress, my cunt."

"Yes, Mistress," Jasmine obeyed, even as she winced slightly at being called a cunt.

Dana easily slipped the buzzing toy inside the author's sopping wet cunt. "Holly shit Jasmine, you are fucking drenched," she announced before adding, "you may need panties to keep that toy inside your box." Dana reached for a pink pair on a table nearby and lowered herself to the ground.

Jasmine lifted each foot and watched in horny awe as the young English girl slid the panties up her legs.

Standing back up, Dana returned her attention back to the transaction at hand.

The sales lady, her smile wide, said, "That will be $124.45."

Dana handed her a credit card, but asked, a smile on her face too, "How much discount would I get if my slut here brought you to orgasm?"

Jasmine was mortified...again, but greatly distracted by the buzzing inside her needy cunt. But before the sales lady who seemed to be considering the offer could answer, the door opened and a middle age couple entered the store.

"A rain check?" Dana joked.

The sales lady, her face flushed as well, said back, "I am giving you twenty percent off, anyway."

Dana thanked her as the chubby woman handed her back her credit card and receipt. "That is so nice of you. I may come back here one day. I could always use a sexy eager MILF dyke to pleasure me."

The sales woman's mouth dropped open as Dana turned to leave and instructed loud enough for the couple to hear, "Follow me, slut."

"Yes, Mistress," Jasmine replied, loud enough for the couple to hear as well, suddenly enjoying the exhibitionist role, not to mention the buzzing inside her fevered cunt.

The couple stared at Jasmine and Dana with a mixture of shock and disgust.

As Dana walked past the disapproving woman she winked at her.

Once outside, Dana grabbed her pet's hand and they continued their walk to the hotel.

A couple of minutes later, Jasmine suddenly stopped in her tracks.

"What is wrong, my pet?" Dana asked, surprised.

"This is where I am staying," Jasmine said, the redness in her face quickly draining.

Dana laughed. "Well, this day is definitely full of serendipity."

Jasmine anxiety suddenly overwhelming her said, "I can't be seen going in there holding your hand."

Dana smiled, and could see this could be a deal-breaker. Using soft sympathy she said, "It's ok, Jasmine, we will just walk together to the elevator."

Just as suddenly as anxiety hit her, it began to fade. "Oh, thank you, Mistress."

"But once we get in my room, I am going to devour you whole," Dana promised, bringing an instant tingling to her cunt, the anticipation of the seduction getting her very wet herself.

Jasmine's cunt leaked a bit at the naughty promise just given by her Mistress too. Jasmine falling into her submissive role naturally responded, "Whatever you wish, Mistress."

"Fuck you are hot," Dana said, hungry to fulfill the promise she just made.

Jasmine volleyed back the compliment, again out of character. "You are fucking hot too, Mistress."

"Let's go," Dana instructed, trying to veil her eagerness to get the submissive alone.

Jasmine and Dana walked into the hotel together looking like two friends and not dominant and submissive and headed directly to the elevator. Jasmine felt that everybody was watching them, that everybody knew exactly what the two of them were about to do. The reality, of course, was the people paid no unique attention to the two other than to notice Jasmine's stocking-clad legs and Dana's voluptuous bust.

Once in the elevator, Dana pressed sixteen.

Once the elevator door closed, Dana turned and pressed her lips onto her MILF's lips. Jasmine immediately opened her mouth and the two were kissing like two horny lovers. Their tongues danced and explored every crevice of each other's mouth.

Dana broke the kiss and asked her breath already erratic, "Ever do it in an elevator?"

Jasmine responded surprised by the question. "No."

Dana hit the stop button and the elevator came to a jolting sudden stop, between the tenth and eleventh floor. Both women stumbled a bit, Jasmine shocked by Dana's rash action.

"Well, now you will," Dana smiled, devilishly. Dana undid the scarf that was tied to her purse and tossed it over the camera above them. "We don't want our sexual rendezvous all over the Internet, do we?"

"God no," Jasmine gasped, still shocked by yet another turn of events.

"On your knees, my pet," Dana instructed, still pressing the stop button.

Jasmine hesitated still uncomfortable by the setting.

"Now, my pet, time is of the essence," Dana pushed, her tone shifting slightly from sweet to controlling.

Jasmine, like the good pet she had always fantasized being, like she always wrote about, fell to her knees.

"Good pet," Dana rewarded, her tone back to soft and sweet.

Jasmine remained silent, in awe at her current predicament and the growing contradicting excitement and trepidation.

"Crawl to me, my eager cunt licker," Dana ordered.

Jasmine had written this scene many times, fantasized it a million more times, but neither were close to the exhilaration of really doing it. She moved in what felt like slow motion, her pussy leaking so much it was escaping from the cloth protection.

Once Jasmine was at Dana's feet, they were interrupted by the intercom and a male voice. "Is anybody in there? If so, please press the green button and hold it while you speak."

Dana still holding the stop button, pressed the green button, and said, "Hello."

"How many of you are in there?" the male voice asked.

"Two," Dana replied.

"We are working on this, Miss, but it may be a while. Just press the green button if you have any questions."

"Will do?" Dana smiled, knowing there was nothing they could do to fix it. Letting go of the green button, she instructed, "Take off my panties, my pet."

Jasmine rattled by the man's voice, her trembling hands moved up under the young girl's dress and tugged down her red panties.

"Do you want to lick my cunt, Jasmine?" Dana asked, looking down at her submissive pet.

"Yes, Mistress," Jasmine admitted, looking up to her seductive Mistress, her mouth watering.

At this moment, Jasmine's phone rang.

Dana instructed, "Ignore your phone. Your only concern right now is pleasing me, isn't it?"

Jasmine was startled by the phone, knowing it had to be her husband, but her desire to obey Dana overpowered her duties and loyalty as a wife. Also, although this may sound bad and many would disagree, Jasmine did not consider having sex with another woman cheating. She would never, ever cheat on her husband with another man, yet she had on a few occasions had sexual encounters with woman...although nothing that created a sub-domme relationship and none in recent memory. She ignored the still ringing phone and answered, "Yes, Mistress, I am here for you and you alone unconditionally."

Dana smiled happy with the author's answer, but pushed further. "I own you for the next couple of hours, is that clear?"

Being treated like a piece of property, like she often wrote about in her stories, made her even wetter. She didn't hesitate when she replied, trying to impress her seductive goddess, "Yes, Mistress, my body and mind is yours to use. I will obey without hesitation every order you give. I am yours to use as you see fit. My tiny tits are yours. My wet cunt is yours. My cunt licking tongue is yours."

Dana's cunt gushed at the amazing declaration from a woman she felt she knew really well because of the stories she had read. Pushing it just a tad further, Dana questioned with a tone of curiosity, "And your ass?"

Jasmine immediately answered, "Yes, Mistress, that goes without saying. My ass is yours too."

"Fuck, you are hot," Dana moaned, the complete submission of this gorgeous woman, this author who had inspired her through her words, the greatest turn on in her life. "Lick my cunt, Jasmine."

"Yes, Mistress," Jasmine eagerly agreed, going underneath the young girl's dress and directly to the cunt she was drooling over. Jasmine had not licked pussy for over two years, when the younger teacher she had been playing with got a job hours away. But as soon as her tongue touched the sweet wetness of the woman she had known for less than two hours, she remembered just how much she missed the unique taste of a woman. Although the position was awkward, and she had never pleased a woman who was standing up, she lapped luxuriously up and down, slowly parting the redhead's wet pussy lips. Every fifth tongue stroke up, she would purposely reach the young girl's clit, an action meant to tease. Although in an elevator, although on her knees, although her husband was waiting for her somewhere, she was in no hurry. She was savoring every second, every taste and every moan.

"Oh, yes, Jasmine," Dana moaned, "you are a natural pussy pleaser."

The compliment radiated through Jasmine as she continued licking her one day Mistress' delicious cunt. Time was irrelevant and neither Jasmine nor Dana had any clue how long the submissive pleasured the dominant.

Dana could feel her orgasm building and demanded, "Suck my clit, slut. Suck it hard."

Jasmine smiled to herself loving the power she had over the young, horny near orgasm girl, which was ironic considering her submissive position. None-the-less she obeyed her Mistress' order and took Dana's hard clit in her mouth.

"Oh fuck, Jasmine, fuck, yes, finger me too, finger fuck my cunt," Dana screamed, her orgasm close to explosion.

Jasmine slipped two fingers inside Dana easily and pumped them in and out furiously as she continued the intense pressure on Dana's clit. All the while, the buzzing in Jasmine's cunt had her desperate to come herself, but she was aware she would not be allowed to until after she had got her Mistress off.

In seconds, Dana's orgasm overwhelmed her and she screamed, pressing the green button wanting all to know, "Oh fuck, I'm comiiiiing, yes, fuuuuuuck, fuck, you dirty whore, you fucking cunt-licking sluuuuuuut,"

The nasty talk only enhanced Jasmine's unconditional surrender to Dana as she wanted to be the whore, the slut, the lesbian. She opened her mouth as the flood of juices exploded out of the redheaded beauty...way more than any previous girl Jasmine had pleasured.

"Are you ok in here?" the man's voice asked.

"Yes, dammit," Dana moaned, before snapping, "when is this elevator going to be fixed?"

"We are working on it ma'am," the man apologized. "It seems to just be stuck somehow."

Dana smiled at the somehow and let go off the green button. Her orgasm was the most intense of her life and as it pulsed through her she grabbed Jasmine by the head and pulled her deep into her pulsating cunt.

Jasmine continued licking, ignoring the man's voice, retrieving every drop of the young girl's unique tasting nectar, even as Jasmine's phone rang a second time.

Dana finally let go of her pet's head and also let go of the stop button on the elevator. Instantly, the elevator continued its upward descent.

Jasmine quickly stood up, her face shiny with Dana's cum.

Dana smiled, "Fuck you look hot wearing my cum."

"Thank you, Mistress, I will wear it with pride," Jasmine admitted, completely intoxicated by the young girl's words, looks and taste and of the exhilaration of obedience.

"Grab my underwear, my pet," Dana instructed, as the elevator reached their floor.

Jasmine reached down and grabbed the slightly damp underwear just as the elevator door finally opened.

To the two teenagers who were waiting for the elevator, there was no physical evidence of the sex scene that had just occurred, other than the glean on Jasmine's face which the two boys were oblivious to.

Dana walked out and said with a smile, "Hi, studs."

Jasmine followed behind her as the boys drooled at Dana's ample rack.

The boys went into the elevator, staring at Dana the whole time until the elevator closed.

Jasmine followed Dana down the hallway and to room 1616.

Once inside, Dana ordered, "Take off that dress, Jasmine."

Jasmine quickly obeyed, although she was ashamed of her small b-cup breasts and her slight belly she never lost after having two children.

"Such perky breasts," Dana assessed, moving to her and kissing Jasmine's just-a-handful breasts.

"They are so small, especially compared to yours," Jasmine said.

"They are the perfect size, my pet. You deal with the breasts that you are given," Dana joked, as she sucked Jasmine`s left nipple into her mouth. "Plus, trust me, big breasts are not all they are made out to be. My back gets sore and I am treated like a sex object by every dirty pervert."

Dana pulled her dress off as well and asked, "Would you like to unclasp my bra for me?"

"God yes," Jasmine replied, her mouth literally watering again.

"Well, what is keeping you from doing it?" Dana joked.

"May I, Mistress," Jasmine questioned, wanting permission like a good pet.

"Of course, silly," Dana chuckled, impressed by just how obedient the MILF was. "Now get over here and unclasp your Mistress."

Jasmine quickly obeyed, reaching around to Dana's back fumbling with the clasp, her excitement only making the simplistic task more difficult. Finally the clasp came undone and Dana's 36G breasts were directly in Jasmine's face.

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